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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 15, 2013 1:45am-2:01am EDT

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like tin man hunt. it did not have to happenedr that way.ned hat d a 15th the news happened different ways he could have lived to nothing thate m happened was inevitable i h try to take their readers and et back even if they know the end of the story i hope theye. suspend their whot assaite the book for the people of the laterlive t generation today who don't remember remember anything i wante this to be there first book.this if they were alive by wanted to reflect what peoplebrg. experienced that day anda ofh hopefully this is how i is remember it. th james swanson is eric s..n o
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f. kenner guest. if you like to talk to himtt is about his newest book, and this is the young adult child out now. yo end of the day's the adultcoveo title. wel you can see what the cover will lookin like when it comess out as well. you say that you take us back? route was america like or196 what was dallas like?e ma >> america 1963 was ar ti different country we would have recognized today.n. was a simpler time noof t instant communicationnew yourself on or computers thevisn
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network news, 5:00, radio th news, 5:00, radio, there were four television stations if people do not communicate the way they do not everyone read the same wul newspaper and magazines.daas, d so big media events would unite the nation. also dallas became known asa the city of pate. protunfair characterization that they would write thenst hi. protest under johnson era people were blocking him inwereg the day would u well, mr. kennedy and they said look at this. wa it was the ad demanding whyis oe de is pro communist then cul president actually saidn't the e
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there is nothing that anybody could do about it.shesad but i cn truth it wasn't the conservatives. he that night at the autopsykill they said can you believe itate was some little communist?lebl he didn't even have the for t satisfaction to be killedas for civil-rights.wao of the people blamed the i was not for a -- dallas but for lee harvey oswald.rica o 70 policemen and a crowded sry basement that deprived america of the rest of the story.d. iv trial, and i choose todn't fg explain, people felt itoffials o never happened did they could not forget or forgive m for letting the most famous yams
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murder be murdered on live television with 70 people protecting him. >> host: who is still surviving war what happened?ctiv >> the major player have long died but today the noheast detective jim lapel he is still alive in his 90s. lee harvey oswald's widow is a life into his the of people are stille wtnes living by schieffer a and dan rather have greatre ale. stories there were severalb hundred witnesses that arery. still alive people that new ther laws called some of them heard the rifle shots --y.
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even the governor connallyancily ladybird johnson, nydia of those ancillary participants are still alive if. >> host: newark new jersey ibnaud or the first call. go-ahead. >> caller: i am currentlyprojec an a high-school fast to dothat on the subject as president e day he w kennedy's assassination issecu his faultri because he requested for the day he was to arrive in the typicaline. chase he requested the security not chase behind.fault? pious this his fault?m
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>> host: you are in highd school?s f what a great?.s. hi >> i am currently a jury -- a junior and this is foration u.s. history. >> host: how much had you known prior to the class? >> i really interested ino - the history it is my favorite subject so when my teacher asked but really i was interested to call. >> host: thank you. >> guest: a very interesting question of the security we did not learned186 any lessons from the time abraham lincoln was shot sohe
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now we're in dallas said itt is true president kennedy up like to ride in the open car wa and did not like to have that plastic bubble it was not bulletproof but it could r otheeflected the bullet but the weather was beautiful the president wanted to ride in the openservie car.a he also did not like whenl, the secret service agentsr would ride on the car.sta one push jackie back into the car and one told me president would say to stay off my car.gurd he did not believe in the imperial presidency in did not want to look like a keen caps separate.ed t he met hundreds of people is and should clear hands even bu
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at fort worth and liked thatc human contact. so it is unfortunate the n bubble top for the hardtop. he was completely exposed he said somebody to do is climb into a building and should lt the presidentda it should not be afraid to meet with the american people and it was a risky was willing to take and unfortunately was the unlucky day and he>>i died because nothing stoodand v between him and the rifle. >> host: if you go visit ole plaza but polydeuces sho today? >> that is a great idea for torw the best place is that texas but fortunately it is a great museum does not 96 glorify on assault it is
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about the '60s jfk isand look o presidency in another reason to go to dallas.oswald look out the window next toarrio oswald's window that is nowfirst barricade with plexiglas thethai first thing you will notice looks much smaller in real life than inootn lnge second in looksr so close he was trained to shoot in thew brain -- and the marinecoulhavem corps if you've ever shot d rifle you will look intoe t think he could have made that shot but the sixthisit floor museum is a greatso if ou place to go then follow the escape route then visit the si boarding house.x if you're interested in itnd,
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is a must to go to the sixth floor museum in dallas. >> host: indiana you are on booktv. >> caller: very interesting. i was in high school when kennedy was killed.h from what you have said iattck thank you believe the warren commission that oz wald washe the onlym attacker but what can we do for those that have watched the movies tomy say this cannot be true and youn put history straight? i firmer the purpose of my book for young adults is toht introduce tuesday history.belevi h don't get into thenspiracyt commission or conspiracybegiwitt theory but hthe majority of be the people do believe in that but we don't begin withnam.
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who may have but he ordered the rifle under a false namewort them learn to shoot in thethree marine corps and he had athe sht package that concealed the rtridg rifle and three co-workers were in the window below them and the boardtha commission is not the be all and end all we know more eid today than the warren commission did but so far noa one has, for word it was wnti-castro cuban in the ciare t and lyndon johnson and thet t secret service itself some said there were two gunmen
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shot a dart from the connue umbrella but what i advisethe the children is look at the facts and continue researchod to and reading and you decide mini are is we have to be as skeptical as theseen c. theories and i am not anas apologist but everything i have seen says it was os' en com walden the window and firednu thet shots in reno much more foa today than them warren commission did.s coming f that is about all i can say in a nutshell. by >> host: the next call comes from california. >> caller:. >> want to express a sensitivity what it was likecame
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to be a 16 year-old at thatoi w time after watching three days of television the grief jst was overwhelming at the point where jackie kennedy it wase casket i just went to my room in and write a paul m. how senseless it wasou. with the three widows and i appreciate you touching onis o that point of tfhoseforg involved. presid thank you. >> guest: it is often forgotten it destroyed not only the president's life but his wife and childrenthe and oz wald's wife was affected she had to infantg children inch and he left them to murder the presidentk, n so they were also victims and it is a good point because all across therican aountry high schools wentince
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into shock and people were crying it was one of the most dramatic days sinces april 14th and 15th when abraham lincoln was shot dyeing the next day." >> thhost: james swanson is tit the author of this book's. this is the young adults title the adult title comes out in november and ofais a nio. course, he is known for his book man hunt about the lincoln assassination. a a what is it with you and ok assassinations? >> i said one day i will write a happy book.ov i look for intense andange l dramatic moments where i ink th things can change overnight muchbout o natalie policies are leaders but to shock the entire nation and that tells us so much about our past.
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>> host: 84 being with us at the national book festival. >> guest: thank you. . .


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