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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  October 27, 2013 10:50pm-11:01pm EDT

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>> if you are mafia above sore aficionado's it is romantic but has a writer
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what people said to me. don't you gets captured? the inter moral capture is what e used to describe of sending of akio. he would wear that pinky ring in wear gold jewelry every other word in his vocabulary was the f word because he said i had to deal with them and be like them to convince them to trust me. , after a certain point to the stockholm syndrome you cross the line so as a journalist as fascinated as i am every day have to audit myself. don't fall in love. think of japan she from good fellas where he stabs the guy to death with a fountain pen. remember that. not everybody in the mob was
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like that but you're bridal do the second son? this is how he ended up. this is with the fbi surveillance video. in the mid '80s he paid his dues with the government the most probable cause for the wiretaps rudy guiliani came from senior. he calls it the championships season in the book that the mafia the back was broken by carmine on the left he goes to prison head of the colombo ohio you have to have the middle name a few are in the mob. this is one of the stories
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from vegas that is like wow. the underboss that set over after they went to way. they went after john gotti they put a bomb bender frankie heart he died blown to bits. so now there is a contract out the three young guys came to shoot him but he survived he wanted to know right away so this is the famous interview he did with bradley for "60 minutes" talking about the most famous murder one of the shooter's he got the mafia cops those who were visiting
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in vegas i actually wrote a pilot for a series called missing persons in my middle career i was the episodic show runner i started of crime story my first trip to las vegas i tell people i started the top and work my way down but it was that vegas world a and arguably the biggest organized crime of the last tenures later convicted to supply information that he would use to kill people. he told me that jimmy, the cops delivered to be to have a that intelligence he got
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it from lynn. this is part of rewrite team for modern history. [laughter] >> in anthony gave me the interview from prison his control agent to real-life. to convictions a completely different story i told the story in my book cover-up to introduce the whole story. but the brooklyn teeeight calls me september 2005, and a prosecutor of massachusetts also contacted me as did in july forensic for it investigator they read my
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book resulted in with the of the 30th of march 2006 paid up from sarasota florida where he had retired with a full pension and indicted on four counts of murder. the pitcher of the right was the night before surrender but the next day after one million-dollar bail was set for him. 50x agents supported him showing up in blue suits white shirts ritter blue ties and surrounded him as he walked down adams street to the supreme court. a scene like you have never seen pushing people a way. killed look-alike hooligans from the soccer match protecting him while reporters tried to ask a question they called it
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bodychecking chuck grassley actually mention this even retired fbi agents should be so quick to protect somebody that is presumed innocent but it was wild. is started october 15, 2007 headlines every day like this. agent of death they basically convicted him but one star witness was linda and it was alleged by these reporters when a the most famous contemporary reporters he even played himself with "the sopranos." , tom robbins worked with him a daily dues in they had interviewed linda in 1997 it
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is suspicious they claim they look for those tapes but whenever. on the right to is might. i am half italian at least half of my book is accurate. but mike was the prosecutor so jerry although by the way at the height of the colombo war 14 people killed including two innocent bystanders literally that scarpa killed himself in no doubt leaking information to him that led to some of the deaths why he was indicted in brooklyn. it was written about and they knew that meant there would be a star witness. she allegedly lies in the
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abruptly end the trial now the headline two weeks later. do you know, what he did that i? they celebrated at the stake hot plug dash at the steakhouse. but listen to what the judges said. so the fbi was willing to make their own deal with this double. with criminal immunity in return for the affirmation. not only to the shield for prosecution the also actively recruited him for crimes under their direction. that someone like scarpa would be employed by the federal government was a demonstration of the unacceptable willingness to
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employ criminality to fight crime. . .


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