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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  December 22, 2013 10:50pm-11:01pm EST

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vote for them. but the dread scott decision it was the primary cause. first of all, i want to show a the panic of 1857 is a direct result of lee scott decision. all out of the territories is billed under the notion of popular sovereignty going to the nebraska act. the dread scott totally undermines that. and what businessmen saw was talk about the slave holders it will be chaos the end
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bloodshed. i tell my a students think about a brand new business because the railroad only runs east and west. bedtick down the banks with them which brings on the panic of 1857 because the southern baking system had a branch banks with the north did not. the self was unaffected in the southerners take a wrong message to say cotton is king. nobody will make more. not without serious ramifications. and how do they respond? to they ask the government for aid?
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they tell the state of pennsylvania keep out the militia we can handle this. fade deputize no polluting ended a writing within 24 hours and it is remarkable how quickly they rebuilt without any federal support for state support. and then here in dayton there is the flood hit the details of his employees here making boats and they build 90 small boats to put out all from dayton to new rescue people and deliver supplies t deputizes his own force to be sure there are no leaders and this time the national guard does arrive a couple of days late then the
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private sector in the local community he handled it. is shows the dependency mentality of katrina. self-sufficiency in to pull together as a community to handle this ourselves. i thought it would be interesting from two points of view where in our culture is the debate everything from mayor bloomberg from what size shrinks we drink when i grew up they would say how coffee would kill you. i am still around. i figure that was news and also aided the stock show for the happy days of eisenhower with the unprecedented world power. it seemed like everything was all quiet but of
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course, that is not the case. still holds the shin that wheat was bad and cholesterol was a killer especially with the bloomberg agenda to live in a certain kinds of foods. >> was there any chapter where you learned something? >> the chapter about how rock music helped to bring down communism. to a connection through the keyboard player to interview all of these rockets rulers for the book. what i've learned was amazing how the structure of rock-and-roll, the musical structure itself is of liberation. if he were in a communist country you don't have to know the lyrics to get the
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message rock-and-roll is about freedom. >> there are countless stories billy joel told me when he played in russia i said did they sensor you? he said no. i could play whenever i wanted i was the first american to play in quite some time it was an honor. but they said would every you do do not have the kids come to the front of the auditorium. ♪ ♪
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>> he said the police did not had fire arms budget tranquilizer darts they were afraid the kids would go nuts. so he said you know, what i debt below what it did? he said i called them down immediately. >> what was the biggest mistake of break-in? >> putting troops in to the non. we have learned peacekeepers are little more than targets the research now bears this out unless they're already in a negotiated settlement but if it is just a matter of two sumo wrestlers it will not work and repaid day ultimate price because osama bin not invade reference and
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was talking in the '80s and early '90s with the average paratrooper and how the west could be bloodied into backing off to give al qaeda what it once. i think reagan really best for the rise. it is clear it was a distinct and napolitano 86 or 87 this is not just a powered terrorism it is a religious ideology. >> some people immediately that i would be talking about goldwater. somewhat derogatory. in the whole idea was chris
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matthews said you gave me a chill but the point is the media since 1980 has shifted heavily to the loved i don't think this is too much as a matter of debate and the more but to be statistically proven there have been numerous studies suggesting that is the case and i think there is a danger there that we have been warm to by doris kerns goodwin last week to said "the new york times" is not doing the obama favors by protecting him our system is designed for the media to be an attack dog a watchdog against excessive government. >> i think that has been missing for the last five years.
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it might have to do with academia going so far to the left because that is the question why is the media so far to is the left? i don't have a good to answer. that would be good for a researcher. . .
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