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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  February 1, 2014 9:51pm-10:01pm EST

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curtailed, and what happened then, and what i fear happens in the future is that we'll see things curtailed, canceled, and cut until there's a national emergency that requires them to be reinstated until there's a need for those things, and i really hope that if this happens, we have somebody with an understanding of the technology and a vision for how to use it that hap arnold had in the 1930s and 40s. >> okay. >> one more. >> immediately after the war, there was effort on the supersonic wind tunnels.
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did he have anything to do with that? >> well, that was interesting because i mentioned thee dore who was world's leading aerodynamics, and car men was to aerodynamics what einstein was to physics, and half recognized that, and brought people like that into his circle of advisers. yes, sir? >> could you characterize his relationship with curtis lamae, their working relationship? >> well, that was interesting. i knew him, wish we would have talked more about hap, but he was somebody with a reputation, well, he had a lot -- there were a lot of elements to the complex
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reputation, but he had a reputation among other things as somebody who got things done, and that's how he ended up running the b29 operation out in the marianas, and an interesting thing about the air force that the operation of the b29 was while all the other numbered air force, each had a commander, a commander of the 20 #th air force was hap. he maintained personal command of that but his field commander was curtis, and when it came time to -- when hap and don douglas started rand, one of the guys they brought in as the group to start rand was crore -- curtis, so he had a respect for the ability to cut through the
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crap and get things done. >> okay. well, thank you again. [applause] for presenting today as well as arian in the and his wife. we have the books available in the gift shop, and sure he'd be happy to sign them and robert also as well. >> weapon. >> grab those. you may have been wondering, you'll be pay mouse because this is c-span filming us today, and so i don't know when it airs, but stay tuned. thank you, again, for coming out. >> thank you, willie. [inaudible conversations]
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>> he was someone who was growing in the office, badly burned by the bay of pig experience. pee had listened to the experts, you see? the cia. joint chiefs of staff. he went to see france, did the trip in may, june of 61, and he said to him, you should surround yourself with the smartest possible people, listen to them, hear what they have to say, but at the end of the day, you have to make up your own mind, and kennedy remembered what harry truman said, the buck stops here, and i think after that bay of pigs, he was absolutely determined to make up his own mind hear what they had to say,
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read what they told him, but at the end of the day, make the judgment, and he was the responsible party, and you see that abun adaptly clear when you listen to all those and read transcripts of the tapes during the cuban missile crisis. he was his own man, making up his own mind, held the joint chiefs, and at arms length, wanted to bomb, invade, and he didn't want to do it. >> an inside look at the kennedy administration sunday night at eight on c-span's "q&a." >> the search gifts are energy, enthusiasm, empathy, good humor, graciousness, and gratitude. four e's, three, g's. you won't believe how often i have not been able to remember that. i feel okay for governor perry, you know, how he froze in the debate when he wanted to abolish three agencies, and i've been with governor perry in an event
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since then, and he makes fun of himself. we have brain freezes. i do it all the time, interviewed on the television station, what are the seven gifts, and i always get six and hope they are not counting, i go energy, empathy, enthusiasm, forget encouragement, get the three g's, but i miss an e. i slide by, and no one's called me on it yet, but i'll show you each one of them. energy. if you listen to my radio show, and you can find out where it's heard if you are watching on tv, you know it's heard on ama1070 the answer or m590 the answer, or kcbq the answer in san diego, heard from hawaii to florida and alaska, down south, and if you heard it, i have fun with my producer or my not producer. radio blogger, otherwise none as dwyane patterson, and always my
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trademark is if only i had a producer. in fact, dwien and adam are the hardest working people in radio, i mean, really the hardest working people in radio. at this moment, i'm certain because i interviewed mark stein that dwien is transscrining the interview so it's up and done and he strains scrines these interviews after producing a show, books the guest, arranges the run down, does the cuts, and then arranges for the after show for an hour, and posts them electronically to be available for podcast and transcribes and goes to bed to do it all again the next day. he's been doing this since the show began on july 10th, 2000. adam, he's a slacker. he joined a week later and works as hard, but a week behind the other two of us, and now we have marlin, a lakers fan, so we don't expect much of him, but he's full of energy, and an extraordinary group of people
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supported by a hundred general managers, a hundred production program directors across the country, and i mention this amazing radio empire, sales staff, syndicator staff, tom, mike reid, and a bunch of people who are down in dallas selling the show to realize any place to sell anything in the world is on the radio. it really son the radio. .
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and proposes a more productive way forward. the program is about an hour. >> host: it is my privilege to talk today to professor angela stent director of the center for russian and eastern european studies at georgetown university he wrote an important book, "the limits of partnership" talking about the u.s. russian relationships. why do we need partnership and this is not an overly provocative question because there are a lot of


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