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writing the collection. it mattered to me. how was writing in the state of terror of getting it wrong. because of my obligation. the obligation i felt to the material. obligation which also met selling uncomfortable things, things that they might upset people. >> optic the last question. wars make riders and mets. i wonder for you what's the -- as these wars begin to fade, certainly they are on the front pages and more, what do you think should in door in the culture in terms of understanding of the young man and women who served?
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>> i know now. i think will find now. what i want it when i wrote this book was not that somebody would take away one thing that i even knew. what i was hoping people will engage with and figure out stuff that i don't know. there are veterans who are writing books, more literature coming out. i think that it all kind of adds to this conversation about what it meant. but what i want people to do is engage. there's a way in which we tend to inflate our feelings about the war in the veterans who served in a thinking about what
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that feels like on a human level is extremely important for understanding the wars and also for not falling into false myths about or. >> great. thanks. thanks, everyone. >> thank you. [applause] >> thank you for coming up. if anyone wants to get a book signed we have copies on the table. feel free to grab a copy. thank you. >> book tv is on facebook. like us to interact with book tv guests and yours, watch videos, get up-to-date information. >> while visiting utah with the help of local cable partner book
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tv takes a tour of weaver state university special collections, the pioneer journals. >> we are actually responsible for documenting the history. we have over 350 manage the collections and about 175 photo collections. with the manuscript collections it can range from corporate are kirsten quebecers to family records. some of my most favorite things of the family records. not only do you get the correspondence between family members of a lot of time to especially in the early 1800's people kept diaries. and so these are diaries that are written daily. so the ones who will look at the day are a series of diaries from
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84-64 that were capped by dr. edward is where rich and his wife. dr. rich was one of the first doctors. he was actually born in idaho, went to medical school in philadelphia, came back in 1894 and decided he wanted to marry elmira. she said that she would marry him in chile had established practice. the move, but al's car rented a building, started his medical practice. this journal the we will start with is actually elmira's journal from 1818 which is an interesting air. one of my favorite entries is this one. she writes busy with housework all morning. this afternoon went to a meeting
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to prepare boxes -- christmas boxes. when with the family for an online this afternoon. barry is that the her socks. doctors treated over 150 cases of influenza and lost three. he is made calls. it actually got fairly largely shut down, social meanings, the church services, schools, anything. even when the soldiers were coming home they were going to allow their families. the family members disregarded that. so this from 1942 in this one she's talking about the
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outbreaks that happened. this is november 2nd. i attended medical auxiliary. superintendent gave a talk on conditions regarding the number of tuberculosis cases in the hospital. also stressing the dangers of the spread through the influx of hundreds of people coming in our city. many having excess and our schools are in danger. no examination. also public places our credit. did some shopping. really interesting. you read through them and you did not only the daily occurrences, akron malkin to visit. of what squandering a bright red the house and talked about the importance he talked about
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operating be before 1910 there was not actually a hospital. most of those happened on the kitchen table. this is 1954 will we're going to skip to his january 6th 1954. mother called me at 2:00 a.m. severe pain in her chest and left arm. i give for denmark will bow while she was relieved she did not rest did i remained awake. at 630 he came over and gave her more demo. slow for about two hours. we took her to a hospital that's a man.
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the cardiologists then to occur. she was returned to the room and was fairly comfortable. but suddenly expired a few minutes later. in the room with her, and parker jr. was just outside of the room and all. she didn't realize. he actually ended up practicing for almost 71 years. he was known for delivery over 5,000 babies. his medical legacy continued on. he had sons and grandsons. for me having these journals really gives that clinton to live during the her in 1900.
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goes far beyond the gloss over history. you get down to some of the did the pretty things in the talks about people being compliant or committed to the insane asylum. went to every art opening, and every social ball. she was there. >> more on the most prominent. please note. refers to on mountains come. the name of the amount in scotland. this non reminded early irish settlers of.
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we're talking wrong this mouse connection with william hopkinson. he was the founder of paramount pictures which distributes movies all the world. in 1907 he started one of the first movie theaters taking a redistribution of movies in utah. move dollar would sitting there talking about a lot better represent his company. you just sketched out a picture wrong on that he represented from living near, surrounded with stars, and that was the low for years and years. the bomb that he drew was been woman. the logo is changed. very stylized to be just a few
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stars over. i think it looks more like mount everest. at the history. >> for more information on book tv recent visit and the many of those cities visited by her local content vehicles go to / local content. >> to look at some of the best-selling nonfiction books cord to the "wall street journal". book tv hosted of your call-in program last month which can be viewed any time at second, the doctors diet fallen by sarah against jesus : forth with his mom or face the music, all life exposed. the fifth book strength finder.
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