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a coffee or. -- copy here. january 271861 by the reverend elliott. he goes through and talks about how he feels like the union is right and we should preserve that at all costs. because of the civil war -- and he saw the conditions of the soldiers and the health care that they received he helped found the western religion of the western sanitary commission. to the sanitary department of the last that spells out like a letter that he wrote asking the main sanitary commission to start those individual units out here in the west so that there were more resources and it could be more directly involved so the
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soldiers have better care especially when they were wounded and this goes on for several pages. and then there is also a printed copy of the item that made this happen, so it did go through and then elliott was very involved in that western sanitary commission. another thing related to the civil war that only it did was related to slavery so even very early on he felt they should be free and when he worked about doing this it was setting them free so we have a bond of indemnity from 1850 and it's where he purchased a slave for $600 independence is apri april 151860 and this has been found to whom it may concern at the above transfer the above is and shall become my property that i do hereby declare her free and in case of my death i i
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desire my executors to protect her freedom by paying all of the images to whoever it may concern with my states. so that was just one example. and then again back to one of his diaries this was from the 22nd 1860 and it says having spent a great part of the day getting out of the slave yards was a fill-in that kept her for six weeks and paid him $950 who would gradually pay for her in the security of this day. what a blessing slavery is coming he writes. he also had a slave that ended up working for him. he didn't know that he was still bound to another slave owner. he had to go back to his master because eventually he was set free and elliott wrote a book about his life.
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so we have the book here. the story of archer alexander published in each of the five and on this page you will see the statue to build as a memorial to president lincoln in a free slave at the bottom. if you notice his face and then look at the pictures of archer alexander the artist used his pictures to create the image. he had gone to see thomas who was the artist of the monument and it had another face but he knew the story so well he knew he convinced the artist to put archer's face on the statue and this is another picture of it also. and the art museum here at the university has a small statue that has the other slaves as one of the originals.
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so this is a great collection that we have in the archives that used in multiple disciplines. american history, african-american history, politics, gender studies and so it is a nice bridge for the two areas that we have in the university archives with history in st. louis history. >> after words with talk or carlson editor-in-chief of the daily caller. this week senator rick santorum and his new book blue-collar conservatives. conservatives. in it he argues that the working class and the u.s. have been abandoned by both parties and that solutions to their problems are largely conservative in nature. the program is about an hour. ..
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so, you say, wow, those are conservative republican voters, but a lot of them aren't voting at all because they don't see either party talking to them


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