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tv   Book Discussion on Stress Test  CSPAN  July 14, 2014 4:00am-5:01am EDT

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opportunities once we have been. and that has been the failure of liberalism in my mind. is that they have not prepared to blacks through the policies that they have pushed to take advantage. we have created a people that see themselves first and foremost as victim victims and t helpful and it has to change. >> host: so the liberals have helped to enable the community. >> guest: the worst aspect of the subculture that they have helped today. >> host: and also at the time when the minority group in this country will alternately wind up being the majority in the years to come soon but at the same time you are saying that african-americans should take the self-control responsibility that when you are talking about pulling the government away from this, where does the community come in?
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you talked about the barbershops. where do they come in? >> guest: the family has to be where you start. the breakdown of the family is a tragedy. it is slavery could do to the black family what these efforts over the past 50 years to help them have done. the black family has been utterly devastated by the attempts to help them and it's something i think that needs to be reversed as we were talking about earlier the outcomes without a black father in the home or involved in the kids upbringing are just devastating and that has to change. but again these are conversations that have to take place among blacks. they have to get their act together. i think the government can only do so much however and it is. >> host: i can guarantee those that are watching or listening or what have you either love to
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love you or hate to hate you. you're going to sell the book and the title of the book "please stop helping us how liberals make it harder for blacks to succeed," the title alone. the author, jason riley. mr. riley in the last few seconds, minutes, what would you like to say? >> guest: by the book. [laughter] >> host: beyond that. >> guest: take a look at the arguments with an open mind. take the left to task when they come to the black community in the name of helping the community with some of the same things that have been tried over and over again for the past five decades on the black unemployment rate despite the countless job programs and so forth. take them to task on the welfare benefits and the incentives they put in place and what it has done to the family and the culture of the dependency into
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the ghetto. ask questions. be skeptical. that is what they would do in particular. they want to see better outcomes than we have been getting in the current policies. >> host: even though they are controversial you back up your statements with those facts and it is a very interesting read and i thank you so much for your time. it has been very mind opening. i love to hear conversations from all sides and you have given me some interesting thoughts to ponder. once again, please stop helping us how liberals "are for blacks to succeed. thank you so much.
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