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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  September 11, 2014 10:00pm-12:01am EDT

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thomas j. fisher. lucy a. fishman. ryan d. fitzgerald. thomas james fitzpatrick. richard p. fitzsimmons. darlene e. flagg. elaine fletcher. and my uncle, leon bernard hayward, also known as emcee snan sundance. even though i didn't really know you, you will always be family in my heart and i will always love you. and in your honor, i have decided to seven our country with the united states marine corps. >> and my grandfather, walter arthur mcneil. the love that you and mama share was like no other. i raised my uncle to be a great man. now he is the head of the house.
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you will always forever be in ow hearts. thank you and god bless. >> andre 2k3w679 fletcher. >> carl m. fleckenger. john joseph florio. joseph flounders. carol ann flyzik. david fodor. michael n.fodor. steven mark foglele. thomas j. foley. david j. fontana. chih min foo. del rose d. forbes. donald a foreman. christopher hugh forsythe. claudia alicia foster.
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noel john foster. ana fosteris. robert yossef foti. jeffrey fox. virginia elizabeth fox. pauline francis. virgin lucy francis. gary jay frank. morton h. frank. peter christopher frank. colleen l. frazier. richard k. fraser. kevin j.frawley. clyde frazier jr. lillian inez frederick. andrew fredericks. tamitha freemen. brett owen freiman. peter l.freund. >> and my brother-in-law, tom swift. tom, your loss has left a void in the family and no parents
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could be more proud of their son than your mom and dad. >> loving son, husband, father, uncle, friend, and extraordinary man, my brother, bruce edward simmons. we love you and we miss you. andrew keith friedman. paul j. friedman. greg j.froehner. lisa anne frost. peter chris fry. clement afumando. steven elliott furman. paul james furmato. karleton douglas b.fyfe. >> richard peter gabriel. >> richard s. gabrielle. >> pamela lee gaff. irvin vincent galliard.
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>> grace katherine gallante. >> anthony edward gallagher. >> daniel james gallagher. >> john patrick gallagher. >> lordes j.gallete. >> thomas gambino jr. >> ronald l.gamboa. >> peter james gancy jr. >> charles william garborini. >> andrew sunny garcia. >> caesar r. garcia. >> david garcia. >> jorge louise garcia. >> juan garcia. >> marlon del carmen garcia.
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>> christopher samuel gardner. >> douglas benjamin gardner. >> harvey joseph gardner iii. >> and our beloved william david lake. you are sorely missed and loved by all of your family, friends, and brothers in the fire service. you have given me the greatest gift in our son who makes me proud every day and is a reflection of you. never forgotten by our friends in bay ridge, the brooklyn hogs and your best friend in ireland. rest peacefully, baby. may the four wind flow you safely home. >> and my father, victor wald. daddy, alex, mom and i miss you very much. your void is very prominent and powerful. i know you would have loved to be with me in two weeks to see jeter's last game but i'll there be for the both of us. we love you always. >> jeffrey brian ñigardner.
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>> thomas a. gardner. >> william arthur gardner. >> frank garfy. >> rocco gargano. >> james m.gartenberg. >> matthew david garvey. >> bruce gary. >> boyd allen gaton. >> peter allen gay. >> terrance d. gisani. >> paul hammle ton geyer. >> stephen paul geller. >> howard g. gelling jr. >> peter victor genko jr.
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>> elaine gentle. >> linda m. george. >> edward f. garatti. >> ralph gerhart. >> robert gurlich. >> dennis 369 germane. >> susjames g.guyer. >> cortez gee. >> joseph m. giacone. >> deborah lynn given. >> james andrew giberson. >> brenda c. gibson. >> craig neil gibson. >> ronnie e.geist. >> andrew clive gilbert. >> and my cousin, firefighter,
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engine 4, new york city's fire department. >> and my mother, adrian victoria schiveto. gabby and i will never forget you and you will never be forgotten. >> timothy paul gilbert. paul stewart gilby. paul john gill. mark y. giles. evan hunter gillette. >> ronald lawrence gilligan. >> rodney c. gillis. >> laura gillie. >> john f. ginley. >> donna marie giordano.
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jeffrey don degiordano. satisfactorily tore salvadore gitto. >> diane gladstone. >> keith alexander glasgow. >> thomas irvin glasser. >> edmond glazer. >> harry glen. >> barry h.glick. >> jeremy logan glick. >> stephen glick. >> william robert godshoke. >> michael goldberg. >> jeffrey g. goldflam. >> michelle goldstein. >> monica goldstein.
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>> stephen ian goldstein. >> ronald f. golinsky. >> dennis james gomes. >> enrique antonio gomez. >> manuel gomez jr. >> and my beloved cousin, angel, you will always be in our hearts and we'll never forget you. we miss you very much. >> we miss you very much. >> my brother police officer christopher amrosso. you are our hero and not forgotten. until we meet again. >> wilder alfredo gomez. >> jenine gonzalez. >> rosa gonzalez. >> lynne katherine goodchild.
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>> peter goodrich. >> harry goody. >> katherine c.goraeb. >> lisa gor danstein. >> kerene gorman. >> douglas allen gowell. >> yuji goya. >> jon richard grabowski. >> edwin graph iii. >> lauren grantto. >> james michael gray. >> tara mccloud gray.
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>> john m.grazioso. >> timmy george grazioso. >> derrick ar they are green. >> wade b. green. >> wanda green. >> elaine mira greenberg. >> donald freeman green. >> gail r. green. >> james arthur greenleaf jr. >> my uncle and my aunt angela rigario. we love you and hope to see you soon. >> we love you and miss you so much. >> ilene marcia greenstein. >> elizabeth martin gregg. >> denise gregory. >> donald gregory. >> florence gregory. >> pedro grehan. >> john michael griffin.
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>> tewanna griffin. >> joan donna griffith. >> warren grifka. >> ramon grijalvo. >> joseph grillo. >> david joseph grimner. >> frances grow began. >> joseph grzelak. >> robert joseph gschaar. >> limbing gu. >> joe say guadalupe. >> cindy zhu guan. >> jeffrey guja. >> joseph gullickson. >> douglas brian gurian.
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>> philadelphia lip. the guza. >> barbara guzzardo. >> angela lynne has beenerman. >> phillip hanetzler. >> karen his i beth hagerty. >> mary lou hague. >> danny, your goodness lives on in your children. we miss and love you every day of our lives. >> my brother-in-law michael whittenstein. if you didn't know him, you missed out. he could teach you about family and about love. our family misses him everyday. he has two nephews both named
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michael after him. god bless you michael. god bless the troops. god bless the fort mcclellan soldiers. stand tall america. god does bless america. [ applause ] >> barbara mary habib. >> miley hail. >> richard b. hall. >> stanley r. hall. >> george hall. >> robert j haligan. >> vin sent halloran. >> james douglas halvorson. >> felicia hamilton. >> robert w. hamilton. >> carl max hammond jr.
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>> fredrick k.han. >> christopher james happenly. >> shaun hanly. >> valley joan hannah. >> thomas hannafin. >> kevin james han that ford. >> dana hannon. >> peter burton hanson. >> sue hanson. >> vassilios haramis. >> james haran. >> jeffrey pike hardy. >> tj hargrave. >> daniel harlin. >> melissa harrington hues.
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>> alicia harris. >> stewart d. harris. >> john patrick hart. >> eric hartono. >> john clintton hartz. >> my sister colleen anne. my everyday person. my days are not the same without you. i know you're shining down with pride at the amazing job jay has done with amanda and michael. they've grown into amazing young adults. we love you and miss you always. >> my uncle christopher whitten tech. chris, you're always more of an older brother to me and your other nieces. never a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. you will always be missed. you'll always be in our hearts and minds. and i know chris is always with you. he sees the the brilliant job you've done raising your
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children. they're such amazing young adults. sarah, haley, molly, will and zack. i'm sure your father watches over you and is very proud of all you've accomplished. so far in your young lives. >> peter paul hashim. >> thomas hascel jr. >> joseph j hasson iii. >> terrence s. hatton. >> michael haub. >> timmy haviland. >> james edward hayden. >> robert j. hay hayes.
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>> phillip t hayes retired. >> w ward haynes. >> scott jordan hazelcorn. >> michael healey. >> roberta heber. >> michelle m. heiden burger. >> h joseph heller jr. >> joe an l. healthibridle. >> mark f. hemschoothemschoot.
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>> ronny lee henderson. >> brian hennessey. >> edward hennessey jr. michelle h. >> william henry jr. >> john] christopher henwood. >> robert alan hepburn.
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>> raul hernandez. >> my uncle, we love and miss you always. >> my beloved brother david brian brady. david, thank you for the joy and laughter. there's not a day that goes by that we don't miss and love you. god speed. gary herold. jeffrey hersch. >> thomas hetzel. >> leon hayward. >> brian hickey. >> car row cedeno. >> timmy higgins. >> todd russell hill.
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>> clara hinds. >> neal hinds. >> mark hin i did. >> heather ho. >> thomas anderson hobbs. >> james j.hobin. >> robert wane hobson iii. >> da juan hodges. >> patrick a.hoey. >> john a.hofer. >> marcia hoffman. >> stephen hoffman. >> fredrick joseph hoffman. >> michael l. hoffman. >> judith hofmiller. >> thomas warren hohlweck jr.
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>> jonathan hohmann. >> cora holland. >> john holland. >> joseph f. holland. >> jimmy i. holly. >> elizabeth holmes. >> thomas. -- thomas holohan. >> bradley v.hoorn.
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james. hopper. >> my father jeffrey george. we love you and miss you. take care of mom for me. >> my uncle, my hero harry ramos. your wife and sons eugene and alex miss you everyday and share your spirit of service. there's not a day that goes by that your family doesn't miz
10:25 pm
you. >> montgomery hord. >> michael joseph horn. >> matthew douglas horning. >> robert l.horohoe jr. >> michael robert horrocks. >> aaron horwitz. >> charles houston. >> uhuru houston. >> angela hoots. >> george howard. >> brady k howell. >> michael c howell. >> stephen leon howell. >> jennifer l. howley. >> milagros hromada. >> marian hrycac. >> robert hughes. >> robert. the hughes jr. >> thomas f. hughes jr. >> timmy robert hughes.
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>> susan huey. >> john nicholas hum better jr. >> kathleen anne hunt casey. >> joseph gerard hunter. >> pegly m. hurt. >> robert rhussa. >> stephen n. high land jr. >> thomas edward hynes is. >> walter g.hynes. >> joseph ianelli. >> michael iken. >> daniel ilkanayev. >> fredrick ill jr. >> my uncle and hero, firefighter larry. we love you and miss you. >> my son paul robert ekna.
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kristen irving brown. todd and tim isaac. taizo nishikawa. wally joseph iskander. eskandarian jr.. john is again. cos as she go ito. lacy bernard ivory. virginia may yablonski.
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brian c. jack. burke alexander jackman. aaron jeremy jacobs. arielle louis lewis jacobs. jason kyle jacobs. michael g. jacobs. steven a. jacobson. steven d. jacoby. jacob dennis ugoda. maria you caveat. robert adrian gelber. earnest james. griselda e. james. marc steven jardine. amy nicole jarrett. mohammed jerrard. francois pr. maxime and john pr. paul edward jeffers. john charles jenkins. at my father sebastian gorky who i never met. what can i say? >> apple doesn't fall far from
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the tree. he gave me the gift of life and i enjoying every minute of it. i just wish you could be here with me. >> and my father thomas staff. we love you and miss you, daddy. joseph jenkins jr.. allen keith jensen. farao judy. eli temin as jr.. >> nicholas john. >> charles gregory john. >> laswana johnson. >> scott michael johnson. >> william r. johnston. >> allison jones. >> arthur joseph jones iii. >> bryan jones. >> charles edward jones. >> christopher d. jones. >> donald t jones ii.
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>> donald w jones. >> linda jones. >> mary s. jones. >>. >> mary jones. >> arthur joseph jones. >> andrew jordan. >> stephen joseph. >> jane josiah. >> michael f. judge. >> paul william jurgens. >> gavkharoy kamardinova. >> my father. 13 years ago yesterday you put
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me to bed not knowing it would be your last time. i miss you so much. daddy you're my hero. i love you. >> my father james nicholas papa george. not a day goes by i don't think about you. you're one special soul that touched my soul that inspired me to do many great things in my life to respect his name and just have a good life. >> howard lee kane. >> jennifer lee kane. >> vincent kane. >> joon kang. >> shell don robert kanter. >> robin lynne kaplan. >> charles karczewski. william karnes. >> charles l.kasper. >> andrew k.kates.
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>> john katsimatides. >> robert michael kaulfers. >>,ideya kawauchi. >> edward keane. >> lisa kearney griffin. >> barbara keating. >> paul keating. >> leo russell is keene iii. >> joseph john keller. >> peter kellerman. >> joseph. kel let. >> fredrick. kelly iii. >> james joseph kelly. >> joseph a. kelly. >> maurice. kelly. >> richard john kelly jr. >> thomas michael kelly. >> thomas richard kelly.
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>> thomas w. kelly. >> timmy colin kelly. >> richard john kelly. >> william hill kelly jr. >> robert clinton kennedy. >> my cousin mary barbara and her husband james anthony trintini. we will never forget you. >> and the nypd we miss your laughing irish eyes, great sense of humor, compassionate and loving heart. you touched so many. love you glenn. god bless america. let us never forget. >> thomas j. kennedy. >> john richard keohane. >> ralph francis kershaw. >> ronald kerwn. >> howard kestenbaum.
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>> ruth ellen ketler. sarah khan. michael kiefer. mary jo kimmellman. >> karen anne con cade. >> amy r. king. >> andrew m. king. >> lieu sill teresa king. >> robert king jr. >> lisa king-johnson. >> brian k. kenny. >> chris michael kirby. >> robert kirkpatrick. >> glen davis kirwin. >> helen kettle.
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>> richard joseph klares is. >> alan david kliinberg. >> stephen a.nnap. >> my great uncle joel miller. i know you're up there watching over me and guiding me everyday. i love you. >> my nephew francis joseph nezarro. night before the attack i spoke to you on the phone. you were holding your infant daughter. she is now a beautiful young lady because of her mother's work and family around her. you're sadly missed. you've made imprint on our hearts that will be there forever. >> andrew james knox. >> thomas patrick knox. >> rebecca lee koborie. >> deborah a.kobus. >> gary edward koecheler.
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>> frank koestner. >> ryan kohart. >> a rin that kolpakova. >> abdoulaye kone. >> dorota kopiczko. >> scott kopytko. >> bojan kostic. >> daniel kousoulis. >> david kovalcin. >> john cren. >> william krukowski. >> shekhar kumar. >> kenneth bruce kumpel. >> fredrick kuo jr. >> patricia kuras. >> thomas joseph kuveikis.
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j victor kwarkye. >> angela reed kyte. >> andrew lacorte. >> jeffrey g.latusce. >> james patrick ladley. >> joseph a.lafalce. . >> jeanette lafond. >> my brother gerard f. rowsy. 13 yoears later my heart aches each and every day.
10:38 pm
we love and miss you. my amazing brother, best friend, wonderful and supportive uncle, dedicated son and caring friend. we love you so much. keep watching over us jerry. our guardian an zel. >> michael laf orte. >> alan charles lafranco. >> jan mendes lafuente. >> neil lai. >> vincent laieta. >> william david lake. >> franco lalama. >> chow lam. >> stephen lamantia. >> amy hope lamonsoff. >> robert. the lane.
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brendan mark lang. >> jose lang. >> vanessa langer. >> mary lou langley. >> peter j. langone. >> thomas michael langone. >> michelle bern debt lanza. >> ruth sheila lapin. >> judith camile la. >> christopher randall larrabee. >> hamidou s. larry. >> scott larsen. >> john adam larson. >> gary edward lasko. >> richard greg lassman. >> paul laszczynski.
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>> jeffrey latouche. >> dennis francis lavelle. >> mary laverde. >> anna a.laverty. >> stephen lawn. daddy, we love you and miss you. your five grandchildren karina, savannah, jamie, jay den miss you. three out of five may not have met you here on earth, they remember their grand pa da and love you immensely. mom misses you immensely as well. we all love you. your family loves you. your friends love you. we hope you're watching down and proud of us. again, we love you and may god bless everybody who had perished on 9/11. >> nathaniel lawson and my
10:41 pm
grandmother. 13 years ago i was born on my grandmother's birthday. she made my mom promise to share every birthday together. we never had that chance to do that. the gift of me being born on her birthday is eternal. >> david w. lay check. >> james patrick. neil j.levey. >> robert g. la blank. >> leon labore. >> kenneth charles. >> alexis laduke. >> daniel john lee. >> david s. lee.
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>> gary h. lee. >> hyun joon lee. >> juanita lee. >> katherine blare lee. w11 lin. >> lorraine mary lee. >> myung lee. >> richard y. lee. >> çstuart lee. >> yang der lee. >> stephen paul lefkowitz. >> adrianna legro. >> edward joseph,elman.
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>> david r.leistman. >> joseph anthony lenihan. >> john joseph lennon jr. >> luis leon sr. >> matthew gerard leonard. >> michael lepore. >> charles alesperance. jeff laveen. >> john denn levi. >> my cousin mark hindi. you're the the brother i never had. you had a naturally positive outlook on life i admired and try to imlate to this day. you enjoyed life so much that it makes your loss so much harder. it's still so devastating that
10:44 pm
it had to be you. 13 years ago i was about to turn 21. you were 28. we were entering the phase of our lives where we were becoming adults and friends. now that i'm about to start a family, i wish i could have seen you do the same. no matter how many years pass, i'll continue to honor your memory. i love you and miss you. >> my husband bernard. not a day goes by that you're not on our minds and in our hearts. we love you always. >> neil david levin. >> robert levine. >> robert levine. >> daniel lewin. >> adam jay lewis. >> margaret lewis. >> kenneth e. lewis. >> ye wei liang.
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>> daniel f.libretti. >> ralph licciardi. >> stephen barry lillianthal. >> carlos lillo. >> craig lilore. >> carya lin. >> robert thomas linehan. >> diane theresa lipari umptd. >> paul lisin. >> nancy lirz. >> harold lizcano. >> george a.llanes. >> katherine loguidice. >> michael lomax. >> to my grandmother, we miss
10:46 pm
you and love you everyday. >> to my father. not a day that goes by that i don't think about you daddy. we miss you so much and will always keep on loving you. god bless america. >> stephen v. long. >> laura maria longing. >> daniel lopez. >> george lopez. >> lewis manuel lopez. >> manuel l. lopez. >> joseph lostrangio. >> chet louie. >> sarah elizabeth low. >> jenny seu kueng.
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>> michael w. lowe. >> gary w.lozier. >> john. lozowsky. >> charles peter lucania. >> edward hobbs luckett ii. >> mark gavin ludvigsen. >> lee charles ludwig. >> sean thomas lugano. >> marie lukas. >> william lum jr. >> michael p. lunden. >> anthony luparello. >> linda anne luzzicone. >> gary fredrick lud nick.
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>> cici liles. >> james francis lynch. >> james t. lynch jr. >> louise a. lynch. >> michael cameron lynch. >> michael frances lynch. >> michael frances lynch. >> richard d. lynch jr. >> my cousin best friend. you may be a sleep in god's arms but you're a wake in our hearts. we love you and miss you. >> our beloved shaun gordon core bet o neil, husband, son, brother, father, uncle and friend. we adore you. we treasure you. you're unforgettable.
10:49 pm
our daughter shaun is a beautiful reminder of your face everyday. god bless you.
10:50 pm
>> robert henry lynch jr. >> shaun. lynch. sean patrick lynch. >> terrence m. lynch. >> michael j.lyons. >> monica anne lyons is. >> patrick john lyons. robert francis mace. >> mary anne mcfarland. >> susan a. mackay. >> william macco.
10:51 pm
>> katherine fairfax macrae. >> simon maddison. >> noell maerz. >> jeannieann maffeo. >> joseph maffeo. >> jay robert magazine. >> brian magee. >> charles w. magee. >> joseph maggitti. >> ronald magnuson. >> daniel maher. >> thomas a.mahon. >> william j.mahoney. >> joseph daniel maio. >> linda c.mare gray ling. >> takashi makimoto. >> abdu ali malahi.
10:52 pm
>> deborah maldonado. >> myrna maldonado-agosto. >> alfred maler. >> gregory james malone. >> edward francis maloney iii. >> joseph maloney. edward francis maloney. >> francisco miguel mancini. >> my brother, firefighter bobby king jr. we love and miss you more each day. you're truly our hero. until we meet again. >> my cousin phillip hensler. loving son.
10:53 pm
you will always be missed. >> joseph mangano. >> sarah elizabeth. >> marion victoria manning. >> terrence john manning. >> james ross margebanks jr. >> hill da marson. >> peter mardikian. >> charles joseph mardovich. >> lewis neil mariani. >> kenneth joseph marino. >> lest erma reno. >> vita marino. >> kevin d. marlow.
10:54 pm
>> ho say marrero. >> john daniel marshal. >> james mar tell low. >> michael a. marti. >> karen anne martin. >> peter c. martin. >> teresa m. martin. >> william j. martin jr. >> brian e. martineau. >> betsy martinez. >> edward j. martinez. >> jose angel martinez jr. lizie d. martinez calderon. >> joseph a.mascali. >> my brother alfred maler.
10:55 pm
even though our family and friends are sad, we will always have your beautiful memories al. we love you. >> and my big brother andrew a ra rosen bloom. andy, you were a loving father, son, husband, brother, uncle, cousin, and friend. we all love you and miss you and think of you everyday. >> nicholas george massa. >> patricia anne massari. >> michael massaroli. >> phillip william mastrandrea jr. >> joseph mathai.
10:56 pm
william a. mathisson. >> margaret elaine mattic. >> robert d. mattson. >> walter matuza jr. >> jill morrow. >> charles a.mauro jr. >> charles j.mauro. >> dorothy mauro. >> nancy. the mauro. >> robert j. maxwell. >> renee may. >> tyrone may. >> keith roy marcellus maynard. >> robert mayo. >> jennifer lynne mazzotta.
10:57 pm
>> kaaria mbaya. >> james joseph mcalary jr. >> patricia anne mcaneney. >> michael mccabe. >> thomas joseph mccann. >> justin mccarthy. >> kevin mccarthy. >> michael mccarthy. >> my mother. your crazy spirit lives on in each of us ma.ç thank you for watching over our entire family and community as we continue to rebuild from sandy. we are finally back inbó our
10:58 pm
house. you are always in our thoughts, hearts,$ prayers. god speed mom. god bless america. >> my sister-in-law. we love you and miss you. not a day goes by that we don't think of you. your legacy is carried on by your wonderful daughters, dana, allison and emily. and your beautiful grandchildren, asher and hannah. you are kenny, elliott, my mother's and my heart always. we love you. >> robert g. mccarthy. >> stanley mccaskill. >> katie marie mccloskey.
10:59 pm
>> ruth magdaline mccourt. >> charles austin mccrann. >> joseph. mcdonald. >> brian grady mco'donnell. >> michael. mcdonnell. >> john f. mcdowell jr. >> john thomas mcclirin jr. >> william e. mcbegin. >> thomas henry mcginnis. >> michael gregory mcginty. >> walsh mcgovern. >> scott mcgovern. >> william j. mcgovern. >> stacey mcgowan.
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>> thomas if f. mcginnis jr. >> patrick j. mcgwire. >> thomas m. mccale. >> keith mcheffey. >> dennis mchugh iii. >> dennis p. mchugh. >> michael edward mchugh jr. >> robert g. .. ckeon. >> darrel mckinney. >> george patrick mclaughlin jr. >> my husband brian david sweeney. thank you brian for allowing me the privilege of loving you.
11:01 pm
you taught me everything about life and living. you are a son, brother, friend, hero to us all. we will see you when we get there. until then, we honor your life by living ours to the fullest. >> and to my brother-in-law brian mcgee. you are always in our hearts. god bless you and god bless america. >> robert c. mclaughlin jr. >> gavin mcman. >> robert d. mcman. >> daniel walker mcneal. >> walter arthur mcneil. >> sheila mcnulty. >> sean peter mcnulty. >> martin mcwilliams. >> rocco medaglia.
11:02 pm
>> damian meehan. >> william meehan jr. >> eskedar melaku. >> mary p. melendes is. >> dora marie. >> peter menzo. >> steve john percado. >> will fred mercado. >> wesley mercer. >> allen harvey merdinger. >> george merino. >> yamel merino. >> my uncle, firefighter. >> my uncle kevin james murphy.
11:03 pm
we miss you, love you. we know that conner, katelyn and aunt bess make you proud everyday. keep smiling down on us. >> deborah meric. >> jill n.meltzer. >> william edward. martin paul michael stein. >> patricia e.meekley. >> peter. the milan know. >> gregory milanovich. >> sharon milla n. >> corey peter miller. >> craig j. miller. >> douglas c. miller.
11:04 pm
>> henry alfred miller jr. >> joel miller. >> michael miller. >> nicole carol miller. >> phillip d. miller. >> robert alan miller. >> robert cromwell miller jr. >> ben millman. >> charles m. mills jr. >> ronald keith milstein. >> robert minara. >> william joseph minervino. >> will bert miraille. >> rajesh mirpuri. >> joseph mistrulli.
11:05 pm
>> susan j.miszkowicz. >> richard p. miuccio. >> jeffrey peter mladenik. >> frank v.moccia jr. >> lewis joseph modafferi. >> my husband keith o conner. everyday we remember, we miss, we mourn. we celebrate through laughter. >> and my cousin f.dny deputy chief john palillo. we miss him everyday. may all our loved ones rest in blessed peace and know sacrifices have given us coverage, strength,
11:06 pm
determination. >> dennis mojica. >> manuel mojica. >> kleber molina. >> manuel molina. >> firefighter carl molinaro. >> franklin monahan. >> kristen montanaro. >> craig montano. >> carlos mondaytoya. >> antonio mondaytoya valdez. captain thomas carlos moody. >> sharon moore. >> laura lee morabito. >> abner morales. >> carlos morales.
11:07 pm
>> paul e.morales. >> john christopher moran. >> battalion chief john michael moran. >> lindsay stapleton motherhouse. >> firefighter vincent s.mor s.morello. >> nancy morgan. >> nancy morgenstern. >> dennis gerard maroney. >> my brother william thomas dean. we miss you everyday. you are wonderful. think about you love you all the time.
11:08 pm
to my fellow rescuers who continue to suffer, god bless. to the military, god bless you for all you do. >> and for my nephew, firefighter joseph patrick henry. ladder 21. we miss you. we love you. you'll forever be in our hearts. i would also like to say something about richard morgan. he was the vice president for con ed. the only person killed from on ed on 9/11. he was a good friend, coworker and gentleman. he's a giant among men. may he rest the in peace. amen. may god bless the united states of america. [ applause ] >> lynne irene morris. >> odessa v. morris. >> seth allen morris. >> steve morris.
11:09 pm
>> christopher mar tell morrison. >> ferninand v.morrone. >> william david moskal. >> brian a. moss. >> marco motroni. >> cynthia motus-wilson. jude joseph moussa. >> peter moutos. >> damian mowatt. >> christopher michael mozzillo. stephen vincent mullderry. >> richard. the muldowney jr. >> michael mullan. >> dennis michael mulligan. >> peter james mulligan. >> michael joseph mulligan.
11:10 pm
>> james donald. >> nancy muniz. >> francisco munoz. >> carlos munos is. >> theresa munson. >> mark a.murolo. >> brian joseph murphy. >> charles anthony murphy. >> christopher w. james f. murphy iv james thomas murphy kevin james murphy patrick jude murphy. >> patrick shawn murphy. raymond e. murphy >> and my cousin robert e. parks jr. your family loves you, bobby, and misses you every day.
11:11 pm
god bless you, bobby, and god bless our wonderful nation, the united states of america. >> and my father, steven lewis roche. your love for life, family, and friends was endless. we miss you more and more each day. >> robert eddie murphy jr. >> john joseph murray >> susan d. murray. richard todd myhre. >> mildred rose naiman. >> alexander john robert napier. >> takuya nakamura john phillip napolitano
11:12 pm
>> frank joseph naples iii. >> mario nardone jr. >> katherine r. nadella. narender nath francis joseph nazario[bçk28rñir joseph micheal navas rayman marcus neblett glenroy i. neblettç laurence f. nedellg1eñ jerome o. nedd pete negron luke g. nee ann n. nelson laurie ann neira3n ginger risco nelson opinion
11:13 pm
david william nelson james nelson oscar francis nesbitt peter allen nelson gerard terence nevins >> christopher knewton carter. my uncle, thank you for watching over each of us every single day. i know you are proud, we miss you, and we love you. nancy yuen ngo on&my mother imelda h. perry. i love you. your family continues to miss you. i am forever indebted for your wisdom and your guidance and the loving home you provided. may god bless your soul. may god continue to bless the united states of america.
11:14 pm
kathleen ann nicosia martha stewart neederer. alfonse joseph niedermeyer frank john niestadt jr. gloria nieves juan nieves jr. troy edward nilsen paul nimbley john ballantine niven katherine marie noack curtis terrence noel michael a. noel. daniel r. nolan robert walter noonan jacqueline june norton robert grant norton daniela rosalia notaro brian christopher novotny soichi numata brian felix nunez jose nunez jeffrey roger nussbaum james a. oakley dennis patrick o'berg james p. o'brien jr. michael p. o'brien scott j. o'brien
11:15 pm
timothy michael o'brien daniel o'callaghan dennis james o'connor jr. diana o'connor keith kevin o'connor richard j. o'connor amy o'doherty marni pont o'doherty douglas e. oelschlager takashi ogawa albert ogletree >> and my brother glen davis kerwin. we miss you. >> an our beloved mother, frances, who perished in the south tower. she was 76, possibly the oldest. take comfort. i believe my mom and all the victims were the first holy martyrs in a holy war and are in heaven. may they all rest in peace eternally and take comfort in god, the father, god, the son,
11:16 pm
god, the holy spirit, and our mother mary in heaven. we miss you, mom. philip paul ognibene john a. ogonowski james andrew o'grady joseph j. ogren thomas g. o'hagan samuel oitice patrick j. o'keefe william o'keefe gerald michael olcott gerald thomas o'leary christine anne olender linday mary oliva edward kraft oliver leah elizabeth oliver eric t. olsen jeffrey james olsen barbara k. oleson maureen lyons olson steven john olson
11:17 pm
matthew timothy o'mahoney toshihiro onda seamus l. o'neal james p. o'neill. peter j. o'neill jr. sean gordon o'neill betty ann ong michael c. opperman christopher t. orgielewicz margaret quinn orloske virginia ann ormiston ruben s. barnedo. kevin m. o'rourke ronald orsini peter keith ortale juan ortega-campos jane marie orth alexander ortiz david ortiz emilio p. ortiz. pablo ortiz and my uncle hector, not the way
11:18 pm
that you died that matters, it's the way that you live. thank you so much for watching over us and we love you and miss you every single day. >> and my brother james barbell la. jimmy, we love you, we his you, we pray for your always. god bless you, everyone who was lost that day, and god bless america. paul ortiz jr. sonja ortiz. masaru ose patrick j. o'shea robert william o'shea elsy carolina osorio oliva james r. ostrowski timothy f. o'sullivan jason douglas oswald michael john otten isidro d. ottenwalder
11:19 pm
michael chung ou todd joseph ouida jesus ovalles peter j. owens jr. adianes oyola angel m. pabon israel pabon jr. roland pacheco michael benjamin packer tieian p. padro. deepa pakkala jeffrey matthew palazzo thomas palazzo richard a. palazzolo orio joseph palmer frank anthony palombo alan n. palumbo christopher matthew panatier dominique lisa pandolfo jonas martin panik. paul j. pansini
11:20 pm
john m. paolillo edward joseph papa salvatore t. papasso james nicholas pappageorge marie pappalardo vinod kumar parakat vijayashanker paramsothy nitin ramesh parandkar >> and my sister, jane ellen basler. in our thoughts every day. >> and giovanni torres. we all love and miss you dearly. i wish people could see the look in their eyes when they talk about you. they give me the feeling you are still here. i hope we make you proud up there. i love you and miss you. hardai parbhu james wendell parham debra marie paris george paris gye hyong park
11:21 pm
philip lacey parker michael alaine parkes robert e. parks jr. hasmukhrai c. parmar robert parro diane marie parsons leobardo lopez pascual michael j. pascuma jr. jerrold hughes paskins horace robert passananti suzanne h. passaro avnish ramanbhai patel dipti patel manish patel steven bennett paterson james matthew patrick manuel d. patrocino
11:22 pm
bernard e. patterson clifford l. patterson jr. cira marie patti robert e. pattison james robert paul patrice paz victor hugo paz stacey lynn peak richard allen pearlman durrell v. pearsall jr. thomas nicholas pecorelli thomas pedicini todd douglas pelino michel adrian pelletier anthony g. peluso angel ramon pena
11:23 pm
robert penninger. richard al penny >> an to my father, horace robert, i love and miss you, dad, and godspeed to our u.s. military. >> and to my big brother, bob, robert michael murak. love you dearly, we miss you immensely, and i know you would have been solving today's world problems. god bless you, god bless us, and god bless america. salvatore f. pepe carl peralta robert david peraza jon a. perconti jr. alejo perez angelle perez jr. angela susan perez anthony perez ivan perez
11:24 pm
nancy e. perez >> barry berinthia perkins. joseph john perroncino edward j. perrotta emelda h. perry glenn c. perry sr. john william perry franklin allan pershep >> davin n. peterson. michael john pescherine mark petrocelli william russell peterson glen kerrin pettit philip scott petti kaleen elizabeth pezzuti dominick a. pezzulo tu-anh pham
11:25 pm
kevin j. pfeifer sneha ann philip kenneth john phelan ludwig john picarro joseph oswald pick matthew m. picerno dennis j. pierce christopher j. pickford nicholas p. pietrunti bernard pietronico danny pesci. >> and my husband police officer ramon suarez. this is what my hero and our family's hero looks like. he gave his ultimate -- he gave ultimate sacrifice to save so many lives on that day. and this should never be forgotten. and we should always remember the ones that we love that are here today and those still suffering from the aftermath of 9/11.
11:26 pm
he would be so proud of our little girl, my daughter jillian suarez, that's here today. your dad would be so proud of you. and he's looking down on you because he knows you will follow his footsteps. may god bless all the families out here today that are still suffering and may god bless our troops and my god bless america. and thank you, nypd. [ applause ] >> and my uncle t.j. hargrave, we love you and we miss you. god bless america. theodoros pigis susan elizabeth pinto joseph piskadlo christopher todd pitman josh michael piver robert r. plaguer iii. zandra f. plaguer.
11:27 pm
john pocher william howard pohlmann laurence michael polatsch thomas h. polhemus steve pollicino susan m. pollio daren h. pontell. joshua iousa poptean anthony portillo james edward potorti daphne pouletsos richard n. poulos stephen emanual poulosñr brandon jerome powell scott alan powell. shawn edward powell antonio dorsey pratt gregory m. preziose wanda ivelisse prince vincent a. princiotta
11:28 pm
kevin m. prior everett martin proctor iii carrie beth progen david lee pruim richard a. prunty john foster puckett robert david pugliese edward f. pullis patricia ann puma jack d. punches hemanth kumar puttur >> and my uncle firefighter gerrard terence nevins. we love you and we miss you every day. >> and my brother john fiorito. john, your spirit and love grow stronger within us with each passing year. oi edward r. pykon
11:29 pm
lars peter qualben lincoln quappe beth ann quigley patrick j. quigley iv michael t. quilty james francis quinn ricardo j. quinn carol millicent rabalais christopher peter anthony racaniello leonard j. ragaglia eugene j. raggio laura marie ragonese-snik michael paul ragusa peter frank raimondi harry a. raines lisa j. raines. ehtesham raja valsa raju
11:30 pm
edward j. rall lukas rambousek maria ramirez harry ramos vishnoo ramsaroop debra a. ramsour lorenzo e. ramzey alfred todd rancke adam david rand jonathan c. randall srinivasa s. ranganath anne t. ransom faina rapoport rhonda sue rasmussen robert a. rasmussen amenia rasool r. mark rasweiler marsha d. rampford
11:31 pm
david alan james rathkey >> my cousin sean logato, not forgotten. >> and my grandfather, phillip t. hayes, grandpa, i walk past the freedom tower every morning thinking of you, and i know that you're looking down at me, all of your other grandchildren, especially phillip, ammanmanda, your great grandson james, your children and especially grandma, and i know that you're smiling. i look forward to the days when i tell my own children and grandchildren about the wonderful person that you were and always will be and how you have truly inspired me. you will forever be my hero and you will never be forgotten. william ralph raub gerard f. rauzi alexey razuvaev gregory reda sarah anne redheffer michele marie reed
11:32 pm
judith ann reese donald j. regan robert m. regan thomas michael regan christian michael otto regenhard howard reich gregg reidy james brian reilly kevin o. reilly timothy e. reilly joseph reina jr. thomas barnes reinig frank bennett reisman joshua scott reiss karen renda john armand reo richard cyril rescorla john thomas resta sylvia sanpio resta david e. retik todd h. ruben luis clodoaldo revilla eduvigis reyes jr. bruce albert reynolds john frederick rhodes
11:33 pm
francis saverio riccardelli rudolph n. riccio ann marie riccoboni david harlow rice eileen mary rice kenneth frederick rice iii cecilia e. richard vernon allan richard >> and my father, tom estrada. you are loved and hissed every day by grandma and grandpa, your brothers and sisters, mommy, thomas, justin, and i. we will always remember your laughter, smile, and the amazing father, brother, son, and friend you always were. may god protect you always. god bless. >> and my cousin thomas ashton. we love you and his you and we will forever hold you in our heretos. be sure to watch over your nephew, tommy, and god bless america. claude daniel richards gregory david richards michael richards venesha orintia richards
11:34 pm
jimmy c. riches alan jay richman john m. rigo frederick charles rimmele iii rose mary riso moises n. rivas joseph r. rivelli jr. carmen alicia rivera isaias rivera david e. rivers linda ivelisse rivera paul v. rizza joseph r. riverso stephen louis roach john frank rizzo leo arthur roberts joseph roberto michael edward roberts michael e. roberts jeffrey robinson
11:35 pm
donald walter robertson jr. donald arthur robson michell lee jean robotham raymond j. rocha antonio a. rocha john michael rodooshgs laura rockefeller john rodak antonio j. rodrigues anthony rodriguez carmen milagros rodriguez gregory ernesto rodriguez mayra valdes rodriguez marsha a. rodriguez david bartolo rodriguez-vargas richard rodriguez >> and my father joseph, we love and his you very much. >> and my uncle and hero, john robert cruz, who lives in my
11:36 pm
heart always while his smile continues to light up my world. i love you and i miss you. matthew rogan jean destrehan roger karlie barbara rogers scott william rohner keith roma joseph m. romagnolo elvin romero efrain romero sr. james a. romito sean paul rooney eric thomas ropiteau aida rosario angela rosario wendy alice rosario wakeford wendy alice rosario wakeford wendy alice rosario wakeford mark h. rosen brooke david rosenbaum linda rosenbaum sheryl lynn rosenbaum lloyd daniel rosenberg mark louis rosenberg
11:37 pm
andrew ira rosenblum joshua m. rosenblum joshua alan rosenthal richard david rosenthal philip martin rosenzweig daniel rossetti richard barry ross norman s. rossinow nicholas p. rossomando michael craig rothberg donna marie rothenberg mark david rothenberg james michael roux nicholas charles alexander rowe edward v. rowenhorse julie roulette timothy alan roy sr. paul g. ruback ronald j. ruben joanne rubino david m. ruddle
11:38 pm
>> and my big brother, john m. poacher. we miss you and think of you daily. 13 year ago we lost a piece of us on that day, but most importantly we lost an amazing role model, brother, husband, son, and friend. our family has changed so much since that day. we have welcomed new members and seen others pass on. but through this change one thing still remains the same, and that your guidance, love, and loyalty are deeply missed. michael and i continue to honor your memory in our children and hope they continue to pass on their -- the love, passion, and sense of family that you gave each and every one of us. continue to show us your special signs, guide us, protect us, and love us from your place of rest. >> and my father-in-law, whom
11:39 pm
i've never met, but i see his kind and loving nature in my husband and i am proud to be part of the wonderful family he helped create. bart joseph ruggiere susan a. ruggiero adam keith ruhalter gilbert ruiz robert e. russell stephen p. russell steven harris russin michael thomas russo sr. >> my friend wayne alan russo. william r. ruth edward ryan john joseph ryan jonathan stephan ryan matthew l. ryan tatiana ryjova christina sunga ryook
11:40 pm
thierry saada jason elazar sabbag thomas e. sabella scott h. saber charles e. saban sr. joseph francis sacerdote jessica leigh sachs francis john sadocha jude safi brock joel safronoff edward saiya john patrick salamone marjorie c. salamone hernando rafael salas juan g. salas esmerlin antonio salcedo john pepe salerno
11:41 pm
richard l. salinardi jr. wayne john saloman nolbert salomon catherine patricia salter frank g. salvaterra paul richard salvio >> and my sister patricia a. cody. pat, today is a solemn day, a day our great nation remembers the victims of this tragedy. but we, the family and friends, we always remember, every day. and we shall never forget you. we love you. we miss you. and we will always hold you close in our hearts. >> and my wife, patricia ann massari. we love you and we miss you so much. you are forever in our hearts. thank you for watching over us and being our guardian angel in heaven. we will always love your
11:42 pm
beautiful smile. it would light up the room so bright. so continue to shine your bright smile down on us with love and pain, and god bless the usa. samuel robert salvo jr. john p. samortino james kenneth samuel jr. michael san phillip hugo m. sanayñr alva cynthia jacqueline sanchez. jacquelyn patrice sanchez jesus sanchez raymond sanchez eric m. sand stacey leigh sanders herman s. sandler jim sands jr. ayleen j. santiago
11:43 pm
kirsten reese santiago maria theresa concepcion santillan susan gayle santo christopher santora john august santore mario l. santoro rafael humberto santos rufino c.f. santos iii victor j. saracini chapelle renee sarker paul f. sarle deepika kumar sattaluri gregory thomas saucedo susan m. sauer anthony savas vladimir savinkin john michael sbarbaro david m. scales
11:44 pm
robert l. scandole michelle scarpitta dennis scauso john albert schardt john g. scharf fred c. scheffold jr. angela susan scheinberg scott mitchell schertzer sean schielke steven francis schlag robert a. schlagel jon schlissel karen helene schmidt ian schneider thomas g. schoales frank g. schott jr. gerard patrick schrang jeffrey h. schreier john t. schroeder susan lee schuler edward w. schunk mark evan schurmeier
11:45 pm
john burkhart schwartz mark schwartz adriane victoria scibetta raphael scorca >> and my sister seta, who we miss each and every day. our lives have changed since you're gone, but you're always remembered. rest in peace, and until we meet again. >> and my two uncles, firefighter frankie esposito and captain michael esposito. my uncles along with the other victims of the attacks, are the bravest of the brave. i know that they are safe in heaven watching over and protecting us and they will forever be a part of united states history. god bless them, and god bless america. janice m. scott randolph scott christopher jay scudder arthur warren scullin
11:46 pm
michael h. seaman margaret m. seeliger anthony segarra carlos segarra jason m. sekzer matthew carmen sellitto michael l. sill vas howard selwyn larry john senko arturo angelo sereno frankie serrano marchian marian h.serba adele christine sessa sita nermalla sewnarine karen lynn seymour davis grier sezna jr. thomas joseph sgroi jayesh s. shah khalid m. shahid mohammed shajahan gary shamay earl richard shanahan den f. shenhour neil g. shastri kathryn anne shatzoff barbara a. shaw
11:47 pm
jeffrey james shaw robert john shay, jr. daniel james shea joseph patrick shea kathleen shearer robert m. shearer linda june sheehan hagay shefi antoinette m. sherman john anthony sherry atsushi shiratori thomas joseph shubert mark shulman see wong shum allan abraham shwartzstein johanna sigmund dianne t. signer gregory sikorsky stephen gerard siller david silver craig a. silverstein nasima h. simjee bruce edward simmons diane m. simmons donald d. simmons george w. simmons
11:48 pm
arthur simon kenneth alan simon >> and my grandfather, wall street's gentlemen, emerick harvey. >> and my beloved brother gary. the vestiges of time do nothing to ease so great a pain as that which is brought on by the taking of such a dear life in haste and vain. my heart cannot be consoled by any condolences or utterances for i continue to mourn my felled twin, my vanquished tower, my beloved baby brother. i love you. and your name and legacy endure in my son, who's not only your namesake but your mirror image. i love you, bro. michael j. simon paul joseph simon marianne simone barry simowitz jane louise simpkin jeff lyal simpson
11:49 pm
cheryl d. sincok khamladai k. singh roshan ramesh singh thomas e. sinton iii peter a. siracuse muriel f. siskopoulos joseph michael sisolak john p. skala francis joseph skidmore jr. toyena corliss skinner paul albert skrzypek christopher paul slattery vincent robert slavin robert f. sliwak paul kenneth sloan firefighter stanley s. smagala jr. wendy l. small catherine t. smith daniel laurence smith gary f. smith george eric smith heather lee smith james gregory smith jeffrey r. smith joyce patricia smith karl t. smith
11:50 pm
firefighter kevin joseph smith leon smith jr. moira ann smith monica rodriguez smith rosemary a. smith bonnie smithwick rochelle monique snell christine ann sinma dianne bullis snyder leonard j. snyder jr. astrid elizabeth sohan sushil s. solanki ruben solares naomi leah solomon daniel w. song maria soaper michael charles sorresse fabian soto timothy patrick soulas gregory thomas spagnoletti donald f. spampinato, jr. thomas sparacio john anthony spataro robert w. spear jr. robert spisz spiceman and my mother eli beth holmes george edward spencer iii and my uncle joseph palmer,
11:51 pm
you're a true hero. we love you, we miss you, and we'll never forget you. robert andrew spencer mary rubina sperando frank spinelli william e. spitz joseph patrick spor jr. klaus johannes sprockamp saranya srinuan fitzroy st. rose michael f. stabile lawrence t. stack timothy m. stackpole richard james stadelberger eric adam stahlman gregory stajk alexandru liviu stan corina stan mary domenica stanley
11:52 pm
anthony starita jeffrey stark derek james statkevicus patricia j. stats craig william staub william v. steckman eric thomas steen william r. steiner alexander robbins steinman edna l. stevens andrew stergiopoulos andrew j. stern norma lang stewardly martha jane stevens michael james stewart richard h. stewart jr. sanford m. stoller douglas joel stone lonny jay stone
11:53 pm
jimmy nevill storey timothy stout thomas strada james j. straine jr. edward w. straub george j. strauch jr. edward t. strauss steven r. strauss larry l. strickland steven f. strobert walwyn wellington stuart jr. benjamin suarez david scott suarez ramon suarez savvier suarez ramirez yoichi sugiyama william christopher sugra daniel thomas suhr
11:54 pm
david marc sullins david marc sullins christopher p. sullivan patrick sullivan thomas g. sullivan hilario soriano sumaya jr. james joseph suozzo colleen supinski robert sutcliffe >> my father, on behalf of the family we love and miss you every day. tlank you and god bless america. colleen m. supinski robert sutcliffe seline sutter claudia suzette sutton john francis swaine kristine m. swearson brian david sweeney brian edward sweeney madeline amy sweeney
11:55 pm
derrick sword thomas f. swift gina sztejnberg kevin thomas szocik harry taback norbert p. szurkowski norma c. taddei joann c. tabeek keiichiro takahashi michael taddonio phyllis gail talbot keiji takahashi robert talhami paul talty sean patrick tallon rachel tamares maurita tam michael andrew tamuccio hector rogan tamayo rhondelle cherie tankard
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kenichiro tanaka dennis gerard taormina jr. michael anthony tanner allan tarasiewicz kenneth joseph tarantino ronald tartaro michael c. tarrou darryl anthony taylor debra teflorella hilda d. taylor donnie brooks taylor taylor anthony taylor kip p. taylor leonard e. taylor lorisa ceylon taylor michael morgan taylor carl w. tepee sandra dawn teague yeshavant moreshwar tembe anthony tempesta
11:57 pm
dorothy pearl temple stanley l. temple david gustav peter tengelin brian john terrenzi lisa marie terry goumatie thackurdeen harshad sham thatte »#vo>íokçñi >> and my cousin lawrence michael pollack and my sister, cousin, and best friend, joanne flor lyle. as i have said many times before, joanne for a while but not nearly long enough. i love you forever. >> and my uncle peter burton hanson, my aunt, souhanson, and my cousin, christine lee hanson. we love you and we miss you so much. thomas f. theurkauf jr. lesley anne thomas brian thomas thompson
11:58 pm
clive ian thompson glenn thompson nigel bruce thompson perry a. thompson vanavah alexi thompson$y william h. thompson eric raymond thorpe nichola angela thorpe tamara c. thurman sal edward tieri jr. john patrick tierney marry ellen tiesi william randall tieste kenneth francis tietjen stephen edward tighe scott charles timmes michael e. tinley jennifer m. tino robert frank tipaldi john james tipping ii david tirado
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hector luis tirado jr. michelle lee titolo alicia nicole titus john j. tobin richard j. todisco otis v. tolbert vladimir tomasevic stephen kevin tompsett thomas tong doris torres luis eduardo torres amy elizabeth toyen christopher michael traina daniel patrick trant abdoul karim traore glenn j. travers walter philip travers felicia yvette traylor-bass james anthony trentini mary barbara trentini
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lisa l. trerotola karamo baba trerra michael angel trinidad francis joseph trombino gregory james trost willy q. troy william p. tselepis jr. zhanetta valentinovna tsoy michael patrick tucker lance richard tumulty ching ping tung simon james turner donald joseph tuzio robert t. twomey jennifer lynn tzemis john g. ueltzhoeffer >> and my father,


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