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tv   A Life Reconsidered  CSPAN  December 24, 2014 8:49pm-9:46pm EST

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>> host: the book and the documentary, "the roosevelts: an intimate history." want to thank both ken burns and geoffrey ward for joining us this morning. >> guest: thank you. >> guest: thank you very much. >> thursday booktv in prime time features "after words" interviews. at 8 p.m. dr. ben carson is interviewed by nbc news political director chuck todd. at 9 p.m. karen armstrong, author of "fields of blood," is interviewed by sally quinn of the washington post. later at 10 p.m., historian james mcpherson on his book "embattled rebel." that all begins at 8 p.m. eastern here on c-span2. >> "q&a" is ten years old, and to mark a decade of conversations, we're featuring one interview from each year of the series over the holiday season. thursday, the president and chancellor of the university of houston on u.s. competitiveness
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and the global economy and the role of colleges and universities in preparing youth for the work force. that's at 7 p.m. eastern on c-span. >> here's a look at some of the programs you'll find christmas day on the c-span networks. holiday festivities start at 10 a.m. eastern on c-span with the lighting of the national christmas tree followed by the white house christmas decorations with first lady michelle obama and the lighting of the capitol christmas tree. and just after 12:30 p.m., celebrity activists talk about their causes. then at eight, supreme court justice samuel alito and former florida governor jeb bush on the bill of rights and the founding fathers. on c-span2 at 10 a.m. eastern, then turn to the art of good writing with steve pinker, and at 12:30, jill lepore searches the secret history of wonder woman. at 7 p.m., pamela paul and
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others talk about their reading habits. and on american history tv on c-span3 at 8 a.m. eastern, the fall of the berlin wall with c-span footage presint bu and bob dolewith seeesro pridentsoh nny a roldean. nn fhixrtsn fit laesfaio cic ao th prendth syles o thtis whh theyid. d then at ten, former nbc news ch mrow o s re an50 yar rpoin rl een. atth cisas y he c-anneor. fourometscdu, g t c-anrg >>yn cne emis the potil plophy d esenalene oas maso s.hey scan h ok with issses h bk th hr sbdnd frm ve esidendi ceninor lia,afoia th i alilend a ur [alae]
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9:26 pm
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surprise was complete. it was really a wonderful night. he had a cake made that was tall and had a little sort of body sticking out of it with blond hair. the cake wasrd n taa iran edtht beau o o fstd ora d rm wh bireskt. u e? [plse aryoblhi? n ju le ll mis. onmequti wwio uto the den. 's difiltnecal. wh w mis'srees dippntntitreecto ecnstuon nth rmivyrsfte puic
9:28 pm
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9:29 pm
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9:30 pm
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9:31 pm
li sulhvthauory srcyo c o foa afc olio the rewonsnc i whh is ppeneiite casare rgedberehe suemcot. 'sntesnghe meiodit epl th s llhas on e i y atrh ay t g whwastpewaa rris anwh wtesng hat i y phiis th'st wwe dcie in iou soetabt w u el abou whheyothk tt' rit tt'wrg. we tun t cstutn ma tseecio. e pre urjtis il goacto cstutn at rd onbfo h rer so o beor e we cl on tt th justic will veo bk thfothmement wch dison re h tksbo cize n bng uje o
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icthphse unasabtt'wh s hiinureonleeah d ize. i thnk e ou erafi th tcostuonhath constiti slliv tse erisn orusfft igret. wl ih atan hea mi [alae] >>et ank yne d ce esent chey [alae] eyav aeeto a e qutis icwe ldo fo tokigngdi' gog srtit tyng mawh frmhascol >>haannirsy. >>n urueiois >>e lkabt w w viedy s ers,view thpuicheerheli th owhheth dn'li hi rtheay he ndf ard goeme.
9:33 pm
miswan'tkidof rs -heeazeh ul'te e lw a eyl teyby seut t w t tcara i n'tn tt l ses t elypuiwere priad by hi ll cize. rtnlbyheimhi pridcyas v h w deeplyppcied d oeoriewe mt thiaicbo h j a coanr--cef ani eay o hi ha h enossit . fm ro hh scool ra dmahi soo >>hewh adonmt gnict meicrede? h odigfint meicchventay. llhecnitiowh w hawa ctr awa
9:34 pm
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9:35 pm
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9:36 pm
ppssho ihts ta t rebl he enreedn rto ott. sohas it. >>at oanr aanalar ghchl. whh ridt ulyobe eqteo me aso [lghr] >> new qstn. >>ounoits go quti b iin ylfs hiorian tiki y he ta tfondrsndbram ncnanp emn enre dfentator it hdto hk of soebody keralipiceayb u ulinudfrkl roevt d eito u oo t esenwh
9:37 pm
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9:38 pm
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9:39 pm
au ady r ednd cafoia. h yomeiod w poanit s mdinth eem cociceo mwndinho yofe authefcthatte whtllor o pod e rtureprgmi heonyne rrtltng rsofo it >>xce , ea fis ll tnkhe isadhe pre ur s etl wh th to u ewco tblve anhi y wtt u e lce s aos anhi b wt u n' isioteatnaseri ordinc htwldedang thcony. ward snowd is a case in point. i think he is a traitor and i feel it does not bode well for our society that he is being
9:40 pm
they'll arrest for having betrayed his country. [applause] [inaudible] >> i'm sorry, you need a microphone. >> maybe this is off point. [applause] >> i respect your right to speak your mind but i also reserve the right for myself and dick not to answer your question. [applause] >> dr. frank cannon in the back of the room. >> you spent five years living with in addition to the vice
9:41 pm
president living with james madison. can you talk about. >> i gave the other 45 to dick. >> any talk about writing a book like this, where the papers, where did you go and visit and are their madison descendents and if you could ask him james madison today one question that emerge from your research what would that question be? >> that last one is really a puzzler. i have to think about that one. the madison papers are in different places. you do have to travel a little bit. i had to go to princeton for example. you have to go to philadelphia. their unpublished papers about madison's family and the presbyterian historical society but 30 volumes of medicine's papers are on line. they have been digitized and done a wonderful job of digitizing them. dolly's papers as well have been done by the university of virginia. so think of that. research is so much easier now
9:42 pm
than it has been before. i was chairman of the national endowment for the humanities for a time and i used to be appalled at some of the things we funded. but if they were into increase the endowment's budget so they could make the funding of the founder's papers and digitizing them so citizens could have ready access i think that would be a good expenditure. you know frank i can't give you a serious answer. i just have to think about what i would ask madison semi-on serious question is i would say how tall were you? this has been disputed. someone said 5 feet 4 inches and his favorite aide said no 5 feet 6 inches and there was confusion on whether the aid was trying to be flattering. you know i am 5 feet tall and i think 5 feet 4 inches would have been just fine. >> a young man who studied in singapore and is a student at pepperdine university.
9:43 pm
>> my name is jacob young. pertaining to james madison wife is their particular piece that many of the history books are missing what you think there's not enough information on or you'd be interested in learning more about? >> there were two things that really stuck out to me as i went through, personal things. this whole idea that he was shy as a 20th century invention. his contemporaries said nothing nothing about that. they noted that he was a canny politician who had learned the trade of not speaking before you needed to, being respect are full to your elders when you are young politician, of not speaking carelessly. madison spent a great deal of his life cleaning up after jefferson who was -- carelessly the fact that he wasn't shy. i spent a lot of time showing in the book that in fact he wasn't and then the sickly thing, that was really important to get rid
9:44 pm
of this meth that he was so burdened by his help at all times that he could barely get out of bed. you just can't see this vital politician is a man who was that when they think the idea that being shy and sickly has damaged his reputation and i hope my book will do something to restore it. >> the gentleman from orange california with a quickie. >> mr. vice president where did you guys go on your first date? [laughter] >> oh well. [laughter] we actually went to a formal. one of the high school girls social clubs. we went with good friends and lynne did wear an amazing read formal gown. afterwards we stopped at what in
9:45 pm
caspers referred to as ceo. >> oh scott. [laughter] >> now it gets better. we hadn't been there very long when we discovered that some friends of ours including i think some who dated berlin before i did had snuck up and let the air out of the tires on our car. so we spent a lot of time creeping back down to the filling stations we could get air in the tires and we were in danger of violating lens curfew. >> we have violated it. >> so i was very concerned at that point that we have violated the curfew the first date and i knew i would be in trouble with somebody. the great thing about it in retrospect was lynne's mother was the secretary to the police chief in casper wyoming. we didn't make the move that


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