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tv   Book TV  CSPAN  January 24, 2015 9:51pm-10:01pm EST

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ry but they stay together. >> there is a breakdown of formal bearish but there is cohabitating couples for with children the state together long periods of time. five free that up to say that while the formal characteristic the community that people go to church on the sunday or that entity it might erode where christianity where they pay taxes to use the church there is a family breakdown but not in social order we all assumed that family breakdown of these jews social order there may be a way out of that conundrum. because think about this what is the one difference
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liberals are in it human nature. if you take is, if you realize people are living in family structures and why religious truth has been selling during is the reason we have every reason to believe those political conditions or social conditions we may face the need and desire will endure because that is ingrained in who we are. >> it is just a formal break down living together as if they stayed for life for the approximations allied counteroffensive just the way out is the breakdown is more than formal here.
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>> is the formal problems that the consequence is better not be as catastrophic as we fear. >> on a more positive note the cuties -- thank you. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> they were desperate for business is sang battle for whatever misgivings they had and entered into a $5 million deal to modernize the industry representative rating 50 refineries to train dozens of oil engineers. to be on the superpower that it would become eventually spending three months of the soviet union in 1938 of overseeing these and is horrified and leader writes russia is the land of hunger and misery and terror. he returns home vowing to do everything he can to stop the spread of communism.
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in the ensuing years he becomes very a spokane anti-communist with the american businessmen who are summoned to indianapolis by a former executive by the name of robert welch to was note as the anti-communist views brought there under the strictest secrecy they did not know what they're going to indianapolis to say less they attract attention this and said to be the founding meeting of the john birch society and literally in the room at the birth of their organization and to go on to play a very prominent role. he becomes a national council member and it becomes tough hotbed which is where the coca family lives.
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>> i was speaking with you gsa earlier the birch society really targeted her talk about researching the of booked taking place in wichita at this time. there were many stories about students being told allegedly to spy on their teachers i remember as i was doing the book from a former wichita school teacher handed out unicef collection fox says it was a huge source of controversy and their motto at that time the
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floor of the koch brothers returns home to join the birch society as an influential of member but he seems to take to it. he lives down the street where he curates us section on economics and to give you an idea how die-hard they were about communism i heard one story sometime in the mid-1960s he knocks on the door and charles answers and he flexed over the cover of the book and they can tell
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there's something wrong. he asks. what is it? he responds politely politely, hemingway was a communist his literature is not allowed inside the home. so he has to leave his copy of having we on the stoop that is how serious they were at that point about communism. . .
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america's current political and cultural landscape with cnn's s.e. cupp. mr. huckabee offers his thoughts on a range of topics from the obama administration in the state of the republican party to popular music and television. this is about an hour. >> host: governor huckabee i think it's worth pointing out the irony that you are sitting in new york where he is to i am here in washington where maybe you will live in just over a year?


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