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meetings and i have my own bathroom he called one morning and a call in those days we had space it would not bring intermittently, but intel was a hazard you can never pick it up fast enough. we called it does a potus why. [laughter] we're is the? she said he is in the bathroom mr. president he said isn't there a phone in there? she said no. he said put a phone in there. i came out. [laughter] she said the president wants to call i said forget about it. the same time i am in the same place and the same call. he shouts i told you to put a phone in there.
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she said yes mr. president by the time i got out there were to our record guys standing in my office and the phone was installed and that is when he wanted you all the time. [laughter] second, he saw things there is always a way to do something. i was enough hospital in virginia in washington. my son swallowed a bottle of aspirin. i just ran i did not leave a phone number and finally he gets me at the hospital. he said what the hell? i said my son is swallowed a bottle of aspirin. and he is two years old.
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he said that's terrible. we should make these people have these bottles a little kids can not open them. [laughter] and that is why we cannot open our medicine because of the child safety act. [laughter] [applause] the elementary and secondary education for years we were on the democratic platform when schools could not get it the problem was the catholics revel to block it and us evangelicals were blocked it if it was aged for prepared to could not make any progress in endicott more complicated
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with the civil rights act of 64 because now it would be more money for blacks and paul who is chairman of house education committee and president johnson finally says but you have to leave town. turn this over to somebody else. you may remember that is when he went tear germany. he never got back. [laughter] and he said to have a congressman from brooklyn to put it together. kerry was in a district that had orthodox jews, roman catholics, an incredible area and the fact that johnson knew that was incredible.
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to read secular books leasing equipment to parochial schools and johnson started to sell it. there was a wonderful meeting with the cardinal from new york, billy graham's, and arthur goldberg standing beside though white house pool. that is the hottest from on god's earth. and johnson is working on the in the background and it was so hot you could see the sweat. it was incredible. [laughter] finally they agreed it is fantastic she got the bill passed him then he said told the bill of if you get if you don't sign it within 10
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days hold it for one month. he said why? johnson said because i want to sign it on kerry's birthday. a and he did. that kind of thing. >> how did he knows so much about so many people? i am told he had the phone number and the name of every member of congress on his desk about congress about what they may need or want. how did he assembled that or get the information? >> it was stunning. and it was invaluable. he spent time with the politicians he knew when they were sicker when the kids were said gore had a problem.
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and he knew what would move them here wasn't always hugs and kisses. [laughter] we needed to raise the debt limit. hidden the course of it we lost six liberal democrats who voted against raising the democrats he had these long sheets of every buddy's name. . .
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syrup money and are lying to the fbi about the financial withdrawals. speaker hastert sat down in 2004 to discuss his look "speaker" on booknotes. in the book he recounted his ears as a civics teacher, football coach and member of the u.s. house of representatives. c-span: denny hastert, author of, "speaker," what`s the granby roll? >> guest: the granby roll is a move in wrestling that you can score from the bottom. not many people do it. and it`s good


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