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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  August 8, 2015 8:05pm-8:16pm EDT

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publishing come fall 2015. and mary crave nas is their marketing manager. what have you got in the hopper? >> well one of the books -- as you can see here, we have our four big books for the year. one -- for the fall season, i should say. one book that we're particularly excited for is american space coast. ned is a longtime author with chicago review press. history bereaves that the -- believes that america's wealth came from importing slaves and then slave labor and that was actually in south carolina. virginia was actually slave breeding and it became south carolina v. virginia for kind of where the slave industry was going to be, like where the power came from. and thanks to thomas jefferson virginia won. so this is actually, this is kind of an alternative history. this is something that a lot of people don't know about. so ned and constance have done
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years of research. it's the unofficial sequel to his book which new orleans a lot of slaves who were brought in from the kind of from haiti and cuba and also from africa. so that is one that we're very excited for. it's an october title. >> host: and are you going to send the author on tour one that booktv would look at covering. >> guest: absolutely. the authors will be going along the mid atlantic coast to various locations that are talked about in the book chesapeake bay area. >> host: what other books do you have that you think booktv would be interested, booktv viewers would be interested in? >> guest: 17 -- [inaudible] i don't know if you can see the cover, it is one of the first modern sub b marine rescues -- submarine rescues. the it was a training accident with, i believe, the uss
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spaulding. six of the members of the 4 were in the to torpedo area, and they were still alive when the submarine sank. people could hear morse code is their hope. and so a rescue effort, there was a six-day winter storm, so it was december, and they -- the rescue crews tried to save the members of the crew and actually, one of the rescuers had to be rescued himself. unfortunately, everyone did perish, but because of this tragedy, the diving suits were modified and there were diving bells, and so this was actually kind of the turning point for submarine rescue. so that is of interest. and then also the remarkable rise of elijah -- [inaudible] -- eliza -- [inaudible] she was married to aaron burr. when she was born, she was actually a cleaning woman in a brothel. she was not a member of the brothel, but she was the cleaning woman, and when she died at 90, she was the richest
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woman in -- i don't know if it was america but it was definitely in new york. and she had a large, she was one of the first women art collectors, and so she actually spans from the revolutionary war through the civil war. and there was a large lawsuit against her for her fortune after she passed. she was rumored by a gentleman who claimed to be her son by george washington, but that was proven false. >> host: what kind of books does the chicago review press look for? this is quite an eclectic collection. >> guest: we're particularly good with pop culture, pop science and politics. so as you can see here. what we want is a good story, be it quirky, be it serious. that's what we want, is we want to wring the books to the -- bring the books to the audience that's a good story or that you can kind of put together a potato cannon in your backyard which is one of our best selling titles backyard ballistics.
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>> host: what's it like to be an independent publisher based in chicago? >> guest: it's exciting. i lo to hear about the rise -- i love to hear about the rise of the independents. i see new bookstores opening up across the united states every month. and we just, we love -- chicago is the flyover state. you think about l.a., you think about new york, publishing is in new york but chicago we have fantastic authors we've got great books and we have a great passion. so, you know, you've got to come to chicago. >> host: quick look on booktv at the chicago review press and some of the books they have coming out this fall. >> presidential candidates often release books to introduce themselves to voters and to promote their views on issues. here's a look at some books written by declared candidates for president. in his book "immigration wars," former florida governor jeb bush argues for new immigration policies. neurosurgeon ben carson calls
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for greater individual responsibility to preserve america's future in "one nation." in "against the tide," former rhode island governor lincoln they feoff recounts his time serving as a republican in the senate. and former secretary of state hillary clinton looks back on her time serving in the obama administration in "hard choices." in "a time for truth," texas senator ted cruz recounts his journey from a cuban immigrant's son to the u.s. senate. carly fiorina former ceo of hewlett-packard, is another declared candidate for president. in "rising to the challenge," she shares lessons she's learned from her difficulties and triumphs. south carolina senator lindsey graham released an e-book on his web site. in "my story," he details his childhood and career in the air force. former arkansas governor mike huckabee gives his take on politics and culture in "god, guns, grits and gravy." and in "leadership and crisis,"
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bobby jindal explains why he believes conservative solutions are needed in washington. ohio governor john kasich calls for a return to traditional american values in "stand for something." george pataki is also running for president. in 1998 the former new york governor released "pataki" where he looked back on his path to the governorship. and kentucky senator rand paul calls for smaller government and more bipartisanship in his latest book, "taking a stand." another entrant into the 2016 presidential race is former texas governor rick perry. in "fed be up," he explains that government has become too intrusive and must get out of the way. in "american dreams," florida senator marco rubio outlines his plan to advance economic opportunity. independent vermont senator bernie sanders is a candidate for the democratic nomination for president. his book "the speech," is composed of his eight-hour-long filibuster against tax cuts. and in "blue collar
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conservatives," presidential candidate rick santorum argues the republican party must focus on the working class in order to retake the white house. businessman donald trump has written several books, in "time to get tough," he criticizes the obama administration and outlines his vision to to further american prosperity. more presidential candidates with books include wisconsin governor scott walker. in "unintimidated," he argues republicans must offer bold solutions and have the courage to implement them. and former virginia senator james wen looks back on -- webb looks back on his time serving in the military and the senate in "i heard my country calling." vice president joe biden may announce his candidacy. in "promises to keep," he looks back on his career in politics, and finally new jersey chris christie and former governors martin o'malley and jim gilmore have announced their candidacies but haven't released books. >> booktv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they're reading this summer.
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>> well, right now i'm finishing frank by barney frank his autobiography. it's a really interesting book because it gives you not only a little look at his career, but you know, congress back when it worked -- [laughter] a little better than maybe now. and just some of the, you know, highlights of some of the major legislation he worked on and some of the experiences he went through. especially relevant for someone who always looked up to barney as someone who's probably the smartest and wittiest, you know, member of congress i remember watching. and it's a really fascinating read. so i'm just finishing that one up. i just started one called factory man which is about the bassett furniture company or group, i forget what it is, but it's, essentially, a company that builds furniture here in the united states and despite all the challenges with globalization and companies all trying to send construction over to china because it's cheaper they wanted to keep building things in america. and they wanted to keep providing wages for the people who worked for them and support
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their families. and it's a big challenge, and i really give them a lot of credit. i'm a small business owner, i've been since i had hair since i was 27 for 28 years and really, i find a lot of value into what they did and i think more businesses should look at that. so i'm reading that book. i'm about to read a book that i bought as a hard book and also downloaded, reign of error by diane iran slip, i serve on the education and work force committee and, you know, one of the things that i think we've seen a lot of attacks on public education. there's a lot of things around the country especially in wisconsin trying to expand tax bier-funded vouchers which essentially, destroyed public schools. i'm a product of public schools, and i think most people are products of public schools, and she really puts out some innovative ideas about how to take public education forward so we don't have these attacks that try to privatize it and make it so it goes to a profitable center rather than something that provides education for
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people. and then the final book i'm reading is more for fun. i used to do magic that's how i paid for college strong magic, the author lives in the d.c. area and it's about doing magic and how to be a better performer. i do a video every monday that we put up on facebook and youtube, and that's for a little lighter reading than some of the other stuff i'm doing. >> and booktv wants to know what you're reading this summer. tweet us your answer @booktv or you can post it on our facebook page, >> former congressman alan west, do you miss being in congress? >> guest: you know the thing is about serving the people, that's what i've done my entire life through the military and being a congressman. it's some of the chicanery that goes on inside the institution that i can do without. >> host: would you ever consider running again? >> guest: you know that's up to god. and i think that it's so important that you're obedient to his


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