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tv   Book Discussion on American Dreams  CSPAN  August 15, 2015 1:30am-1:54am EDT

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so there are ways because they're not writing a check to the federal government arguably they're contributing more money. >> but we are dealing this system with a complex tax system if we have something simple and easy to figure out, first of all, we will have a predictable amount of money to bring and. we know we need to run the government. the other thing, not a big proponent bond dash proponent and 2010 we have statistics of that.
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>>. >> then something happens like the veterans affairs that the hospital where nothing is getting done and then there up in arms but there wasn't enough people to do this or that. all love these things make a lot of sense the way we know government and politics and how it works but the politics of how the town works is a oh my gosh.
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we will have to fix this and it cracked will throw money at it. but they don't understand the fundamental problems of the veterans administration. wonderful people. >> a huge new management but the republicans say ptsd. >> host: they should be specialized off hostile mecca ready else should. i will end a little more political. to use the c word that their lawyer conservatives use witches compromise but democrats say common ground. but there is a difference.
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>> i mean in the -- democrats look to republicans they come from the french that pretty much basically one the same thing and you have allowed ourselves.
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>> but liberals would called names because they thank you decide does not love america. but it is leadership. >> it is dark with leadership. a good leader is someone who can take a variety of individuals and create a vision to have repaired the working together to accomplish that. that someone says that group is said kids choose there the bad ones. and the other aspect is multis tax - - tasking for curve during the current administration trying to
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make sure that debt to have that type of leadership that puts america. remember who we are. >> who has done it right? >> john kennedy. there is a cuban missile crisis and the russians would pass what do they do? to say within 10 years we will put a man on the moon
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with every petty behind a project. he put his brother bobby in charge of civil rights. he had his ear to the ground and was very smart. but ronald reagan. would get the leadership that he provides that actually resulted in the dissolution of the soviet union. without firing a shot. statesmanship, working
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across the aisle, he was able to work with the democrats. >> uc any leadership like that right now? >> i think there is potential but i keep speaking out because i want people asides to understand that. >> host: what did he think of the clinton presidency? >> was very pleased he could work with the republicans. of course, you know, the whole history of that. >> his affair is an argument >> but that was good. ended don't spend a lot of
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time talking negatively about people. what i would rather do is spend time talking about how to resolve a problem? we have the capability. we are smart people and innovative but we have to create the environment of honor and hard work. >> you bring up yourself in this book after the national prayer breakfast at what about ben carson for president? so why wouldn't you consider it? >> the reason first apology is not my plan for retirement. after a long and arduous career. however there is so many people when they go to a book signing people are
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streaming out the door. and they all say you have got to do this. they taken more seriously but it keeps happening and i have to ask myself how do you have to put aside. >> you said it is god's plan >> absolutely despite what the president says america was founded on judeo-christian edges have to go back to read the letters. but to say they have no idea if they're talking about. i believe it is the
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judeo-christian is that led us to the pinnacle and the much higher one than anyone had ever experienced. >> you don't have things to say to the republican party. >> there is a trust in both parties right now. so the right to thinks i'm
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not getting a fair deal it is will street's fall pieta thinks i am not getting a fair deal. and i wonder if this rolls over to a movement. >> i think that is what happened. >> you want to reform what you want to do. >> i want to see a situation to deemphasized. but it is nice to have. >>. >> we're all americans and we should do what works for all of us. is when we take our constitution in this group gets the exemption with this one doesn't.
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i cannot even tell you how that makes me feel. >> it is the letter of the lobbers is a spirit of a lot. said to find out if it is constitutional. >> i think it is the latter. it is an easy read. as all others are referred to. >> if you just knew that to know over sugar should not be doing. >> gave marriage your pros civil union and inefficient
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is any to adults they should have the right to to find themselves. >> you can feel it is just no difference. >> because marriage is a sacred institution between a man and a woman. why would you not change for the next group? >> how will that go over? >> we have multiple studies that demonstrate the has a deleterious effect and the
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brain develops through the late twenties. unless you don't believe the medical evidence. >> hon. >> is certainly a great deal about the hall is destructive also. >> it does have the potential but i am not sure at an office should be supplied. >> iran to get an idea your book "one nation". >> my wife keeps me on the straight and narrow. >> herb brooks have been bestsellers and reminds you of that a lot. >> absolutely.
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[inaudible] >> did tell my friends is the most fun you can have to close on. i will state senate president and was asked to host a fund-raiser. on the day of the event asking if we could use some help setting up the to do some volunteers. one of the young men was marco rubio he and really struck me as someone who was bright and well informed and passionate about issues and exuded confidence and maturity for someone that age. i remember thinking this young man has a bright
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future. since then the years have borne that out with that first milestones to become campaign chairman at miami-dade county and in 98 elected to the west miami city commission. >> he served on the foreign relations committee and the committee and intelligence in the education committee in small business committee event has taken the lead on many issues including the
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police, education regulatory policy he writes then trafficing throat the world. leading opponent of a big government vision for america for their quest for the american dream. that is the public record. as a best-selling author of three books and an adjunct professor of florida national university in devoted has been an exemplary father of four beautiful children. and will respond -- remain humble but i firmly believe he offers the best combination of fresh ideas and energy and electability and integrity and ability to expand our appeal to groups he could never reach in the past. the positive message bids remind me of ronald reagan
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with his vision of america of "the shining" city on a hill. so welcome our next president hopefully, marco rubio. [applause] >> they already left to waters for me. [laughter] i have been speaking about a lot of different issues. part of that i did not even bring any notes for choirmaster talk about the american dream has the theme of the conference for cry feel very passionate because i feel it is said deep part of my life. i don't want to share -- a one to share what it means
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and why the american dream will change the lives of more people and it has ever changed before. let me start with this story to parents that were not born in america but on a small island in the western caribbean called cuba they're both born to perry monk dash very poor families there rand a catering company that said the workers of the tobacco farmers. my mother was one of eight raised primarily and world cuba that was disabled by polio in the mother that i am not sure knew how to read. there were born in bremer society that existed.
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you were told on the day you are born you can only be with your parents were before you. if they're connected rich or famous dead as you will be if they are not, it doesn't matter how talented you are or how hard you work you cannot do anything more than your parents do. so perhaps that is a shocking statement because that is the life we have known that is the way that anyone that has had to live including the man and woman that were my mother and father i am blessed in 1956 they came to the united states to learn quickly and they moved to miami. [laughter] appearance came by the time they got here they


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