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tv   Hugh Hewitt on The Queen  CSPAN  August 26, 2015 9:54pm-10:57pm EDT

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>> i have heard a lot of theories about why jon huntsman junior is the cochair of the mic lee campaign. what is your theory? >> the senator from utah worked for jon huntsman junior as his general counsel but they are politically far different. mike lee is as far right as senator s. -- and jon huntsman junior's moderate. they are friends. i think the reality might be more to jon huntsman junior wants to keep his political options open and it doesn't hurt to back a winner. right now even though mike lee is a very broad figure in the state and national politics there are zero people running against him in either party, zero. i have looked really hard.
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no one at this point is chart running against him. josh romney considered and he was one of many people including jon huntsman junior who is asked to run against mike lee who declined to at that point you have a prominent banker and jonathan junior to announcing -- announced. >> the short answer is if you can't beat them, join them. >> i would like you to talk a little bit about the seniors and juniors relationship as lukewarm at best on the huntsman side of course. the last time i actually saw them together was during a dedication of a wing of the cancers to toot just a few months ago when john junior was on the stand at the time and that was one of the last times i have seen him with his father.
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do you know what the relationship is? >> sure an impact if you look at jonathan junior and senior are very close and they still talk every day. what's complicated for them during the 2012 campaign because while they wanted to talk to each other every day and they did for the most part they had to be careful not to talk about the campaign and campaign finance laws because father was running this multi-million dollar super pac. but they talk every day. senior is very proud of his son, very supportive of his son. this is a question he didn't really ask but i'm going to answer it anyway which is the idea of how the senior reacts to the idea of some of his kids or grandkids may be taking a different tact when it comes to the mormon religion and senior is very proud of his kids and talks about it doesn't matter necessarily what church they go
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to, that anyone would be proud to sit with jon huntsman junior and he said person. >> we talked to jon huntsman senior per couple of hours and he was a huge cheerleader of the sun. he wrote his own biographer he and he made an applaud for his son being president some day. he is holding out hope and they are very close. >> i don't have a question. i just have a comment. first up i loved your book, congratulations. it's a great book from beginning to end that i was a little disappointed about two things that are not here about romney and huntsman but someone need to talk about is here the olympian jimmy shea and his father was also an olympian. he talked about him in the book and he deserves it. >> now that the lights are up i can see. thank you very much for being here serve. i recall seeing both of you on the campaign trail in 2012 with
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mitt romney so thank you for being here. >> he ran for senate and it didn't work out. i think for people in the city of utah we knew who he was. i think it's hard to realize how popular that made him. here's an example. he was in people's sexiest man alive issue. that is not a joke. and if you ever want to make them embarrassed you can point that out to him. i think what happened is we have olympians who helped him on all of his campaigns after that because it showed a level of hatred to some and a way to -- he led a massive organization. >> i was in college in massachusetts when mitt romney ran against ted kennedy and of course he seemed to be running a times to the left of ted
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kennedy. obviously of course this is the same guy who for the 2012 election made the speech about how he was a severely conservative governor. in terms, it's interesting you are talking about how he wants to be his father and he wants to follow in his father's footsteps into politics. in your estimation is that the ambition that's driving him much more than the ideology is and he is willing to kind of move around the ideology in order to achieve the personal goal? >> with some quotes in the book from some campaign aides who set for him is a pragmatic guide. he's a business guy and a lot of times when he ran for politics he said what i have to do to succeed? let's go. authenticity is a huge part of this so we talked about his run in massachusetts, you have to respond to a massachusetts audience and that's going to be more moderate.
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the interesting part of 2012 is you say he was a conservative but go back and watch that first day with barack obama for he trounces barack obama. he doesn't seem that conservative there. that's the more moderate middle of the road from me that he probably wanted to be but when you're in a primary you have to do what it takes to win. we talked with jon huntsman junior and that part frustrated him traded you are pulled in so many different directions in the national primary. can you imagine you were going to run for two years in your party's nomination and every single group is going to try to pull you to there is? you are trying to get every single delegate. that's before you broadly talk to the nation? that's tough. >> this is off topic at the democratic national committee bank donald trump are entering the race because the race needed its scariest candidate.
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they question our here. >> i'm a fan of jon huntsman junior and i thought it did a good job as governor but he kind of has a history of being a quitter. he quit high school. he quit the governorship before his term was over and he quit ambassadorship. he doesn't seem to be able to catch fire in the race. i think he is very well spoken and very intelligent but what is his fatal flaw in what is the problem? >> he would probably say quittor is the wrong word. he looked for the opportunities that would come toward him but he has set himself talking about being an intellectual person he is a policy wonk at heart. he is not a campaigner. he is not someone who likes to go out and say what people want to hear and in fact it's in the
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book jon huntsman's favorite part of running for president was the debate he did with newt gingrich which you then even his daughters were falling asleep in. >> i would also say part of the difference between what jon huntsman junior's career was as a summer might mitt romney, jon huntsman junior balance between government business and working in his fathers business and government service in the assured by the fact that the president is going there for four years. we see this often in politics. a cabinet members not going to be there long or ambassador is not going to be there long periods, and washington d.c. someone there for two years and leave. the amount of time you spend in china when he was working for barack obama was longer than the ambassador before and after him and so it's not like he was in a hugely unusual step of the criticism you brought up actually hurt him when they were
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considering someone to run the olympics. successfully ran a business and jonathan junior who has bounced around. that worked against him. i think politically it's a little different though. >> will take a couple more questions. >> in 2016 there are 15, 20, 25 republican candidates seeking the candidacy may be 30 with donald trump in the lead. in the july 2016 republican convention we see a deadlocked convention. can you see a scenario where a romney movement emerges because here's an individual who's been bringing together candidates who just yesterday said the number one mistake in my campaign in 2012 is not reaching out to minorities. someone has got the money, organization name recognition a
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head of the party can you see a scenario. >> as a reporter i would love to see a deadlocked. >> we actually have that in the book. when he looked earlier for this year he said i bet i could win the nomination but i'm don't know if i'm best suited to challenge someone like hillary and 10. when he talked to people and his supporters and said he wasn't going to run when asked this question is there any way that he could never see it and he said not at this time or something to that effect. he loved that little room and politicians do that all the time. we have heard that if it's a scenario where the establishment republicans are doing well and it looks like someone like senator ted cruz from texas is the front-runner then met romney would consider it.
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i think that's interesting to think, that it's hard for politicians to get it completely out of their blood no matter what they have been through so there is a chance. i don't think it's a good chance >> i've heard senator bennett say if ted cruz gets the nomination the republican party may win a few counties in mississippi they will be disaster for a party like it was in 64. >> senator bennett and are very close. >> one last question and then we will get to the book signing. >> anyone else? >> you went to the mall. right here, right in front. >> jon huntsman senior has been suggested as a potential buyer of the newspaper that he works for. i'm wondering what it was like writing a book about a person who may soon be her boss? >> sure. thank you very much.
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we started this project in november 2013 which was well before jon huntsman senior mike end up being her boss someday and there was this moment where it obviously became more of a chance and we talked about it and we said we are journalists, we are going to let the journalism we have where we go here. starting to compromise our reporting because someone may or may not be art loss is the wrong move. we don't do that with anyone else. i also would like to take this moment to credit our bosses for not putting pressure on us to change anything. this is the book we wanted to write and we rode it and that's a lot of credit to them because i'm sure they are going to get more pressure than we are going to get. i hope they are going to get more pressure than we are going to get. [laughter] >> mats sub four and tom barr,
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the book is "morman rivals." thank you for being here tonight. [applause] >> thank you. >> you can buy copies of the book in the lobby. they will be there in a moment to sign. thank you so much for coming. [inaudible conversations]
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speak the u.s. did achieve improvements in security but nonetheless it depends on how it ends and here's where i hesitate when i increasingly interrogate my seven question myself. it's also possible that five years down the road we will back in civil war in afghanistan. i see this slowly emerging in the country. the prospect is much worse than the taliban. the taliban is deeply entrenched in and if he did so with we induct five years down the road in the civil war and anna stan and new safe havens or the taliban and isis then i would say -- radio talkshow host hugh
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hewitt's look is "the queen" about the political career and ambitions of hillary clinton. the nixon presidential library he talked about her presidential campaign and what a future clinton administration could look like. this is an hour. [applause] >> thank you. it's always a pleasure to visit the nixon library and birthplace and a privilege to be invited to speak even in some cases when chris only gives me 15 minutes notice. [laughter] i enjoy the audience thoughtful engaging and respectful. it is a distinct honor to be able to introduce longtime friend and contributed to the nixon library, hugh hewitt. my wife and i have been friends
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of the library for a while. i came of age during the nixon years and have vivid memories of the 1968 republican national convention, watched on the black-and-white tv late into the night hoping for his nomination. we have come to learn more about richard nixon and the indelible mark he left on our country and the world. as i look at the state of our nation and the world today and i reach into the archives of the 72 campaign nixon now more than ever. we have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people through the library. hugh and betsy hewitt among them. hugh is a figure at library and foundation programs interviewing authors facilitating panel discussions participating in debates and as we saw today conducting his national syndicated radio show. he served in the nixon
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administration's speechwriter and he was critical in the construction of this facility and for that but debt of gratitude aisle who have been benefiting from it. hugh hails from ohio claiming to be some form of buckeye. [laughter] he did however choose to purchase his law degree from the hated university admission -- michigan, something i do not understand. he is a practicing attorney, professor of law at chapman university and a remarkable influence on the republican party at all levels across the country. he is a frequent guest on nationally prominent television shows, networks that would not otherwise have my patronage except for sporting events. most prominent i believe is being the host of the best talk show in america. he has the most impressive array of guests, senior elected and appointed government officials,
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authors, opinion writers and national influencers. he hosts an educational series with the president of hillsdale college and is a graduate level intellectual experience. his style is insightful and engaging. he is respectful, never talking over his guests and i was allowing them to have their say. he provides a platform for those with whom he disagrees as well as those with whom he had raised, drying out from them challenging questions and engaging in an intellectual exchange. it is smart radio and his audience are better informed people. "the queen" is his recent release. i think we will find beyond the astute analysis of the former secretary of state is a bit of it porch and tell her. rolling the dice on such a long
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shot that he might consider a second run for the white house. hugh the gamble has paid off. i have not yet read "the queen" holding out for a free copy. [laughter] so it is with great anticipation i welcome to the podium hugh hewitt. [applause] >> thank you very much. i have been introduced a lot of times. i am very highly honored that he introduced me and philomena and he would make a special trip to the library. they are dear friends at etsy and me. we first met at the nixon library at an event where former secretary of defense rumsfeld was the guest of honor and i was interviewing him. i was downstairs and you have to remember i married the daughter
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of a marine corps colonel. my brother-in-law's were retired marine corps colonel said he would think i would have figured out i was talking to a marine for 20 minutes downstairs with philomena. he was active duty at the time and since retired and i didn't because i was a little dense and then i finally said so wait a minute are you a marine because they have been laying on the ocean side comments in the penalty and comments. i figure you a marine and he said yeah. i said are you active duty as if he was given his age that meant there were going to be a couple of stars on his shoulder and he said yeah. i said are you a general? he said i am very self-effacing as great military leaders are and i said gosh general i've been rambling on and talking to the commander of the brigade and inking to myself my father-in-law were he alive with
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be so deeply ashamed of me. i have grown to know and love him and respect his service bats and military spouses serving alongside their men and women. philomena would you stand up and let everyone say hello? [applause] i want to thank the library for having me tonight that i brought along a bag of props which will explain themselves as we go along. i also want to thank my los angeles home, the answer for sale amid a group of which i am prey. we got great sponsors that are here tonight. the money guys, california collects windows. radio would not exist in america but for terrific sponsors like these and across the united states if you listen to the radio listening to the people who put the radio on because without he would go away.
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and patronize them but i want to thank my partners at fox. they allow me a great deal of ability to go back and forth across the country and in the last three weeks i have appeared in succession on "meet the press," face the nation-state of the union with chuck todd in john dickerson and jake tapper. that means i'm not practicing law during that period of time and they overlooked that as i go back and forth. i very much appreciated. i'm here to talk about this book, "the queen" and i'm holding it up for the benefit of our c-span prints from booktv. the epic and vision of hillary and the coming of the second clinton area there's a law called the loans law. if you watch frank luntz you know that he is the best media analyst in america when it comes to understanding public opinion in words that work in frank told me once if you don't say the name of the book seven times you
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won't sell the book. so i'm going to be talking about "the queen" all night long and if i mentioned the queen a lot because frank told me if i don't mention the queen a lot you won't remember "the queen" and i won't by "the queen" and with that i will put it aside and come back to "the queen" a little bit later. [applause] i was downstairs talking with mel and philomena about leadership. mel serves an extraordinary role assisting people to become leaders and i'm currently
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we are going to organize at least nine and as many as 12 debates and we are going to have media partners and if a candidate goes to a debate not on our schedule they won't be on our schedule. their rule that says in order to bring order and if you are going to be her media partner you were going to include conservative media voices, which is what a
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surprise, what a shock that in the gop presidential primary system you would actually allow someone from their side of the spectrum to ask questions that might be of primary interest to gop primary voters. that does not mean you exclude them and they will not be excluded, great journalist like chuck todd on "meet the press" or jake tapper of "cnn" or john dickerson of cvs. i believe it, chris wallace megan kelly and all the rest of ocsla to be doing their turn with vesper at the same time journalists who are understood to be not merely observers of the participants in the process are going to be
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i am not the moderator, thank god. i love donald trump but i don't want to moderate his debate. it's going to be very hard. donald trump has been my guest. all of the republicans are the nominees have been my guess on the radio and the one who is the most interesting and entertaining as always donald trump.
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he colors outside of the lines that he doesn't stay in his lane and it really doesn't matter what the question is that you asked. [laughter] and that's okay great that's fine, it's great radio but i have been preparing shane gold mocker of the "the national journal" wrote a cover story for the "the national journal" about me and i was amused by this. i have never been a cover boy before and he said i was having a moment, a media moment and that makes me laugh because the media moment is like the rain we are having in california today in june that everybody notices it and it doesn't mean a thing. it's going to be over before you know it and nevertheless i take seriously these debates and i don't believe in ambush questions. i believe in preparation i want to talk a little bit about how you prepared to do this sort of thing and how you prepare to earn the praise of someone which is high praise indeed when someone says you run the best radio show in america and the
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two-star marion general you can start -- stand a little straighter and i talked about stan mcchrystal who said that's the best interview by long shot but i have ever been and when greg morell writes that in my book i'm happy. how do you get there and get ready for debate? first i want to think about banking booktv for being here. i'm going to my bag here and there a lot of them so the they are going to pilot. first i hold up a book called sundays at eight by brian lamb. he came to my studio and we spent three hours. i hold up a second but from the first ladies of united states by susan swain who is also along with brian lamb one of the makers of booktv and i encourage all of you to let everybody know that booktv exists as an awaits us on the weekends for people like us who
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loathe hooks. the nixon library invites people to come here always authors and so does the reagan library. these are ways he's in the land of sound bytes were you actually have conversations. i think brian lamb and peter slen and the others and susan are so relentlessly fair and thorough that if everyone studies them the way i had been studying brain and charlie rose is the element does this very well you have a lot better media. the ones i have already mentioned jake tapper, chuck todd, john dickerson they are all themselves authors. they have written very good books. a stranger by chuck todd. john dickerson were the great biography of his mother nancy dickerson and of course jake tapper wrote the outpost about a command post in a far-off province of afghanistan a history that is riveting and moving and actually very emotional to talk about and read
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about. if you take the time to watch the best in the business they are not only journalists, they are writers and their readers so i have been preparing for a long time for these debates by doing one thing which is what i want to encourage everyone in the audience to do which is to read widely and deeply into things in which you are not familiar. i'm going to hold up a few books as examples of this. coming soon to this library the fellow was in my studio yesterday, evan thomas wrote this book which i'm holding out for the benefit of the camera. am i doing that right, guys? is called being nixon. this is an unusual book. evan thomas is part of the georgetown set. he's a harvard man like i am but he was working for katharine graham and he has dug deep into the nixon story. i know there are some lovers of this book and not lovers of this
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book from the nixon family for which i'm a proud member but i found it compelling that i had them on for nearly two hours talking about nixon and coming to the library and i was web what i saw but evan even though he was not part of the nixon administration or part of the nixon family. he was able to treat fairly the strengths and weaknesses of the great american grade when i asked him was a great man he said yes and i wrote a segment of saving israel and we talked about it and evan thomas's relentlessly fair. yes there are downsides in nixon's career and their upsides to nixon's career but they are relentlessly and chronologically covered in a fair fashion. that's what we want our authors to do. the day after i'm talking to you i will be interviewing ted cruz about his new book a time for truth. the day after that i will
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welcome into my studio ambassador michael oran to talk about his new book, ally. this is not my reading copy. this is my signature copy. this is an incredibly moving book about the history of being an american you becomes an israeli and becomes a warrior and an ambassador. i'm going to be able to ask about his real end this horrific deal we are about to sign with iran to the ambassadors because i will have read this book in a fairly chronicles and understands the perspective of the territories. he has been there and he has waged war there and he has been in gaza and he records at all. it's an amazing book that i will be prepared to ask questions of these candidates not because i know anything about gossip. i've never been there. i've been to israel but i haven't been to the west bank but i have read through the eyes of someone who has and impressive as a result. last week and i'm going to keep going up and down.
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it's not good for the cameras i know. last week daniel silva was on for an hour. if you haven't read his novel this is number 15. it comes on one hour every summer. this is the english version could at least get an early. this is a reader's copy and you can't have it. i told my kids that they would read the novels beginning with the english killer, the killer angels is what is called actually his first gabriel alone novel they would have history of modern times told through fiction but also it deeply enmeshed. they would understand a world in which they live through fiction. not all just -- how did that get me ready to talk about the? novelist take you to places like putin's kremlin and they talk to people and they imagine places and they get you ready to ask questions of the putin primary.
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i've been asking each of mike candidates assist victims are great victims are greater and i will ask for the benefit of the american people what you think vladimir putin would think of u.s. president because that's the putin primary and who would the least like to be the president of the united states? would you rather have the former secretary of state whom he knows and gave him a button that read poorly in russian. he didn't really say reset. i will come to that again, or a ask chris christie a couple of months ago and he kind of laughed, who do you think putin would least like, guy from jersey and there's some quality to that. combativeness is a quality. after that two books i want to talk about, three in fact. i'm getting ready by reading mary katharine ham and because
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the left wants to and discussion about so many things and these are the things that we want to have a discussion about. you have seen, this is going to be on the bestsellers list. in the discussion is vitally necessary that we spend a whole day with my cohost tried to bring up the things that the left does not want america to talk about. they want to end the discussion and in fact we are not going to do that. we have to open the discussion but with questions that are framed in such a way that they will listen from 16 republican candidates informed of looks into how they would govern. these next two books are about the great war in which we are engaged. one is by stan mcchrystal, team of teams which is change the way i do my radio show already. i'm sure the reason the mcchrystal group and mouse bees are in demand in the private sector as consultants as is because they bring clarity to a lot of confusion. they bring absolute certainty about method and not rigor.
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in team of teams when he talks about the war and he talks about how in iraq in 2003 took over special operations and by the time he left three years later it had increased by 1700% the number of missions they ran on a daily basis. how did they do that? can you think of anything else that is improve 1700% the last five years? we talked to mouse bees and you talk to stanley mcchrystal and you talk to people who have been the hardest crucible of all. i want to know from these presidential candidates what they think of the current military leadership and the pentagon and if they judge it to be as broken as the ventures of this were believed to be and underfunded. this is a chilling book. mike morell is here at this library probably at this podium in war of our time. for me to a pager for the cia not without its own controversy 33 years and that agency, two of them as acting director. the great war of our time he talks about the fact that unless
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you understand the story that was up to the end of the looming tower and i talk about the looming tower and i've asked all the candidates all 16 have you read the moving tower? why do we do i do that? i don't think and understand the enemy we are involved with unless you have read the looming tower and read where radical islamists fundamentalism comes from mike morell in this book walks you through from 9/11 to the president when he left the caa where we are. we are in a very dangerous place. in fact in tunis this past weekend what happens in the united states in the next 16 months will frame and i wish to ask these candidates and i wish to ask the
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>> >> the believer. did david axelrod visit the nixon library? he should. this is the open in kimono. the life spent on the left
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between obama and everybody in between he was behind with three weeks to go. a was a big mitt romney fame and if you want to know to ask the republican question read said democrat books. and another book on the 2012 election. how low do prepared to ask republicans questions? you read the of books everyone who is a journalist of for years and democrats then you sit down to begin to ask yourself what would you ask hillary if you could
10:36 pm
ask a question? from that process cave the queen. one year ago they called viet to say would lead to a book on 2016? but 2016 matters a great deal. president of hillsdale college they're all available three years worth of dialogue you can bid to listen and i would strongly recommend that this point anti-iraq said douglas and lincoln debate covering a
10:37 pm
lot of ground in five years. and the prince was published 500 years ago with some uncertainty as to when it was published. and it was the most aid moral book ever written it is the dividing line in political theory for a reason about using power not necessarily for a good purpose. it talks about how you keep a dynasty going written from the opponent of the regime. to be an official in the republic of florence so he writes from exile to, of letter on how to govern.
10:38 pm
how should i take the advice or to revise mrs. clinton? he says sometimes you can only see them mountain if you're on the plane is sometimes if you are a republican you should read the democrats books. and it is good device. [laughter] folks who have read the book nine of this is tongue in cheek? no. if i were her up platform on which i went run and facing opposite i wouldn't tell you everything and the purpose to write the book is to have you buy it the once you to
10:39 pm
buy 100 million but every single weekend she gets aggravated. [laughter] because the nixon library doesn't sponsor political speeches. if you act like the cui you should be expected to be talked to me and advise like a queen and so far former secretary of state clinton is acting like a queen. >> with a 70% not the primary. and is missive of vice president by dint to cast a wary glance at john kerry and switzerland was preparing to have an
10:40 pm
accomplishment do clash with her accomplishment free tenure as secretary of state. and to have a catastrophic tenure as a department of state so as is raise about offer health and if you have nothing on which to run what you do? i suggest a platform that to let the people decided campaign against the electoral college even privilege from the 18th century. [laughter] written by white males in
10:41 pm
the 18th-century it is easily run against and you will never see a presidential candidates did in kansas again. and there is a search of low-quality -- but hillary does not need that she needs to sell the people of the idea that is unfair that it doesn't work as much but right now how many if you are a californian? you don't matter. [laughter] in this election in florida and virginia ohio and colorado matter. to a lesser extent new hampshire and nevada and maybe arizona but the really
10:42 pm
those for -- the first for is to matters that is everything will be spent that they will not be nominated because we have a less than ideal system but it gives said that reality running against electoral college to make sense that you don't matter. that is a very bad idea elements the presence to two terms if she runs against the 22nd amendment sheave brands in favor of obama is returned george w. bush with the idea that bill clinton would have done a better job but she appeals to the bush lovers the reagin finance and those that feel strongly there candidate was the best ever.
10:43 pm
whoever cleveland alexander try to compete for but he did it because he was the necessary man. but the republicans did not like that with the reflexive knee-jerk reaction is a very bad idea. she had a run on letting the of people decide to do away with term limits that might be very bad for us if the election comes along. how bad they that would have been for the country to campaign or change at that point but to rebuild the national defence there used to be scooped jack said democrats who ran for
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president in 1976 as strong defense democrat who offer the jackson amendment and often called the senator from boeing and the reagan democrats with a scoop jackson in that were enchanted with jimmy carter and they cave in to the party and the queen says they ought to read seriously on a platform to remember the turn around that occurred it was led by secretary of defense bill brown and encouraged by jimmy carter and that is not happening right now.
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has a terrific undersecretary but i went to the retirement ceremony there was the speaker and assembly of california. wouldn't it be great if everyone supported the department of defense again? [applause] we would not be trending to the 2.5 percent gdp spending without pugnacious military to buy ships that we don't need and bombs will never dropped just so we don't have to. but we will spend the money because says ronald reagan said prepare for war and it will not come.
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[applause] the fourth part of the platform is to talk like a republican tax like a democrat when it comes to energy. with the climate change extremists and the easiest. we don't know how much mankind contributes if it is causation the day are driving the democratic party and that was fine until she has the nomination and then she becomes the queen of fracking. the of it proponent for every energy exhortation combined with a severance tax that would be bad for republicans to believe in this it is not that hard in
10:47 pm
natural gas you put a well in northeastern ohio and you can get gas put it anywhere. fracking takes the mystery out. and 58 percent goes to deficit reduction 50 percent goes back to the state but not to be spent by local assembly is the local boards appointed. their own a 3,000 appointees brought in by the presidents of the unaccountable government the framers did not see it that way that is a progressive idea out of the progressive movement that brought so much pain and suffering. patronage works because people in the administration work for you not against you. now all that centcom there are other things i will not
10:48 pm
cover i have very specific advice about what to do of bill and what role he ought to serve i ghostwrite speeches for her i have been go striding since 1978 and most recently i edited the romney's 2012 campaign and i am very proud i am now participating in this election cycle at all by way of help anyone with a nomination speech i believe in the republican party but i am staying out of 60 but i do all that but then in section two i give her my assessment what she ought to think about the 16 people who are running against her with their strengths and weaknesses. i got in trouble this weekend because i did not pay close enough attention to my nose and a skip carly fiorina. don't ever skip carly fiorina. [laughter] you will never hear the end
10:49 pm
of it. [laughter] i have since seen her twice or talk to her and she has reminded me on both occasions i skipped heard names i will carefully go through the list to tell you what ought to worry the former secretary of state i'm doing in alphabetical order so that you cannot accuse me i have no dog in the fight and i will be relentlessly fair. jeb bush. to his great strength is mrs. clinton's greatest strength has been around the track a presidential level six times with his father in 1980, 1984, 1988, and common 1992, his brother 2000 and 2004. wide is that matter because mrs. clinton has been around the track even more even in 1992 and 1996 in the white
10:50 pm
house in 2000 a non competing 2004 supporting of senator kerry candidacy not in the election but she knows a primary surplus in 2018 and 2012 secretary of state looking as a candidate for reelection. what does judge bush have? the experience that only comes with running. there is a reason to trade marines of the united states military in the simulation of the combat they will be in because you cannot possibly experience combat cannot possibly know what it is to run for president the tiredness the ambush situations you are always on unless you have done it before the more time she attended the better you get to know how many interviews i have conducted since i
10:51 pm
began my career? more than 25,000 that does not include callers that adds up so you learn how to do interview and you learn how to run for president first-timer's don't have that experience. mrs. clinton and jeb bush know what is coming that is it the big pitch for both of them also jeb bush like the clintons and the clintons like the bushes and that makes it tough to get into a knife fight politically but it will not stop mrs. clinton. ben carson. what did she have to be afraid of ben carson? i saw him speak again at close distance of was is in the greenroom with his wife as he spoke of the western conservative summit. truly a gifted orator and
10:52 pm
truly inspiring story no one has his story or close to that in this race everybody is privileged with the exception of rick's santorum with the exception in chu lai dash with exception to ben carson and nobody knows the health care system as well as he does from the end of the knife. that is a learning curve no one else has. a deep man of faith and extraordinarily charismatic she should be worried about him not so much because he will be the nominee but he will be a participant if the republicans are smart every step of the process through the next eight years of a republican presidency and maybe lightning will strike for i don't know maybe carly fiorina and donald trump and the tacky are long shots but things happen i remind you of jimmy carter.
10:53 pm
things happen you can never tell. chris chris stayed to announced on the day and make this speech expert kerry charisma i call him the big guy and as blunt as they come and is jersey tough and she is very resilience herself but chris krispy has used the explicitly about what troubles us i would be worried about that kind of persona access to the degree he is blunt she is not ready is straight forward she is headed he will tell you exactly she never reveals that does not do her well. ted cruz. the only candidate with my knowledge to is ever argued nine the supreme court cases probably the greatest constitutional scholar since
10:54 pm
taft and is probably the superior to go on to be the chief justice of the united states. he knows the constitution and maya advice to the queen is very simple if ted cruz is the nominee do not debate him. [laughter] [applause] reviews. you may ask yourself why can that be done? who did that last? we are in the nixon library and he refused to debate george mcgovern in 1972 it can be in hillary clinton would be out of her mind to debate ted cruz. he would take her apart muscle and joint and that is where i recommend he simply - - sheet just declare they nominate barry goldwater i will not engage senator cruz
10:55 pm
in a debate and recognize he is better that is what i want to let. forewarned is forearmed that is why i wrote the book he could lose like goldwater or in a landslide. i don't know the mood of the country and lightning in a bottle. carly fiorina this is starting to book early and i had to tear a few pages out in june of that because i said don't to engage don't respond don't talk to her she is dangerous carly is mad at me because i write you have no upside to ring gauge carly fiorina became she goes right at mrs. clinton every time she is given the opportunity
10:56 pm
most recently on my show tonight. instagram. never agreed with anything until the republicans in the house and senate and the president decided to cut the retirement benefits for active duty of 20 years we got together to help change that law because it was wrong it was very, very wrong and live seagrams gm's in my mind for a very strong military he served only to candidates have the instagram and rick perry. that is the experience that made major label and may elevate dan sullivan of alaska or the three warriors never recently elected to the vice presidential role the nixon played it to nominate someone of great experience they may take a swing on the warriors in the senate because they will bring real world experience.


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