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tv   Secretary of State John Kerry Foreign Policy Address  CSPAN  January 13, 2016 10:45am-11:16am EST

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john kerry speaking at national defense university talking about 2016 foreign-policy just a couple minutes away on c-span2. also at noon eastern the chair of the house budget committee tom price at the brookings institution, discussing priorities for the next budget cycle at noon eastern. at 7:00 p.m. earl ray delivers his state of the state address in charleston. >> featured this weekend on american history tv on c-span2, saturday night at 8:00 on lectures in history arizona state university professor brooks simpson on the president's wartime role including wars waged without formal congressional declaration. >> the president's job to educate, to educate, i know you don't understand this. there's not any reason you should have understood this.
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it was in a place far far away with people who speak a different language. i will explain to you what american interests are, people in congress respond to that. i will let opinionmakers, members of my administration, i am going to educate you, i will ask you to do this, of course of action to pursue. >> on road to the white house rewind the 1996 campaign of former republican tennessee governor lamar alexander and his walk across new hampshire and later at 4:00 eastern on real america, 1963 interview with reverend martin luther king jr. on his non-violent approach to civil rights, his comments on president kennedy and civil rights bill and how mahatma gandhi influenced his approach. >> when i first studied the
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gandhi philosophy and the myth of nonviolence resistance i came to the conclusion that it was the most potent weapon available to oppress people in their struggle for freedom and human dignity and i would say this overall direct action movement with its sit ins and stand ins, mass marches and pilgrimages and all the other elements in the struggle have been a great deal after gandhi. >> for the complete american history tv weekend schedule go to >> we are live at secretary of state john kerry, a prepared to outline the 2015 u.s. foreign policy agenda and a speech at national defense university in washington. secretary john kerry expected to highlight some of the themes
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touched on by president obama in his state of the union address. >> be introduced by army general frederick podilla. should start in just a moment. [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> students, faculty, staff, ladies and gentlemen, good morning to welcome to the national defense university. as our nation's premier institution and developing strategic leaders, national security leaders, we a strong relationship and partnership at the state department here and
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du. from faculty and students in the classrooms of mdu two ambassadors and key leadership positions here at the university, the university is well served by these tremendous members of the state department. we are therefore very privileged to welcome the secretary of state as our distinguished speaker today. he's an american with over the years of distinguished service to our nation. as a naval officer during vietnam, to be an lieutenant governor for the state of massachusetts to 28 years in the united states senate he assumed his current position in 2013. babies and gentlemen, it is my profound honor to introduce to you the 16th secretary of the state, john kerry. [applause]
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>> thank you, good morning. >> thank you very much. thank you all of you. it's a great privilege for me to be here, delighted to be in the presence of so many people currently serving our nation it is a privilege to be at ndu. i'm also honored that the secretary of the air force debbie james is here. thank you for being a part of this. before i begin, i want to underscore how pleased i am that our sailors were safely returned into the united states in this morning. [applause] as a former sailor myself as the general mentioned, i know as
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well as anybody how important our naval presences around the world and certainly in the gulf region and i could not be another president -- another president could be prouder of our men and women in uniform. i want to thank iranian authorities for their cooperation and quick response. these are only situations which is everybody here knows has an ability if not properly guided to get out of control. i am appreciative for the quick and appropriate response by the iranian authorities. all indications suggest or tell us that our sailors are well taken care of provided with blankets and food and assistant with their return to the fleet earlier today. i think we can all imagine how a similar situation might of played out three or four years ago. in fact, it is clear that today
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this kind of issue was able to beat peacefully resolved and efficiently resolved and that is a testament to the critical role that diplomacy plays in keeping our country safe, secure and strong and that is really what i am here to talk about today. as all of you know, yesterday president obama delivered his final state of the union address. and i might add for my part with nearly 29 years in the united states senate, i have been attending state of the union messages since 1985. ronald reagan was my first. it was my last two. the president's agenda for 16 is clear from the speech he gave last night is bold and i think
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that is particularly true when it comes to foreign policy. the reason for at is simple. in this extraordinarily complicated time, the demand for the united states leadership -- the demand for leadership everywhere, but the demand particularly for leadership from the president appropriately called the most powerful nation in the world is as high as it has ever been and we understand that and we accept that responsibility willingly. that is why the united states will remain more engaged, more places around the world than any other time in history. the president's primary sponsor ability as all of you know is and always has been to protect the people of our country, protect the american people. he underscored that again last
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night and i know each of you can relate to that because ndu's mission is to educate, develop and aspire national security leaders. not all of them from our country, but to inspire national security leaders. many of you here today how berti contributed significantly to our nation security and safety, including some of you on the front lines of battle and we are grateful, very grateful for that. i know i am talking to visiting officers in various parts of the world to go for all of you with respect to your own country is in the core of everybody's foreign policy in to have a strategy that most effectively represents the interests and values of your nation. that is our role. certainly a big part in achieving that is addressing the immediate crises of the day.
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leave me, they arise suddenly without anticipation. i was yesterday sitting the secretary of defense carter and to my left and secretary of foreign affairs and defense from philippines to arrive when we got a message regarding our two vessels in the goal and the fact they were at first the -- farsi island. as we come forward the year we are looking at long-term solutions, not the crises of today, but i'm finding a way to lay the groundwork to security and stability for decades to come. some people look around at the daily headlines and may suggest that the world is increasingly chaotic and doomed to disorder.
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well, i'm about to enter my fourth year as secretary of state. let me make it clear from all i've experienced, from all that i've seen, i strongly disagree with that judgment. yes, there are challenges, but as i travel the world and as i talked to foreign ministers, prime ministers, people all across this planet, i don't sense an unraveling of global fabric. on the contrary, i see a world that in critical areas is actually coming together. now obviously in some respects, 2015 was the year of turbulence and tragedy. but the fact is we also saw a measured remarkable advances in every single corner of the globe. we witnessed barriers that have long divided nations, began to break down. we reach historic agreement on
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climate change, the iran nuclear program, trade. we made progress on issues that is the contract to bowl for years and in some cases decades. we have attacked to the lenient than 35 years. we are working, making progress in various sectors of economic diplomacy as well as straightforward security diplomacy. the key word that i ask you to focus on his progress. obviously, our work isn't over. it's far from over. it's never going to and from one administration to another. we witnessed a process of transformation, but this is a very different injury we are entering from the last century, a century of two world wars end of major conflict in korea, vietnam, afghanistan and iraq.
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so as we look to the year ahead, we have a unique opportunity to build on what we have achieved in a number of critical areas. now obviously a top priority as the conflict in syria to deal with the refugee crisis and the violent extremism to which it has contributed. money just say a word about that quickly. much if not all -- i suppose much is the most accurate assessment of the conflict of the last century was a conflict between nationstates. it was much of it to find by what henry kissinger has often defined as the balance of power in the greek gain. but that is not what we see
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today. i think most of you would make that judgment that there is not the same sense of threat that nationstates are ready to put it all on the line given the stakes and the types of weapons we have today, which do act as a deterrent. but what we have today are nonstate actors who have a very different sense of the stakes, who don't react the same way to the concept of deterrence. many of whom have decided, by the way, that they just assume not the norm for most people. so our strategy is different. our strategy with respect to syria certainly is threefold. but what we are seeing a merge is really a transformation that
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represents not a clash of civilization because there is nothing civilized about daish. it is barbaric, not the years but by centuries and it represents a clash not of civilization but of culture and modernity, a clash of people who have been left behind and you find some false notion of explanation for their action in the hijacking of a great religion or the distortion of the most fundamental notions of how people should choose to live. so with respect to daish, we have first evolved intensified our campaign, first 365 member international coalition that we
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have mobilized to degrade and defeat the terrorist group known as daish, isil some people call it, but there is nothing that is the state. transcendent is medieval. psychopaths who murder, rape, torture, pillage, call up the will of god. earlier this week, we heard about one terrorist, a member of daish his mother pleaded with him to leave the group because she thought they were going to get read and she didn't want her son killed. what did he do? he turned her in him by his own hand publicly executed her. to quote the president, these people are killers and fanatics who have to be rooted out, hunted down and destroyed and we will do that.
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our efforts are directed both at daish core networks in syria and iraq and strangling attempts to establish branches and inspire attacks elsewhere in the world including in the united states. we have known from the moment that we formed our international coalition in the fall of 24 teen. by the way, it merits remembering that this coalition has only been out this for a little over a year now. we knew that success was not going to be measured and a matter of weeks and months. it is measured in years as it was about qaeda. i said at the time, 2014 that it would take some time. so did the president. but in the end, mark my words, as a matter of fact, daish will be defeated. every country in the region that surrounds iraq and


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