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Nancy Pelosi
  House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Weekly Briefing  CSPAN  March 3, 2016 7:42pm-8:01pm EST

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a vision, and agenda. thank you very much. >> house democratic leader nancy pelosi. talked about the taxes abortion law case currently under consideration by the supreme court. this is about 15 minutes.
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>> good morning. yesterday we had our annual celebration of women's history month honoring the service and sacrifice of women veterans have defended our rights and freedoms. i am honored to be joined by first lady michelle obama and joe biden as we honored brigadier general thomas decorated woman and national security history. unfortunately in oral arguments republicans were working to undermine the rights and freedoms of all women. they sadly chose to continue there witchhunt against a scientific research wasting time and taxpayer dollars on radical of session. we are hopeful the justices will uphold the supreme court decision and for
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decades a precedent and reject texas politicians brazen assault on women's reproductive rights. republican actions deal with the court. they continue to obstruct with the refusal to even consider interviewing for having a hearing to fill justice scalia's empty seat. so ironic. the constitution and here they are undermining it. the president of the united states, the opportunity, responsibility and the senate has the responsibility to confirm. >> on the house floor, house republicans soon will bring forward a resolution to present their 1st opposition to immigrant families in the country. they are putting forth an amicus brief and want the house to validate this
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extreme condition. we are asking for a similar brief as well, and we would like a vote on the floor as well. republicans continue to double down on their radical anti- immigrant agenda. immigration executive action the president obama took are well within the presidents brought authority under law and clear legal precedent established by every administration, republican and democrat since president eisenhower. this asjust as president ronald reagan and george herbert walker bush stood before him, president obama took executive action to make our immigration system better meet the needs of our country. they did not say anything then, and president obama is acting to congressional action. president reagan said
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congress did not go far enough. but for some reason this president is a different story. will file our own brief and hope it will allow. the budget proposed distinctly troubling, but we look forward to seeing more details. continues down the path of america's working families but amending 6 trillion in cuts. republicans are putting at
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risk key initiatives, medicare, medicaid. our nation's promise of basic economic security for all americans continuing to stack the deck for the wealthiest and well-connected at the expense of everyone else. republicans and democrats have come together to pass a budget that is fair, creates jobs, raises paychecks for the american worker and invests in the future of our country are reducing the deficit. meet with the families about man-made catastrophes, officials and share directly from both of them how we can do much more to help well at the same time make a larger sense of how we can make sure does not happen other places in the country. we cannot let the nation.
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with that i am pleased to take. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> your statement about donald trump. >> my statement was about house republicans. house republicans. >> referencing that. >> any potential, the democratic nominee. great opportunity. despite the issues. backfired somewhat. >> what we are about his economic and national security. make decisions that help
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grow the economy as we reduce the deficit. in terms of our national security, homeland security, neighborhood security, protecting and defending the american people, that is what the campaign is about. zero, my gosh, felt like i was in the movie casablanca. can you believe someone is associating himself with the statement of these kinds of white supremacist groups? and my sentiment is i do not think what trump and the others are saying is a reflection of republicans a large. we are not taken by the house republicans. the association with potential right wing groups,
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number of times against to remove the flag from the capitol. and then my resolution, they want to associate themselves with the foot soldiers of selma and all of the rhetoric you can drum up and go to selma last year for the 50th anniversary to disassociate themselves from any attempt to pass a voting rights act. if they are sincere about honoring the bridge to the ballot the selma was coming give us a vote on the voting rights act. ..
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>> other than little children and don't even some of them speak the language. >> hillary clinton's campaign is
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saying the delegate count makes it impossible for bernie sanders to get the vote. do you agree? >> the republicans have to take the time to make their nomination and the voices will be heard from the democrats and those who vote accurate. i have a great deal of respect for the voice of the american people. 35 states have not voted yet and i think it is important to hear from them. i think it is important to note with all of the hoopty do on the republican side and all of the voting hillary clinton has gotten more votes than donald trump. did you know that? and as you also know, i am not a believer in the sway of super delegates deciding who is going to be the nominee. i think we have a democratic process where people vote on both sides of the aisle with both parties and that should determine who the nominee is.
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i don't think any of us should count out 35 states. although, the math is clear anyone other than hillary clinton, bernie sanders, and bless him for all of the young people he is attracting and people who might not even being paying attention to the political scene that he is attracted. i think that is wholesome for our country. but i think he has do to very well in those 35 states to overcome the number of pledged delegates hillary clinton has. that is opposed to super delegates. >> is it clear that it would be good for house democrats to run for donald trump? >> this is turning into politics, politics, politics. let's move to another venue. we have to talk about the issues before the congress for a large percentage of the time.
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i say let the republicans nominate who they nominate and we will have that debate then. you would not want to know who my personal favorite is on the republican side. there are so many in line for that. anyway, it is -- again, it is the people who will speak and we will have our election and you never know how they will turn out. i say to republicans if they think they are going to upset the verdict of the people in terms of the election that can really be opening a very big pandora's box. it is competitive but somebody has the majority of the delegates from the votes of the
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people. i think that you change that to your peril whatever party you are. yes, sir? >> here is a non-political question. what do you know directly or indirectly about the republican leaderships for dealing with the president's request or your desires to collect money for -- [inaudible question] >> there was an important meeting yesterday. we were celebrating the men and women in the military unfortunately they scheduled it at the same time because there is not enough hours in the day. we met up with mr. mccarthy and the appropriators were there. there was an interest in using ebola money for the zika virus. that would be very wrong.
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we have to recognize that the zika virus is its own threat and we have to address it with reresearch and all of the arrows in our quiver to stop the spread of the zika virus. i do associate zika with flint in that there are two public health issues that are mother major and we have to allocate resources and they have to be fresh. we cannot cannibalize other public health budgets at this time. i don't know the full outcome the meeting yesterday i just know that was part of the discussion. my appeal to the speaker is that -- and standing with our democratic witness and mr. mccarthy talked about having a fema like account where you have resources for these kinds of issues so they are not always trying to find the money once they learn about it but it is
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there in the event of. and that would be good. but the funds should not be coming out of the ebola account. i don't know what to say other than that. we want to see an appropriate response to flint and an appropriate response to zika and i see nothing but conflict from the other side in that regard. thank you all very much. my daughter held the phone up to my ear at 12:00-12:30 to hear the golden state warriors win in overtime without seth curry. without their star on the team. by defeating -- >> you are wearing your san francisco -- >> tis the season.
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i have the pull theory. when you go in a direction pull something. i am taking thiso home as a humn garment bag to be ready on opening day. every other year the giants. [inaudible conversations] >> anything about politics is obsolete and stale. thank you. thank you for coming. >> thank you. [inaudible conversations] >> so many of my books were
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horizontal studies. here i look at one country in-depth and i use to it explore great themes. i think great themes. the holocaust, the cold war, the challenge of vladimer putin, romanians speaking muldova have a longer history. >> robert cap lin in author in europe's shadows. he talks about the history of the balken state's. >> romania was a corrupt state because it had weak institutions. everything was based on bribe and double-dealing. what this shows is this is nothing new.
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what is happening is the romanian population has grown up and become far more sophi sophisticated and is demanding clean government. that is the number one demand. >> coming up, testifying about the 2017 energy department budget. >> next, energy secretary ernest moniz's testifies about his budget request calling for 32.5