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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  July 25, 2016 6:31pm-8:01pm EDT

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and the other military leaders to support my campaign means a great deal to me but also imposes a high responsibility on me as well. so i think you for what you have done behind the scenes as well as in public to make sure that america keeps our promises honors our history and gives our veterans the respect and the opportunity they have earned. a lot of the issues you have fought for are at stake in this election they are grappling with big questions how do we keep this country safe how we make the world safer. how do we make sure that we give our troops what they need to see their mission through. and when they come home that they have the support and access to services they need.
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to lead healthy and productive lives. these challenges matter to me personally not only as the proud daughter of a veteran, my father and listed enlisted in the navy shortly after the death japanese attacked pearl harbor. he became a chief petty officer responsible for training young sale years before they shipped out to see mostly to the pacific theater. after my father died in 1983 i received letters and old photos from men who had served under him talking about what a difference my dad made in their lives. these are letters that i treasure. my dad once told me how sad he felt when he left great lakes
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naval base in accompanied trainees to the west coast to join their ship. he knew some of the bright, energetic young men when it survived. some of them probably thought it too. but still they went to serve because they knew our country needed them. that's the kind of courage and honor our men and women in uniform demonstrate every single day. i thought a lot about my father's experiences later when i became a senator from new york serving on the senate armed services committee. and then as secretary of state.
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i had worked hard over the years on many of the issues that you care about. i am not a newcomer to these issues. and today i want to tell you a few of my core beliefs which will guide me if i have the great honor to be elected this fall. americans aren't just choosing a president we are also choosing a commander-in-chief. the person who decides questions of war and peace, life and death. so you deserve to know what we candidates believe about national security and how we go about making life or death calls. they will affect my men and women in uniform and they will
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affect our veterans. let's start here. i believed the united states of america is an exceptional nation with capabilities that no other country comes close to matching. and we have, the world's greatest military don't let anyone tell you otherwise. we also have an economy that is larger and more durable and more entrepreneurial than any other on the planet. and we are guided by values that had long inspired people across the world. the justice in diversity. the idea that every single person deserves to be treated
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with respect no matter who they are. i believe in standing with our allies because they are part of what makes us exceptional. no other country in the world has relationships like we do. generations to secure those bonds because they knew we were safer with more friends and partners and fewer adversaries in enemies. our men and women carry that
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work forward today. my running mate in this election is a running -- wonderful man from virginia. he was mayor of richard virginia. i urge you to check them out. a great public servant and a terrific guy. his son is a marine. his son is actually deployed today. to help defend our allies in europe. that is how committed he is and many others are to our alliances. and we should be too. after all america's word has to mean something. i believe, and being firm but
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wise with our rivals. finding common ground where we can in standing our ground when we must. with all kinds of that nation. to work and set up with that chinese at the south china sea. to work with russia to conclude the new start treaty that reduces nuclear stockpiles while sitting up to them because of their threats to our friends in eastern europe. one thing for certain you will not ever hear from me his praise for dictators and strongmen who had no love for america.
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and yes i believe with all my heart and democracy and i believe in diplomacy it's often the only way to avoid conflict that can end up exacting a much greater cost. i believe the most sacred responsibility of a commander-in-chief is deciding whether to send men and women into battle. i had visited our troops in theaters of war i know how serious this is forced must only be used as a last resort. and only with the clear and wallace thought out strategy. our troops deserve nothing less america excepts nothing
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less. they strive to do that with honor and they deserve a commander in chief who well never order them to commit more crimes i believe in listening to our generals and admirals because they have invaluable knowledge and experience and they are doing one of the most important jobs there is as commander in chief i will always show them respect you will never hear me i only listen to myself a national security. i believe in doing everything we can to meet threats at home and abroad i note we lived in
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a dangerous world. that's why we need real plans and real strategies to deal with terrorism including homegrown terrorism. i had worked with experienced people from across different fields against the political spectrum to come up with controversial strategies. i will be ready to get to work on day one. i take nothing more seriously than art security. most of all, i believe in american leadership who we are as a people and the values that we made dear and the history that we care about matters a great deal. i'm not interested in talking provocatively i'm not
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interested in insulting people including our military i'm interested in bringing our country together i'm interested in healing the division we have to protect ourselves against terrorist to do that we need to lead other countries and stopping them and other radical jihadist groups we should not leave that to the rest of the world we need a strong global economy that means we should lead with we retreat on any security or the economy behind some kind of an imaginary wall we will have lost our leadership our purpose in our and our chance to prevail in the 21st century.
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and if america doesn't lead we leave behind a vacuum and that will either cause chaos or enable other countries to rush in to fill that void. and then they will be the ones making decisions about american lives, jobs in safety. and the choices make no mistake about it they might well not be to our benefit. that is not an outcome we can live with. i had set forth plans and strategies for dealing with these things. i know how it challenging it will be to meet the difficulties that we face in the world today but you see i have confidence and optimism i don't understand people who trash talk about america.
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who talk about us as being in decline who act as though we are not yet the greatest country that has ever been created on the faith -- face of the earth for all of history. if you want somebody who well scapegoat other people with fear and smear i'm not your candidate. i'm interested in bringing everybody together, rolling up our sleeves getting to work to solve our problems. that's why in the senate i worked closely with republicans now, as some of you might know i had been the recipient of numerous political attacks for really long time. i've learned to live with that. i have as eleanor roosevelt advised many years ago if a woman wants to be in the public arena you better develop skin as thick as the
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hide of a rhinoceros. so when i got to the senate i didn't say and say i'm only going to talk to democrats, i'm to work with republicans. how silly would that be. i was elected to represent the great empire state and i wanted to do everything i could to produce results for the people economy. by electing me to be there senator. so i worked with republicans to increase the benefit paid to family members of the fallen to expand veterans access to military health insurance and to make sure all members of the reserves in the national guard and their families have access.
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even when they were not deployed. i introduced the heroes at home act to establish new services for military members and veterans suffering from post traumatic stress and traumatic brain injuries. ice fought successfully in 2007 to amend the 2007 defense appropriation act to instead was a training program for family caregivers hopping their loved ones with tbi. i did all of this because i have met so many wonderful people who were struggling because they lost the son or a daughter struggling because of their loved ones came home and didn't have the care that he or she needed they deserved
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and i was in in a position to advocate for them. i joined forces with senator john mccain to raise money for the fallen heroes fund which helped build the state of the art rehab facility to help are seriously wounded servicemembers and let me just say it was a pleasure to work on that project in many others i believe that he and all american prisoners of war in deserve the respect that that entails. as president i will build on the work i've done that
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delivers world-class care like you, i was outraged by the scandals and people waiting months and years for things like wheelchairs and basic medications. some even dine while languishing on a wait list for an appointment. heartbreaking and absolutely unacceptable. i put forth a deep fourth plan about what i would do as president to revamp the va system. we are going to reform it and make it work for every single person we will ensure access
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to quality care in the coronation of care which as you know is a huge problem still. improve care for woman who are often underserved. at long last and the epidemic of veteran suicide by expanding access to mental health care and erasing the stigma that still prevents too many from getting the help they need. i know this is a high priority for this vfw and others. i will do everything in my power to support you in this critical work. we're can help more veterans looking for jobs with expanded tax credits for businesses that hire veterans and more support to veterans who want to start their own businesses
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and better certification and credentialing programs and so the work that veterans did on active duty will be understood and respected as they compete for the jobs in the civilian sector that they deserve to be considered for and hired to perform. and i'm going to crackdown companies that prey on or discriminate against veterans. they should be ashamed of themselves. and we're can hold them accountable. we will also follow the lead of cities like new orleans, houston adelphia in los angeles which had worked to end veteran homelessness. we have lessons to learn from them.
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many more cities are making progress towards that same goal. we should support that an end the tragedy of homelessness once and for all. and i will protect, preserve and defend the post 911 g.i. bill. it has opened doors of opportunity to more than 1 million veterans and family members. unfortunately there are some republicans in congress chipping away at it that's not just wrong it is short sighted. this program helps us recruit and retain the all volunteer force we need to protect our country. and it is a way to invest in families and our shared future. we should protect and strengthen it not let anyone you wrote it. so yes i had plans to do all
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of this and more including supporting military spouses as they seek to build careers and standing with women and standing with lgbt veterans to make sure they get the support that they have earned. you can go to my website and i hope you will hillary and read all of the details. i hope you will not only because i want you to know but there is a lot of expertise in this room. and i want your ideas also. i have this old-fashioned notion if you run for president you should tell people what you want to do as specifically as possible so they can actually make up their minds. and then, you should be held accountable as to whether or not you deliver results. so here is my bottom line.
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this is something that i care deeply about. i know a lot of veterans still feel invisible powerless, like their country has forgotten them. that is totally wrong it is unacceptable and we have to work together to make sure we end that. now we can disagree about the details and i'm sure we well from time to time, you see i actually believe as someone who has been in public life and public service it is better if we have honest candid conversations. that's the best way in a democracy for us to come together for the best solution. we should be guided by our values. we can all agree that our troops deserve serious strategic leadership we can
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all agree that we have to be serious and committed in addressing the complex challenges we face here at home and around the world. beneath any disagreements you may have as a country about how to get where we need to go. respecting one another the individual experiences that bring so much to the debate. my father made sure i understood that the freedoms and rights we enjoy as americans did not come out of thin air. people sacrificed for them. and fought bled and died for them people like you and the generations of sold -- soldiers and coast guardsmen
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who made our country strong proud and free. all of you everyone who has served deserves our thanks and more importantly our respect. and you deserve a country into president and commander in chief to honor your service not just with words but with deeds that is what the vfw has stood for. to make sure america lives up to that standard. has proven to i will be working alongside you as i did as senator to make sure that we produce results i know this is the first time that one of our two major parties as
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everett nominated a woman i know that it takes a little getting used to even for me but here is what i want you to know i will get up every single day in the white house doing everything i possibly can to protect our country to treat our men and women in uniform with the care and concern and respect they deserve to make good on our nation's promises to our veterans that is how i was raised that's what i have done and i promise you that is what i will do. thank you vfw. god bless you and god bless the united states of america.
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thank you all very much. [applause]. [music]
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the lineup at the democratic convention tonight includes senators elizabeth warning cory booker. bernie sanders and first lady michelle obama.
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>> the c-span bus stopped in philadelphia, pennsylvania test people about this week's democratic convention and the issues and point to them in the 2016 presidential campaign. >> the most important issue to me but his face our country today is gun-control. too many people do not have access to guns have access to them and that makes me and many other people feel unsafe. >> i'm a state senator here in pennsylvania, montgomery and delaware county. i am at my eighth convention because i'm a huge history book. i love to come and be part of history. i like to witness what goes on and i'm here representing my district for hillary clinton why think is awesome and inspiring. my mistakes of this election i think it is very important to participate at every stage of the game. looking for to a great week, we will we will see you all there. >> i'm from laurinburg, north carolina, 19 a college student. i'm an at-large elected delegate
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for hillary clinton. i'm so happy to be here and be a delegate because in 2008i sat eight i sat on the sidelines as a young sixth-grader and roll north carolina. but now i get to be in the front minus the history take place. ready to elect a true leader, that is hillary clinton. >> hi, my name is kim. i'm the congressional candidate from i was a fourth congressional district. some of you may have heard my opponent, steve king. he is actually he is actually one of the reasons i'm here today. part of that is because i want to be able to show the rest of the world that i was actually more concerned about finding solutions than they are about creating division. we want to work for solutions for student every form, medicare for seniors and security for all families. thank you. >> i'm bob hagar, delegate representing west valley city, utah. i ran to be a delegate, i believe government should work for the poor, for the, people. i decided to become a delegate
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this year because i want us to fight for those, for the little people. i wanted to make sure that utah had a voice in the democratic process. >> voices from the road, on c-span. >> defense secretary ashok carter and joint chiefs of staff chair general joseph dunford greet reporters at the pentagon. they talked about u.s. russia negotiations on the conflict in syria and other topics. >> okay, good afternoon everyone, thank you so much for being here. general dunford and i have both been traveling quite a bit recently and that we had a lot of opportunity to see her traveling press and speak with them, together with our commanders, without this was a good moment to join you here in the briefing room at the pentagon and update you on important initiatives starting
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with ken. before we turn to that, i want to express my condolences to the people of germany for the string of attacks they have faced in recent days. while the motives behind these attacks may still be unclear, are unshakable resolve to stand with germany in the fight against terrorism is not. i just want to express ideas best sympathies and all those killed and injured and those families in this weekend's bombing in kabul. i. i so has claimed responsibility for that attack. we will continue to do it we can to support the afghan security forces as they take on the isil threat in that country. we will do our part to take on our isil, wherever it might exist. as part of our efforts to continue to accelerate isil's feet, which is certain, last week i host a from every member
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of our counter isil military coalition for a very productive discussion. we focus on our efforts to advance the three core objectives of our coalition military command plan. general dunford and i devised that plan and discussed with the president late last year, and have subsequently worked with our coalition partners to carry out. first, destroying isil of parent tumor in iraq and syria. second, combating isil's metastases, every's metastases, everywhere they emerge around the world. three, and most important, supporting our government, law enforcement, homeland security, and intelligence partners that they protect the homeland and our people.
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i can be miss meeting at a critical time, we now have momentum in this fight and clear results on the ground in iraq and syria. together we made the further plans for coming operations and the additional commitments we identified that will need to ensure our coalition delivers isil the last defeat it deserves. thanks thanks to the hard work and sacrifice of our local partners and our servicemembers, as well as additional contributions from the nations that participated last week, we seize opportunities, reinforce gains, taken the fight to the enemy. we are not going to rest. as recent terror attacks around the world remind us, is isil safe haven threat not only the lives of the iraqi and syrian people but also the security of our own citizens and the sooner we do fight isil in iraq and syria the safer our countries will be. we reviewed and agreed on that next plays in the campaign.
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which, while the chairman i cannot discuss them publicly at, they culminate in the collapse of isil's control over the cities of moselle and rocca. we identified the capabilities of support required to execute those next place. many many countries including the united states have recently commuted to making additional contributions and some of those were made last week. i expect we'll be hearing from others in the weeks and months ahead. we all share an enemy in isil, and we we are all in this fight together. in addition to my intensive dialogue with ministers i discuss the campaign individually with representatives from many of our partner nations. including my counter parts from france, australia, saudi arabia, and of course minister alibi the from iraq. i also spoke with a turkish minister on the phone yesterday and he assured me nothing would interrupt their support for our collective campaign against isil. i'm pleased to see that coalition air operations are back on track.
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following the meeting of defense ministers i joined secretary kerry at the state department for the first ever joint counter isil formed in defense ministerial. where all countries represented voice their unwavering resolve to destroy the fact and idea of an islamic state to based on isil's barbaric ideology. at both ministerial's i made it clear that why we have momentum in the fight and the plans and resources and motivation of local partners to deliver isolate lasting defeat we must prepare what comes after the fight in iraq and syria. to counter isil coalition cannot allow our stabilization and governance efforts to leg behind our military progress. we know that defeating isil is more than one country, one military or one ministry job. we all have work to do and we have to work together.
7:22 pm
these were very important meetings and each will help as we continue to accelerate the military campaign against isil. there is more hard work to be done and this week i will go to fort bragg in north carolina to speak with soldiers who will soon deploy to iraq in support of operation inherent to resolve. i'm looking for to thinking these troops and families for their service, speaking with them about the mission and as always answer their questions as they go off to iraq, even as as i did earlier this year, or late last year rather to the 100 and first airborne at fort campbell in kentucky for the first days of the campaign. i will also meet with lieutenant steve townsend who will seem soon take over the overall commander from three core commander general sean mcfarlane. sean mcfarlane has done a tremendous job. he has executed every plan, play, that we that we ran this year with excellence.
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i'm confident that steve also will continue that strong and steady leadership with the next place as we continue to accelerate our military campaign. my travel this week will also advance of two of my top priorities, building and rebuilding bridges to america's innovative technology community so that our military technology remains unrivaled in the years and decades ahead. ensuring that we continue to recruit top town for the force of the future so that our people remain unrivaled in the years and decades ahead. first in boston i will continue my outreach to the private sector and provide another update on the important work the defense innovation unit experimental has been doing. as well as hesitant an opportunity to announce the next steps for the defense innovation board. i will also meet with military recruiters from the region to
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discuss our efforts to continue building the force of the future by drying the best talent from every part of the country. as i have said in the past, we have deficient more ponds, new ponds, and ponds ponds, and ponds we have not been in for quite a while. i'm looking forward to hearing from these recruiters about the opportunities there are, the challenges challenges they are seeing, when it comes to recruiting talented americans from the northeast. i will also travel to chicago to visit a military processing station. we'll see how they are modernizing as part of the force of the future initiative. i will also travel to naval station great lakes in illinois to meet with some of our newest recruits as they go through navy boot camp and wish them well as they joined the force of the future sailors in the u.s. navy.
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with that, i will turn to general dumper. >> i just want to join the secretariat's press my condolences to the people of germany and afghanistan, particularly with that horrific attack that took place in, over the weekend. thank you mr. secretary. >> thank you. now we'll go to your questions bob. now we'll go to your questions bob. >> i like to start with a question for dunford on through russia and syria. this idea of of a military partnership between the u.s. and russia and syria, i'm wondering if this idea if the u.s. would engage in more intelligence and targeting information sharing with the russians and the russians would essentially ground this syrian air force. do do you think that is a viable proposition, and also could i ask you both your views on this question about the u.s. backed opposition forces essentially being in league with. [inaudible] on the ground. >> on the first place i think you know today our engagement to russia is limited to context to ensure safety of place and safety of our people on the ground. secretary carey is negotiating at this time or discussing with the russians some other
7:26 pm
alternatives. without seeing a specific framework within which other contacts may be made it is hard for me to comment on whether it would be viable. again i would emphasize today that our contact with the russians is absolutely limited to safety of flight and safety of our people on the ground. i've seen the same open-source reporting that you have on opposition without news truck, and i think that makes it all the more important to conduct operations against isil in syria to make sure that the opposition forces realize there is a credible force. >> they are actually operating together in intermingling with the u.s. back forces. >> not with u.s. backed forces. no. >> i don't have that much to add for the chairman said, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, is this mike on? okay, bob we will see whether it is possible this is what secretary carey is exploring for the russians to begin to do the right thing and syria. they obviously have been backing
7:27 pm
the regime which is had the effect of prolonging the civil war worse we had hoped they would promote a political solution and transition to put an end to the civil war which is the beginning of all of this violence in syria and then combat extremists rather than moderate opposition which has to be part of that transition. they are a long way from doing that. that is what secretary carey is trying to promote and getting the russians to do the right thing. for now is the chairman indicated our work with them is focused on making sure we do not. >> nine very enthusiastic about the idea of the russians getting on-site and doing the right thing. and i think there be a good thing if they did. i think we are a waste from getting that
7:28 pm
frame of mind and russia. but that is what secretary carey is working toward. >> i want to clarify one thing. we are supporting the syrian arab coalition and what we call moderate syrian opposition forces. so to be clear, we do not have any indication that the forces we are providing support to and syria are cooperating or intermingled. >> mr. secretary, given the responsibility of authorities and cyber security does the dod or nsa, or any u.s. agency that men have any evidence that the russians, either their agents operatives or government, that they happened to the e-mails of a democratic amity. >> i don't have anything for you the fbi's leaving investigation of that incident. i would have have to refer you to the fbi.
7:29 pm
and so the representatives of the dnc keeps quoting excerpts and it almost sounds like they're referring to their sources what is the obligation of the likes of the dnc including if there is evidence that the foreign government. >> you really need to refer that to the fbi, they are conducting this investigation now to see what happened here and we'll wait to see what the facts say. let's see. >> my questions for either of you about afghanistan. there is news today about civilian casualties in afghanistan from an airstrike. at the same time there is the recent additional revision of the plans for the u.s. remainder force and the granting of additional authorities, what is
7:30 pm
that altogether say about the idea of ending the war in afghanistan during president obama's presidency and is it fair to say that the u.s. is and will continue to be at war, not just with this isis and al qaeda but also with the taliban growing into the next presidency? >> guest: i will start and then chairman, let's see, the new authorities that you refer to were intended and are having the effect of strengthening the ability of general nicholson and u.s. forces to support afghan forces this fighting season. in order to make sure that afghan security forces, which after all of the ones in the lead there, are successful in this fighting season and in recognition of the fact that even though they have come a
7:31 pm
long way since when they started, they still benefit from the support of u.s. forces. with respect to the other part of your question they started with at the beginning on civilian casualties, go ahead chairman. >> i saw the report this morning and i think there is a few things to highlight. almost 90% of the casualties in that report were attributable to the taliban. it indic number number increased by afghan security forces, and i do believe that they are taking every possible measure to mitigate the risk of civilian casualties, think that is natural sense this is the first year really that there has been an afghan air force that
7:32 pm
has flowed in support of afghan ground forces. i did note that there was an increase. that's one of the reasons were continuing in our advice and assist efforts to see the afghan air force and one of the things were working on very closely's the integration integration of their air element with ground forces in one of the important things we emphasize as we work that in the nation is to mitigate the risk of civilian casualties. with regard to will happen after this president, i think this president recognize when he approved the request that secretary carter made for 2017, as a secretary said, some areas still way in terms of capability and our continued presence in the 2017 and financial support by nato nations as approved at warsaw will continue throughout 2020. i do not think anybody would suggest our work is complete in afghanistan nor will that work be complete anytime in the near future. >> thank you mr. secretary. a couple of questions. we have we have seen recent attacks in germany, turkey, france, for the u.s. forces with your families
7:33 pm
what sort of additional protection measures are being taken as these families go on vacation, as they travel and are you reconsidering whether some of these post should be accompanied? >> let me start and then asked the chairman. force protection is something we take extremely seriously. everywhere around the world. if there something that we are constantly assessing with each and every installation where americans are located and when we do that we take into account the composition of the presence there whether not their families are not and therefore what the needs of the families are for travel inside and outside the base and so forth. for doing that in europe now as we have done that everywhere around the world. >> based on what we're seeing now there is no discussion or indication that we would have to change our company tours in europe right now. general looks at that virtually every day, we have made
7:34 pm
adjustments to force protection in the wake of these recent attacks, but there is no consideration, as you know another paste places in other countries when you've had indications that we can no longer adequately provide for security we have gone to the recommendation for an order of departure and we have conducted one tour three months ago. >> has there been any additional guidance for going to crowded places what military family should be doing. >> there is a wide range of decisions that the general has made, guidance he is given to the force to mitigate the risk of terrorist attacks. >> back on the civilian front have you learned anything more about -- [inaudible] >> that incident is under investigation. i do not know since when, but -- >> you spoke about it at
7:35 pm
andrews. >> yes, we, the investigation has not been completed so i don't have anything to add to that. the investigation is going on. the only thing i can i can say without prejudging what we learn from the investigation is just to say how seriously we take these things and how important it is to take them seriously because we conduct ourselves in a civilized manner. we go to great lengths to avoid civilian casualties and if there is a question about whether there are civilian casualties we investigate that and are very transparent about that and we will be in this case. >> for both of you gentlemen, back to russia, with the secretary, this agreement the secretary of state is working on clearly involves military matters for the united states. so can you clarify i have to
7:36 pm
assume that both of you are involved in the discussion, so and if not, can you please stated that you have not. what is the bottom line for both of you, do you right now, trust the russians enough to share classified intelligence with them about targeting and what u.s. pilots are doing. do you trust them right now, and that's for both of you. your bottom line adjusting the russians. also general dunford, i recall that last summer on the unclassified email got hacked for about three weeks, it was widely said that you had every reason to believe that it was the russians that did it. so what is the level of confidence that the russians are not hacking into guys and finally, i realize it somewhat
7:37 pm
politically shaded question. do you believe there should be a new step for nato participation. another was the notion that the u.s. would only come to the defense of a nato member if they're making a certain financial contribution. >> all start off with a question of russians in the trust. yes, of course we are watching those negotiations and discussing those negotiations with secretary kerry all of the time. they're not based on trust, there based on a transaction. and on mutual interest, to the extent and when and as we are able to identify that with the russians. our interest are quite clear. our interest or to see a political transition promoted, number one. that puts an end to the violence in syria and gives the syrian people back the government and the life they deserve, a second
7:38 pm
the defeat of extremism there and in iraq. and to the extent, those are the u.s. interest and to the extent that russia can align with u.s. interests, we work with them as is the case in iran, north korea and other places where u.s. and russia interests have aligns. the alignment of those interest that secretary kerry is exploring is that what it's about. >> would you trust them enough to live up to his signature on a piece of paper let me go off the thing that the secretary started with and the framing of this question. so what we have a transaction it's not based on trust,
7:39 pm
space-time measures that are operational security is protected. >> so would you, so do you trust their signature on a piece of paper? e-mail hacking -- >> we are not entering the transaction that is founded on trust. there'll be specific procedures and processes in any transaction that we might have with the russians that would account for protecting our operational security. >> i'm not going to answer a nato question as you correctly pointed out and said i know this is a political question. so i will not answer that but with regard to russian hacking wheel well aware of state actors including russian to penetrate our network. the number one responsibility of the united states cyber command is to protect the network. we focus on that everyday.
7:40 pm
>> if i could go to the strike last week the opposition has is that the united states led coalition airstrike while the investigation continues, said something you're looking at in the second pervert chairman dunford, when you expect the operation to start because we have heard it could be as early as october but we also heard from u.s. officials with officials, from your military assessment are they ready to retake muzzle? >> with respect to answering your first question, we're not stopping our support for the forces operating against bandage. we are in will conduct a thorough investigation of this incident and be transparent about the results as we continue to support forces we will continue to do what we always do which is to be scrupulous and trying to avoid civilian
7:41 pm
casualties and transparent when their claims to the contrary about investigating them. and reporting the results and we will do that in this case to. >> after i do not describe roseau operations do not and isolation of multiple. the news has been tightening around muzzle for now of probably seven or eight weeks with the performance of the iraqi security forces but the pace of the operation is driven by iraq a capability in iraq he political decision-making. anything i would tell you about the timing of frankly any u.s. officer probably would tell you about the time and a speculation. it's a base on iraq iraqi capability, iraqi progress and guidance that they give the forces. i do know that the prime minister is interested in getting this done as quickly as possible for obvious reasons,
7:42 pm
not the least of which is to relieve the suffering of the iraqi people in muzzle. he's also aware that ied's, regard to civilian casualties and also putting all of the right forces together at the right time will all bear into the timeline for muzzle. >> i think right now the iraqi security forces are growing, the capabilities to do that, they have a plan and i identify the forces necessary to seize muzzle and those forces be brought together and they can see that each day. >> if i can just add to that, that is precisely what is going on right now the marshaling of those forces. the training, equipping, movement of those, the establishment of the physicians, that's for which the development of muzzle will proceed. from the south and from the north. all of that is part of the plan. obviously like prime minister a body, we would would like to get that done as soon as possible. but it is going to depend upon
7:43 pm
the battlefield scheduled. >> the thing on the isis flight, they report on what is number three and it could be your successor as could hillary clinton if she got into the white house. she wrote an op-ed piece that she's a clearly more has to be done against isis, she called she called for more weapons for rebel forces, morris raids by green beret, even the possibility of long ranges strikes against forces. clearly she thinks not enough is being done,. >> we too and i have said this many times, we are looking for opportunities to do more to defeat isil. our approach, you have mentioned more airstrikes, we are looking for ways of identifying new targets based on new intelligence for the air campaign which has going on for
7:44 pm
quite some time is constantly expanding. we're looking for more opportunities to trade, equip and enable capable, motivated forces like we have in iraq, like we haven't man veg. were looking for reconstruction and to make sure that territory once it is taken from my soul is secured in government and people have their lives back. outside of iraq and syria this is an important area as well, we continued to current a support role home. i know our intelligence and law enforcement security forces are trying to identify opportunities to do more. i think we all want to hasten and accelerate the defeat of isis. i'm sure will her on all of that
7:45 pm
front. >> when you're looking at something like a barrel bomb, is that something that could be considered? >> i think our approach to assad and the civil war right now is the one that the secretary is pursuing which is mostly a political approach of trying to promote a political transition and syria from the current regime to one that includes the moderate opposition and that can bring political peace to syria and therefore ultimately, security. that has been the american approach. >> we hope so, that is what secretary carries exploring. >> okay, there's been a report out of turkish media saying that general john was one of the organizers of the military coup in turkey, can i get your response to that and i just want
7:46 pm
to mention that the defense minister have said that relations we continue with isil campaign, how do things like this not drain the u.s. turkish relation? >> i did see that report i also saw general campbell's response, i'm not sure anybody could do it any better than he did, that's an absurd report that general would be involved in some like that, he's a personal friend and i happen to know that right now he's doing a lot of things in one of them is not playing a coup inside of turkey. i really, really don't know where that report came from. probably touch on the relationship peace, i know the secretary can talk about his counterpart, my counterpart has reached out to me twice in the past week to assure me that we are still committed to the counter isil campaign into the broader partnership, operations and almost all manners have
7:47 pm
returned to normal in terms of the operation that we are conducting from turkey. so clearly something that happened last week is going to have an impact across the board inside of turkey. will work closely to mitigate that as best we can. >> i'll just add, i spoke, i spoke to my counterpart as chairman did his counterpart, they both assured us that that their commitment to combating isil will proceed unabated and we have those activities returning to normal. >> can i get both your views on what result would constitute the defeat of isil? you said a number of times today that you're certain that certain that only death and taxes are supposed to be certain, but what would be, a collapse of raqqa and muzzlemuzzle.
7:48 pm
what the public should be looking for over the next year so. i think one of them is the steady ability to reclaim the territory in iraq and syria that is important. i think the defeat and destruction in iraq and syria is necessary. it is not sufficient because it needs to be destroyed elsewhere and it needs, and we need to protect ourselves here at home. it needs to be destroyed in iraq and syria because we need to destroy the idea and the fact that there can be a state based upon this ideology. isil has has established itself in iraq and syria and the evils even sped up the headquarters and capital in
7:49 pm
the caliphate in transcendent, that is the reason why expelling isil from raqqa has importance. so for the iraqi people, under the iraqi government are going to retake their territory and govern it and a decent way. it's essential that most will be recaptured. that is why those two objectives and those two military objectives are important and that's why defeating isil in iraq and syria is militarily important. i say that and then go on to say that is necessary, but not sufficient so we are going to need to take them on, not just in a military way but also a political and economic way and other places around the world. the last thing i will say is that one of the things i heard from many of the defense
7:50 pm
ministers i met with last year, excuse me last week was that while they could see the forward motion in the military campaign in iraq and syria, they were concerned that the reconstruction and stabilization efforts not leg behind the military efforts. so your question was about the military effort, but, but there are other dimensions to this as well. all of those, we need to fight along all of those different front, form fighters, financing, ideology, messaging, homeland defense and protection and so on. there are many nonmilitary dimensions to this but the military dimensions are quite clear in the steps that we have outlined other ones that we intend to conduct. >> you are covering some of the lost territories. >> people can see that that is
7:51 pm
one way see some of the objectives that are clear and very clear way. that we we intend to achieve those military objective. >> i think they're probably three things we can quantifying to walk people through, one, one is territory we just talked about, to his resources, the others flow of foreign fighters and freedom movement. those are the three areas i would work look to this year in our campaign is designed to deny the enemy sanctuary and take back the territory that they currently hold, that will have an impact on the resources because many of it come from people within the territory they hold then the access of oil and other industries so that the second piece of it, then working with as a 122 nations that have form fighters in iraq and syria, and so working with those countries to make sure that we cut off the floor form fighters
7:52 pm
is an area that can be quantified. the number can be quantified. it's a physical, what you're alluding to the physical caliphate in a virtual caliphate. what were addressing now is what has to be done to disrupt the physical caliphate which of course is only half the job. >> thank you all very much. we appreciate you being here. [inaudible] >> data security is one of the biggest issues facing the federal trade commission. tonight on the communicators, edith ramirez, chair of the federal trade commission talks about privacy and data can security and how many consumers are unaware of the amount of data that is being collected about them.
7:53 pm
>> these companies are aggregating information from online sources, from off-line sources sources and purchasing data from companies that may be collecting it from other contacts. they're compiling that information, they're placing, they have files on virtually american consumer and many consumers worldwide. >> watch the communicators tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2. the democratic convention underway here inside the wells fargo in philadelphia, you can see it on c-span, the c-span radio app or watch on our line. one of the most popular places is signers hall.
7:54 pm
>> welcome to the national constitution center.te where the first and only museum in the country dedicated to u.s. constitution. were were locatede in the heart of historic philadelphia and we have three main missions at the center. a museum, where you can come throughout the year to see our amazing interactive expositions but we also are america's town hall which means you can, find great programming online about current constitutional base and. were also a civic education center were trying to get civic said content out to teachers and students across the country. abr today i will talk more about our museum and we are right now in one of our signature exhibition space is called signers hall. it is depicting the moment that the constitution was signed on september 17, 1787. there 42 people in the room
7:55 pm
representing those who are still present and participating in the constitutional convention in september after the end of aelpg long summer that they were in philadelphia working to greete this document. so you can really walk amongst the signers, you can touch them, we invite you to touch them. they are works of arts, their life-size statue so you can be interactive. ben franklin is one of our most popular signers you can see how well loved he is. you can also find out that not everybody at the constitutional convention was happy with how things ended up. they're actually 5555 men who attended at different points, some of of them left becauset they have other business to attend to.e some left out a protest. these three men are called are dissenters. we had george mason, randolph and. [inaudible] and they were here but they
7:56 pm
refused to sign the document because they just felt it did not do enough to protect the interests they had for the country's future and for their personal space. we have other famous people in this room that you mightyou mayz recognize.earlier. we have alexander hamilton who was left is the only delegate from new york after his two delegates with them left in protest earlier in the convention. he was still here at the end and helped with the final craftingan and signing of the document. we also have james madison, he is the shortest delegate in the room, he is only about 5-foot four inches, these are all life-size, very accurate very accurate depictions. he is the father of the constitution. he came in with a plan and set the agenda for the rest of the summer. he was really influential and he also took all of the notes of the convention and so he lets us know what happened during the convention. h finally, george washington and .
7:57 pm
he is elected for president of the convention, so he was a steady overseeing these proceedings and how much respect he had with the countrymen.le ta they were really going to have to go out to the people and make their case and get them to support this new form of government. at the end of your visit you too can be a part of this story and add your name to the constitution. this is really about bringing the past to life and getting you to understand the events in this period of history better than you may have otherwise just reading something out of the textbook.
7:58 pm
>> the c-span bus stopped in philadelphia pennsylvania test people about this week's democratic convention and issues must impart to them in the 2016 presidential campaign. >> the most important issue to me that's facing our country today is gun-control. it is to many people that should not have access have access to guns and that makes me and many other people feel unsafe. >> i'm a state senator in pennsylvania i'm on the eighth convention so looking forward to a great week, see you all there. >> my i'm with 19-year-old college student and at large
7:59 pm
here in the city of brotherly love. >> i'm happy to be a delegate because in 2008i fell on the sideline is young six young six grader enrolled north carolina but this year i get to look at the frontlines and see history take place. >> my name is kim weaver and i'm the congressional candidate from iowa's fourth congressional district. some of you may have heard my opponent, steve king. he king. he is actually one of the reasons i'm here today. part of that is because i want to be able to show the rest of the world that iowans are actually more concerned about finding solutions than about creating problems. . .
8:00 pm
>> a >> chairwoman, ramirez. thank you for being on back on the "the communicators." what is the charge of the ftc? >> guest: i am delighted to be here. the commission has a dual mandate to protect consumers and


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