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tv   Book Discussion on There Goes My Social Life  CSPAN  September 11, 2016 2:15pm-2:49pm EDT

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anything can go wrong. the frailty of humanity is involved. and so that's kind of where i sit in terms of an opinion on this. i say nuclear energy, nuclear weapons, this force that is so god-like being controlled by man and by man's creation, you shouldn't be surprised when something goes wrong. and i think that is the question we have to ask ourself is, is it worth that risk, is it worth, you know, every couple of years, every couple generations having a disaster like fukushima. is it worth continuing to push our luck with accidents involving nuclear weapons or miscalculations, you know? and that's where i came back to every time, is human beings are frail be, make mistakes and build faulty machines. and do we really think the risk and the harm that comes from these things and how they function, is it worth the good they can do?
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i wish i had a better answer for you on nuclear energy, i -- but i deliverly focusedded on the -- deliberately focused on the weapons side. i don't know if you've done any thinking on this -- >> not really. i do know that in the third world, for example, where energy needs are great that nuclear energy is -- [inaudible] for them. and yet, you know, the african nations are against nuclear weapons. so i haven't really -- again, i just focused on nuclear weapons. >> but i think you bring up a good point which is something that could animate younger people. if you tied that into environmental concerns, you know, if people are really animated by the environment and protecting the environment -- >> right. >> -- well, there's an easy way into nuclear energy and nuclear weapons there too. both nuclear energy and nuclear weapons have waste, they have -- it's pretty terrible waste. it has to go somewhere that we have to deal with and that is
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harmful for many years. so regardless if you're having this material for lek ritz or -- electricity or for the military, it has effects that outlast us that we are, essentially, you know, giving to future generations to deal with. so i think, i think despite not focusing on it with the story, i think that is that connect between environment and nuclear power could be an animating force for young people. >> thank you. >> thank you, everyone, for coming out. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> here's a look at some upcoming book fairs and festivals happening this month. on sunday, september 18th, it's the brooklyn book festival held in downtown brooklyn, new york. our live coverage of the festival includes authors mark lamont hill, thomas frank be, ralph nader and molly crab apple, and it begins at 10 a.m. eastern. later in the month, the annual baltimore book festival will take place at the city's inner harbor. then on saturday, september 24th, booktv is live from the national book festival at the washington convention center in the nation's capital. our coverage includes iowa net gordon reid, stacy schiff and your calls for bob woodward, ken burns, representative john lewis and others. for more information about the
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book fairs and festivals booktv will be covering and to watch previous pest value coverage, click on the book fairs tab on our web site, [inaudible conversations] >> good afternoon, i'm michelle eaton, president of the clare boothe luce policy institute. it's wonderful to see a room full of young, conservative women here today, and i want to thank all of you for coming and welcoming you to our first afternoon with an author for the summer featuring stacey dash. and a special welcome to the c-span audience watching this all over the country, all over
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the world. we love c-span at the claire cle boothe luce policy institute. our focus is providing young women with conservative role models and giving them the knowledge, confidence and enthusiasm to fight for freedom, limited government, government and moral values. the moral values our founding fathers believed in. and i am delighted to introduce our featured author today whose story of redemption and courage is an inspiration for all women. you may remember stacey dash in the 1995 hit movie "clueless." this iconic film is set in a beverly hills high school, and stacey plays the well-dressed friend of the attractive, wealthy and spoiled main character, cher. stacey writes about "clueless" in her brand new book titled "there goes my social life," and she chronicles her journey from a hollywood liberal to an outspoken conservative.
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once stacey came out in hollywood as a conservative, she began utilizing her unique position as a well known actress to voice her opinions and encourage discussions on topics ranging from pop culture to critical policy issues. and she joined fox news channel two years ago and currently serves as a contributor and is a great addition to their show, "the five." stacey has changed hollywood and our country so much for the better. she has encouraged so many americans, especially young women like many of you in this room, to not be afraid to courageously speak out and work as hard as you can for what you truly believe in. stacey makes us all stronger with her straightforward confidence, her tenacity, with the incredible transformation of her own life and her devotion to america's greatness. please join me now in enjoying a minute of clips from "clueless,"
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and then in welcoming stacey dash. >> she's my friend because we both know what it's like to have people be jealous of us. ♪ ♪ >> girlfriend. >> and i must give her snaps for her courageous fashion efforts. >> hey, cher. >> dion and i were both named after great singers of the past who now do infomercials. >> yo, you're getting on the freeway -- >> what? >> turn right -- >> what do i do? >> go straight, go straight! just relax and drive, baby. just relax and drive. i'm here with you. >> oh, my god! >> ah! >> dionne, you're up. >> i have a note from my tennis instructor, and he would prefer
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be it if i didn't expose myself to any braining that might -- training that might derail his teachings. >> my plastic surgeon doesn't want me doing any activity where balls fly at my nose. >> well, there goes your social life. [laughter] >> stacey dash. [applause] >> oh, thank you. gosh, look at all of you. so beautiful and young. with your whole lives ahead of you. i'm going to start this off by reading something has very important to me, that i love. it's a poem by john claire called "i am." i am, and yet what i am none cares or knows. my friends forsake me, like a memory lost. i am the soft consumer of my
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woes. they rise and vanish in oblivious hosts like shadows in love's frenzied, stifled throes. and yet i am and live. and like vapor toes -- like vapors tossed into the nothingness of scorn and noise, into the living sea of waking dreams where there is neither sense of life or joys. but the vast ship wreck of my life's esteems. even the dearest that i love the best are strange. stranger than the rest. i long for scenes where man has never trod, a place where woman never smiled of wept, there to abide with my creator, god, and sleep as i in childhood sweetly slept, untroubling and and untroubled. where i lie, the grass below. above, the vaulted sky. now, that poem is very important to me because the end part where
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it says where i in childhood sweetly slept. i, unfortunately, never got to experience that. i never got to experience sleeping sweetly, untroubled. that budget my life. that wasn't my life. i saw my first dead body when i was 3, and i have to say that wasn't the most traumatic thing. i mean, i could tell he was dead by the look in his eyes, but i did look him in his eyes, and what i saw was this intense peace. and suddenly, all of my fear went away. because if you don't fear death, what is there to fear? nothing. i was 3. after that i had a sexual abuse incident happen, and my parents had left me with a family that were taking care of me. i don't want to tell you too much, because i want you to read
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the book. [laughter] i'm just going to give you little tastes. and that was difficult because i didn't want to be there. i wasn't safe. and they were drug addicts, so they didn't really think about that much. so i had to take care of myself. and i, unfortunately, didn't listen to the mother of the house who told me, you know, don't go into so and so's room if he asks to. he was 16. and he offered me candy one day, and i went in. i didn't listen. i didn't listen to what i was told. and so i came out and, well, you'll read it in the book. [laughter] it wasn't nice. finally, my mother brings me home x i have a little brother which was my joy. he was my little baby. and, but my parents were not well. they were worse than they'd ever been. my mother tried to take her life. i saved her life because i found her. i was told to leave her alone,
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but i was a 5-year-old, i was stubborn, i liked to do things my way, and so i went in and tried to wake her anyway, and i couldn't. so i screamed for my cousins, and they came in, and the next thing i knew, she was taken away in an ambulance. i then later realized that she had tried to commit suicide. i had an uncle, my uncle ferdinand, he was a very powerful figure in my neighborhood, you know? i grew up in the south bronx, and it was great because the kids, the neighborhood, everyone was like family. you played in the streets, you played jump rope and hopscotch and stickball, and you talked to each other, and you ran around, you played tag, you played games. but there was also a dark element to the streets, i'm not going to lie. i, thankfully, had an uncle who had a lot of prestige and power, and they knew i was his niece, so they knew don't mess with stacey. bad things will happen to you. my uncle freddie always told me, you're special, stacey.
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something about you is special. and you can do anything that you want to do in this life. don't ever be anybody's trick, and when the jesus train comes, make sure you're on it. now, as a little girl i got the jesus part. the trick part i was like, hmm. he must mean don't let people play tricks on me. [laughter] it wasn't until i was 12 and found out he was a pimp and i realized that he was talking about something else, but anyway -- [laughter] he was my favorite uncle because he showed me love. i mean, so much love. he took care of me and made me feel like i was special because my mother never did. my mother never told me i was pretty or beautiful or special or any of those things. and i feel like if your mother doesn't tell you, no matter who does in your life, it never sinks in. they can say it in magazines, they can say it on tv, you know, a man can tell you every day,
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but if your mother never tells you, it will never sink in. so i'm still in search of that feeling of i'm beautiful. i still have to wake up in the morning and say to myself, stacey, you're worth it, you're good enough. it's still a battle. i have to get that courage and that fortitude to stick to doing that from god. he's the only one that can make me feel better. i can do all these other things that you'll read about in the book, and i've made a lot of mistakes. i've been married three times, divorced three times, but i have two beautiful children. my son is special because i almost didn't have him. i was pregnant with him at a time where i was doing things i should not have been doing. i was doing drugs, and you think after being with parents who did drugs, i would know better. but i did them in spite of
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myself. i did them to spite them. i did them because we being a good girl wasn't good enough, and so i thought, okay, i'm going to do drugs. instead of hurting them, i just hurt myself. and when i found out i was pregnant, i was so far along, i was in an abusive relationship. the man i was with was beating me on a daily basis, and i just thought i can't bring a child into this world. ..
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i have to get out of me. i was keeping my baby. my dr. said just hold on let's make sure everything is okay. and that was the best thing he could've ever done. when we did that i saw this little piece size heart beat inside of me. all i could think was how could you possibly imagine getting rid of this little
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life growing inside of you
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>> plant your feet firmly and what you believe in and stand that's all i can say is stand. don't defend yourself. you've a right to your belief. they are the one with the problem not you. and god bless you and i commend your bravery.
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>> i was wondering did you think any conservative woman yes margaret thatcher. i love her. i loved her conviction and i loved how she went and achieved so much even though 70 people tried to tell her no you can't and know that is impossible. she proved it was possible. >> i was wondering if you could elaborate on your book. >> a lot of my friends are still supportive of me. but then there are a lot of
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people who are no longer my friends. they just stopped talking to me. family members as well. but that's okay because i believe that god wants you to do something he opens up the doors and all you have to do is walk through them and that's i'm doing. and that's i'm doing. thank you for hosting us. university of richmond. that's very sweet. i've been so frustrated by hillary clinton and now young women can dream of being president. i've never dreamed that i'm
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just wondering what you would say to people i'm sure that's out there interested in voting for. what do you say to young women in this room who had dreamed of being president you would talk to people. and people around the country if you talk about this. i would say i have a brand. i have one of my platforms as the 21st century feminism. being a lady just like every single one of you that i see
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in here dressing like a woman behaving like a lady and using all of the tools that god gave you and don't let anyone ever shame you if you do use those tools. you can still be beautiful where your pretty dresses to your hair and makeup and run for president. you don't have to be like her. please don't be like her. >> hi my name is danielle. talking about feeling beautiful. everyone has that. they talk about the importance of your faith.
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>> psalm 139. that someone that i look too. yes that one. that's when i go to. thank you for your help. i know you kept up with that. hasn't had any effect on that. absolutely. i feel like our country is falling into the wrong hands. it's becoming darker and darker. and i don't want that. i don't want that dark evil
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presence to take over our world i and i want to fight to make that happen. i'm willing to give my life to that. that's what i want to do. thank you. i happen to be all-girls in my professors i was a poly site major. and i tend to get shut down a lot. >> did not get to that point.
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let it make you study harder. everyone of you should watch it. it is amazing. thank you. especially in this area woman what programs or platforms would you recommend that we don't have that.
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even that's what we have. >> especially now with the election going on the thing i really want to do is try to educate people who are disenfranchised and don't get to have the education that we might get to have it now go and talk to people in places you may not want to go and talk to people. and share what you know. we have a break that they had been feeding to the country. this is as far as you get to go. you can't do everything. there is not enough to go around. they are putting a limit on our god neither do you.
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>> i go to the university of south carolina. i was wondering your opinion is a conservative woman with our republican nominee being donald trump he has said inappropriate things about women how do you feel about that. >> i don't think that they are accurate at all. they can't ever tell me anything specific it was like an inner argument. it was something personal. look at his children look at his daughter and his wife look at them.
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they seem very happy and respected. unloved enough that i look at. it tells me a lot about a man is what his family looks like. >> hi my name is hannah. i was just wondering do you think -- you seem very strong in your christian faith. coming into the local world how do you share your faith without making it seem like you are stuffing it down their throat. i think god for myself. i make suggestions like adjusted.


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