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tv   Representative John Fleming Discusses Impeachment of IRS Commissioner  CSPAN  September 13, 2016 12:50am-1:02am EDT

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areas that we agree and are working together. after i am more hopeful that we can get things done but i want to thank everybody for coming here and my hope is that by the time congress adjourns we will have an agreement in place and our funding will be taken care of. >> congress will work on many of those items before the full recess. in the house we also expect a move to impeach. the congressman offered a privileged resolution this week to get the process going. we spoke with him for more details on the effort.
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we have a member of the house freedom caucus of the congressman you are goincongresr this resolution as personal privilege to impeach the irs commissioner the resolution. for high crimes and misdemeanors what are those high crimes and misdemeanors? spinet i won't bore you with all of the dates and times, but the basic thing is that right after he was confirmed to be the head of the irs he received a subpoena to protect and take into custody all information at the was involved with lois lerner who we found out targeted certain taxpayers and for their political beliefs. within three weeks of receiving
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the subpoena, he either destroyed or allowed it to be destroyed 24,000 e-mails in 422 tapes even after saying to congress and the promising he would protect them. then, later after they were destroyed, he lied to congress and said that they were all protected and preserved. then he came back and said that no, something happened. they are gone, when in fact there were some he didn't know about apparently that the inspector general found later and he didn't tell us about that. we had to fin have to find thatf course on our own. so the point is it's clear that john koskenin lied to congress and wasn't responsive to subpoenas and it was clear that either he destroyed evidence or obstructed justice or allowed it to happen on his watch. so as a result of that, we feel that he is not fit for duty and he should lose his job.
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john koskenin should be removed from office. >> this is the second time for you. you tried it into the house to did move forward. they had two days to move forward. what do you expect this time around? >> guest: we adjourned before the two legislative days expire. in this case, that won't happen. we will be here for at least two legislative days. so the leadership will be forced to bring this up for some type of vote. there are several possibilities for how that could be done, but the bottom line is wanted is moved forward, there will have to be a vote on it within two legislative days. >> host: have you heard anything on how they might move forward? >> guest: i have not. only that the speaker made a comment a week or so ago that he would leave it to the will of congress. and i think that is exactly what
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we should do but exactly how this will be directed on impeachment or whether it will be on the vote to table it or move it to the committee, any codofthose other than moving fod would be viewed by the public and rightfully so as though in impeachment or removal from office. the reason for that is this resolution in a similar form has been in print for well over a nine-month us. jason chase its protected, the chairman of the committee. and then of course i put one in july. the leadership and the judiciary committee have failed to move forward on the hearings, so it's clear that nothing is going to happen unless someone like me in this case moves forward with a previous resolution to require the vote and then let every member answer to his or her constituents why we should allow
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high-level officials the privilege of getting by doing things that are unlawful and criminal and not being held accountable for their behavior. and i get asked all the time by my constituents why is it that there are two standards? there's a standard for everyday americans and the average taxpayer and then there's one level for high officials like john koskenin who's the head of the irs. apparently he doesn't have to respond it doesn't have to respond to the same sort of things we as taxpayers do, and that applies to others like of course eric holder. >> you talked about the standard. what about the standard of living through the judiciary committee. we understand mr. koskenin's attorneys filed a memo accusing some republicans of not going through the judiciary committee. you talked about the judiciary committee a moment ago. why not let that proces the proy
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out? >> guest: we have with the process play out into the judiciary committee and leadership has failed to begin that process. so they get ample time. there is no information here. they did everything they needed for many months, so it's clear they are simply not going to act and the american people believe congress should act and many notable people, george will just came out with an op-ed in the famous liberal constitutional attorney said that we should move forward an into there were many others saying that congress is going to become irrelevant if we don't do our job which in this case is to hold high-level officials in the executive branch accountable. >> there's a house republican conference meeting this week so you have a bit of a sales talk to your colleagues. what is your argument in favor when you get a chance to do that?
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>> the evidence is self-evident. i'm not going to try to persuade anyone to vote john koskenin out of office. i think it's a conscience vote. the evidence is the evidence in that they can read it as easily as i can. there's nobody within votes as far as i can tell. we should have the opportunity to vote and i would say to every member of congress certainly in the house where this will be voted on, you're going to have to go back and face your constituency and if you vote to protect a high-level government official whose lied to congress and has ignored subpoenas and is a loud obstruction of justice on their watch the new have to answer to your constituents for that. i know what i will say to my constituents and that if i was there for them. >> the headlines at the irs commissioner ocommissioner archo stave off impeachment with planned meetings with members on the republican side. do you plan to meet with the
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commissioner for any potential house floor vote? >> i haven't met with him. he hasn't asked to meet with me but i don't know the relevance of meeting with john koskenin. he's had plenty of opportunities to come on that though and be sworn in and to give testimony under oath about these questions and he's not been willing to do that. so coming up and having a conversation i don't think it's an adequate. >> there could be some government official impeached. >> it does bother me and here's why. i can't recall a time in the past where we've had such blatant activity that ignores the will of the american people and congress itself which has
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the power to check on the other branches of government. so, we wouldn't have to do this if the executive branch would take care of its own problems. in this case lois lerner was targeting people for their beliefs without having to answer for his activities as well and any other officials. we have of course hillary clinton and the e-mail standard, eric holder and fast and furious. the american people are upset and over-the-top with the officials that seem to get by without a slap on the wrist.
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we have reached a new day where the executive branch we don't hear from the fbi or the attorney general's office. they are just not willing to act on those that break wall laws ad defy the american people. ..
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>> "washington journal" continues. host: looking at the concerns of voters and campaign 2016. two guests joining us for this conversation. joined >> also enjoyed a the above the hispanic leadership council serving as the chairman.


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