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tv   After Words  CSPAN  October 9, 2016 7:54am-8:01am EDT

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>> is surprisingly hard for the media to debunk some of trump stayed there in ways that people who believe those statements
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will find convincing. one of the things i talk about in the book is about a movement, which is essentially a reaction to enlightenment. if it focused on the use of reason and is most happy for argument has been based on evidence and fact. a reaction to bat, which is part of the broader romantic reaction, we said no. what matters most is identity and solidarity with the community. what matters is my relationship to you, which very quickly becomes murderous keenness, in association with the red tape language of nation and the national community.
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so we talk honestly. i used the word authentic system because i think being a then take a something in the eyes of the beholder. people who struggle to appear authentic as leverage to exploit the idea of authenticity, this really begins in the 19th century and famously in the 1930s the european fascists across europe and adultery. authentic system becomes absolutely essential to their appeal and they try very hard to distinguish themselves in the way they speak from traditional rational politicians. so they focused much more on stories. stories about us and them. i'm like you i speak my view.
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i understand what you're going through. together we can ward off the threat from whoever that might read. that might be the elites. but they might be the only technocrats and as in the context of americans that we are the honest, hard-working middle-class who has been left behind by globalization, his contributions to this country is not properly rewarded or accepted or understood. and his values are being undermined by multiculturalism.
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they mentioned the phrase here. there is a sense of a culture and a set of values be stolen. in that context would understood audiences as does the story rings true. does the speaker say does it feel emotionally true and it feels emotionally true, but it's kind of sexuality that it may not matter so much. the media is debunking fact checking and debunking individual statements by donald trump may well absolutely convinced the readers of your newspaper for the viewers of c-span. they never believed them in the first place. they believe it is the elite media who try and shut donald trump upper damage him because
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he's telling the truth.
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.. aging", joanne jenkins who also serves as ceo of aarp. no, that's not true. 50 is the new 50 and it looks good and that's part of what "disrupt aging" is all about, that the way we are aging is changing and 50 is not the


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