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tv   Key Capitol Hill Hearings  CSPAN  October 14, 2016 6:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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about principles and students. >> moderator: short answer. >> i support always options and vouchers for i want to know if senator bennet will stand here to support vouchers for those in the underserved areas. >> moderator: be are out of time we must go to closing statements and senator bennet you have one minute. bennet: things for moderating the debate and to the audience. has been a great privilege to be your senator over the last term. every single day when there are people that by definition cannot agree with theaters side is because they might be a republicans or democrats. we have a track record and
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when i was then business as a building is to work with absolute be anyone to benefit the next-generation. this is the most wonderful stay in the most wonderful country in the world. and what i want it is politics were the of the aspiration. that is an example i have tried to set as i have been your senator and but i will continue to do if you give me the privilege. if you cast a vote for me i would appreciate your vote. glenn: thanks to all of you very much also to senator bennet we were talking about issues and we continue to show we can do this in a respectful manner. i am proud of each and every one of you i have learned from the air force academy graduates, services my life
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i am on man of faith. and the trust has been broken. i am asking for your vote we will sit down and talk to and represent you to have feedback. but to have confidence in the system. people are scared for i am here to tell you believe in the fact that your vote matters pertinent matter what you hear at the national level we are the greatest country on the face of the years. thanks to all of you god bless you and god bless the united states of america. >> moderator: we are out of time. thanks to history of colorado for their hospitality and allow the of building to be beaten 94 better than one out for. [laughter] we have to more debates coming up october 18 and
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thursday october 20 the congressional district debate. right now on 9news face book pages over experts will analyze the debates and the conversation will continue this evening. thanks for urd joining us tonight. [applause] ♪
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♪ >> moderator: good evening will come to the third and final night of debates week of arkansas educational network television began with the race toward united states senate for our candidates in alphabetical order, senator boozman the incumbent and republican nominee, mr. eldridge the democratic nominee and frank gilbert for the libertarian party. the candidates have a panel of journalists from public radio and talk business and
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politics and also from the associated press each candidate will have to and minutes for opening statements each will have to minutes to respond to the question with rebuttals are limited at one minute and at the conclusion h. will have to miss for a closing statement the opening questions closing statements all determined prior to the broadcast by drawing in which the candidates are representatives participated in the the opening statement is senator boozman. >> it is a lot better to be here than in the back of the pickups a mayor looking forward. also thinks for the work to
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aetn with a variety of programming they bring to the state. few are trying to find your favorite program don't blame me if i was trying to tune in again to find antiques roadshow but that is not my fault. as a core around the state to listen to all kinds of people it doesn't matter where we are at the what is on people's mind is so unimportant is jobs jobs jobs and economy. don't have a job you cannot take care of your family. along with that i hear regulation after regulation. you have to deal with that coming out of the obama met administration. i also hear about national security i have grown
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daughters i rejuvenating to protect them. i cannot protect them from crisis although the governor is doing a great job. the old one that can do that is the federal government. that should be the number-one priority. we need to do whatever it takes to keep our nation save moving forward. hopefully we will talk about these things this is what is on their mind at the present time. >> good afternoon. i am running for the u.s. senate because i care deeply about arkansas and america and make a difference for the future of our state and country. the job is to stand up and speak out to get things done of up partisan rhetoric to make dead difference with real problems.
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that's it is a leadership and why i am in the race and i am fortunate enough to serve you and the u.s. senate. going into communities across the state with community leaders to deal with balance and fraud and child abuse that should not affect our kids that i care deeply about. my opponent mr. boozman has been in washington in 15 years and he has not done a lot and with taxpayer funded issues he is nice but we need to do something different for the state of arkansas that is while be a strong leader and i am looking to serve you. but mr. boozman campaign has reflected that.
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to be silent or mentioning the obama up. and he thinks if he says that the nephew will write me off because i was a prosecutor during the time the president was in office. that is ridiculous and more washington and rhetoric. i want to serve all people then arkansas including the single moms working hard to raise three kids. making $23,000 per year and a school teacher salary with one bathroom that is my mom and why i am here parker you better believe i am fortunate enough to serve you rival fight for those regular people to and nail just like my mom. >> moderator: mr. gilbert? gilbert: of with like to echo the sentiment of thinks of those in the debate you of denigrate job this year i sincerely appreciated.
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-- a great job this year. i have been county and municipal government here in arkansas. i have been joined everyone of those positions and did a good job in every case. as we go forward and talk about jobs and security and regulations, there is another issue that overrides it all. every part of this debate or part of their lives that impacts americans is overshadowed by our $120 trillion debt. that is why i am here today as a father and grandfather because what we have done is transferred debt to future
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generations. we have done so in a massive fashion no way that this generation the next relaxed will ever be able to dig their way out of this. that is what straddles the american taxpayer. our presidential candidate has said in his speech is we may never agree but we have to agree about the great things. all of the other smaller things but the overriding issue that matters the most is the debt hanging over my grandchildren said. >> ever first question goes first to mr. boozman.
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>> moderator: your call donald trump's comments out of line but you have not withdrawn your support to. so to go along with your nominee but given everything that donald trump has said do you think she has the temperament to serve as commander-in-chief? >> we have to do very flawed candidates but it is of circumstances as they renominated by their party's and to look at the total package. my concern is the supreme court i have the granddaughter sitting out here now for years old talking about a 25 for 30 years term this will affect her until she is 35 years
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old is very important. donald trump has said he will nominate people to let uh constitution to interpret the of law as the writer as the legislation intended. when hillary did hers to mascouche she would choose she made references to those who got along with others but never mentioned the constitution or the of law. she was to put people in that will interpret as they feel that they should be to disregard the law. also hillary clinton is running on the third term of replacing president obama. most of those that are listening to note that is
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not unacceptable. but all of the policies put in place for those reasons i am supporting mr. trump. hillary clinton is a somber situation by a man that situation or anybody we would all be indicted and pay a penalty for that and the list goes on. >>. gilbert: donald trump is an embarrassment to the republican party and the american people to think that our allies across of board same what he says of what he is doing in this country to make us look like a third world banana republic.
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i hate that. put the senator is correct their both applied candidates her baggage do is well-known in this state so lot of us know that she is not fit to be president either. we are fortunate the libertarian party has nominated gary johnson the legislature that was in the opposition to him and a-2 term governor of massachusetts who served in a bogus state or a very red stay as a blue governor and both of them were reelected after serving there first term. they are men of good character, of confidence and
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the steady nature. i boy encourage every american and citizen to consider him as the alternative to the poor candidates the theater to have provided us. eldridge: does not have the temperament to service that has been made abundantly clear. it comes back to what i heard from arkansas he said i have voted for those parties from time to time but i will not vote for a guide that i cannot trust the vice son is in the military. but that is where the rubber meets the road. we should not give donald trump the nuclear codes or for of policy as he has shown that should not happen.
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i n in the race because i want to put country over party. also to call mr. boozman with his support over trump as others have done. with images 60 republicans from the secretary of commerce. i m running to put the country's first. to put the party aside. there are things that i agree and i disagree with and whoever it is elected to the and represent our interests. i will work with them and fight with them if it is the right thing to do for the state and the country. i think we can all agree that this is for all of us.
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i just cannot abide what mr. trump has said. we have to look at what we are running for today, confront challenges to stand up for the future that mr. boozman grandkids have to live by that is liable do regardless of who was president. boozman: five this into the attack of mr. trump on several occasions but the problem is he has never addressed hillary clinton. that he knows if i was in that situation with classified material to talk about the private server in the townhouse in the bathroom closet i would be in big trouble. he has not called her out.
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the other is to do with benghazi. she does get the call and instead of being concerned it appears from the information we got that those concerns were covering her we are end and not those people but the foundation again as an old prosecutor to say this is of 80 in the course of doing business with the state department chose to get preferential treatment to those to the foundation. >> moderator: the next question. you have openly criticized both parties to put their own interests above the nation.
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and root word do do to bring back the trust american people? >> the first thing the president needs jujube is proof to his constituents that they still have their interest at heart and not tied up to those other interest and that is where we are in the congress now. we can look fancy with several professors from different universities to a steady to the polls of the public's position on the same issues for a couple of decades. to entitled the article the congress does not give adm what you think. they don't.
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it has been proven over and over those that give millions of dollars to political candidates get favors and those that interpublic and democrat party of those donations and favors that the party directs the american people understand what is happening. to have an out-of-control congress that the government of the united states is not looking '04 their interest and it is abundantly evident . this solution is to reelect someone from another party for corey democrat is a democrat and republican is a republican. libertarians are neither. money speaks to everybody but right now of libertarian
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party is a viable alternative with viable candidates to do what the american people want. >> moderator: >> the key point of your question is we have to restore trust in washington. the entire national political dialogue is to blame for that. to take on anybody to stand up for the public trust. has sought prosecutor we are proud of the work this is how washington should work with criminal issues we came together to tackle the issue. and nobody asked what political party they were in. that is the power of leadership. i will not fit in any betty's box. and with all of the zero washington rhetoric talking points.
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and this is about the future of this country one-two go to bat for people in the state every day. one of those that i prosecute is a county judge. he was a democrat that does not bother me because he solicited a bribe. and i promise you ribald not have that. but we've really do have in some respects institutionalized wrongdoings i will vote against that and overturn citizens united with a major problem of money and politics i want to take
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baton as -- take it on as a prosecutor dedicated working for a positive vision to overcome all of the distrust and rhetoric. >> it is so important. the congressmen called the who said always remember there is an just republicans democrats just those in arkansas if you look at my you washington record you will now work very hard for common ground. with the public works committee first coming to congress and was put on the green jobs committee and senator sanders was the chairman was the ranking member.
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those to find common ground. and it passed to do with zoning. and the word to very hard to do that. i am pleased because they are bipartisan. and to grow very hard with agriculture not democrats are republicans. >> barbara boxer has nothing in common. to work very hard to get off highway bill passed this goes on and on. when a the last bills the president signs into law is
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to place that in to win larger bill to reauthorize the initiative that was about to run out. that is how you operate to get things done. gilbert: in this destructive with the previous question the republican has nothing nice to say about the democrats and the democrat had nothing nice to say about the republican but they both criticized the of their party's candidates. this truth is neither of these can afford to criticize the nominee of their party to withdraw his support for the candidates. >> they go there with the best of intent and good
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honest men but they get there. it depends on monday the of moment they get there to raise for the next election and influence. they need the parties help for through uh chairmanship's. it is solid game of us against them. >> moderator: the next question goes to a mr. eldridge is spent large part of the campaign criticizing mr. boozman for his son - - unconditional support of the nominee. is your criticism the same tune your fellow citizens and is that part of the basket of deplorable sifted vote for mr. trump?
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mr. eldridge no. and mr. boozman is right about one thing. hillary clinton should be called out. and as frank mentioned that it is not out why m or how i am wired. but i think that term was a horrific. she should not have used that and has made mistakes in the mails we could go on and on. but we are in this race to make a difference for i believe the of the people and the vast majority with the manufacturing facilities of all those counties the citizens and i have met are frustrated with national politics of both parties
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with everybody in washington . i am running to be a strong and a new voice to get past all of that to go to washington to get things done. . . >> would i am a senator from this state it will stop as far as i'm concerned. i look forward to all of the kansas people. i understand whoever they are voted for are frustrated with washington and politics. i am running for the first time in this race for the senate with my prosecutor experience to be a strong, new voice for this state.
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>> mr. bozeman, two minutes. >> i guess the question is, should he do this or not? can you rephrase what you want me to respond to? >> the question was along the lines of first, your unconditional love of the gop nominee it seems, and the question for his it in his line would he find, arkansas the method the pourable if you vote for mr. trump. you can either either take another chance to support mr. trump or you can respond to him. >> while i do support mr. trump and i am going to vote for them. things have come up, with the press relations i been been on tough as him as anybody. in regards to not criticizing hillary clinton, again, he same
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it's denied but that certainly has not been the case as we have gone along. since you have asked him and he has had to make a comment, but but i don't see any press releases of him in the past coming out in that regard. nor do i see press releases, his own boss, president obama, and eric holder when he worked for him, again, countless things where they overstepped. things they declared unconstitutional, out of line, things like the amnesty proposal which i am very much against, which the supreme court hasn't upheld them because it is unconstitutional. i think this is news that connor is wishing to make a statement that he is critical of senator clinton. he acknowledges she has as much problem is donald trump. >> mr. gilbert, you have one minute. >> again, if we look at -- >> excuse me mr. albert. i
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apologize. >> again if we look at with a senator is saying about ms. clinton and what connor is saying about mr. trump, i can agree with everything they both say. there is another alternative though, people in arkansas are incredibly lucky this time because everybody in the world knows that we are going to vote for trump. our six electoral votes are going to be cast for the donald, no matter what you, i, or the other one does. that has has been cast and it has been over. what that allows us to do is to make a statement. i talk to people every day who say i don't like donald trump but we cannot have hillary clinton in charge of the military or making supreme court appointments. and then on the other side you talk to the people and say i
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hate hillary, i know her too well, but i have to vote for her, otherwise that follow mouth, egotistical, and they go from there is going to become president of the united states. your other alternative is to cast a vote for gary johnson. the libertarian candidate for president is qualified, he has more executive experience in government than anybody on either of the two tickets and we have a minute for president who is just as qualified for he is. if you want to get washington's attention, if you want the president, whoever it is come january to say it may not work this way in the next election. we may not be able to triangulate the voters. and and force them into a false choice.
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let them hear you. cast your vote, not only for gary, but for every libertarian on the ballots. >> you have one minutes or. >> i know senator bozeman has been absent a lot and not been on long arkansas. but when i have got that question i have answered it with what i believe. that is that both parties are wrong, both, both parties have missed the boat, washington is messed up, you know, i have called out both candidates in this race and that is something that senator bozeman must admit in his absence. the point here is that we have to rise above all of that. as for the presidential race, let's, let's be clear, he is supporting his party over the best interest of this country. i believe there's only one candidate in this race that i would trust with the nuclear codes. i told you, here here we go again, obama, obama, obama.
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i told you you would say that, it's a tactic, it's a distraction, it's a political tactic from washington that we are tired of. i am in this race to put country over party, to make a party, to make a difference for the future of this country and away but doesn't have anything to do with party. >> the question for senator bozeman. >> you mention in your opening statement, the the regulation in washington d.c. and particularly obama care or affordable care act, in december you voted to a ceremony but you voted to repeal obama care of a vote of 52 - 47. let's say under the new president comes in and obama care is repealed, what are are we going to do about those 20 million or so people who have not had healthcare in arkansas. there's about 300,000. >> how are we going to provide
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an alternative to obama care. they have not done a good job in_what they'll do. >> for small, that was not a ceremonial vote. that went to the president's desk and you vetoed it. so if we had republican president that would've been signed into law that we would've gotten rid of obama care. the problem with healthcare when all of this come into place was affordability. in setting up obama care, affordability was not address. so what you did was you take the old system and he basically dump a bunch more people into it and its result those people are paying the insurance for the ones that didn't have it. bill clinton summed it up best, people are working their hearts out, many of our viewers identify with this. their this. their premiums have skyrocketed. their deductibles are down, most of kansas have five or $10000 deductibles.
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as a result, that is not insurance, that's catastrophic insurance. we can fixes, we can use free market principles, we don't have to take and screw everybody else's insurance up to fix those that are being covered. and and that's a situation we have. $700 billion coming out of medicare, that is why it is getting more and more difficult to provide a medicare provider. what you do as a number of things. you use the free market, you have to put competition in the system. i've seen the geico commercial at night and i can shop around anyplace i want for my car insurance. you can't do that outside of the state. there's a third of the counties in america that have one insurance provider. we need competition and reform. we need to get rid of the nuisance lawsuits. we need to allow -- and thousands of other barbers in a simple way to get together, get
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the same deal that a major corporation makes, health health savings accounts and be another thing. so these are the principles that we need to use, if we do that we can control costs. >> mr. gilbert, two minutes. >> thank you. >> it is hard to remember when we discuss this that we're talking about healthcare. we talk about insurance rather than healthcare. the crisis is in healthcare not insurance. i believe the senator is correct, there are free market alternatives and competitive changes that would make it all better. but whatever we do, it has got to be better than what we are doing now. i don't think, i think it is one of those things that we cannot make worse. the affordable care act, obama care is an abomination to steal someone else's alliteration. i
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am not calling for it, but if we want to deal with healthcare rather than insurance, let's cut out the insurance, let's not give them money. let's cut out the politicians and i give them any control. you could, for the amount of money we're spending on the affordable care act build a free clinic in every county of arkansas. we could address the crisis in healthcare without even talking about insurance. that is a drastic approach, especially for a libertarian to to even think about, let alone discuss in public. but i do that because libertarians are not green eyed frogs, we are not monsters from outerspace, we're, we're just people who have a little different take on how to fix the problems we have. we don't don't always look to government first, we don't always see that a regulator could make things better. there are things we can do to
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address healthcare problems in arkansas without violating the rights of the american people are ripping off their pocketbooks. >> i won't tell you that your green eyed frog, i know you well and we think a lot of you. i'm glad senator boozeman joined us for this debate. i'm a poster repeal of obama care. three and thousand people as you point out in your question have health insurance today that do not have it before. i just don't think we should walk out here and walk down the street and look one out of ten people in arkansas out of the in the eye and tell them they should lose insurance. we have a difference of opinion on this issue. i think there are serious problems with healthcare system. there are serious problems with the affordable care act. we need to to fix those and deal with those. all of these press releases
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issued with the name obama in them to talk about repealed they are press releases and i found it interesting that senator boozeman k basically the same answer he gave when he first ran for the senate. what should have happened the past several years is that we should have engaged and this is what i will do in the senate. we should've engaged in a bipartisan way to tackle the real issues in our healthcare system. that boils down to cost. we don't deal with that by kicking three people off their health insurance. we don't. we don't deal with it by closing role hospitals which is what would happen. i went went to the y county hospital, i have good friends who work there and they told me that if the affordable care act would be repealed a lot of people would lose their health insurance and their hospitable close. i will not allow that to happen. what should happen is we should deal with the costs. there's a a number of ways to do that. expand pools, spreadout risk,
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get innovative, harness the entrepreneurial spirit, get rid of regulations to deal with that problem. those are the approaches i would advocate with republican and democratic senators interested in doing the hard work of changing and making a difference on the serious cost problems. >> mr. postma, one minute. >> we spent 1,000,000,000,000 dollars and taken 700,000,000,000 dollars out of medicare, we should have a few more million people insured, for sure. as i said, you don't have to ruin everybody else's health insurance to do that. i've never said that i have no qualms about taking 300,000 people off of the program, what i do do have qualms about is ruining everybody else's health care, and again our visitors can identify with this in an effort to take care of it. we can do it in a more more efficient way as i outlined earlier. the answer to the administration's idea of reforming obama care if you listen is more obama care. they're talking about the
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government option, pushing in talking about this and compare system. i would disagree certainly better community hospitals. the only way you can save money is to consolidate. what we are seeing like what we have seen in the u.k. and canada, they don't they don't have hospitals, it's like the virginia system here, we have two great virginia systems but we only have two. the cat and in healthcare. we will see see the loss of our community hospitals in the future. the problem is those are the best things in town. you lose your community hospital then you lose your community. >> next mr. gilbert. >> mr. gilbert i'm going to ask about national education policy but for some context. common core and other standards of various states adopted by
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other names have made it possible for student who may be moves from state a two state be to be in this same plane in his new school. if we were were to do away with u.s. department of education and not have a national policy, what would be the benefit of having thousands of autonomous school districts? >> autonomous school districts are the antithesis of, the opposition of the department of education in washington d.c. that control that the department of education exerts on local schools through the use of common core through the money that they put into the school lunch programs is unbelievable. i would not have believed it if i had not seen it firsthand. i did 20 years in private business, never occurred to me
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to go to work for a government school. about 1717 years ago i had the opportunity to do so and it has been instructive to me. the teachers that -- are among the hardest working, most dedicated and most stable people i have ever met. the problem is they are putting all of those resources into trying to roll about that is made of concrete. most of that concrete comes from little rock in washington d.c. those two departments of education settled the public schools with regulations, rules, requirements, every teacher, and every school district spends more and more time every year filling out more paperwork for some government bureaucrat. it may may all be about accountability, i don't know. it may be about control, i think it might be. but what i know is the solution
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is to empower the people on the ground. the local teachers, the parents of the students, and and the students themselves. when those people call the shots, things will get better and as long as we have a trickle-down theory in education you cannot succeed. >> my perspective on education comes from two things, comes comes from my mom who is here with me tonight, she was a fifth-grade teacher in arkansas and i mentioned her my opening. made 22,000 dollars per year teach in public school. when raced us in a house with one bathroom and worked hard. she and worked hard. she really invested in her kids. any education issue including the question that you ask i was go back and i pick up the phone and call her, but but i also go back to that memory of just how she invested in her kids. that is what we have to support,
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buildup, and do at every level at the local, state, federal levels. we have to we have to support and empower the teachers in our schools. the other way i approach the question is through the eyes of my 9-year-old who is in the third grade in public school. when i dropped him off at school the other day he took off running. i hope he runs into the schoolhouse store every day as long as he can. i know it's going to change someday, but it's a beautiful thing to see. that's what i want for all kids. that's why we talk about education policy and make sure we give local teachers like my mom the control they need in their classroom to educate the kids that come before them. but we have to also make sure every child in arkansas and in america has that opportunity to succeed. i'm proud to have worked with the public schools and law-enforcement to start the a chance program. make sure kids have police in
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their home for like a domestic violence incidents which happens to much, that their teacher, principal, counselor will, counselor will be notified the next morning. that is life changing, kim to give that troubled kid the help they need. my focus will be to make sure the government really pays attention to the serious problems that we face and doesn't create more bureaucracy. >> thank you. this is such an important question. i actually was on the school board for seven years. i have have three daughters all in the system. i wanted to get involved and be helpful. so i'm a dr. by training and i wanted to let my expertise again and be helpful. we don't need a national school board. there's no if's, and, our butts and that's really the direction we are going. no child up behind was passed
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many years ago, there a lot of good things in the bill in the sense that it helps us identify young people at an earlier age that are struggling and having problems. but it really did have national control. i would say the greatest argument in the sense of did it work or not completely is ask the schoolteachers that were having to deal with all the testing and all the things that were coming out of washington. no, you need the local control, you need at the state level and in that way people like me when i was in church somebody could go ahead and say john what are you doing? you need to do this or that. now we refined the no child left behind law, repealed and replaced it with another law. some say that's the greatest turn back empower the last 25 years from the federal agency. so it's good, right now they're implementing it. we are going to watch closely and make sure the
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implementation is as we reflect it. but it was sad. we will be in situations and i would go into a school and present them with an award tell them how wonderful they are doing the two weeks later they be put on a list for some other thing. so so again, we need local control, state control, one size doesn't fit all throughout our nation. >> mr. gilbert. >> the senator is correct, no child left behind did not work. he was a republican program. the one that replaced it was a democrat program and the only difference that i can see is who the administrators are at the federal level. the democrats appoint new administration who'd do the same thing as the republicans do
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before i can tell the senator now that if they get an honest accounting of what the current changes doing, it will be that it is failing miserably. the senate may act with the best of intent but the department of education is there constantly sending out provisions, interpretations, that the educators on the ground facing the students then have to decide, do we follow the law where this program that the department of education tells us is what the law says. it is creating problems. competition will help. >> and we have reach that portion in the proceedings for closing statements which as we stated that the top decided early this evening prior to the program by a drawing. mr. boseman, your first. >> thank you very much. it's been a pleasure to talk about as i said earlier, some of
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the things are so important for our country. i'm blessed, i'm i'm a product of the american dream. my dad started working when he was nine years old, grub during the depression, decided to join the national guard when he was 17. little did he know that they immediately called him up to get ready for world war ii. it was a waste got on b-17 and he and i did a tremendous job of trying to get us in a situation, my dad stayed in the military and retired as a master sergeant after 27 years. he wanted my brother, sister, and i to have the opportunity he didn't. he never felt like he had a childhood. didn't have the educational opportunities. i went to school in fort smith, went to the university of arkansas. play for the razorbacks and learned the value of team and
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getting things accomplished. i went to optometry school and became an optometrist. my brother and i started a clinic that became a big a big clinic because of the growth in the area. we were blessed. the sad thing now and again ran for the school board, went to congress, the sad thing now in the polling is that more people for the first time ever believe the american dream is not going to be there for their children and grandchildren. so this is something that we have to get restored confidence in our institution and government. as a said earlier, the way you do that is you work together. i've done that throughout my career whether it was on the school board or being in the united states senate that is how you get things done. i also mentioned -- there's not
6:55 pm
democrats or republicans, just the people of arkansas that we need to take care. >> thank you. mr. eldridge. >> thank you all for doing this. i appreciate everybody's effort tonight. this election is about vision in the future. it should be a rejection of the status quo in the time in washington over the past 15 years that have not made a difference. i am in this race to make a difference on issue by taking to make a difference on issue by taking, no-nonsense, common sense prosecutor approach i used to work with community leaders across the state. senator, you are nice man. i think it's time we do something different. and that's why i got in this race. i'm in the race to turn the page on both political parties, on all that rhetoric on washington and go to washington and try to get the right thing done on issue after issue.
6:56 pm
that can be done. we have to believe it can be. that's that's why i am in the race. i would ask that we put aside all of this washington talking points and rhetoric. i have king with me tonight. every time there's an attempt to disparage law-enforcement it really is something. it speaks to how long senator boseman is in washington in the way of speaking of fighting has permeated. kim lost her daughter and i was proud to get to work on that case, horrible case. we put the man who is responsible for that in prison for life. those are serious issues. our country faces serious issues and they demand leadership. i meant this race to provide leadership. we did not get to talk about a lot of issues. i would invite you to debate us again. i won't speak for frank, but we will be there and would love to do that. i also think all of us on the
6:57 pm
stage should agree that we're going to visit all 75 counties every year we are in the senate. we don't know who is going to win. i promise i will do that because i'm committed to be in a strong voice of showing up and never enough and cranny in the state and serving the people of the state by putting american arkansas over party and rhetoric and all that is wrong in washington. thank you. >> mr. gilbert well thank you for this opportunity. i hope it has been instructive for the viewers. our dog and pony shows over and you are left with one question i believe, do you feel like the united states of america is in great shape, that we can march forward to a brighter future, may be a few tweaks here and there just to make it even better? if you do then you can vote for either one of these gentlemen and it won't make a difference which one you vote for, nothing will change. reelecting a republican senator
6:58 pm
from a republican state won't even mean anything in the senate's control. now sending a junior senator from arkansas who is a democrat will get some talk out of the democrats, they may may get control of the senate with that. if you want to have a real impact, if you want to get the republicans and democrats working together on something, send frank gilbert, libertarian to the senate. i guarantee they'll i guarantee they'll come together quick because they cannot afford to have an outsider, somebody who is not part of the gang. who has not been bought and paid for in advance. who is a part of everything that has gone on most of my life. that will make a difference. i hope you'll remember what gary johnson, presidential candidate candidate said. we may never agree about the little things, but we have to get the big things right.
6:59 pm
and the big things start with the national debt that is out of control. somebody needs to remind to the senators and congressmen that if you are in a whole and you want to get out, the first first thing you do is quit digging. we need to create digging our deficits sword debt won't kill her grandchildren. >> thank you. mr. boseman mr. gilbert, mr. -- thank you for being here tonight. we appreciate you coming inches as always our thanks to our our panel of journalists with their questions tonight. and thank you for watching. stay tuned will be back for the candidates for the second congressional district. [inaudible]
7:00 pm
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7:01 pm
>> showing an empty podium right now, this is the podium where donald trump will be standing shortly. 24 days be for the presidential election campaigning in charlotte, north carolina. this is the charlotte convention center where a real clear politics polls show hillary clinton three points ahead of donald trump in this poll in the state. his campaign stop here live shortly at the charlotte convention center. while we wait for his remarks here's a look at some of the ads being aired by both campaigns. >> the clintons, from dead broke to earth hundreds of millions. how did did hillary end up filthy rich? pay to play politics. staggering amounts of cash report into the clinton foundation from criminals, dictators, countries that hate america. hillary cut deals so that american workers exploded haitian sydney. she handed over american uranium rights to the russians. she rights to the russians. she only cares about power, money, and herself. >> on donald trump, and i approve this message.
7:02 pm
>> i'm hillary clinton, and, i approve this message. >> showing up when it's time to vote what is it actually mean? you care about protecting his legacy and our progress. you care about moving forward united as one because when we show up in full force and when we refuse to stand by quietly, we show what it means to be stronger together. >> i have never -- and last night donald trump campaign assuredly here in charlotte, north carolina. >> jesus said to his disciples, if you they receive you, they receive me. you work through the theology of that but i want you to know this man has received me openly. i've never wavered, i proclaim the word of god. i held this bible up with ronald reagan standing behind me and i said america commit yourself not to politicians or political party,
7:03 pm
but to the principles in this book that made america great and will be forever the land of the free and the home of the brave. and ronald reg and with great humility and gratitude walked up and set i know this is a nonpartisan meeting, you cannot endorse me, but i was said that because i want you to know i endorse you and what you stand for. and ronald reg and saved and gave it another day. we will lose freedom if we don't make the right decision in november. it has to be for a return to freedom. listen to this statement written by the greatest defender of the faith in my opinion on the planet. the most re-suspected christian leader. he set i'm going to release all of this to the press bulimic of but let me give you summation. he said the atrocities that have
7:04 pm
been committed by hillary clinton, this administration, the massacre of innocent women, the horrible acts of women against all over the world. the horrible things happening to the innocent, everything this man is accused or by any person, pales in comparison to what has been perpetrated on the world under our president liberal, godless leadership. ravi zacharias said the fate of this man which he has acknowledged and said forgive me, i am wrong, he said his failures pale in comparison to the failures, what he has someone not get to the discussion at a table of reason to be considered in light of the atrocities that have been pretty perpetuated on the road by the past generation and by the liberal anti- world good. thank you ravi zacharias. he
7:05 pm
said send me the critics i will talk to them. thank god. thank god, bless you. i want you to receive the man as he has received me, donald trump and promised to pray for him and pray for the future and freedom of america. god bless you, god bless america. [applause] note on. [inaudible] [inaudible] ♪ ♪ ♪ >> live coverage of a donald trump rally.
7:06 pm
the poll shows hillary clinton three points ahead. his campaign stop should be starting soon. tomorrow will be following donald trump as he heads north to new hampshire. for campaign stop in the granite state. mr. trump has visited the state eight times during his campaign. we spoke earlier with reporter about why new hampshire so critical to both hillary clinton and donald trump. >> james tyndall political reporter for the boston globe and editor says new hampshire is once again donald trump's political home. his his fourth visit to the state in four weeks and were be enjoined from boston, thank you for being with us. >> what's going on a new hampshire? why has the state become critical to both the clinton and trump campaigns? >> in a lot of ways new
7:07 pm
hampshire has mattered, if you go back to the 2000 election it was decided by about 5000 volts or less. that really less. that really was ralph nader's vote. if al gore had one new hampshire instead of george bush, we would not be talking about the -- chads in florida. it's ever sense that pivotal year, looking at donald trump there is something unusual about all of his events and his trips here to the stages you mention. this is his fourth trip in four weeks, it is highly disproportionate compared to everywhere else in the country. this this race is coming down to four big states, north carolina, florida, ohio and pennsylvania. the polls there and you can make a good argument that donald
7:08 pm
trump has a chance to win and can win a lot of electoral votes there and in terms of thinking over the past month. and may may look different at this current moment. but trump has never let a poll in new hampshire in the general election and it just has four electoral votes what has people scratching their head. >> son donald trump's quest to get 270 electoral votes what is his path to victory and what role would new hampshire play in that path? >> he has two paths, they are getting narrower and narrower by the day. one is to sweep all of those were big states that we mentioned, ohio, pennsylvania, north carolina, florida. if he does that he gets there barely. the other way is to win two of those states and a collection of other small states. i will for example he is doing well in, nevada and colorado. then you have to put in there
7:09 pm
new hampshire. that's the way he could do it. but it so disproportionate, the amount of times he's been here. he has been here a time sense the california presidential primary in june, basically the kickoff of the general election. in perspective, that is more trips than he has spent in states that are tied right now and much bigger like arizona and georgia. combined. in those two states a couple others if you had him up. so he's spending more time here than any other swing state outside those big four. he has had more campaign events in new hampshire in the general election so far then mitt romney did four years ago as your smart listeners know, met romney basically lived in new hampshire in the 2012 campaign in his lake house. so it's highly disproportionate
7:10 pm
to see candidates spend so much time here but there are some reasons for it. one is the trump campaign sees these polls showing her up by four or 6% consistently and say they think the race is tighter. and second which i think is honest, stress closer to new york city. when trump wants to schedule an event at the last minute he can get on the plane, come to new hampshire, he knows his staff can put together an event and it would be a fine event, he can get back in his plane and sleep in trump tower. >> let me ask about the senate race in new hampshire. it will determine who will control the senate in 2017. how is that impacting the overall tenor of the campaign and what impact do you think it will have an turnout in new hampshire? >> it's incredible. this race, the senate control can come down to two states, pennsylvania new hampshire in
7:11 pm
terms of those contests. this contest in new hampshire is remarkable because it's the most expensive in state history, features the most high profile race in american history of two women in terms of the importance of it and it sitting u.s. senator versus the u.s. governor. those are very well-informed policy running running race. in the first question at every debate in the general election for these candidates has been about the presidential race as it was today. the presidential race is overshadowing everything that i said was dramatic and impressive about this contest. >> we can read your book online and you can check out his blog titled ground game. he is joining us from boston. thank you for being with us.
7:12 pm
>> thank you for your time. >> 24 days left before the presidential election, donald trump is campaigning in charlotte, north carolina is a crowd of weights his arrival. they're showing hillary three points ahead. he will be in new hampshire tomorrow for events. they announce they they will not be campaigning in virginia. the campaign stop live here shortly at the charlotte convention center. while we wait for the nominee to arrive we will take a look at a conversation we had with a member of the christian broadcasting network on the evangelical vote. >> we are back with your chief political correspondent. what is cbn news, and do you have a political leaning? >> it is a 501(c)(3) is a 5o1c3 nonprofit. there's no political leanings. we cover both the presidential
7:13 pm
campaign from both sides. i've interviewed brock obama four times back in the campaign when he was running for president. we've interviewed hillary clinton, and harry reid, everybody in the democrat side, the democrat side, so what is cbn news? we are a news organization and a ministry at the same time. really proclaiming the gospel of jesus christ to the world and we do that through a worldview that is a christian worldview. so there many folks that want to know that perspective on the news. >> you wrote in a recent article that evangelicals will pull the lever and trump's favor are really voting what they think a businessman outsider businessman outsider can do for america there putting what they think will be a five for decisions -- [inaudible]
7:14 pm
[inaudible] ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> thank you. thank you. [inaudible] thank you. a nice group. we love noah carolina, that i can tell you. so, before we start i want to bring up some people that have worked so hard for us and we have many others in the audience that had been incredible. in fact, all of these people right here i see, it is called
7:15 pm
women for tron. they're all over. come on a. [inaudible] [inaudible] >> i am laura trump, this man i am honored to say is my father-in-law, donald trump at. [applause] you know i'm from north carolina, right? just checking. listen, we all know what happened with the hurricane and the eastern part of our state. it has been devastated. donald trump is a man who sees a problem and wants to fix it. [applause]
7:16 pm
so when he saw the devastation that had happened in greenville, in lumberton, in fayetteville, he said ladies, we have to take action. we have to help those people. so, he he gave us 30,000 dollars worth he he gave us 30,000 dollars worth of supplies and food and sent us to help. [applause] so for the past few days we have been able to help people who have nothing. whose homes and lives have been destroyed. that is a way that donald trump wants to lead this country. we are honored to be appeared today in my home state. it is incredible to call this man my father-in-law. it will be will be the greatest honor of my life to call him our 45th the
7:17 pm
president of the united states. [applause] thank you north carolina. i love you. [applause] >> north carolina, are you in the house? [applause] on the first episode of the apprentice the donald trump gave us a task. he gave us women and he said go out and make lemonade and sell it on the streets of new york. well, america we have been given a big old barrel of lemons for the last seven years. it is time for us to turn this thing around. we got lemons but we are going
7:18 pm
to make lemonade. [applause] now i want laura to come up, she is a former cheerleader. when i say trump train i want you to say choo-choo. >> trump train. >> to choose. >> trump train. >> choo-choo. >> a trump train. >> choo-choo. >> thank you. [applause] >> boy, oh boy, oh boy. we have a lot of other women for trump right here. thank you. thank you everybody. the incredible spirit of the people of this state willpower it's recovery.
7:19 pm
in the same spirit that we build our nation. that is happening right now. there is a movement going on, the likes of which nobody has seen ever in this country. we are going to bring it forth and we are going to be very happy and very proud of our country again. i will tell you that. [applause] we are going to renegotiate our very disastrous trade deal. and illegal immigration, stop the massive inflow of refugees, take care of our incredible veterans who are not being taken care of properly. we are going to repeal and replace job killing obama care, quickly. your jobs will come back under the trump administration. so many have left. your incomes will go up under a trump administration.
7:20 pm
your taxes will go way down and cricket hillary is giving you a big tax increase. your taxes will go way down under a trump administration. your companies will not be leaving our country under a trump administration. there will be consequences. they're not going to be leaving so easy folks, not like the old days. the hillary clinton documents released by wikileaks make more clear than ever just how much is at stake come november 8. that's an important day. such an important day. get out and vote everybody. get out to vote. [applause] in an e-mail sent to john podesta on august seventeenth, 2014 hillary wrote the governments of qatar and saudi arabia are quote providing clan to stein financial and logistical support to isil.
7:21 pm
yet, in that same year bill and hillary accepted a check from saudi arabia. so hillary thinks that they are funding isis but still takes their money and you know their views on gays, and you know their views on women, it takes a lot of money. i think she should get back to 25 - $35 million she has taken from saudi arabia. she should give it back fast. [applause] there is a lot of people in here. it's a big group. [applause] this is a big group. [applause] you know, i own a big development right down the road, trump national around lake norman. lake norman.
7:22 pm
and we have an amazing success. we have amazing people there, both the employees and people living there and we love it. thank you. this is just the tip of the iceberg. when it comes to clinton corruption. hillary bleached and later 33000 e-mails after receiving, remember the word after receiving a congressional subpoena and then may 13 phones disappeared. >> lock her up, lock her up, lock her up, lock her up, lock her up! >> it's amazing what she is getting away with. maybe that won't happen. she made 13 phones disappear, some by beating them with a hammer. has anybody, anybody, when you got rid of your iphone not the hell out of it with a
7:23 pm
hammer? there's a person way, way in the back, we will find out what business that person is. she did it to cover up her crimes. it is one more reason why we need a special prosecutor to look into hillary clinton. [applause] and we have to investigate the investigation, the investigation know but in this country has seen anything like it. this is our last chance to save our country and reclaim its, for we, the people. this is it, you, you don't have another chance. i believe this is it. as you have seen, i am a a victim of the great political beer campaign smear campaigns in the history of our country. they are coming after me to try
7:24 pm
and destroy what is considered by even them, the greatest movement in the history of our country, there has never been anything like it. [applause] bill o'reilly and others have said it is the single greatest political phenomena in his lifetime. others have said the same thing. the political establishment is trying to stop us because they know that we are a threat to their totally corrupt control, it's true. no one is more corrupt thing cricket hillary clinton. nobody. [applause] in fact, she is the most corrupt person ever to seek the presidency of the united states of america. [applause] and her specialty if you look over the years has been character assassination and really personally just going
7:25 pm
after people. that's for specialty. she has been doing at her whole career. the only force strong enough to smash clinton's corrupt criminal syndicate is you, the american voter. november 8. after many, many years, even many decades without complaint, the media and the clinton campaign have brought forward false allegations lesson one month before the most important election in modern times. these allegations are 100% false. as i think i think everybody knows. i think you get it. i think you get it. they are made up, they never happened. when have you met tens of thousands of people as i have, and i have met thousands and
7:26 pm
thousands of people, i know them, know them well, it is not hard to find a small handful of people willing to make false smears for personal fame, who knows, maybe for financial reasons, political purposes, or for the simple reason they want to stop our movement, they want to stop our campaign. these claims defy reason or common sense, there's no witnesses, 28 years ago, ten years ago, years ago, 14 years ago, 12 years ago, not me, believe me. not me you would be very impressed actually with my life so many regards, including that regard. i not a single shred of
7:27 pm
evidence. eyewitnesses have already debunked the allegations of a magazine article that appeared and i will tell you why, it it was just incredible. it was people magazine. the article appeared in a statement was made, but if it was true they would've put it it in the article. they would've had to put it into the article. but they didn't do that. and they didn't do that for simple reasons because it never happened. 12 years years ago, never complain, never talk to the bosses, always sent two nights ago we get a call on the call is from people magazine. they didn't didn't even want a quote. i think maybe what we should do, boycott that issue of people magazine. [applause] that's way it is.
7:28 pm
i want to tell you folks that it is a campaign that is amazing. i'm not going to be talking about it much because we want to talk about other things. if it affects 5% or 2% or 10%, it's all a concerted effort. i think it is the only way they are going to stop us. i don't think that is going to happen. you can get him out of here. get him out. [inaudible] hey look, the great thing the camera is turned. had the the camera is turned. the camera's turn, all that all that is wonderful. that is so good. the only way we get the cameras
7:29 pm
to turn. so, folks, here's the story. we are going to bring jobs back to north carolina. [applause] we are going to bring borders back to our country. [applause] and yes, we will build the wall. and mexico will be paying for that wall. [applause] >> build that wall, buildout buildout wall, build that wall, build that wall, build the wall! >> i want to talk about jobs. as part of the world that i told you have property here, a lot of
7:30 pm
great people. your jobs are being taken pretty much like like nobody else's jobs have been taken. it is is only going to worse. as you stand here today, some of your company's comment the leaders in your companies are negotiating with mexico and other places. you know that, to move the company to mexico. during the the primary system i had a very interesting time because i got to know this country so well. we had 17 people running, i was given a small chance because they said he is not an experience politician. and then week after week, one by one. but i got to know the country and i got to see what is happening with our manufacturing. we don't make much anymore by comparison to what we use to. we used to be amazing. we don't do what we use to do.
7:31 pm
i had one new york and i had gotten up to places in new york state which i not seen for a long time, hillary clinton represented new york state and she was a disaster. she was a disaster. she said she's going going to bring jobs back, 200,000 jobs. it was the opposite. she she lied to the people of new york state. it was a total catastrophe. if you look at what has happened to new york now, take a look at what is happened to new york in terms of upstate and manufacturing, go go to the different places, albany, syracuse, and rolled, i we say that's the real rome but they're having a lot of problems. you will see what happens. oops, somebody is hurt. . .
7:32 pm
>> >> we can understand how there can be some problems. are you doing okay over there? we have tough people in this room. is hot. [applause] theater night they said donald trump was sweating it
7:33 pm
was 110 degrees. we have 17,000 people and i will tell you we were sweating. we will make sure it is perfect. take your time. our police just arrived. [applause] [chanting] [inaudible conversations]
7:34 pm
everything is good? i am getting the sign. [applause] give that person making and -- in a hand. when they go down at the trump rally there will always come back. it is amazing. you keep going in on lettuce no. i will help you myself. we went to indiana and going there i got to know the great barbie -- bobby knight. he said it is coach knight i want you to run for president. i set a haven't made up my mind. gilbert: like to endorse you. we were winning state after state after state then we
7:35 pm
hit indiana maybe we would not do was wall. remember that? they said it was a watershed. he said the access to bobby knight? i said that i do. so i'll lift up the huge pile of papers it was right there. like a miracle from god. [laughter] that says jesus for trump and you are right. [applause] gilbert: love to be there and that was a very strong performance. but i really got to know of our country and i got to know all.
7:36 pm
and one of the things that i saw -- she will be back. watch. [applause] one of the things that happened i saba was bill mcgowan so closely and so vividly. but nafta is a disaster. signed by bill clinton. [booing] you will not believe the number, 70,000 factories, manufacturing facilities have closed since nafta up. who would believe this? i thought they'd made a mistake. millions of jobs.
7:37 pm
many people are making less room now all they and 25 years ago. they are working harder sell l. my. but this is good work if we can win north carolina and we are leading in ohio. [applause] we are doing great in florida. [applause] by the way the teleprompter seven working for the last 20 minutes and unlike my speech better without teleprompter is. [cheers and applause] and this way, let me see. [applause]
7:38 pm
i like it better without the teleprompter. and i notice every time i looked up it is trying. it is straining. get it out of here. i like it much better without that. is funny. i went through b-17 professional politicians with no teleprompter. that all of a sudden they say you are running the election. you need a teleprompter. that is fine but it is cooler without it. don't you think? i like it better without. [applause] it is a little strange.
7:39 pm
i watch hillary she gets the biggest pieces of glass sometimes it is painted black on the other cited she always just reads. and then she goes all then goes to sleep off laugh. [laughter] and she is not going to campaign anymore because she is prepping for the debate. the last time they set i beat her easily. [cheers and applause] [chanting]
7:40 pm
appearing is the story and the way i work. the teleprompter does not work. that means the company doing the company is said the back they did not do a good job. so i will not pay them for the tomorrow i will have a story in the newspaper donald trump did not pay a contractor to put up the teleprompter. why should i? they did not work. [applause] they will make me a bad guy. i pay contractors on time. look at the old post office on time and under budget in pennsylvania.
7:41 pm
but if you have a bomb contractor or a bad contractor don't pay or cut the price if it is good get it out there. but government should do this same thing. they build roads that cost much more than they are supposed to. the build roads it is double and triple if uc want thousand percent there is of hospital built in my favorite state it is so out-of-control, 1,000 percent the veterans hospital. not even a big deal. our country has to be able to do things on time and on budget to build on time and i don budget. enhanced to purchase military equipment not just because somebody owns the
7:42 pm
company but because that is the equipment that are generals and a soldier is what. [applause] we have to do it. had we will change the whole purchasing procedure to purchase of purchase of drugs. the drug companies have a powerful lobby. we don't negotiate properly we would save so much money. it is true about the mark -- military. with this stuff that they don't want you are a political power to those that make the decisions that all the sudden they buy the equipment that we will not
7:43 pm
do that anymore. with $100 million of my money they said one in particular. you don't realize it doesn't matter if u.n. or lose it makes no difference. but if we don't win on november 8 it will degrade is waste of time and energy and energy. have you heard that word before? he signed the of pledge but a couple of those signed the pledge they wanted me to. but then when they were lost they never were beaten so
7:44 pm
badly. but they did not honor the pledge. obeid few of them. like ben carson. and mike hough beat -- cut the be with a lot of great support. especially the real-world. a couple of the leaders are not working and also will but i will tell you this. we will have an amazing victory november 8. we will come back here to celebrate. this is all about the people. i was talking about jobs.
7:45 pm
when you get to the different places is then our country and how they are sucked into mexico here is what will happen. i go to indiana and see a carrier airconditioner 1400 that followed me all of her -- over. they were fired and some were there 25 years. carrier announced they were moving to mexico to make air-conditioner sops. [booing] then they will sell them into our country and other places and then we say go ahead. you will do this not if i am president. ford announced two weeks ago
7:46 pm
that day are moving up production of their smaller cars to mexico. from our country. by the way we are doing well in michigan and ohio is because they know that i am talking about automobile production. and 2.down what is happening be production in america is moving ahead been talking about a five years. crooked hillary has not started talking. just like promising york state with dollars you will never bring your business back. machine will give the amasses a tax increase. and i am cutting taxes massively. base year used the companies are moving about.
7:47 pm
that is not going to have been any more. whether it is carrier or somebody else will detox do these companies by the way do think anybody comes from the federal government to carrier or ford? made do whatever they want. you have to be nice. so what happens four years and years of do we keep the company said north carolina next to give interest-free
7:48 pm
loans and all sorts of goodies. they want to lead but they deave -- leave but they need the money. but you say the following carrier are you staying or leaving blacks by the way buddy is leaving. and then you say to them if i was made secretary of keeping business in the united states not a very glamorous title. because i would call of the head of carrier. to say congratulations on your new plant in mexico.
7:49 pm
i hear it will be lovely. if you move and we don't want you to but there are consequences. every single time you make air-conditioning unit in mexico to take that you dash and have it come across the border note pterosaur taxes you are one and a do percent wrong. [applause] we will charge you. thirty-five% tax. here is what will happen. number one if they do leave that water 2%. if i am the secretary nobody is leaving so with this so
7:50 pm
k. either way. because we cannot afford to continue we're losing our companies and our jobs and we cannot afford to lose our jobs and economic afford to lose our review fracturing. it will all come to an aunt. we will keep the companies and expand the company's reduced taxes cents ronald reagan and could even be bigger than that. [applause] our companies will stay. our companies are going to expand and in addition they will be started to produce 25 million jobs as insurer
7:51 pm
as you are standing here. whether it is carrier, is that a carrier airconditioner? what you talking about? you don't have a speaker? whoever can run this place is not doing it very well. can you hear me? great job. now we don't have to pay for this and now we don't have to pay for that to. [applause] food the hell runs this place? [applause]
7:52 pm
name said that the speakers don't work and now was having so much fun without the dam teleprompter is can you hear me okay? betty enough. -- good enough may be at will take 30%. we will keep the jobs. we will not give the reagan 400 million in cash $1.7 billion. can you believe that? $1.7 billion in in cash. and now we have embolden them. with this incompetent
7:53 pm
president, all he does is campaign for cricket hillary. because that will be monster. personal with ridiculous health care that does not work. >> m1 hear what happens when he flies to campaign for hillary? i know what happens then iaaf tiny little fraction. is that good or bad? it sounds much better.
7:54 pm
we have no choice but to repeal a and replace obamacare. [applause] you saw what happened. the governor of the minnesota said the affordable care act is not affordable. is a disaster. hillary clinton wants to save it the premiums will go up next year over 100 percent. look at your area. doing of 50 or 60 or 70 or 80%. it doesn't work per i told you it didn't work before. it is a disaster. to have a new health care plan that will cost much
7:55 pm
less money and much higher quality health care. you can have your doctor and your plan. twenty-eight times he said that. twenty-eight times. hillary clinton at the state department, as $6 billion was found to be missing. so here is the story. we will have a great vibrant country again. we will have jobs. we will bring back the institutions and take care of things that have never been taking care of, the inner-city is. where the crime rate is beyond belief.
7:56 pm
it is hard to believe we are in this country. the education is virtually nonexistent. the common core we will gather middle of a common core. [applause] common core is out we will bring education but of those of the inner-city is. and then to get shot. look at chicago. 3,000 shootings. decry unrated is incredible the borders of the united states 45%.
7:57 pm
the highest they have spent in 45 years. event to make the country so much safer for the african-american community, leaving them malady inner-city is to help with education. and to bring the jobs tran4 everybody to make the community say. what the hell do you have to lose? inner-city is are a disaster . washington d.c., of baltimore, what do you have to lose?
7:58 pm
i will fix the inner-city. is a passion of mine i am good at fixing things. more importantly to bring choice is sold important to bring the jobs back to our country some people actually have jobs. i hope they will vote for donald trump. [cheers and applause] and with the hispanic americans. how many hispanic americans do we have? we have a lot. we will bring jobs back. we will fix it. vote for donald trump.
7:59 pm
[applause] . . they don't make the parts anymore. so we are going to fix our very
8:00 pm
depleted military so that our people in the military can have the kind of equipment that they deserve. [applause] we are going to work with our veterans because our veterans in many cases are treated far worse than illegal immigrants coming into the country. we are going to help our veterans. we are going to help our veterans and help them bigley. they know my plan has been posted and i have tremendous veteran support. they are not there to be waiting on line for nine days in seven days in six days and people dying because they can't see a doctor quickly enough for a simple procedure or for simple prescription so we are going to fix that and you all know what we are doing. if you have that kind of a


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