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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  October 27, 2016 12:35pm-2:36pm EDT

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that career investigators at the fbi disagree with that decision, but the point is still very clinton, whether you think she's a role model or knots did destroy 33000 e-mails after they had been subpoenaed. how many people in this room could get away with defying a subpoena? she literally took a hammer to two of her blackberries and crush them. she was described by fbi director: be asked extremely careless with classified information and that no other normal person would do the things that she did. she has repeatedly lied to the american people about that over and over again, so these are two candidates folks, there is no one here that will win a character contest and it is really down to whose policies would be better for south dakota and on that issue there is-- in my mind hillary clinton would be terrible for south dakota would it comes to economic policies, two judges she would put on the court and these are the choices
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we are left with. >> these are divisive times in our nation. are you optimistic or pessimistic about the future of these united states and regardless of the outcome of the presidential election and for the greater good, are you hopeful that the polarized american electric will accept and unite behind the president? >> as you probably can tell i am an optimist, sponsor optimistic about the united states of america, which i love and i think is the greatest country in the world. now, there is a lot of polarization and i think that's the crux of the problem that our congress has populated entirely with career path-- politicians. i am the opposite of that. i've never been elected to a political office, but i'm here offering myself to go to washington and try to change that gridlock that exists. i think that is the problem. its both sides the way we say it's my way or no way and that's
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not a good thing. i'm not the holding to a political party. i'm not beholden to special interest groups such as large donors. on beholden to the voters of south dakota and i think if we can elect representatives like me we can address these problems and make the us better than it even is now in spite of the fact that if the grace country in the world. unfortunate, the republican president shall nominate as not agree with any of that. >> mr. thune. >> we are a great country made up of great people and with the right policies we can be even greater and i hope that when this election is said and done in the smoke clears in the dust settles we can work together and i will do that. i done that my entire time in office. i've stood up to presidents who i thought were trying to do things that were bad for south dakota. i've worked with presidents when i felt like they were doing things that were good for south dakota and that's what we need more of, people willing to build bridges and relationships and get results.
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my whole career has been built around getting results for the people of south dakota. i chaired a committee called commerce science and transportation committee which has jurisdiction over played, trains, automobiles, internet technology and the ranking democrat on my committee, bill melton, join me last week in rapid city this is in the underground lab and we worked together to pass numerous bills through congress this last year and is because of the approach we bring. i think the commerce committee could be a model for a lot of the other committees in congress, but the fact of the matter is the challenges are two great and we have to work together for the good of the american people. i will do that. i always have and i will always put south dakota first. >> we ended this form with two-minute closing statements. in the past hour, we have discussed 24 different subjects. based on what you have expressed and what you have your report-- have heard your opponent express why should the voters of south dakota elect you to serve in the u.s. senate?
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>> i like to thank you, jack, and the rotary club and senator thune as well for this spirited debates. on the fourth generation south dakota race on a farm. , u.s. navy veteran with service in the vietnam war. as a navy pilot i served in europe and the us. i'm a veteran of the peace corps and served in america after volunteering. i have a ba from the university of wisconsin and a master of science degree in computer science from northern illinois university. high-tech software janeiro work for texas intranets instruments in dallas texas. 30 years ago my wife carol, and i am our three children moved back to south dakota to start a business in the last 30 years i've been operating a business and serving my community in various ways.
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on the school board i was president of our rotary club, so i know about rotary and i do love rotary and i think it's those traits, you can tell from my experience not a career politician, quite the opposite. i have a lot of background, so almost everyone i meet i could find some-- something in common with. that's the trait that allows me if elected to the washington to work with other people and to get things done. it's a real problem we have right now, this polarization in our country and i'm not beholding to the democratic party, circling up to the republican party, but in the 19 '90s i was a republican, so i'm the kind of guy who works with lots of different ideas and thoughts and i can work with people i work together and i think that's why november 8, you should vote for me and if you are early boarding boat for me as well. i appreciate the opportunity and look forward to another debate with senator thune tonight. thanks again. >> mr. thune.
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>> thank you. thank you, jay, for the opportunity to discuss the issues. every election, in my opinion, is about the future. now, some of you have heard that i just had a granddaughter about five weeks ago and it makes you even more keenly aware of the things that we do come in the decisions we make them what they will do to shape the future that those kids and grandkids will live in. elections are also the differences and we have some very stark differences in how we approach issues. but, the one thing i will tell you is that we have big challenges facing this country on the economic front, do best front, national security. we will need a strong voice in washington dc. i have proven in the time i've been in office that i'm someone who knows how to get things done. as i mentioned, i chair the commerce science and transportation committee in congress and the senate answered on the finance committee which has jurisdiction over health care, taxes, trade, social security and on the agriculture
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committee. i work on all those committees to put policies and legislation in place that are good for south dakota and gives you a lot of success. in this polarized toxic environment that everyone talks about and get past all the cable news anchors shouting at each other, we have chalked up wins for south dakota. we have passed the long-term highway bill in a decade. we have passed the first freight rail reforms in two decades. we have passed in the nation's security reforms for the first time in eight years. we passed pipeline safety belt. we passed technology bills all out of the commerce committee, all passed the house and sent to the president signed into law. we are getting results for the people of south dakota, but there is a lot more to do. this economy is sputtering, stagnant and we need faster growth, better paying jobs in our economy. we do things well here is south dakota thankfully to a lot of people in this room we need to take the same kind of common sense to washington dc and get
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this country moving in a different direction. i'm asking for your vote on november 8. thank you. >> for their commitment and desire to serve our state and our nation, please join me and thinking the candidates, republican us senator thune and democratic us senate candidate five. [applause]. >> c-span brings you more debate this week from key us house, senate and governor's races. tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern light on c-span republican senator and democratic governor debate for the new hampshire senate seat and a 9:00 p.m. the iowa senate debate between republican senator chuck grassley and democrat patty judge and the 10:00 p.m. republican congressman john cut debates democrat calling deacon for new york's 24th district seat friday night at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span the georgia
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senate debate between republican senator johnny isakson, democratic challenger and libertarian allen buckley. just before 9:00 p.m. democratic congressman rick nolan and republican stuart mills debate for minnesota's eighth district seat. at 9:30 p.m. a debate for colorado's sixth congressional district between the public and representative mike hoffman and democrat morgan carol and saturday night at 10:00 p.m. on c-span the fat-- pennsylvania debate between republican senator pat toomey and democrat katie minden skeet followed by 11:00 p.m. debating the new hampshire governor's race. at midnight on c-span the north carolina governors debate between republican governor pat mcquarrie, them are crap roy cooper and libertarian. now until election today watch key debates on the c-span network, and listen on the c-span radio at. c-span, where history unfolds
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daily. >> donald trump is focusing on ohio today and we will have his rally in spring so, ohio, coming up about 1:00 p.m. eastern in about 15 minutes or so. in the meantime, this week's prime minister question time from the british house of commons with theresa may talking about the decision to leave the european union known as brexit and talks about the negotiations and we will show you as much as we can until the trump rallyd gets underway around 1:00 p.m. >> to the prime minister. james morris. >> this morning i had meetings and in addition to my duties of the house i will show how further such meetings later today. >> james morris. >> thank you mr. speaker.orris.
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we are very proud of our long industrial heritage and also very proud of the recent revivad in the fortunes of the black country with new jobs and investment in the local economy. with the prime minister agree with me that one of the ways to create economy that were sure everyone is to further divulge power and funding to drive investment and to combine that with a strong leadership and vision that only can be provided >> thank you mr. speaker. my honorable friend speaks well for the black country and i'm pleased to echo his comments about the growth in the westy midlands accents 2010 we have seen over 210,000 more jobs, 55000 more to businesses in the region, but he is correct the deal is important. it's the biggest, the deal up
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being done for the west midlands and part of that is cruciallyll the election of directly elected mayor and i think with hiss knowledge and his business experience he will drive economic growth. [shouting] >> thank you mr. speaker. could i start by welcoming the child refugees that have arrived in britain in the last few days? they are deeply traumatized young people and we should welcome them and love them the best way we can. mr. speaker, in respect of the party when members of this housecoat to health problems we reach out with the hand off support and solidarity and friendship to pay i went to pay tribute for the social media message he sent out this morning showing amazing humor and bravery and we wish him all the best. mr. speaker, the our regular sessions of the joint ministerial council to discuss brexit, but it seems the prime
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minister counterparts are feeling the same sense of frustration as members of this house took the first minister from wales said there is a great deal of uncertainty, but they are clear they need full and unfettered access to the market. in the prime minister help the first minister wells and the others by giving us clarity? >> first of all, can i commendpo in response to the comments, can i commend the home i'm-- officeh for the work they are doing to ensure that they're looking for the best interest of the child refugees so they are provided- with the support they need when they come here to the united kingdom and can i also join him in committee my honorable friend from stanford are willing to be so open about the health problem he has and we wish him all the very best for the future and for his place in this house. in relation to the issue of clarity on the aims the
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government has in relation to brexit, i have been very clear and i will be clear again-- [shouting] >> there are those who talk about me and those that talk about them. i'm talking about and in what we went to see is the best possible arrangement for trade and operation within the single european market, businesses in goods and services in the united kingdom. >> i thought for a moment the prime minister was going to say brexit means brexit again. there are others-- [shouting] >> i'm sure she will tell us one day what it actually means. the mayor of london also added that is causing unnecessary certainty, but also very important uncertainty.
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mr. speaker, it's would be also very helpful if the prime minister could provide some clarity over the northern ireland border. will we continue membership of the customs union or are we going to see border checks introduced between or northern ireland and the republic? >> the leader of the opposition tries to poke fun of the phrase of it brexit means brexit, but the whole point is this-- [shouting] >> brexit, this government that is listening to the voice of the british people. brexit means brexit and that means coming out of the european union. the gentleman seems to be frustrating people that-- in relation to the north and irish border a considerable amount of work was already going on withte
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the irish government to look the issues around the common travel area. that work continues. we have been clear, thef government of the republican of ireland has been clear, but none of us want to see a return to the borders and i was simply remind the right honorable gentleman that the common travel area has been in place since 1923, which was well before either of us joined the european union. [shouting] >> on monday the prime minister said the customs union was that the binary choice. i can't raise other than a choice of whether you have a border or you don't have a border. there isn't a third way on that one. on monday, her friend honorable member expressed concern of the
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aerospace industry while the british banking association said its members are poised quivering over the relocate button. every day the prime ministererdh dithers over this chaotic brexit , employers delay investment and there are rumors circulating about relocation. this cannot carry on until march of next year. when does the prime minister going to come up with a plan? >> i had to say the fact that he seems to confuse the customs union with the border when they are actually two different issues shows why it's important that it is this party that is a government and not his. he talks about the plan. had been very clear that we want to trade freely with-- trade with and operate within the single european market. i want this country to be a
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global leader in free trade.labp i want to reintroduce control on free movement, so we have in free movement. the labour party wants to continue with free movement. i went to deliver on the will of the british people. he has tried to frustrate the will of the british >> mr. speaker, there was no answer on the border, which was a question and on monday, mr. speaker, the prime minister told the house and i quote we have a plan which is not to set out at every stage of the negotiation the details. i've been thinking about this for a couple of days, mr. speaker. i think when you are searching for the real meaning and importance behind the prime minister's statement you have to consult the great philosophersh. took the only one i can come up with--
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[shouting] >> , your self. calm is a gr >> who says our cunning plan is to have no plan. brexit was apparently about taking back control, but that you thought governments don't know the plan. businesses don't know the plan. a parliament doesn't know the plan.. when will the prime minister abandoned the brexit and develop a plan that delivers for the whole country?ghter] [shouting]>> i >> i'm interested-- was a member of the labour party.
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[laughter] >> we are going to deliver on the boat of the british people. we are going to deliver the best possible deal pro trade in goods and services both with and operation within the european union and we are going to deliver and to free movement. that's what that reddish people want and that's what this government is going to deliver.e >> three years ago the united kingdom back to saudi arabia. on the 28th, of october, there are elections again for the human rights council. a un panel has warned a saudi arabia's bombing of yemen has violated international law and amnesty international saysecutie executions are on the increase. women are widely discriminated. torture is common and human rights organizations are banned, so will her government again be
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back in the saudi dictatorship for membership of that committee >> as the gentleman knows where there are legit met human rights concerns in relation to saudi arabia than we raise them and in relation to the accident yemen we had been clear that we want the incidence referred to beat to be properly investigated and we want the saudi arabian if there are worse in-- lessons to be learned that they learn lessons, but i will reiterate that our relationship with saudi arabia is a important relationship in relation to the security of this country and counterterrorism and foiling activities of those who would wish to do harm here in the uk. [shouting]>> mr. >> mr. speaker, a yemeni man who lives in europe-- liverpool told me this week that yemen is quickly becoming the forgotten crisis. if people are being killed byn'
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bombst be and its hunger that ks them.tht the uk needs to use its influence to help the people of yemen. bombs exported from britain are being dropped on yummy and children. if there are war crimes committed in as the un suggests they must be investigated. isn't it about time this government suspended its arms sales to saudi arabia? >> the issues are beingg investigated. we have taken action. he is right to refer to theto humanitarian crisis in yemen in this country is one of those that is in the forefront of ensuring humanitarian aid is that's a record of which i believe this country and this government can be proud around the world in terms of the actions taken. it's important. hostility in yemen, which was for 72 hours over the weekend and as i referred to on monday i spoke to the crown prince of our
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dobby over when the issues we discussed with the importance of trying to find a political solution in yemen and seeing if it could be continued. it hasn't been continued, but wi are clear that the only solution that will work in yemen is to make sure we have that political solution that will give stability. >> mr. speaker, 20 years ago a conservative government agreed that christ church and councils could retain their sovereigntyie independence and control over their own destiny. [shouting] >> will my right honorable friend assure the house that the governments will not agree to the abolition of christ church or the counsels against the will of my constituents? >> my right honorable friend is
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right to speak up for his constituents and he's also right that there isn't a single model, which is going to work every part of the country. that's why we believe it's important for local people to come together in determining what's right for them. i know my right honorable friend is trying to build a consensus as to the right way forward and i think it's right that people are able to respond to the consultation and their concerns listened to. >> the scottish poppy appeal is launched today for parliamentarians, so i take the opportunity that we will commend efforts to raise money for the poppies. .. where we expect to cease fire to end shortly and shawt --
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slaughter to begin. >> first of all, may i join the right honorable friend in commending and praising the work of all those across the whole all those across the whole of the united kingdom who gavend their time and efforts to raise money for the if you. it is very important that we never forget those through many conflicts who have given of themselves for the safety and security of us and it is important we recognize that and give generously to the poppy field over the united kingdom. in relation to syria of course it is important to approach this in a number of track. were involved, my right honorable friend the foreign secretary has been involved in discussions with the united states, sector and state senator gary about, sector a state carried about these particular
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issues looking for the way forward. i raised the issue of russian actions in syria come to theparc bombing of aleppo for the european union council at the end of last week. it was only on the agenda because the uk has raised it as result of that discussion the eu agreed that should the atrocities continue the we will look at all available options for taking action to put pressure on russia to stop the indiscriminate bombing of innocent civilians. >> i commend the prime minister are those endeavors but it's widely expected that the onslaught on aleppo will be unleashed by russian air power which is currently staying across the mediterranean aboard the admiral and its battle group. in recent years more than 60 russian naval vessels have refueled and resupplied in spanish ports. will be prime minister join me and eu and nato allies in unequivocally calling on spain
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to refuse the refueling? >> the right honorable gentlemen refers to passage of russian naval ships and, of course, on the high seas they are able tor travel as they wish although of course when they went to the english channel they wereey werp accompanied by royal naval vessels as they went through. but what we have seen sadly is the russians are already able to unleash attacks on innocent civilians in syria. what matters is that we put pressure on russia to do what everybody agreed is the only way that we're going to resolve this issue, which is to been sure that we have a political transition in syria, and that's where we should focus our attention. >> thank you mr. 's bigger. mr. speaker, my constituency forms part of a new west midlands combined authority, so
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the renewal power has been to fall to the new and the prime minister tell how the new cars will help my constituents andrs local businesses in this is such as manufacturing from the automotive industry? >> i can confirm to my honorable friend that the deal will provide the west midlands with 1 billion pounds over 30 years has been on local projects that will drive economic growth. is i think it's important part of the do. it's why it's important to have a menu understands the local area but also as this expertise to ensure that those economic projects are being developed with the interests of the local county in the prime focus for the. i believe that the deal will deliver more jobs and economic prosperity across the west midlands. it's good for the rest of the country as well. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the independent inquiry on child sexual abuse was established tor
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deliver long-awaited justice for victims and survivors and to dom so it must have the confidence.o surely the survivors association has spent more than 600 survivors of abuse which took place in the council and children's homes and has raised a series concerned about changes to the inquiry. will be prime minister meet wite me and representatives from the survivors association to discus their concerns and take action so that confidence can be restored? >> the honorable lady makes a very important point. the whole purpose of this inquiry was to be able to provide justice for those whose voices have not been heard to longer and before the people positions of power and institutions of the state andti the organization had not heard their voice can not be prepared to listen and probably muscovites happen to the. it is important that an antivirus have confidence in the inquiry. the inquiry is an independent inquiry and it is up to the inquiry chairman julie reach out, to work with survivors of
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victims which i know the chairman has been doing. i will certainly ensure that tha home secretary has heard of the representation of the honorable lady has made and we will take what she said to us today i weigh and consider very carefully what she said. we all want this inquiry to work properly and work in the interest of survivors and victims. >> thank you, mr. speaker. prime minister will be aware ofi the commitment to our armed forces personnel and their families by way of the armed forces is a work in progress and that was we have made important as they were still much more to do. onity t will she take this opportunity to assure this house of her personal commitment to the values and promises set out in the covenant and efforts to ensure pass person families -- services and sacrifices they have all made to our country speak with my honorable friend is absolutely right and i know
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she is a champion the armed forces covenant and is a great proponent of our veterans of the armed forces. it is right everybody in this house should owe a great debt of gratitude to our veterans and to those who are serving today and armed forces to what they do to keep us safe and secure. that's why so important that the covenant isn't just a responsibility. we should all be working to ensure that those who have served us and serve as well doin not face disadvantage. it's like we've been doing things like putting money into -- help with houses, and we must continue to do this. i absolutely commit to ensure that this is a government that continues to support our veterans and members of our armed forces. >> thank you, mr. speaker. mr. speaker, last year my 25 year old nephew committed suicide after a very short period of pressure -- depression. is gp referred them to talking
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therapy counseling. but warned him it would be at least six months before he got an appointment. mr. speaker, these treatments in the nhs are very often a waiting game and a dangerous waiting game, and they force towards -- what is the prime minister doing to store this crisis out? >> can i first of all recognize and commend the honorable gentleman for raising the personal experiences that he has of the terrible tragedy that can occur when mental health problems are not properly dealt with. he raises a very serious issue and it's a serious issue for everybody in this house on how the nhs treats mental health.dn it's why we have established this context for mental health and physical and the national health service. it's why we are seeing record levels of funding at the question of talking therapies which are therapies can which are very effective, and we have
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been introduced -- i accept there is more for us to do this in hi this area to ensure that those with mental health problems are properly treated, i properly given the care and attention that they need it is an issue not just for them to its initial full of our society. >> my right honorable friend became prime minister and dramatic and extraordinary circumstances. and in my judgment she has proved more than capable of rising to the many challenges -- [shouting] >> it was not my right honorable friend's thought that the chilcot report took seven years, or more than 10 million pounds in terms of cost. now that we know that parliament was misled, with my right honorable friend reassure me that she has a cunning plan to ensure that action is taken?
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>> i think my honorable friend for his comments.did it was, what the chilcot report it was an important task, but although it did look and criticize the way which information has been handled ini a number of aspects, it did not say that people have set out deliberately to mislead. i think it's important we recognize that. it is important also that we learn the lessons from the chilcot report and that's what the national security advisor is leading in a piece of work and exercise to do precisely that. this was a long time coming. it was a serious report. there was much into. we need to ensure that we do learn the lessons from it. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker.r.n six, question six, please. >> now, just get in there, man. sincerely. >> the prime minister will be a where much of the foundation and many of the elements of the 1998
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settlement of the peace in northern ireland referenced, and eu approaches and processed the laws of leaving the eu would destabilize the foundations of that settlement. as the prime minister giving any consideration to the extent of the potential damage the eu withdrawal from the european union could do to that good wita belfast agreement and the political a settlement with dutch at this stage have any plans to protect that settlement? >> that i say to the honorable gentleman i don't believe there's any reason to believe that the outcome of the referendum will do anything to undermine the absolute rocksolig commitment of government and the people of northern ireland to the settlement those set out in the belfast agreement. there is and remains strongor tl support for the entirety peaceful future for northern ireland. that has been determined by democracy and consent. we been committed to that and we remain committed to work with
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others to ensure that entirely peaceful future. >> thank you very much, mr. speaker. general electric to start a compassionate its confidence in the uk's economy and my constituents by starting construction of the second of its two new world-class research and manufacturing facilities on the rest of this is part. would be prime minister meet with agenda electric and otherwise minister manufactures here to teleport supply chains and markets free of tariffs and bureaucracy are to them at their hundreds of thousands of stocks? >> well, i'm delighted to hear the commitment that ge has made to stanford but it's more than a commitment to stanford it's a commitment to the united kingdom and to the future of our economy in the united kingdom. i understand my right honorable friend the international trade secretary has already met with gd discuss with them theirre interest in trade and what we can be doing to promote free
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trade as i said earlier i want the uk to be a global leader in free trade and we're listening to businesses around the country in the important that they place on free trade as well as at the negotiations threatening the eu. >> thank you very much indeed mr. speaker. is the prime minister aware of the recent reports showing the continuing and alarming increasn in average alcohol consumption in the uk, and particularly amongst women? given the numerous health risks associated with excessivessive alcohol consumption, we'll for government together with the drinks industry resume of the case of warnings on all alcohol at products?ze what th >> i recognize what the honorable gentleman raises ine terms of the figures being shown, the figures in relation to women and the use of our goal. of course, i was part of thet development of the alkyl strategy that the government produced a few years ago and i'm pleased to say at the time we
1:13 pm
working well with industry to encourage them to ensure thatur they could take steps to have an impact on the drinking habits of the nation. >> thank you, mr. speaker. [inaudible] it's imperative we invest a new road infrastructure. with this in mind will my right honorable friend back my campaign to ensure that we don't get stuck in a jam? >> well, i seem to recall i first met my honorable friend when she was campaigning on issue in relation to this.lutelt she's right, that in order to support the railway infrastructure we need to ensure the right road infrastructure is there. that's why we are investing 15 billion in the roadnv investment strategy. that's about boosting local
1:14 pm
economies and further economic growth to understand highways are looking at the issues in the east midlands and the get bringu afford significant new roads enhancements around expected sites avenue east midlands hs2 station and going forward looking at roads in the area and i trust my honorable friend will make her voice heard on this issue as she has been in the past. >> thank you, mr. speaker. and i turn the prime minister to the answer she gave to my friend. the manifesto promised -- shorter nhs waiting times for those who need help with their mental health. but as prescription for antidepressants still rise. my constituents who need talking therapies have to wait a month for referral and well over four months for treatment. so was that manifesto was just words are what the prime minister ever deliver?
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>> i gave a serious answer to her honorable friend, which is that we have a look at the issue of talking therapies and the availability of talking therapies in the waiting times that relate to talk therapies. and we do want to improve the options of people have private access to talking therapies precise because they have been shown to be successful in so many cases. so this is something the government is working on and we will continue to work on it to provide as we have said that parity between mental health and physical health in the national health services. >> thank you, mr. speaker as a formal will ability in my right honorable friend will understand the significance of transport to southwest london and in particular for wimbledon. couldn'could write up a friend d me that the government stilll supports crossrail to ambush as the second state to set out a timetable for the delayed consultation? >> i can actually do the commitment we continue to support crossrail to.
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we're waiting to see a robustng business case and a proper funding proposal in relation to crossrail to make it my right of a friend, the transport secretary is setting up with a r timetable in relation to this is. but i can assure my honorable friend as a formal wimbledon person we will aware of the interesting aspects of this and the needs of the local area are being taken into account. >> mr. speaker, in the indian occupied area in the last three months 150 people have died, 6-under blinded by the use of public and some over 16,000 injured, many critical come and expensive -- food and shortages. will the prime minister meet with me and cross party colleagues to discuss the human rights -- and asia self-determination for the people asset and the resolution
1:17 pm
with the u.n. in 1948? [inaudible] spent extremely grateful to the honorable lady.[i >> the honorable lady sets out her case in these issues that should identified in relation. we have taken, i take the same to as the government has since the came into power and, indeed, previously, which is the issue of kashmir is a matter for india and pakistan to deal with and to sort out.go but the foreign secretary has harder representations and i'm sure be interested be interesting taken those issues up with her. >> thank you, mr. speaker. several months ago i raised the issue of enhanced medical assistance for the kurdish peshmerga with the former prime minister his last year. i then worked with the new prime minister. now with the campaign in mosul ongoing will my honorable friend agreed to meet with the representatives of the kurdish regional government to discuss what we can provide specialist medical facilities in the uk,
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for instance, they seriously t want to peshmerga and to ensure that the forces on the ground are getting all the support they need because understand their short heavy weapons and basic things like helmets and body armor. >> my honorable friend is right and it recognize this is an issue he has raced before. i would first say what we have seen is the coalition activity that is taking place is having some impact and is having an impact as we wished to in relation to daesh. there are plans at the moment either to undertake him do what he is suggested in this question or to provide a field hospital and field medical capabilities from the united kingdom. but we do continually review what we are doing in terms of support as the coalition. of course, we are also part ofla the training that we are providing for the peshmerga. provid that doesn't the training in the provision of medical. >> we all recognize -- not a
1:19 pm
long-term solution to the ongoing humanitarian crisis. can the prime minister tellsno what the government is going to do to learn from its expenses and to speed up except as a vulnerable individuals as it -- [inaudible] >> individuals are already being brought to united kingdom under the enemy. that's in addition to the resettlement scheme are vulnerable citizens we have, the 20,000 that will be brought the uk over the course of thise syrn parliament and in addition to the 3000 vulnerable people, children and other people who will be bringing from middle east and north africa. working with unhcr and all to make sure it is right for the individuals to come here to the united kingdom and that they have the support when they today. i would remind the honorable gentleman it is in this country that is the second biggest bilateral donor in relation to american aid in the city region and we are able to support and provide or more people in region and i think that's absolutely
1:20 pm
the right thing to do. >> thank you, mr. speaker. around heathrow, legal and all the latest are being breached come over -- that pushes increased according to heathrow david. [inaudible] candy prime minister explain how a third runway can be delivered and comply with pollution, legal requirements. does she agree environmentally heathrow is not good enough and cannot possibly be both bigger and better? >> the government looked very closely at this issue of air quality and environmentalqual impacts of all three schemes that were proposed by the airports commission to we took extra time to look at those. that was from a position to take increase airport capacity in the southeast.dee we want to look at the air quality issues. the evidence shows air quality standards can be met as required
1:21 pm
of all three of the schemes including the northwest runwayeq at heathrow. my friend raises an issue that is actually about more than airports because the question of air quality is also about road transport and that's why we are looking to do more in relation to what we're doing for air it's wide i'm pleased to see we are such a leading edge in the electric vehicles. >> the prime minister is real plan for brexit seems to be to cut a special deal for the city of london so that the bankers avoid an that are consequent ise leading eu economic unions. [shouting] we have an economic -- economy with a 5 billion pounds trade surplus last year and 200,000 jobs dependent on trade with the european union. a hard brexit forever bells. bills. will she cut a deal for wales?
1:22 pm
[shouting] >> i will be cutting the best deal for the united kingdom, all parties. [cheers and applause] >> george freeman. >> every year hundreds of people are diagnosed our diet from rare diseases like cystic fibrosisr and rare cancer for which there is no treatment or is expensive. is because in the final report of our review which sets out a new model for nhs use its leadership to get quicker access to discounted price of th the willful prime minister join me in welcoming that we do what's which he support the life science sector and encouraging -- to implement this? >> i certainly join my honorable friend in joined the publication ofnd imp you. it's important to the patiente and get quicker access to drugs and treatments. it is a think united kingdom has established a leading role in relation to life science and i will pay tribute to my friend for the role he has played in
1:23 pm
developing life sciences here in the united kingdom. i know the department of health will be looking closely at specific recommendations from that report but will be doing so in light of recognizing that if we can take opportunities through the national health services encouraging the development of new drugs and benefits of patients that we should do so. >> thank you, mr. speaker. prime minister just told us to our record levels of spending going into our mental health services. her health secretary stood at the dispatch box and told his that a portion of ongoing tomato from everyone of our -- should be increasing. why is it then 57% are reducing the proportion of spending medco health was yet another broken promise. when will we have with the quality in our country? >> the fact i set out we spending record levels in nhs mental health is actually write but i said in response to a
1:24 pm
number of people who question it is that we recognize that is more for us to do in mental health. i would've that we should across party support on doing just that. >> thank you, mr. speaker. by right honorable friend said if you suffer from mental health problems and nothing else help. that i welcome my right honorable friend's commitment to mental health, expressed on thar day -- [shouting] >> and how response today, and can as to what steps she is taking to make sure that those ambitions for mental health are received? >> i am pleased to say that, in fact, what we see are from somee of the comments the impression is given from some of the comments opposite is that since 2009-10 of an 750,000 more people are accessing talking therapies. 1400 more people are accessing mental health services every day
1:25 pm
compared to 2010. so that's up by 40%. my honorable friend who i know has a particular interest in this issue and to particular expertise in this area is right that we need to do more and that's why we are continue to invest in mental health services and continued to increase the standards that we provide. >> thank you, mr. speaker. just 20 children are diagnosed with inoperable brain tumors as the result of sclerosis every year. and yet despite earliertumo indications, any testing then turned that down for funding a bushy meet with me and thefu association to discuss how we can get through this blockage and get the treatment that the children in?ge >> i'm very happy to look at the issues the honorable gentleman has raised and look at detailed to look to see what can be taken to move that forward.
1:26 pm
>> order. [inaudible conversations] >> on c-span2 rely at the champions of expo in springfield ohio. smack in the of the eighth congressional district. we are waiting to from donald trump to spend the day to day in ohio, 12 days away from election day. it should be getting underway shortly. we will have live here on c-span2 once it does start. want to let you know as well we are covering hillary clinton. she's on the road in north carolina today with michelle obama in winston-salem. that event at 2 p.m. eastern over on c-span once it gets underway. here on c-span2 donald trump coming up shortly. in ohio and after opening his new hotel in washington at a historic location, the top
1:27 pm
international hotels at the old post office pavilion in the nation's capital. we will show you some of as wait for the rally in ohio to get started. >> hello, everyone. it's an honor to stand before you today and officially welcome you to trump international hotel and tower in washington, d.c. this has been an unforgettable year for my family for many reasons. as eric said our business at trump hotels continues to thrive in the last 12 months we have completed the redevelopment of trump national in miami, florida, come the iconic resort in scotland, and and this difficult international golf links in ireland. next month when opening a stunning hotel and residential tower in vancouver, canada. we've also launched our newest brand which will enable us to expand our quickly growing
1:28 pm
footprint beyond five star of the luxury markets and locations such as this one. we have celebrated many milestones but the one that gathers us here today, the grand opening of the redeveloped old post office building is incredibly special to each member of my family, both personally and professionally. a renovation is much more complex than a ground up construction project and the redevelopment of the building we're standing and has been perhaps the most challenging and gratifying of them all. when this property was originally built in 1899 its grant you was meant to signal to the rest of the country that pennsylvania avenue was america's mainstream. a full city block and heart of washington, d.c., you didn't have to be a visionary to see the potential despite the fact that in recent years time has taken its toll on its national treasure. in 2011 the old post office was
1:29 pm
considered the most sought after redevelopment opportunity in the country, and my father and i fought hard against the largest hotel companies and developers in the world to win the deal. over the course of eight months our team worked nonstop to study the building and strategize the best approach to restore its two with full potential, an and in some. after an exhaustive evaluation process we were ultimately awarded the deal by united states government. we were selected by a panel of judges based on criteria that included our vision for the property, the strength and experience of our development team, our companies financial wherewithal, our track record and a plan to bring vibrancy to pennsylvania avenue. one of the reasons i love real estate, a passion inherited from my father can is because at the end of the years of hard work there exists a tangible validation of your efforts and the efforts of so many people. ..
1:30 pm
involved in the design, construction, and now the operation of this project. made it a point of personal pride to be extra precise in their work to be sure it was completed to an extremely high standard. my brothers and i included. a good sign, sign of a good leader, is how hard his or her team works when the boss is not there. my father's team has worked very, very hard on this building, and we're standing here today, it's evident, of that tremendous effort. including the historic clock
1:31 pm
tower, which still houses our nation's bells of congress, the old post office is the second tallest building in washington, dc after the monument. behind the facade is the city's largest luxury ballroom and within the building itself the guests will discover the most spacious suites in the district. we have painstakingly preserved original architectural elements like the stone cashings and granite facade, extraordinary mill work on the wood doors and the marble wainscoting. a few weeks ago i met a contractor on site who was wearing a trump shirt. he was very proud to tell me he helped my father build trump tower in new york city 15 years ago. as a daughter, this political
1:32 pm
season has been one of the most interesting journeys of my life. publish, but each day if a a heard critics against my father's business but one of the most telling sign's his skis e success is the thousands of people who have worked with him, worked for him, fought with them, and who continue to stand by his side, in their quest to achieve great things. when this property was put out to bid, congressman john micah, chairman of the house oversight committee, held a press conference in the vacant building. it was without heat and in the freezing cold heed a machine issued the crowd about government excess and noted the old post solves was losing the government between $8 million and $6 million a year. at a committee hearing following our soft opening last month. congressman micah said that trump international hotel washington, dc is now creating
1:33 pm
hundreds of jobs, and is a stellar example of turning underutilized federal properties around with the help of the private sector. win we againsted construction and at the groundbreaking ceremony i pledged my family's commitment to the project and ensuring its successful congratulations. i told you that we would not disappoint you, and that we would never let you down. today is a celebration, not just of meeting but exceeding those goals. this achievement wouldn't be possible without our extraordinary team at the trump organization. thank you all for the design and preservation,, a, a architects for their tremendous contribution to the process and also like to thank me many elected officials and staff members of the federal and d.c. government who i've had the
1:34 pm
opportunity to work with so closely, including the general services administration, national park service, commission of fine arts, national capital planning commission, d.c. mayor's office, fire department, the police deposit, -- department and the historic preservation office. additionally i'd also like to extend a special thank you to congresswoman eleanor holmes- norman. the most -- a great partner over the last five years and someone i have great respect for and have thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed getting to know. finally, thank you to my father, who took a few hours away from his grueling schedule on the campaign trail to be here today. years ago, when we promised the city of d.c. that trump would be coming to pennsylvania avenue in 2016 we had no idea what we were
1:35 pm
foreshadowing. this is an important moment for our family and our company, and it wouldn't be possible without the hard work and support of this visionary man. so without further adieu, let me introduce my father, donald j. trump. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, everybody. i appreciate it. thank you, melania, stephanie, laura, thank you very much. we were very proud of our company. we built one of the great real estate companies of the world. but it seems very insignificant compared to what we're doing now, and as soon as we're finished cutting the ribbon, i'm off to north carolina, new hampshire, and back down to florida. right here we're doing very
1:36 pm
well. with the notable exception of 1600 pennsylvania avenue, this is the most coveted piece of real estate in washington, dc, the best location. i'm honored to be here today to support my family and especially my daughter, ivanka, for her dedication to this project. she worked so hard. i'm also honored to have a chance to thank the incredible team of people who brought our vision for washington's historic old post office to life, including hundreds of construction workers, electricians, maintenance workers and so many others who helped make this project a reality. they're really the important ones. a project like this demonstrates what is possible when a team works together for a totally common purpose. it also shows how to work with our government and to get things done.
1:37 pm
my theme today is five words. underbudget and ahead of schedule. that what we do. underbudget and ahead of schedule. [applause] >> so important. we don't hear those words too often in government but you will. our agreement with the government required completion of the project by 2018. we were dramatically ahead of schedule on this project, and underbudget. we turned a property that has been neglected for decades and which was losing huge sums of money for the federal government, into a major revenue producer and job creator. this is what i want to do for our country, and this is what we're working so hard to do. right now, just about everything our government touches is broken or they break it.
1:38 pm
it's always overbudget, behind schedule, and simply nothing works. look at the veterans administration, where new hospitals could 00ths of millions of dollars overbudget. and yet our brave veterans still don't get anywhere near the kind of care they need or deserve. look at our decaying infrastructure. our aging military equipment, our military is so depleted. despite having the greatest people on earth. i mean, they are the greatest people in our military, but it's so depleted. the tax code is broken. the education system is broken. we spend the most for any of any country on education and get bad results, and so many parts of our country are in a state of disrepair, and now it was just announced yesterday that obamacare is in freefall, with
1:39 pm
premiums going up massively and places like the great state of arizona, going up over 100% in cost. unaffordable, unusable, and doesn't work even if you can afford it. the american people know what this election is about, and they see it every time they get their healthcare bills in the mail box or ride down a highway that is broken or go to an airport that looks like it's from a third world country. remember hillary said herself, it was called, hillarycare before it was called obamacare. she made that statement not too long ago and now trying to withdraw that statement. wants to withdraw that so badly, newt. by the way, congratulations on last night. an amazing interview. an amazing interview.
1:40 pm
we don't play games, newt, right? we don't play games. i love my life and business and loved getting to share my dreams with my family. it's an incredible family and melania, i want to thank you very much. you have been -- [applause] my job is to look at undeveloped spaces and imagine what they could be. these are paces -- spaces that have no hope, no future, but you need imagination and you need the ability to get them done, and to unlock their potential and unlock the potential of the people working on those spaces and on those projects, and we have so many things we can do for our country. where others have only dead-ended i've dreamed of the amazing possibilities that we have. that's why government has turned to me in the past to fix projects that had gone in where,
1:41 pm
that were considered total disasters, whether it's turning a landfill, after many, many years, of futile work, into bronx, new york, into a world class golf course that is now open and doing unbelievable business. or revitalizing the facade of the great grand central terminal, or billing and saving the rink in central park, after eight years of futility and spending massive amounts of money and getting it done in four months for a very small amount of money. so many different things. today is a metaphor for what we can accomplish for this country. same thing. this building is a historical landmark, a true american original. it had all of the ingredients of greatness but had been neglected and left to deteriorate for many, many decades. it sat there so beautiful and so
1:42 pm
empty, and was falling into a very, very bad state of condition. it had the foundation for success all of the elements were here, our job was too restore its former glory, honor is heritage and also to imagine a brand new and exciting vision for the future. to create a new place for people and families to come together and a magnificent place at that. i've been very lucky and led a great life. now i want to give back to the country which i love so much and has been so good to me. i want to go into the inner cities can the poor rural communities and failing schools and work on a national plan of revitalization. i'm tired of the excuses from our politicians. i'm tired of being told what cannot be done. i'm tired of people asking americans to defer their dreams
1:43 pm
to another day but really what they mean is to another decade. enough waiting. the time is now. we can achieve our goals for this country and we can do so more quickly than anyone ever thought possible. there is nothing we cannot accomplish. the united states is great. it's great. its people are great. there is no task or project too great. there's no dream outside of our reach. don't ever let anyone tell you it can't be done. the future lies with the dreamers north the cynics and the critics. everywhere i go in this country all i see is untapped potential waiting to be set free. and the biggest element of all is our incredible people, the people of this country. they're just waiting. they're waiting and waiting, and
1:44 pm
i think maybe now their time has come. but we will realize that the potential we can continue to put in our faith and the faith of our country, and we have to say the word "never" will always have to be taken out because we have such tremendous potential. we have to choose the most optimistic path. we have to choose to believe not our politicians, that in many cases truly don't know what they're doing, but to believe in ourselves and in our country. if we do that, anything is possible. i'm asking america to join me in dreaming big and bold and dream for wonderful things in our future. let's close the history books on the failures ins into open a new chapter of success and
1:45 pm
prosperity for all of our people. we have a divided nation. a seriously divided nation. all of our people. that is how we will truly make america great again. thank you very much. i greatly appreciate it. [applause] >> so, we're now going to the lobby. i want to thank in particular now the employees, the construction workers and all of the people that work so hard to make trump international a reality.
1:46 pm
this will be one of the great hotels anywhere in world. i want in particular to congratulate ivanka because this what her baby, and she worked so closely with the gsa, great, great professionals, the gsa people are amazing professionals and work long and hard for years, and this is the culmination. so, ivanka, congratulations, and melania for putting up with the time and all this effort, and we're going to now be cutting a ribbon, and maybe what we'll do is have some of the folks -- why don't you bring them up. come on stage. they're so beautiful. never seen scissors that look this beautiful before. that's great. that beautiful. and thank you to the employees. it's all about service, all
1:47 pm
about loving what you do, so many of them have come up and thanked me. they now have long-term jobs. many, many jobs, and long-term jobs, and we're going to -- we're looking to make this one of the great hotels of the country but it's going to we one the great hotels of the world. we have the finest location, and we have the finest building, building built in 1899. and that was when this was a very, very powerful, rich country, when money was no object. they built the post office with big, big dollars. and the walls are sometimes -- you can take a look and see them -- some of the exterior walls are five feet thick. it's really quite a place and we're honored to have been given the opportunity. so, this is for many, many years of success, many, many years of great jobs, and i just want to
1:48 pm
thank everybody for your hard work and for being here today. thank you very much. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
1:49 pm
>> all right. ready? many, many years of including happiness and everything else. one, two, three. [applause] >> that's from idea now we take you live to springfield, ohio, donald trump is set to appear at a rally in springfield. we're life -- live at the champion center. one of three places in ohio trump stopped at. also toledo and geneva montgomery here on c-span2. ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪
1:52 pm
♪ ♪ >> 12 days left to election day. this is springfield, ohio in between columbus and dayton. they're waiting to hear from donald trump here at the first of three stops in ohio for the trump campaign. in north carolina, hillary clinton campaigning with first
1:53 pm
lady michelle obama this afternoon for the first time as that state begins its early voting in north carolina. we're covering that rally, too. that should get underway in ten minutes or so. our coverage of that will be over on c-span and we'll stay here live on c-span2, waiting to hear from donald trump. ♪ ♪
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>> here on c-span2 live in springfield, ohio, for donald trump rally, one of three stops for the candidate this afternoon, 12 days from election day. also a state with a key senate race going on in that state. rob portman, against the former governor, ted strickland. we covered a debate last week on that. you can fine that at c-span2. more debates tonight on c-span. we'll begin at 9:00 -- 8:00 eastern with the new hampshire senate debate, kelly ayotte running for re-election there against the governor, and then the iowa senate debate, the one and only debate the incumbent i chuck grassley. and patty rastley, and then also tonight at -- 10:00 eastern.
1:58 pm
all of that over on c-span, and as we mentioned, you miss any of it you can fine it at [cheering]
1:59 pm
♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome to the stage, boris epstein, senior adviser to the trump campaign.
2:00 pm
[cheering] >> hello, hello. >> let's get it going. keep it going. we love trump, we love trump, we love trump. we love trump. we love trump. >> we love trump. we love trump. we love trump. we love trump. >> we love trump. we love trump. hello, ohio. how big are we going to win ohio on november 8th? [cheering] >> this is big league. mr. trump is coming out at any minute.
2:01 pm
home here to talk to you about how much we love you. each and every one of you and everybody out there in ohio and all across the great country. mr. trump is exactly the leader this country needs. we love trump. [chanting] we love trump, we love trump, we love trump. we love trump. we love trump. we love trump, we love trump. >> here's what we do not love. we don't love the circle of enrichment that the hillary clinton and the clinton team have built arounds herself. boo. >> do we want a president who is dedicated, who is committed to this country, and who will do everything he can to keep us safe and employed? and who is that? >> donald trump! >> we love trump. >> we love trump. [chanting] we love trump. we love trump. we love trump.
2:02 pm
we love trump. >> we've got 12 days to go. 12 days to go until election day. voting is already underway in this state and all across the country. so we need every one of you to go and vote and also bring three friends. friends. family, people you know, people you see on the street, bring them to vote so we'll win this election. most historic election in the history of this great country. mr. trump will come out to you and talk to you about what this country needs and what is needs is jobs, jobs, jobs. mr. trump is going to keep this country safe. hillary clinton has failed at every turn keeping the country safe. we cannot afford four more years. what we need is donald trump, a successful businessman, who has created tens of thousands and jobs and will create millions of
2:03 pm
jobs for the country. we need donald trump as the next president of this country. i see a drain the swamp sign out there let's get a chant going: [chanting] drain the swamp, drain the swamp, drain the swamp, drain the swamp. >> we are going to break up the rigged system that made the clintons rich. they left the white house dead broke and now $200 million, $300 million reach. how is that possible? it's not. drain the swamp. >> drain the watch. drain the swamp. drain the watch. drain the watch. >> mr. trump is not beholding to any special interests. only beholding to you, the american people, here in ohio and all over this country. and that's why he said as soon
2:04 pm
as he becomes president he's going to repeal and replace obamacare. we just found out the premiums have gone up 20% on average around the country, they've gone up here in ohio. they've gone up 53% in pennsylvania. 116% in arizona. we need to repeal and replace obamacare. mr. trump will do that. mr. trump is also going to end the resolving door between special interests and government, and that's how we are going to drain the swamp. it's that time. mr. trump is ready to come on. thank you for giving me your attention and don't forget. go vote. we love trump, we love trump. >> we love trump, we love trump, we love trump. we love trump.
2:05 pm
♪ ♪ >> ladies and gentlemen, please welcome the next president of the united states, donald j.
2:06 pm
trump! [cheering] ♪ ♪ wow. tremendous.
2:07 pm
oh, wow. thank you very much. thank you. unbelievable. people don't know, i worked in ohio. did you know that? and i had a great experience. and if i didn't have a great experience starting out when i was very young, marsh i wouldn't be here right now. -- maybe i wouldn't be here right now. who knows in 12 days we're going to win ohio and we're going to win back the white house. a brand new poll from remington research, highly respected, has just a few minutes ago come out and in ohio, we are right now four points up.
2:08 pm
early voting is underway so make sure. get out and vote. we don't want to give this away. we have a movement going on like they've never seen before in this country. drain the swamp. got to drain the swamp sign back there. going to drain the swamp. believe me. but this is a movement like they've never seen in this country before and every place is packed and the greatest people on earth and we're going to turn our country around fast. 75% of the people think our country is headed in the wrong direction. we know it's headed in the wrong direction. we're going to fix it. we're going to take our country back and it's going to be put, very quickly, on the right track. [cheering] real change begins with immediately repealing and replacing obamacare.
2:09 pm
it's just been announced americans are going to experience another massive double digit hike in obamacare. you see that. including premiums like in the great state of arizona, where they're going to go up at 116%. don't worry. you'll be there very soon. unless i win in which case you won't have to worry about it. even bill clinton admitted that obamacare is, quote, the craziest thing in the world. where people wind up paying their premiums which double, and their coverage is cut in half. job killing. job-killing obamacare is just one more way the system is rigged. remember the name jonathan
2:10 pm
gruber, the architect of obamacare? he said they could pass obamacare, when he didn't know he was being recorded, they could pass obamacare because the stupidity of the american voter will allow it to take place. the only stupidity was that incredible stupidity shown by our politicians when they forced this bill through, over the furious objections to many politicians, in all fairness. many, many politicians, but really, the american people. and it was very, very sad. and in all fairness to the democrats, had our president not lied 28 times -- remember, you can keep your plan, keep your doctor? it passed by this much. they would not have gone for it. but they believed him, too. like everybody else believed him. they caught him in a lot of lies lately, folks. hillary clinton -- talking about liars -- wants to double done --
2:11 pm
big liar -- hillary clinton wants to double down on obamacare and make it even worse. so here, i'm going to repeal it, replace it. we're going to have a replacement that is so much less expensive and so much better. you don't even get to use obamacare because the deductible is so high, and it's just -- look, it is so out of control. you'll never get to use it. $4,000, $5,000 before you can start taking. just this. and just happened. hillary clinton declared that obamacare -- do you remember this -- one of the greatest accomplishments of president obama, of the democratic party and of our country, a total disaster. here in ohio, another five insurance companies are dropping out of obamacare.
2:12 pm
good luck. good luck in negotiations, folks. that means all the residents covered by plans from these companies will be getting cancellation notices very soon. obamacare is really -- you know this -- a catastrophic event. for ohio workers, and is making it impossible for many parents to pay their bills, support their families or get quality medical care to their children. repealing obamacare is one of the single most important reasons we must win on november 8th. have to win. real change, also means getting rid of the corruption in washington, dc. hillary clinton bleached and
2:13 pm
deleted 33,000 e-mails, lied to congress under oath, made 13 phone calls -- i mean 13 phones, made them disappear. sometimes with a hammer, right? boom. boom. let's get rid of these phones. and then told the fbi she couldn't remember 39 different times. the clinton crew gave more than $675,000 to the wife of the deputy director of the fbi and the man who was overseeing the investigation into hillary's illegal server, a server we now know obama knew about. found that out yesterday. wikileaks. the more e-mails wikileaks releases the more lines between the clinton foundation, the
2:14 pm
secretary of state's office and the clinton's personal finances, they all get blurred. today we read about clinton confident, doug brand, bragging he funneled tens of millions of dollars to bill clinton inc. through the foundation donations, paid speaks and cob assaulting contracts. he called the arrangement unorthodox. the rest of it -- the rest of us call it corrupt. in fact the clinton foundation, even hired a law firm to find out if their pay to play scheme would jeopardize their charitiable status with the irs. if the clintons were willing to play this fast and loose with their enterprise, when they weren't in the white house, just imagine what they'll do given the chance to once again control the oval office. and we have had enough. think we have had enough of the
2:15 pm
clintons in all fairness. don't you think? i've had enough. at what point do we say it? hillary clinton is the most corrupt person ever to seek the office of the president. i propose a contract with the american voters that will end the corruption and give the government back to the people. i want the entire corrupt washington establishment to hear and to heed the words i'm about to say. if we win on november 8th, -- when -- okay. okay. when we win on november 8th. [cheering] we don't want to take it for granted but we are winning in a
2:16 pm
lot of states. have to tell you. the media now, they're going wild. the media is going wild because they're saying, you know, that's guy's winning. in florida, he's winning in north carolina, he's winning in iowa. he's winning in ohio. all right. when we win, right? we are going to washington, dc and we are going to drain the swamp. a lot of spirit in this room. this is a good one. that includes the constitutional amendment to impose term limits on all members of congress.
2:17 pm
at the core of my contract is my economic plan. that plan can be summarized in three very beautiful words, especially for the people in this area and this room. jobs, jobs, jobs. it's terrible what happened to this area, what happened to this country with jobs is terrible. hillary clinton promised to bring upstate new york 200,000 jobs when she ran for senate. and instead the jobs left. they didn't come in. they left. she has been there for 30 years and hasn't fixed anything. she is just made things worse except for herself and her husband. 47 million americans are on food stamps stamps and 45 million americans live in poverty. nearly one in four americans, in their prime earning years, are
2:18 pm
not working or able to work. 70 million american women and children are in poverty or the brink of poverty and nearly half of african-american children under the age of six are living in abject poverty. our national debt has doubled in eight years. and our infrastructure throughout our country is crumbling. bad shape. our airports, our roads, our bridges, our tunnels, our schools, our hospitals. our trade deficit with the world is now nearly $800 billion a year. we are living through the greatest jobs theft in the history of the world. think of it. and that's so true. the single greatest job theft in the history of the world. what our politicians have allowed to happen to this area but to all areas of our country,
2:19 pm
nafta, tpp, they want to approve. a disaster. ohio has lost one in four manufacturing jobs since nafta. a deal signed by bill clinton and supported strongly by hillary. remember, every time you see a closed factory or wiped out community in ohio, it was essentially caused by the clintons. itself was nafta, caused bev the clintons? why a deal like that was allowed? we've lost 70,000 factories. think of that one. 70. i tell everybody. it's a typo. can't be 70,000. it is. we've lost 70,000 factories since china ended the world trade organization. another bill and hillary backed disaster. just this year, eaton corporation in ohio closed its
2:20 pm
plant, laid off 152 workers and moved their jobs to mexico. and you have had many -- i could name them all day long. under my contract, if a company wants to fire their workers, move to mexico, or other countries, and ship their products back into the united states, we will put a 35% tariff on those products. and, folks, just in case you have any questions, when that happens you're not losing your companies anymore, and if you do at least the country is going to make a lot of money. okay? we will immediately begin renegotiating nafta. and if we don't get the deal we want -- right now it's a one-way highway -- we lose our jobs, we lose our companies, we lose everything. we lose or cash. they get the cash, they get the
2:21 pm
jobs, they get the companies, we get the drugs, we get the unemployment. that's all we get. we get nothing. we get less than nothing. we will terminate nafta and get a better deal for our workers if we can't renegotiate it properly we'll get a better deal for our workers and companies because we cannot continue to be the people led by stupid people. we can't. we can't. as part of our plan to bring back american jobs we'll lower taxes on our businesses from 35% down to 15%. we will also cut taxes for middle class families by 35%. and massively simply identify taxes for all americans. we will we -- be a rich nation once again.
2:22 pm
but to be a rich country we must also be a safe country. hillary clinton unleashed isis on to the world. you know that story. and spreading violently -- it's spreading now into the united states. there are now 1,000 open isis investigations in the united states. isis is on a campaign of genocide against christians the middle east or what they call the nation of the cross. okay? the nation of the cross. they are crucifying, drowning, and beheading their victims. this is something that we would read about in history books. and not since medieval times have you heard the beheadings and all of the things happening. so we have no choice. we will stop isis and we will stop them fast.
2:23 pm
and unlike what they've done in mosul, which is turning out to be very rick, we're not giving three and four months notice we're coming in. we're coming in. you think general george patton would say we're coming in, in three or four months, get ready? what a bunch. they're throwing people off buildings, hanging their victims from meat hooks. the "new york post" just published reports about isis crushing christian to death and burning adults alive. now hillary wants massive immigration from the most dangerous regions of the world, where isis operates, including a 550% increase in syrian refugees over and above the thousands and thousands that president obama is taking. we don't want isis in our country.
2:24 pm
the hillary refugee plan would leave us with generations of terrorism, radicalism and extremism, inside of our shores. i only want to admit people who will support this country and love its people. so important. keeping our families safe is the highest obligation of the president of the united states. a trump administration is going to suspend immigration from terror-prone regions and we will suspend the syrian refugee program. that was easy. we're not going to take the risk when it comes to the safety of the american people. no longer. so let me state this as clearly as i can. if i'm elected president, i am going to keep radical islamic terrorists the hell out of our
2:25 pm
country. [chanting] u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a., u.s.a. >> hillary also said she wants totally open borders. no one who supports oborders can ever serve as president of the united states. totally open borders. a trump administration will also secure the borders of the united states and, yes, we will build a
2:26 pm
wall. have to. we have to. [chanting] build a wall, build that wall, build that wall >> and who is going to pay for the wall? >> look, 100%, mexico, in terms off our trade deficit, is making a fortune off the united states. their leaders are doing a much smarter job. but you know what? we'll be happy with mexico, mexico's going to be wonderful, we'll have a great relationship with mexico and with china and with other -- we don't even have good relationships now. they rip us off and we still don't get along.
2:27 pm
at least they should be nice to us. they're not even nice. they'll be nice. thousands of americans have been killed by illegal immigrants. right here in ohio, 60-year-old was murdered in cold blood by an illegal immigrant. earlier that day the killer shot another worm in the arm while she was with her children in a nearby park. police encountered a man more than three weeks with the crime spree but federal authorities refused to take him into custody even though people were saying, please, please, don't let him out. please take him in. then there is the case of 90-year-old earl olander. a fortunate farmer who was brutally beaten by illegal immigrants and led to bleed to death in his home. earl's body was found with his hands bound behind his back and duct taped.
2:28 pm
a brent force injury to hi head. his killers had criminal reports but did not meet the obama administration's priorities for removal. but others that knew him and others that knew them, were pleading, were pleading, don't let them out. don't let them in our society. i have a message for the cartels, the drug dealers and the gang members. when i win, your long -- of crime and here will come to a bush crashing end. we will also repeal obama-clinton defense cuts and rebuild our badly depleted military.
2:29 pm
our air force is the smallest and oldest it's ever been. did you know that? i know what you have here. you guys are good with wright patterson, right? what a great place. but we're very depleted. we have old equipment. we'll bill brand new, modern, state-of-the-art planes to fly right at wright patterson air force base. we have a lot of veterans here today. want too thank them for their service and let them know as president, i have your back. ...
2:30 pm
through the middle east into total turmoil. we are spending $6 trillion on wars in the middle east while our own country falls into total disrepair and now hillary wants to start a shooting war in syria with a nuclear power russia, which could lead to world war iii and the way she talks about vladimir putin, she is always saying wikileaks, it's russia and donald trump. i have nothing to do with russia, folks. maybe donald trump is involved with the russians and the answer is no, but she says donald trump and russia-- look, she speaks so badly of vladimir putin, nick and their country speaks so badly. she uses it to try to get votes
2:31 pm
and i say to myself, how do you speak so badly of someone, i mean, how are they ever going to get along? wouldn't it be great if we actually got along with russia and other countries and together went after isis and knocked the hell out of them? would've never be a good thing? they want to get them out also, but she speaks very badly of vladimir putin and i don't think that is smart. you can be tough, but she should not do what she's doing and has her own team has said in wikileaks she had terrible instincts. to all americans i say it's time for new leadership. it really is time. it really is. can you imagine four more years of obama? that's what you get. is high taxes, high regulations and all these companies cannot even breathe with that
2:32 pm
regulations, unnecessary. its isis all over the place at. she says will stop isis. let me tell you, there was no isis during her term she created with obama a vacuum in iraq. isis informed and obama called them the jv, junior varsity; right? well, they are not the jv anymore, folks. they will be in-- we will not them so hard. they're not the jv and they were not them and now they are in a 32 different countries and she is saying we will get rid of isis. she wants to go back home and go to sleep. that's what she wants. did you see where she got upset yesterday because i took two hours to cut a ribbon to make sure my kids did a good job. we built the building, by the way, under budget and ahead of schedule. [cheers and applause] >> she's a donald trump got off the campaign trail. i mean, i have been doing six,
2:33 pm
seven, eight things a day every single day. she's home sleeping half the time. i say she is definitely a low-energy person. i say where is hillary? a lot-- watch doctor the last debate and up to the second debate she was tired. wow. she walked off that stage-- well, she had a lot of people around. they had a lot of people around her, which was smart. everything will change in november. just a think about what we can accomplish in the first 100 days. [cheers and applause] >> we will have the biggest tax cut since ronald reagan. we are going to eliminate every unnecessary job killing regulation. [cheers and applause] >> we are going to provide school choice and put an end to common core.
2:34 pm
[cheers and applause] >> we are going to rebuild our military and take care of our veterans. we will support the truly great men and women of law enforcement [cheers and applause] >> we are going to save our second amendment, which is under siege. [cheers and applause] >> we will appoint justices to the united states supreme court who will uphold and defend the constitution of the united states. americans are tired of being told by politicians that they have to defer their dreams to another day, but they really mean another decade. it's like our policy in time, we keep electing the same people over and over again. clinton, clinton, clinton, that
2:35 pm
impeachment, the lying, the whole thing. we are going to keep, make the same mistakes if you keep doing that and we are going to continue to hear the same old excuses. these career politicians keep telling us that things can change, that we can't find new solutions. that's basically what they tell us. i have a message for them, the future belongs to the dreamers, not the cynics or the critics. i'm asking all americans to join me in dreaming big and bold things were out future. i will fight for every american of every background in every stretch of this nation. i'm going to fight to liberate our citizens from violence and poverty and crime and fear and i'm going to fight


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