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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  November 6, 2016 12:50am-1:01am EDT

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answer. >> did this to me berger of for some of us you could ask is it important to write symphonies or preserve our environment? the importance of learning the laws of nature and in mathematical terms. and with newton's theory theory, that was first developed for the people in the world to understand that. now is commonplace haute
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that learns quite early in their education. and also apart from knowing the details to knowing what kind of world thises it is a world governed by impersonal laws that place no essentials role. and with the scheme of things soon that history in with the scientific revolution from the 18th
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century that they are assessed with religious fanaticism. but that is so difficult and with that certainty people feel about their ravages believes. >> you also would describe your research as something that is transcendental. >> i don't think so i mean something similar that to fax us deeply as opposed to
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the roots of the feelings that is not directed to spending. >> one of the essays that you have what was einstein wrong about? >> number of things. one of the reasons i wrote that essay is to show the spirit of science that we recognize even the greatest of us in the greatest scientist of the 20th century of all time could be wrong. we are capable to point that out his work is not a sacred text not to depart from. he was wrong i think rejecting one of his own ideas that he had introduced
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a modification in his equation of gravitation the general theory of relevance -- relativity of the general modification to say that it is filled with an energy that affects that gravitational field everywhere in the universe and it affects the way the university is or is not expanding. he introduced that as a means to prevent the collapse of matter under its own gravitation. he wanted to have a static universe. that is what we had at that time of 1917. then he learned that the universe is in fact, is expanding there is no need for that modification and
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decided it was the biggest mistake of his life. because there is such an energy of space one of the articles of the book and it was discovered 1998 and that would have been better to make that modification.
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>> i cannot think of a better story of how people view the nation because you have a reporter from bloomington indiana clearly
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went out of her way with that mom and pop shop to stereotype with that battle in indiana. that was to allow people to say if you want to choose how to run your business is fine if you don't want to follow that religious conscience if you're actively engaging in discrimination but if you are sincerely protect your faith to say in this of a wedding ceremony i do not want to lead to my artistic skill than that is understandable. that is what it was for about with this reporter went out of her way this tiny little small town with the storefront windows in the middle of the street and she saw crosses on the zero
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wall and walked inside and was the daughter of the proprietor and now ask her would you cater a gay wedding? but there was no actual service no money was exchanged it was a hypothetical question and she said no. to serve them every day but going without wedding ceremony and i would not participate. so could i buy something to stack them like a wedding cake? so they went to the pizza store but i read about this because i have from the ozarks we would never cater a wedding budget did not understand that our
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neighbors through a block party candidates had a bottle service. so that became a big story. now all of a sudden they ran at the center of the debate. they had to close up the shop their marketing death threats from a hypothetical question and it is maddening because it never have been sown no discrimination took place because this is more than an issue of whether not take that variable lot of it. but of flu you provide your services to or where you
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work. we have already had the supreme court decisions on that so if you talk about indentured servitude you remove all of the windows of identity politics and people are too involved to realize ultimately the path they are being led down with the argument. and the fact have a reporter that went to the small town to prove a narrative that is exactly why in our nation have had it


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