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[applause] [inaudible] inc. you. this concludes the presents the national book award, with special guests robert carol, i just want to say. [laughter] how much i enjoyed him. he was fantastic. thank you so much for coming, special thanks to lisa lucas and the foundation. all of the work you're doing. keep reading, keep writing, and we are going to be all right. [applause] [inaudible] ♪
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♪ local. >> here's a look at some of the staff picks from the harvard bookstore in cambridge, massachusetts. yahoo! news map by explores how the downfall of gary hart's presidential campaign has shaped today's campaign and, all of the truth is out. supreme court justice stephen breyer looks at how some of the high court's decision court's decision or stretching beyond america's borders in, the court in the world. in 1944 historian j winick reviews the decisions fdr had to make regarding dj in the end of world war ii. journalist jenny jenny norberg reports on the lives of afghan women and girls in the underground girls of kabul. another staff pick from the harvard bookstore is a black man
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and a white coat by doctor damon who weighs it on race and inequalities in the american healthcare system. in, we should all be feminists, they argue everyone should be fighting for gender equality. brandeis university professor john burt dissects the seven debates between abraham lincoln and stephen douglas during the 1858 u.s. senate seat race in, lincoln's tragic pragmatism. belmar, reveals the difficulties she faced as a career pilot and is the first woman to fly solo across the atlantic ocean and her memoir, west west with the night. that are some of the staff picks. many of these authors have appeared on book tv. you can wash them them on the website, >> 1971 jackie one jackie visited the white house for the first time. since her husband's assassination.
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there is a private visit and she would only go if nobody knew about it. she did not want any press there. she went for the unveiling of the official portrait. her portrait and her husband's portrait. she brought along 13-year-old carolina 10-year-old john kennedy junior. the had a very awkward dinner with the nixon where john kennedy junior spilled his milk and lighten the mood's considerably because who is very difficult for her to go back. there are many happy memories but back. there are many happy memories but also very sad for her. there are wonderful letters at the kennedy library that are incredible that john kennedy junior wrote to pat next and the president next and say i can never thank you more for showing us the white house i really liked everything about it. he talks about sitting on the lincoln bedroom bed where his father has slept. and making a wish that he would do well in school. i. i think that's very sweet. it's kind of a touching thing
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that they were for this visit and she went back when pat nixon invited her. these women were rivals in 1960 during the 1960 campaign. pat nixon even wanted a recount she was so upset at the results. this was not an easy relationship. the most poignant letter came from jackie herself written in her signature spidery handwriting on her sky-blue stationary. can you imagine the gift he gave us to return to the white house privately with my little ones. while. while they're still young enough to rediscover their childhood. the day i always dreaded turned out to be one of the most precious once i have spent with my children per may god bless you all. i think that shows the humanity among the women that they go through so much and they understand very intimately what it is like to live in the white house and go through this security concerns and the painful loss that jackie went
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through something that pat nixon could understand and sympathize with. during the 1976 presidential campaign presidential campaign roseman carter was on her way to pay her respect to lady bird johnson whose husband have been the most recent democratic president. the day before the meeting jimmy carter's embarrassing play play interviews publish where he talks about committing adultery in his heart many times. something else he said in that embarrassing interview is when he talks about how to make the and and johnson both lied and cheated and distorted the truth. nearly mentioning johnson and in the same breath at that time so close to -- it's very upsetting.
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so very shortly after this article ran she is paying her respects and roselyn turned to an aide who is very close with the johnson said what does mrs. johnson think about the interview, what should i say about it and said you don't say anything, you are southern lady just like mrs. johnson it will be brought up, just be yourself. and it was. so there is a code that lady bird johnson knew better than anyone what it was like to deal the husband who offended and upset people at times. >> you can watch this and other programs online at >> a look at authors recently featured on afterwards, our weekly author interview program. washington post columnist sebastien talked about the creative alan greenspan. george discussed his impact on immigration on the u.s. economy. being capital cofounder argued how income inequality has contributed to economic growth. in in the coming weeks on afterwards, former senate majority leader and george
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mitchell explores the potential for peace between israel and palestine. however business school professor explores the motivation of white-collar criminals. , and up, georgetown university philosophy professor will discuss the flaws in democratic system. this weekend, editor at large for the guardian, gary young will talk about the investigation of gun violence in america. >> theories of america, that's where things like this happen. and that if young person's shot dead and one of those areas it does not challenge her understanding of the way america works it confirms it. did you think things would follow. it's it's not so surprising somebody would get shot in the area. it becomes not news. that phrase when dog bites man,
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that's not news. it's one man white dogs that's news. but after a while people are being shot and who are these dogs and why do they keep biting the same people and what can we do about it. >> afterwards airs every saturday at 10:00 p.m. and sunday at 9:00 p.m. eastern. you can watch previous programs on her website, book >> how was he able to keep 20 boxes of watergate are et cetera related material? >> when he left the white house and resigned and needed to get out in 1973 before everything was unraveling on the watergate story, he just pulled his car and his wife and they loaded the 20 boxes right there from the executive office building next to the white house. again the lesson is you don't
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know what you can get away with unless you try. >> what did you find in the 20 boxes? >> again, butterfield told me stories, i wasn't sure they were precisely accurate and then there would be a document describing it. one of of the ones that surprised me, shock me was a memo, top secret memo from early 1972 that two that kissinger had sent to nixon about a routine update on the vietnam war nixon wrote in his handwriting to kissinger and said the bombing in southeast asia, vietnam it has gone on for ten years, we have achieved zilch.
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it has been a failure. and of course he was touting that the bombing was very successful and it turns out after he has made this declaration and the bombing studies that sense have shown that he was right, it was achieving nothing except energizing the north vietnamese. so what did nixon do? this is this is the every election in 1972, the polling showed the bombing was popular it showed he was tough, so so instead of stopping the bombing, killing people, he intensified intensified the bombing in that year 1972 ordered the dropping of 1.1 million tons of bombs. >> how did butterfield get to the white house? >> it was an accident. he knew haldeman knew haldeman which was nixon's top eight, chief of staff from ucla.
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butterfield was an air force colonel, he asked interview and haldeman realized here somebody out of air force -- somebody who would be perfect to bring in as his deputy. he he did that with nixon's approval but nixon didn't meet butterfield until the first weeks of the presidency and on their meeting it is described shows how nixon literally cannot talk, all he did was mobile. . . . live coverage of the texas book festival. [inaudible conversations] hello. welcome to the 21st annual texas book festival. thank you for coming out today


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