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tv   BOOK TV  CSPAN  December 3, 2016 11:35am-11:46am EST

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operational. >> and there's unknowable versus what is unknown. when einstein first envisioned those, a lot of this was unthinkable and not known and experiment is how we begin to see that we'll have to keep looking. astro physics to me is just so fascinating because it arises from the most elemental nature of reality, but it's no ripe with metaphor for so much. >> and i think we did evolve under a sky that we can see. it's part of our evolutiony process to be conscious animals that respect on what else is out there. it's just, it's just part of our nature. >> i want to close with this beautiful line that you have you say the golden age of relativity encouraged the day dream of a cosmos plentiful and at first unseen. maybe that will be as the
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universe. hope. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. [applause] it was a wonderful and stimulating conversation. we thank you both of you being being with us. dr. levin will be signing books out past the elevators and around the hall. you can purchase them from books and books, right around to the left. if you have a ticket for tommy hilfiger, who is already in the house, you may stay in the room, but have your ticket out and ready to be scanned. otherwise, if you'll please vacate, and let our new group come in. thank you so much for being with us. ♪
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>> every weekend book tv brings you 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors and here is a look at some of our programs for this coming weekend. tonight at 8:45 eastern, mit film and media professor hendershott, how william f buckley put america on the fireline. looks how mr. buckley of the national review used his program firing line to open up out of early circles which made him an early pundit. >> as our level of discourse seemed to be deteriorating and shouting matches, it seemed like an important time to be talking about a show that really valued civil discourse, civil debate between people who disagreed with each other. >> sunday on in depth, pearl harbor is the focus of discussion and we'll be taking
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your phone calls, tweets and e-mails questions live to 3 p.m. eastern. 9 p.m. eastern after words, george mitchell to served as u.s. special envoy for middle east peace 2009-2011 looks at the israeli-palestinian conflict in the book "a path to peace" a previous history and interviewed by jane harmon president and ceo from the woodrow center. >> they've long since renounced violence, accepted israeli's existence and opted for peaceful negotiation. >> go to for the full schedule. >> this photo was sent in 2012, weeks after-- days after president president obama was reelected in 2012 from the christian coalition of
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america and i was struck by it at the time because it came really on the heels, it was in between the election and thanksgiving and it had this caption underneath it, it said family at prayer, pennsylvania, 1942. all right? as the image here, of course, it's a black and white photo. it's a white family saying grace before a meal, and then it had this line of text further explaining kind of the transition from the photo to the message of the christian coalition of america, it said this, excuse me. it said we will soon be celebrating the 400th anniversary of the first thanksgiving and god has still not withheld his blessings upon this nation. although now we richly deserve such condemnation. we have a lot to give thanks for, but we need to pray to our heavenly father and ask us to protect us from those enemies outside and within who want to see america destroyed. so that's the message that
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comes from, you know, attached to this image right after the reelection of barack obama on 2012. i wasn't working on the book yet, but i immediately saved it because it seemed to me a kind of artifact and a kind of symbol of this viceral reaction to the reelection of barack obama in 2012. and part of that is what is that about when we see these kinds of reactions and this kind of throwback imagery, right, to a kind of previous time, a mythical golden era. what's behind that sense of nostalgia and loss and grief? the book is called the end of white christian america and i want to say to prevent construction, what i mean by committee construction america is a met afar for the constitutional ins trugs-- it was christians, and set the
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tone for conversations and shaped a lot of american ideals. it wouldn't be hard-- many of you may have walked here, to walk very far without tripping offense an institution that was started by white christian america, white protestants, the ym c. a, ywca, the boy scouts, it would not be hard to find these things. these kind of institutions and the world they were a part of has really passed from the american scene so that's really what the book is about and you can see this in a number of demographic ways and architecture. i'm going to focus on the demographics just for the sake of the conversation here. if i can show you one chart, i'll show you more, but if i could show you one chart, it would be this one. that shows some real changes that happen just over the last eight years, so itch' got shaded in kind of light gray, the period of barack obama's presidency, this is all white christians together, the
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percentage of all white persons, catholic, nondenomnational lumped together. 2004, by 2008 when president obama was running for president, two election cycles, today it's 45%. 47% in 2014 and the next year our latest data shows it at 45%. so just during the last two election cycles, during president barack obama's presidency we've crossed a threshold and moved from being a majority white christian country to a minority white christian company in a short amount of time and people don't know the stats that well, i think that many white christians, conservative white conservative christians feel the shift in their bones. that's the reaction we're seeing. just to put one more symbolic
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issue across this same period, i'm putting up here support for gay marriage over the same period of time. and right, so if you go back to 2008. what you see is that only about 4 in 10 americans supported gay marriage when barack obama was running for president in 2008. that number today is 53% so similarly we've gone for a country. four in ten supported same sex marriage to a majority support same sex marriage. that's a pretty big well weather. >> so part of what the book is about, unpacking the reactions and grief that these kind of demographic is seeing this. >> you can watch this program and others on book tv.ogg. a look now at some of the current best selling nonfiction
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groups due to a group of book stores with the book sellers association. jd vance grew up and moved away from the region, hillbilliology. >> and from the democratic primary, weighing in on current and political issues than our resolution. >> fox news anchor recalls her personal life and career in a memoir "settle for more", bruce springsteen's memoir "born to run", followed by "a look at trees", indy bound continues with fox news host bill o'reilly and dugaard, "killing the rising sun", and remembering apartheid in south africa, "born a crime" and national book winner mary
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oliver as a poet, "upstream", and the last year winner gives his thoughts on the current state of black america. actress anna kendrick presents essays in "scrappy little nobody", that's a look at best sellers according to indy bound which represents book stores throughout the country. le of the authors have or will be appearing on book tv. you can watch them on our website, >> and this is book tv on c-span 2, 48 hours of nonfiction book authors every weekend. we like to visit college campuses and talk with professors who are also authors. we're at hillsdale college in michigan today visiting with professor gary wolfram, who wrote a capitalist manifesto, understanding the market


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