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tv   [untitled]    January 3, 2017 8:58am-9:12am EST

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trump's venue. he is very stern in saying i don't have a good relationship with him. some of his rental places were in my district. i knew him a little bit when i was in the house. again, i'm going to come back to that supreme court pick. that will also tell us a lot about what trump is going to try and do to schumer and whether he tries to marginalize him. >> guest: well, here's the thing about chuck schumer. he is the only person in washington donald trump actually knows. he laid eyes on paul ryan, half dozen times and five of those in the last nine months? he has no relationship with mitch mcconnell and has no cultural connection to him whatsoever. he knows chuck schumer for many years. he donated to the campaign. they're from the same city. ran somewhat in the same circles that they were both powerful new yorkers. so they know each other. they have something to work with. that doesn't mean they will see eye-to-eye on policy nominations.
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i'm sure chuck schumer will be very loud opposition to l the things that democrats want to oppose but when something is going to be able to get done i would bet on chuck schumer and trump before i would trump talking to mitch mcconnell. >> host: jennifer stein hauer with the "new york times" and paul kane with the "washington post." a look ahead at democratic leadership for charles schumer. thanks to you both for joining us. >> thank you. >> live this morning on c-span2, a new year and a new congress. c-span's cameras are here at the warner theater in washington, d.c., for the swearing-in ceremony of the congressional black caucus to honor current and newly-elected members. one change, richardson will succeed kc butterfield as chair of the caucus. the swearing-in of the new 115th congress set to begin
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shortly. 1:00 eastern time, senator chuck schumer will give his first speech as the democratic leader, laying out his party's path. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ >> live here at the warner theater in downtown washington, d.c., the swearing-in to hon of the new 115th congressaucus set to start shortly at the warner theater. one of the things we'll see, set brick richmond of louisiana, succeeding g.k. butterfield for leader. we'll look at speaker paul ryan's talk about his party's plan to battle poverty and expand economic opportunity for low income americans.
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part of a confess the speaker took part in sponsored by the american enterprise institute. [applause] >> thank you very much. good morning, ladies and gentlemen. in addition to thanks to all of the sponsors, a special thanks to those that work so hard to put this event together. it is my privilege to introduce house speaker paul ryan. i can't think of anyone better positioned to kick off an event on economic mobility than speaker ryan. ever since his days working with the late jack kemp at a empower america, paul ryan has been sounding the alarm on our failing antipoverty system and offering bold ideas to empower americans to overcome the he spoke passionately aboutce. solving poverty while on the
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republican ticket in 2012. two years later he unveiled an innovative plan at the american enterprise institute to turn federal anti-poverty spending over to the states. and earlier this year, he did it again. releasing a proposal from a house task force to, to a symbol on poverty and opportunity and upward mobility. speaker ryan understands that our anti-poverty programs often do more to trap people in poverty than to lift them out of it. the, these are complex problems, that require thoughtful solutions. that means there is no easy route, there is no shortcut. while many in washington run from these problems, speaker ryan has run towards them. you can always count on him to be the guy who will think deeply
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and pay more attention to the difficult details. his anti-poverty proposals have broken new ground. and helped reinvigorate the bipartisan conversation about economic mobility. now, speaker ryan is in a historic position, to turn ideas into reality, and i know of us are here to, and stand ready to help. the u.s. chamber is committed to advancing the cause of greater opportunity and economic mobility. we will do it because it's the right thing to do, and we will do it because it is critical to our nation's overall economic health. business can not succeed and our economy, and our citizens can not prosper if our people can not reach their potential. fortunately speaker ryan has
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proven that he has the courage, and the intellect to tackle our nation's biggest challenges. in addition to championing efforts to help people out of poverty, he has been fighting for fiscal responsibility, tax reform, regulatory reform, and so many other pro-growth policies for his entire career. we're going to need him to keep it up and keep this fight going like never before. there are few people in our country with more on their shoulders today than speaker ryan. but he is well-equipped to confront the challenges, and sees the opportunities that lie ahead. of. after his remarks today, the speaker will sit down with veteran "wall street journal" reporter and columnist jerry seib for further discussion. please join me in welcoming and encouraging speaker paul ryan.
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[applause] >> thank you so much. so in other words, no pressure. thanks, tom. i will try to keep my remarks fairly brief so we get on to a conversation. first of all, it is really nice to be here. to mara and robert and where is jimmy? is jimmy in the room her somewhere? give him a hard time for that. on this placard, being involved, this is exciting. what is this? we are coming to a consensus on how to fight poverty and restore upward mobility in america. number one, we agree this fight needs to be fought. we agree far too many people are slipping into the cracks in this country. we agree opportunity is lacking. we agree this beautiful notion of the american idea, the condition of your birth doesn't
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determine the outcome of your life is a idea a lot of people don't believe in anymore. if there are some that don't believe in it, then it really isn't true universally at all. it is our job to restore this. this is what conservatives have within working on for years. the center-right movement, we've been spending so much time trying to figure out how we better solve these problems. how we take our principles, apply them to problems and offer them to innovative solutions that are effective. i will say a few things on that, other than to say that you have in front of you a very willing and a very engaged congress ready to tackle this issue. we have spent years on this. in particular we spent the last year, putting together a very specific and coherent blueprint on reviving upward mobility and fighting poverty. number one, robert doar is very good about this, works. we have got to do more to make
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it easier for people to join the workforce. we've got to do more to transition people into the workforce. we have to remove disincentives, disincentivizing people from getting on the ladder of life to get on the workforce. we believe we have innovative solutions for that. number two, we have to stop locy fighters. we can't keep it this paternal listic notion that washington knows best. we have to stop the commoditycation of the poor. as stop idea of fighting poverty as some sterile concept we don't like and create a big bureaucracy and program in washington and go into communities and push them aside and say we know what's best. we have to stop doing that. if you have to describe the war on poverty as noble as effort was, this war is a stalemate. what you learn when you go into community there are people who are doing tremendous work, who


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