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tv   ANSWER Coalition Holds Protest Rally  CSPAN  January 20, 2017 10:18pm-12:13am EST

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>> in this meeting we have from both sides eisenhower's very impressed and says to himself in now maybe the american people got this right. there's a lot to this guy but what concerns him most is that he didn't like candidate the national security apparatus that was set up. on inauguration day protesters
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gathered at the memorial plaza on pennsylvania avenue. speakers talked about immigration, racism and women's rights at this rally organized by the answer coalition. >> hello trump resistance. [applause] i am jean barron this is jeremiah johnson and these are other folks with rise in racist and i'm so glad to see you. we are rise in recess from new york city and we are here as justice lovers. we are here as freedom lovers and we are here to get in the way of a small minded self-aggrandizing autocrats. they are out to get high on power and they want to humiliate anyone they don't like. they want to dehumanize the country and they want to trash
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the spirit of justice and powers that the divide american ideals and the social safety net that makes those ideals a possibility. we are coming together to put our bodies in the way. with trumps -- expose americans to police violence dismantle women's rights deny our access to health care and destroy our democracy. we can protect each other by coming together. when government leader shot at their contempt for free and just society when the president uses every occasion to tell you his only goal is tyranny, his only values manipulation and power. the time is now for a movement, a mass movement. [applause]
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when every avenue to engage government has lost legitimacy one road remains ever open, mass movement. it is the strongest, it is the best most powerful tool we have is a people to oppose the regime. we are here as part of a movement that will block the way when trump tries to build a wall [applause] we are building a movement of resistance that will wash away when trump tries to line his own pockets. we can do it. you can do it. don't sit this one out. don't wait. don't wait to see what happens. get ready. add rice and resist we are getting ready. we are organizing so that when the policies start to roll out we are taking one group or another we are ready with strategy. we are ready with tactics. we are ready in solidarity. we are ready to take action.
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[applause] standby one another. put our bodies in the way. it's time to come together. it's time to act together. we will be a moral compass for the country. it is time to rise and resist. [applause] >> good morning everybody. my name is jeremiah johnson. we are not allowed to curse due to the feed but if i had a word i wanted to say this morning it would be that sign right back there just as loud as i can. like oh my god, really america. but i stand up here in front of you a proud man. [applause] and i stand up here in front of you as someone who is surviving
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and thriving with hiv. i've been living with this for 10 years. this is an organization that we are building right now because for those of us who live in the margins, those of us who live in the fringes we know just how valuable freedom is and we know how fragile it is. we know how fragile our health care is. if you are living with hiv or if you know someone who is living with better living with a disability you know just how dangerous it is. this is like death for people these discussions we are having right now. we know that hatred kills. we know that this does. we have the benefit in new york of drawing from a number of members of except. who here has heard of accept before? accept was an organization that exploded on the scene in the 80s to respond to the neglect
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to reagan's complete neglect of people living with hiv and the desire of our government for people living with hiv to simply die and go away. there was no treatment and no cure. people were dying all around. these were hopeless and dark times and again we find ourselves in hopeless and dark times. this is one of the darkest days in american history. but they fought back. they got together and they fought back. they didn't know was going to happen but they came together and they came together every weekend organizing got together and fought back and perfected civil disobedience. they got as loud as they could. and they gave us the message that silence equals death and that aptly continues to ring true here. [applause] we need to learn from that. we cannot afford hopelessness at
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this moment. we cannot afford apathy. as we have a regime coming together trying to manufacture chaos so that we will fight amongst ourselves so we will be too confused to come together. we must become even more organized than we ever have before. [applause] organization, strategy, those are the antidotes to chaos. and as they manufacture fake news and misinformation we must be even more well informed. we must be even more rigorous in our knowledge. we must get out there and know exactly what we are talking about. we must take many cute -- meticulous notes that we don't forget this moment and we do not forget this time before fascism took over. my time is drawing nigh but the last thing i want to say, as this country devolves into
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childishness, as we cross every line of human decency i believe it is our job to be even more reasonable, to be wiser, to come together more strategically to fight against all of this. these are bullies. they want attention. do not give it to them. come together, fight together. come out on social media and meet week way. that is what we are doing in new york. [applause] that is what we are doing in new york. every tuesday in manhattan we are meeting every night to organize, to come up with action and to come up with ways to fight back so please whereever you are, this can't just happen in the city, it needs to happen in every part of america. whatever you are doing come together and fight back, fight back, fight back, fight back, fight back. thank you.
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rise and resist people. [applause] >> thank you guys so much. [chanting] [chanting] >> a people united will never be defeated. and we will speak spanish here. this is not one of these places, we will speak any language. we don't care what language you speak or what country you come from. that is not who we are. no human being is illegal. we all live together. go to answer by the way hashtag rice and resist
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if you were doing anything with hashtag's. >> for those watching on c-span join us, go to answer and join the struggle, join the resistance against trump, against extremist ultra-right-wing agenda. we are still hearing from protesters. the secret service has shut it down, so everyone should go to sixth and indiana. there's a checkpoint there that is opened up. if you can get there that would be great. our next speaker's are heidi altman from the national immigrant justice center and melissa lawrence a community supporter of the national immigrant justice center, welcome. >> hello, thank you everyone. first i would like to say anyone
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who is on facebook if you could please go onto facebook live and make sure it your feed is not being interrupted. my name is melissa lawrence. i am here today to basically just bring to your attention how unfair and unjust our immigration and deportation system really truly is. my husband is a jamaican born citizen who was brought here as a young child, and he committed a crime, a minor marijuana offense that he got years ago and was punished for that as an american. he was brought here as a result so he lived pretty much his entire life here as an adult. he committed his crime. he was in jail and he paid the price and their local police
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department brought him back in six years later and called immigration on him to pick him up. so he was punished yet again. i was seven months pregnant at the time with our first an only child at work and got the call that my husband had been picked up to be deported. i had to basically switch my entire life around and learn how to cope with now a baby on the way and a job as a server. it was a shock. my husband was a good person. he was a worker. he was a coach. he was active in our community, so it was really traumatizing to have to go through that and basically i just wanted to say that if you have any friends or loved ones that are in the immigration system we didn't know anything about the rules
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and the laws and basically, i just want to say educate your loved ones, educate your friends. had we known a little bit more about the immigration process i probably wouldn't be here but talking to people and using social media and things like that is how we got to where we are. it's been five years and i just want to say fight for your life. ..
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>> >> [applause] i am with the justice center n i am so privileged to fight for mullis said her husband and their son to be reunited back here in the united states in virginia which is their home. and we will keep fighting because they are separated because of the unjust immigration was and we are here today because it is about to get worse. the call her husband and a
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criminal alien. talent to you take this opportunity to call him a good man. that i have been so lucky to get to know i want to call him a father, a husband and a good hard worker, a brother, son and volunteer high-school wrestling coach. a. meehan that i have seen a fight for his family like you would not believe. in 2016 our government deported nearly two of the 50,000 people. our government jailed more
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than 350,000 men and women and children and kids are in the foster care system because the government deported at least one of their parent surcoat -- enough is enough. >> enough is enough. >> over and over because and would leave from i place of fear and hate. so it tomorrow or monday call senator kate or marco
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order to do a reading they can to bring him home and call your elected representative to say i stick with the immigrants. with the asylums seeking migrants with criminal convictions to say i stand with all immigrants in demand that the representatives to the same. [applause] we are so proud to be standing up here:the right side of history. [applause] >> and give it up one more time. say it loud. say it clear.
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immigrants are welcome here. [chanting] [chanting] [chanting] [chanting] [chanting] [applause] next release here from the georgetown student.
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>> my name is been sent by a student at georgetown university and an organizer with the solidarity community. i am here to do talk about why we must dig sort -- organize now for justice on campus and in our communities. progressive and radical students realize of the enormous potential to disseminate knowledge in the way that ripples throughout society the old dry right has held up power in the past year increasingly mobilized arguments about free speech you gave access to the institution. progressive than radical students must organize ourselves to do the difficult work to keep the biggest san their right wing extremist out of the
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university and having their reactionary come from within. to give even an inch of to not fall for their arguments for for that deal flow of -- feature if we did hear a lot of ref of free and though phosphor vacation fed is the age of the extreme-right leave as. [laughter] fell liberated education for to live sheaf this be enough force tough flew the patriarchy. [applause] we must demand universities cut ties with rotc and
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multinational corporations that exploit the working people and destroyed the environment. with the rights of bits and what racists of fox. [applause] was also fighting the increasing militarization of campus police. what is the university's teaching s and how does it make us complacent and composites? it does not make enough that we must make our universities sanctuaries for undocumented people. and a sensible for the working for and fight from white supremacy for students of color and indigenous students. we must organize to transform our education and
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particularly the of a rich local knowledge we must organize the universities for all people of all backgrounds with that struggle that we all have to engage gin over the next four years. it is our duty to use struggle for a more just university this will require more than activism the sustained organizing. that we must recognize we have common cause centcom bin background with the victims of police brutality and through only organizing ourselves the democratic
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party will not do it themselves. the time is now all power to the students. [applause] solidarity forever. >>. >> when under attack what do we do? [chanting] bader. [chanting] what do we do? [chanting] >> what do we do? [chanting]
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next we will hear from a vocalist. [applause] >> we have 300 people who just got in line that are coming to you join us. now given up for my man on the microphone. >> i am so glad to see all of you here today. nothing could keep me away today. no-trump. i want you to tell i came from texas for. 1867 on july 30th my great great grandfather that he
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knew what it meant to be a slave but also what it meant to be free but i cannot stand by while donald trump and his team will thrust us back into slavery. performing to reform. we have no intention that this team is intended on cutting the funding for the national endowment of the arts and the humanities and
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he is trying to privatize you cannot silence as. i have come to let you know, we will speak truth to power we will act truth to power. where it is an old song that my grandparents wincing. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ one more time ♪ ♪
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♪ to head then the other song that i just thought of it. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> stay strong. we will overcome. >> and given up. [applause] to shout down of the pacifica radio network can
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hear and see what we're doing right now at this moment. of this is the resistance look like. we will not be moved. >> isn't he amazing? that is the well one thing that the people have on our side is the truth. trumpet and the system that brought him to power we have the truth and the solidarity
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and unity and the numbers. muslims are welcome. women will control their own bodies. the lgbtq community will have full equality. the black community will half full equality. we will stand up to this agenda and not allow it to move forward our next speaker is from the filly socialists. >> we need to be more enthusiastic.
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how are you feeling today?. [cheers and applause] puff. >> i have been an organizer for five years. the main thing that i want to drive home is the importance of direct action that we need to remember in this movement that we cannot vote this sickness away a of patriarchy and white supremacy all of these systems of oppression that manifest could not be voted away by electing a perfect candidate. the whole system needs to be
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completely revolutionized. to keep the fight raging. and with the organizations doing this type of work go to your city council meetings and talk to your neighbors. people might be too anxious to speak up but if you look around i have seen more people against donald trump the m4 him because he sucks. [applause] i and the patriot that does not mean accepting the actions that means challenging the systems of oppression. but donald trump and his
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administration is working to marginalize people further. and we cannot stand for it. every move towards justice in the united states is not made from a moral good of the politicians in power. through civil disobedience and direct action and community organizing, that is how black folks have the right to vote the government didn't just wake up one day and decided let's change to this up. only through direct action will change ever come. the supreme court did not afflict one day because they had a good piece and decided to give lgbtq equal
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marriage. with a direct action we live in a time of anxiety they could be heard hard to be hopeful so many strong and beautiful people are willing to stand up not afraid to fight back and the most important thing that i semaphore said before is to take the fight home. :a lighter note we need to push back against the system and learn to love one another for those that believe what is good but
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most definitely can. i have so much hope so thanks for filling my heart with joy and remember in unity we have power. more than they will never have. [applause] >> david talked about not being scared. why would we be scared when tromps has no mandate? twenty-five% of the popular vote, only half of the eligible voters even went to the polls. the year not scared we're the majority sentiment. they should be scared of us. are we scared are we scared?
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next we will skier from ashley of the of board naacp chapter and the leader of a young black professionals and she drove all the way here. no justice. no justice. i a came here from toledo ohio i drove eight hours of to be here with you today. faugh for faugh last week there was a hate to crime
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this has emboldened of the hate to. and in this climate we must be emboldened to love. every day tough, every day this is an officer illegitimately is said day for you to wake up to bring value into your neighborhood . we are aware and level people. in to do your part for
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justice. said now if anybody here has done the math but for my brothers and sisters are the first ones to be a sworn under the full rights of the u.s. constitution. when my mother was born her brother had to give birth to her for what everybody else had access to but now i will do everything in my power to ensure that my rights and my children's rights do not allow ignorance do not allow
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them to speak at then have a voice. progress does not come with people are comfortable. and responsible for actions in their lifetime. and the justice. ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ finigan national coordinator of that answer coalition the
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fact of the matter is that donald trump does not have a mandate he lost a the popular vote with the of battleground states because of of failure in my opinion to actually speak up for working class people in ohio or michigan or pennsylvania if bernie sanders said public education should be free to those criminals should go touche jail -- go to jail because they fearful
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of to have $1 trillion of aggravated ffffg chef should be free for crowfoot and then to read the fifth novel from cry foul at the the duration if this should be of any duration of for ec affairs for fell -- bernie sanders but the democratic establishment is tied to this same military industrial complex the fact of the matter is the people want change in they are falsely telling people they have run out of options that
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the people will vote for donald trump. but that the election procedure is just a procedure not real democracy so every four years to vote to willow press them for the next four years. but then to decide if a factory or a store stays open in any of these communities so why should the bankers and the equity firms and corporate
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billionaires' why do they make all the basic decisions that impact our life? is it the nafta american people can vote every four years for those who will oppress them the message of the answer coalition of course is to mobilize against trump extremist right wing program is the misogynist program that promotes hatred against muslims for all those reasons he is a symptom of
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the disease. but the disease is that our country for the corpora billionaires' if you want to talk about making america graded period for it has always been controlled by the rich and the slipover -- and the slave owners. to really make america great for the first time that means for the people who do all the work so the billionaires' k and get richer.
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faugh faugh why can congress be filled with working-class women? that they will not rubber-stamp $1 trillion every year to say cut the military budget and use that money for the things that human beings actually need. they did say that bernie sanders is a socialist. is giving students the right
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to go to school for free when they are their children are sick or free that child care is free. with the job for a basic in come with a right for affordable housing to fed does not sound so evil to be. in fact, with donald trump and the democratic deletes is nothing more than the rule of free-trade we have to put to an end to that. a gallon to introduce the next speaker who is a
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socialist. whose family came as the undocumented workers to make that country run what makes the billionaires, of billionaires' she represents the movement of the people and what i believe is a rising resurgence of interest unrestrained capitalism. >> sister sam brothers are
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you tired? are you afraid? sister in san brothers are you ready? my parents are mexican immigrants. [applause] we are not going back to mexico. we're going to stay here and fight. are you with me? [chanting]
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we have a saying in mexico and that means day drop of water not because of its force but it's consistency. i don't know about you but i see a lot of raindrops' right here. we have a lot of stones year to. hopefully that we are
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pushing through regardless. because enough is enough. we are tired burden of living in poverty in the richest country in the world with those hypocrites billionaires' with the hard-working people. [applause] we're tired of the communities being threatened. and to be threatened by police brutality. we are tired to be
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dehumanizing and to believe ted. , being denied the access of their basic human right with access to reproductive rights. we are tired of being humiliated and embarrassed. we are tired of seeing the new republicans and the year tired of hearing the excuses and the betrayal of the democratic party sisters and brothers we are the raindrops but we have to
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keep going and the fact that we are here today from the checkpoint and from the barricades we will stay right here and fight. [applause] our communities are powerful even if it doesn't feel like it. one to share with you example of our power that they will remember and in 2006 what happened is that day ville -- a fascist a bill to criminalize the undocumented immigrants to
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put family said in jeopardy with an undocumented person you can get a felony that past 2,006. but then what happened? all across the country standing up for their rights. they came up with the biggest demonstration in history. not only did we beat back that bill but then they started to talk about immigration reform.
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that is why they call us the sleeping giant. that we were never sleeping. we would show them a little bit of the up power that we have to turn that around and then to do talk about immigration reform then why haven't? -- happened? they told us to go back to pacify the sleeping giant. all you have to do is go to. not only did they not pass
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immigration but off record numbers. the highest record of deportations of any president more than president bush obama did more than bush. that was the betrayal of the democratic party. guess what? this time we're not going back to sleep for ralph freer now waiting for fed of riffraff for fine with. [laughter] for the gulf gaffe of justice if they fell for half of peas for ralph --
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off if they don't get no piece of. [chanting] translator: heather hendershot. >> the next brother i want to do bring up when we marched on the pentagon and together 2007 to tell them to stop the war in iraq day -- a student leader this struggle that you have but this is the brother who leads those struggles. and then to open the oppose
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the war if iraq for gulf fame and then with prince george's county pushing every issue of vegetal rolf please welcome jonathan. [applause] >> my brother. [chanting] [chanting] [chanting] [chanting] >> the answer coalition. act now. of some of us have been on the coalition for years or decades.
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faugh to be the most committed pfiffner f steadfast for rough i will not be long but i will be strong. 1988, but to move off shore of lifers for 555 was enacted this death is to defy the president faugh and i say that that changed in the trajectory of my life
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faugh for loaf through line generates chef for -- of generation that it hit my brain that the struggle is eternal. it is the eternal. just to relax and enjoy life for crowfoot. as we are struggling an organizing against zero oppression and racism and in washington d.c.. it can seat is up -- seemed
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is heartening but it is not for us to judge the people and humanity the from the depth of which we come to are you with me? but one generation ago. because all of that anti-racist and during that time with the red scare or mccarthyism. but they did not calculate somewhere in a small church in montgomery e alabama there would be souls for a
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major for justice. to ignite a movement that brought segregation to its knees. so we think if congress fail of jobless. faugh in their reason why he could sharpen that what it is the blood that he represents is the of blood of those little girls of martin is the blood of so
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many. so we will think a soldier and a general to say we will not stand down we will not surrender we will organize. organize. organize. shut it down. shut it down further gulf for shutting down. i love you. [applause] >> if we don't get it? [chanting] >> if you are watching on
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c-span if you are here trying to come through the secret service is blocking protesters. anybody with this kind cannot come through but they are allowing the tromps supporters from the very beginning we have been fighting against the government's attempt to suppress along the inaugural parade route. so here in this spot we're in the eye of the international media and can show the world that trump has no mandate. that the vast majority do not stand with the agenda.
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we stand with muslims and women's and with lgbtq and the black community we stand for the people. the next speaker is from palestine. free palestine. [chanting] >> her name is kristin and they should note that under the program tromp will plan to move the embassy to jerusalem. this clearly shows where his
11:27 pm
administration stands and to the people is not a question but his program well supported the complete annexation flow this is the policy of hyper colonialism. missive's trump going by right now. [booing] enforce [booing] [booing] [chanting] not my president profile
11:28 pm
[chanting] trumpet is illegitimate we will not collaborate we will not work with him we are a rarity say stop the agenda. free palestine. >> that means peace to all love you.
11:29 pm
i am here today to tell you for to have that and i racism that we stand against all forms of bigotry if including anti-semitism and islamophobia. and our community with the rights of the of powless defense put we cannot be selectively just. faugh but america was great.
11:30 pm
as we came to the shore. we need to ask our brothers and sisters what can we do to help? fifty-four erfurt . .
11:31 pm
we need to stand against discrimination of the lgbtq i community. we need to be on the frontlines to help our undocumented brothers and sisters in the immigrant communities and people of color, because you cannot be selectively just. we know have the absolute bigotry about brad to take the highest office in the land. that's it's no longer acceptable to be silent. we have to speak truth to power. speak truth to power. finally, i have to say, we cannot allow an standby and
11:32 pm
allow trump to stand by and move the embassy to jerusalem. the entire the entire global community does not recognize jerusalem, there embassy is in tel aviv and that's where our embassy needs to stay. if we move our embassy we will weaken ourselves more around the world. we will threaten our national security until palestinians that their right to justice and liberty and self-determination don't mean anything. you cannot be selectively just. we need to ramp up kindness to each other. we need to lock our arms together and we need to demand that we are just and we make sure that this country sticks to the values we supposedly have. we can no longer ignore the struggles of everybody else. we have to stick together because no justice, no peace. no justice, no peace. thank you.
11:33 pm
>> thank you so much. palestine will be free. >> i hope you are feeling fired up out there. they are blocking checkpoints, opening checkpoints, blocking them, opening them, people are waiting in line for hours. people are pushing and they are coming, but and they are coming, but we have to stand strong for everybody pushing trying to get here to stand with us in solidarity. are you you ready to keep moving out here? as a say in spanish [speaking in native language], i'm really glad the sister brought up the standing rock struggle from the dakota pipeline. the next speaker want to bring up there's a lot of superlative's i could a puppy for his name especially that
11:34 pm
he's an alumnus of howard university, but in particular, he spent months, months on the front line and standing rock, fighting fighting against the dakota access pipeline, traveling around the country to bring the message to millions of people in every corner, bringing in the celebrities and the grassroots, my man the reverend, of the hip-hop. [applause] >> let me see the fist in the air. let let me see her fist all around. i may see her fist up.
11:35 pm
are you ready to fight? are you ready to fight? when i say can't stop, used to say won't stop. >> can't stop. >> won't stop. when i say can't stop you say won't stop. >> can't stop. >> won't stop. now hold it there. we are here to fight not only for equality but to fight for existence. this movement is not just about -- i heard someone chanting usa. usa. usa. as the we are the americans. who are standing up here right now. it's the real americans who are taking on for enemies, foreign and domestic. so, first in the honor of my tradition of the power of the woman, there is no movement
11:36 pm
without woman. so what my sister to leadoff the lone wolf from the lakota tribe was with me in standing rock's going to lead me off and then were going to bring this home. >> peace and blessings, my spiritual name means woman come i'm a proud lakota, native american and african-american woman. [applause] we, as women at the heart of the movement in the hearts of the home in the heart of this nation. we stand to protect mother earth because we are light, we say water is life.
11:37 pm
>> [speaking in native language] , the so-called trump president, so-called is trying to build this pipeline, as of yesterday there's still continuously hitting everyone, the water protectors with rubber bullets, with with tear gas, they are not stopping. before's they said what can we do, come to standing rock, and fight against this that is trying to kill all of us. what is happening, there is a war war against water, water that we need, it is the -- of our people. flint still has a water crisis. all around the world right now especially in the united states is led. they're trying to build oil
11:38 pm
pipelines against our water street. we need water and is going to be our unity the same way that his people from all over the world that came to standing rock. it was on the front lines with unity. i want every person in here to grab and hold her hand. we are all connected [speaking in native language] we must come together and unify against this corrupt is that doesn't love us. not since the beginning of time and make america great again, make america indigenous again. >> so first, let me say this for those who need to understand where i come from. there a lot of folks understand that i am a former u.s. officer in this military for the united states of america.
11:39 pm
when i spoke out against the war in iraq as an officer in the air force i felt the brunt of this nation against me speaking out against that were, calling the threat to national security simply because i was speaking out against that war. but now, we are putting someone a place who wants to continue that process of killing brown and black people all over the globe. but, there is a resistance that is rising up, that is say no to that entity that wants to mix suicide against our people. what we saw on election day was not an election, it was a corporate . so now we have exxon sunoco, all
11:40 pm
of these entities running the government and cutting out the middleman to run the government that's taken away the people there power. but we, the people stand out. let me say this to be clear where we are as a movement. let's be very clear. the issue of climate change regarding the dakota access pipeline in the keystone pipeline and every other pipeline and every other fossil fuel that they want to dig out of the ground. the difference for us is this. a few years ago right here in d.c., over across the bridge called to do a funeral. at the funeral there is a little
11:41 pm
girl who is in the casket. her mother had to make a choice between 2i get this child an inhaler, or do do i pay my bills for another week. and they're playing russian roulette with her children. now now this child is special because some of her children in the southeast were little crazy with this is the limo take care of the other babies. this is the one who come home and cook the food and clean the close. this is the one child who would help her mama while she worked two or three jobs. this mother made a decision of her healthcare, dry by this child an inhaler or is it a good week? is there pollution in their air force at a good week. she's not coughing not coughing or sneezing. so when she came home one day she found this child on the
11:42 pm
living floor gasping for air, not breathing. and so this child to know that 70% that black people the 30 miles of that powerplant that's causing pollution in this child is now living and dying on the living floor so the call me to do this funeral. while i'm trying to do this funeral the entire town, this mother, mother, who lost her child who should not have lost her child is trying to trying to close the casket. she's trying to get in the casket but this child who should
11:43 pm
not be dead. all because these are putting profits before people. and so the child died but while she is dead we are live to fight for the next generation. we are alive. we need to stay and we will. we'll fight for the state every day going forward. the people will stand up power to the people. power to the people. power to the people. let's go get him. power to the people. [applause] >> y'all feel in ri, you're fired up.
11:44 pm
that got me fired up. i don't know how long it's going to take trump to get out here but i'm ready now. he might get scared because you know he drove by to check it out. to see how they look, said they look like they might be a get me out of here. so we'll see. i see people i know in the back. people are still coming from everywhere. i see people trickling in trying to close them and open them. [inaudible] >> power to the people. power to the people. ♪ power to the people local power to the people ♪
11:45 pm
♪ power to the people ♪ power to the people ♪ ♪ >> i mentioned earlier that we are live on the pacifica network. one of our very gracious host who also host the whole show that you can listen to in the afternoon who is a powerful organizer, i think i might be able to save revolutionary, rebellious individual, give it up for margaret. >> events from the pacifica family. all of of the pacifica stations here in washington, d.c. in cross the nation and all
11:46 pm
of our affiliates. we are the last of blister sponsored radio in these united states and in this time of trump we are going to nature support more than ever. so give it up for pacifica. i host the general truth, the national broadcast and i come to journalism from the activism that i do. i'm a cofounder of women of color, we are here in the united states and where also the global south. let me tell you, working at the base was some of the most impoverished women and some of the most impoverished people, they tell us that people in the united states think they are
11:47 pm
voting for president of the united states, but really they're voting for the president of the entire world. let me tell you, they are upset. they are worried because if we think we have problems here, imagine the most impoverished place in the western hemisphere, the first black republic and where people are dying, where they're treated as though they are not even human beings. we are the united states still tries to select their president. people sometimes they will margaret, why do you talk about -- about haiti. the haitian grassroots made a revolution that led to the way of the ending of slavery in the united states by kicking france out of the united states for the louisiana purchase and they had paid a price ever sense.
11:48 pm
the reason i want to lift them up on this platform is that they have continued to make their revolution successful because they paid a very high price for the ending of slavery in the americas. and if the people of haiti succeed, we all will succeed. they have asked me to say today, the haitian grassroots have said their slogan is we will not obey you have that. >> i say we will not obey. can i hear you? no trump, no kkk. we will not obey. you know what? we have to step it up a notch. we have to to get out of our comfort zone. we have to get out of our lanes. we have to get out of our silos.
11:49 pm
because whatever movement we are in is fiber here and we're part of other movements of environmental women's right, the indigenous, lgbtq rights. we have got to cross the divide and do the hard work of finding our way to each other, because if we don't do that work in a dive. they're gonna kill us. and there and there can serve people in the congo where there's a genocide going on. they can serve people in haiti. they're going to start with people in flint with a poison an entire city. let's get out of the comfort zone people. that's what time it is. you know, i'm here today and i'll be out there tomorrow also, but let me tell you for women of
11:50 pm
color and for black women, we are going to be meeting after that march. because is not just a question of us being here today are being out there tomorrow going home, you have to look seriously about where and what were doing next. if you're not part of an organization you have to join one. to hear me? if you could get two, three, four of your friends together that's what it takes you know, people talk about resistance and sometimes it seems like it's kind of fake what that means is you come to a rally but it's more than rent coming to a rally. it's doing the work for the long haul. that is one of the reasons that the woman from the nonviolent coronary coordinating community are getting together with a
11:51 pm
black woman's blueprint. we will discuss what will be doing next. what is our program and where are we going to go. have to get back on my voice again .. on the air. but i just want to say to all that women in london, england this morning did a banner drop over the waterloo bridge. it said, no trump, no kkk, no racist usa. the reason they did waterloo bridge is because someway, somehow somehow waterloo bridge was built by women.
11:52 pm
so i bring you there greetings and appeal to that as we leave here today that we remember that it's not only about people in our community, people in this country, but whatever we do whatever strategy and tactics we use we have to remember those who are the least among us. we can't forget the global south. we can't just. >> and forget the rest of the world. we have to stand in the around this country to say, no trump, no kkk, we will not obey, all power to the people. >> thank you margaret. >> we need everyone's attention
11:53 pm
now because we want to give you illegal update about illegality not about legality. where join, with us with the answer coalition and recognize -- for the partnership for civil justice fund because without their law firm and without their legal organization, with other nonprofit, without their struggle to win the right to be here, we would in fact not be here. they have litigated this right, the right of the people to be alone pennsylvania avenue for 11 years. for the last year they struggled to get these permits. but what will talk about is what is happening right now. we need people to really pay attention to what is happening
11:54 pm
now. we have a serious situation that has developed. >> sisters and brothers, it's amazing to see everyone who has come out here today to stand together and send a message to donald trump and his administration that we will not accept a rollback of our fundamental human rights, our constitutional rights because no matter what they think they can do, they, they can't take them from us. those are our rights and we will not give them up. to get here today has been a fight and as brian said we have litigated the right of the people to be along the inaugural parade route, actually for now 16 years starting with the 91
11:55 pm
bush, cheney inauguration. while we are dealing with now has been step after step of obstruction. obstruction texas permitted space. the government is trying to obstruct the ability for people to peacefully assemble in a permitted location. they made that an obstacle, but we overcame that and we are here. and then, at the last minute, they actually began telling the media, credentialed media that they cannot come and cover all of you. they cannot, come and cover the demonstration. they couldn't cover the expressions of dissent. and we said what you talking about? these are credentialed media they are allowed to come and they're allowed to bring their cameras. they're allowed to cover anything they want, not just the stage manage prayed, but a true
11:56 pm
expression of democracy, the people that are here, because dissent is democracy. democracy isn't just about a ballot box, every struggle that we have wage, everything that we have one in our history has come because people have been in the streets. we say you have a right to be in the streets. so were going back and forth in the government is giving us these new security restrictions that only apply to the news media wants to cover this as opposed to covering what the inaugural committee approved what they can committee. and thanks to the media that said you know what we have freedom of press and they are here and we thank them for standing up. and for refusing to bow down to this effort to have a sanitized parade that doesn't show the people's voices.
11:57 pm
but now what we have is over at the checkpoint there tens of thousands of people trying to get in who are holding signs who are chanting black lives matter of their held back at these checkpoints because they have been doing these rolling closures. the press has asked the servant secret service and they said we didn't close them but were talking to people and we have seen closures and then they open on the people are going to other checkpoints. source sisters and brothers were trying to get in we say to, keep trying, you will get in. be diligent, we are here waiting for you. there's people trying to get in and were getting reports of demonstrators trying to get in blankets open for people who are showing the trump supporters. anyone that experiences that we
11:58 pm
need to see it in here about it. we also you cannot allow people to comment based on what you think, based on what you believe. you have the right to stand here in a matter what you think. you have the right to stand here until donald trump what you think of him. have have the right to stand here together and stand up and say we will fight back, we will fight back, we will fight back. we will fight back. we will fight back. back. we will fight back. thank you. >> thank you. i next speakers from veterans for peace, lou wolf. give him a welcome. make it louder. [applause] why are we here?
11:59 pm
the man who calls himself the great new president, he's a fraud. he says he will make america great again, do we know when america ever wasn't a great? let's not forget forget every president in our lifetimes, everyone who is here has heard those magic words, united states is the greatest nation on the face of the earth. that thought about 195 countries. what are they, sliced meat? you know obama stepped away from the white house as he's about to do in a few minutes, but he left behind an empire which has helped to build around the world. we have over 1000 u.s. paces
12:00 am
around the world. they are not there to keep the peace, they're there to establish empire. so we called for an and the vampire. if obama will leave any legacy, it is to remember that he is left behind thousands, how many thousands of people in mass incarceration in this country which is present assessor, bill clinton helped to make possible. and i'm not going to leave bill clinton's partner in crime out of this, hillary, who thought she was entitled to be a president, well, she she forgot the will of the american people said we want something different. we don't want anymore empire. margaret prescott was talking
12:01 am
about haiti. to know that 300,000 people died during 30 seconds during the earthquake? what did hillary and bill do? bill collected millions of dollars at the un the week after the earthquake. he's never delivered more than 10% of that money. there's no papers, there's no accounting for that money. and bill clinton himself was proud that he talked about crimes ball hillary talked about the basket of deplorable spring the basket of deplorable's people surrounding donald trump who we placed an office in these different government offices. i say to all today, dumped trump. dump a trump.
12:02 am
dump trumpet. >> give it up for lou wolf. now, told you to keep the vocal cords were. now it appears that donald trump may be on his way here in this motorcade to take the oval office. tell him how you feel. [inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible] >> keep it going.
12:03 am
[inaudible] >> whatever that was, they know you are here. that's why they keep those tinted windows, so keep moving around. bush had six big motorcades in 2000 by because who's he is too afraid to face up to the people who came to tell the truth about himself just like abbott donald trump will be afraid because he knows he's a fraud. he knows were exposing the truth of who he is. we will continue to push this, to stand strong. there make it their way down this is for folks to know they're getting ready to start the formal ceremony but this is all the dignitaries and vips including many of the democrats who say we need it peaceful
12:04 am
transition of power. let me tell you, since since i know some of you took off work to get here i have to bring up a brother that might lose his job if we don't let him speak because he's been hanging on and he wants to bring some words. give it up for sean black man. [applause] what's happening? my friends, come before you today because i know, as you know that a trump presidential administration, i should say trump regime is going to do
12:05 am
everything in its power to stop the progress in the forward movement of the movement against racist police terror in this country. now why do i say racist please tear and not police brutality? because, brutality is an act. you brutalize someone's body that's in acts, but when that brutalization that killing is connected to the material conditions and daily living of all communities, that's what elevates it to the level of terror. and we know that trump is mighty cozy with the fraternal order of police. the same fraternal order of police who in their platform suggested to trip that he should
12:06 am
open the floodgates essentially for nonstop bottomless spending on equipment for police departments across this country. they're asking trump to repeal the bush era bands against racial profiling. this is what we have on our hands. and that is why, my my friends in this moment the worst thing that we can do is roll over. the worst thing we can do is lay back. there are some folks that when they saw the trump on they gave up right there. soon as the election was called. they were through with it. i it. i will tell you like this here. if you sit back and if you let the people whose job it is to repress you, to suppress the
12:07 am
progressive movement, whose job it is to bobby of humanity. if you leave back and let that happen you're already dead. your body just just hasn't caught up with you yet. and so what we have to do is understand how this affects all of us. because the same place that killed black folks every 28 hours in this country the same police there were sprain protesters outstanding rock and freezing temperatures, brutalizing the protesters. they're the same pleas that facilitate the millions of deportations we've seen in this country. and we know that despite suppression against the movement has already begun. in louisiana they passed a blue live smatter
12:08 am
bill. making it a hate crime, making it a hate crime to do something against a police officer. think of that. hate crime legislation that was put in place to protect people of color and lgbtq people are now classified the police that need special protection. as if we we are the ones have a license to kill. as a for the one who walked around armed several different ways. this is what we must do. so as we move forward, as we continue we have to stand together, work together, struggle together, and fight together to strike back at the system. at the end of the day it's a deeper than an individual. steeper than a party, it's deeper than a two-party apparatus. it's about a social, political and economic system that is
12:09 am
exploited in its very nature. so i'm glad. i'm glad this morning and i'm not sad glad we're here and i'm glad to see you and i hope you'll continue to stand with us for the next administration on the next one and the next one after that until we live in a society where every human being has unrestricted access to food, clothes, shelter, quality education in gainful employment. let your motto be resistance. thank you. [applause] >> on saturday, c-span c-span has coverage of the woman's march on washington.
12:10 am
speakers include gloria steinem, harriet belafonte. you can watch live starting at 10:00 a.m. eastern on c-span. >> every weekend book tv brings in 48 hours of nonfiction books and authors. here's what's coming up this weekend, saturday at at 1:30 p.m. eastern is the 35th annual key west literary seminar in key west florida. the seminar celebrates new voices in america from all over the world through conversations and panel discussions. the schedule includes joe klein on politics and literature, stephen carter on race, power, a mall. gail collins on women in politics, and a discussion on writing history with robert caro
12:11 am
and historian renda white apple. and i p.m. eastern ambassador to russia omar, authors to that are still young muslim talks about the dangers of islamic extremism and what it means to be a good muslim in the world today. a a 9:00 p.m. eastern on afterwards fox news channel brett baer looks at the exchange of power from eisenhower to john f. kennedy in his latest book, three days in january, 20's and hauser's final mission. >> in this meeting we have great detail, eisenhower's and preston says to himself maybe the american people get this right, there's there's a lot to the sky. but what concerned him said he didn't like kennedy and the national security apparatus that was set up for dissenting views.
12:12 am
>> go to for the complete weekend schedule. >> to c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service by america's cable television companies and is brought you today by a cable or satellite provider. >> now look at how for news outlet cover donald trump's presidential inauguration. this is a 30 a 30 minute newscast from france 24. >> joining me here in the studio is a political and legal specialists. good evening. how do you think today's events, in particular the inauguration of donald trump has been viewed by the ruling class in france? >> i was very


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