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tv   BookTV Bestsellers Vignette - 24  CSPAN  February 5, 2017 10:20am-10:23am EST

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who then were those quote persons unknown responsible for the purge ex-other written by 80-year-old ruth may jordan was another one of those eureka moment after a lot of searching when suddenly something significant. she was a 14-year-old girl in in 1912 which event a classmate of mae crow. at the very end of her letter after recalling how all hell broke loose on the night of the funeral, jordan wrote it worked the klan done this. it was just ordinary people of the county. >> you can watch this and other programs online at the >> here's a look at some of the current best-selling books according to powell said the books located in portland, oregon.
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>> that a look at some of the current best-selling books according to powells city of books. some of these authors have or
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will be appearing on booktv on c-span2. you can watch them any time on our website at >> what's the rewarding aspect of being a news anchor? what's the most challenging aspect? >> rewarding aspect, well, i would say say the most rewarding aspect is the responsibility that they hav had given me and i have learned. it's not so much speaking truth to power. it's being able to people in power accountable. that's the most rewarding aspect of it. you can ask the hard questions and make kind of half deal with you. you know? certainly in the position i'm in they kind of have to. take a donald trump. he avoid me for most of the year. he wouldn't come on the calico but the didn't mean i never tend to hold them accountable. hillary clinton, she never came


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