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tv   [untitled]    February 23, 2017 11:18am-11:34am EST

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gentlemen, from liberty help share, gail bellis. [applause] >> good morning, cpac. at an event like this, i think i can safely assume that you are only too aware that our nations health care system is in crisis. specifically with regard to both access and cost. and for the majority of my life i've worked in andaround the field of healthcare administration, even 30 years ago . the fatal flaws i saw in the american healthcare system
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stirred in me a desire to find a better way and in the intervening years since then, many shifts and changes have occurred, particularly with the aca my conviction about the causes of our healthcare crisis and the need for a real solution have not wavered. it has not gone away and in fact for many americans, it's gotten worse. take my friend benjamin who lives here in the mid atlantic area as an example. many of you can relate to bed. professional marketing startup and most like small business employees, he is responsible for purchasing his own healthcare which he did using the government's tools.he followed the conventional wisdom that the only option for meeting healthcare costs is through
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insurance and so he purchased an obamacare policy. i huge chunk comes out of his paycheck each month and is adoptable is so high he tells me he can't afford to go to a doctor and seek care. sure, he's avoided the fine for being uninsured but the promise of healthcare access and lower costs have proven to be disappointing for ben. unfortunately, benjamin and millions of others have learned the painful truth that the burdensome top-down government controlled system continues to deliver higher costs and fewer treatment options. over time, it's become clear that the root cause of our health care problem in america is twofold. first, we largely exist within a third-party a system
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where the end customer never sees the bill or even knows the cost of their care. and where a faceless, nameless bureaucracy pays the bill whether that a government payer or an insurance company or an employer. someone else paying the bill. it's not our money so we have no skin in the game and in truth, we are not really motivated to even care about the cost because it's someone else's money. my friends, that kind of system is unsustainable and it must change. [applause] secondly, every day we encounter a system that is tilted towards treating illness and sickness, not health. you and i are caught up in a system that tends toward sick care, not healthcare. and as things currently
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stand, the third-party pay system rewards healthcare providers for treating your illness, not partnering with you to increase your overall health. to be fair, positions are also affronted by this sick care mentality. this isn't why they went to medical school and there are certainly honorable physicians who have bravely left the system as it now stands but the sick care model largely persists. unless but top-down centralized third-party dependent model is replaced with a system that respects our choices as customers, few things will change. and this shift must begin with our recognition that no matter the convictions or
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good intentions of legislators, government is incapable of delivering the healthcare solution our nation so desperately needs. [applause] the power to make lasting change rests instead in the hands of individual customers. now, there's hope for the future of healthcare in america. there is a bottom-up, individualized healthcare model that's bringing new promise in healthcare as more and more americans learn about it. it's a complete paradigm shift. away from the third-party pay system to a community that practices mutual aid and mutual assistance. it's based on the time-tested tradition of neighbor helping neighbor, member helping member. this movement advocates for a
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method of paying for healthcare costs in a community of like-minded individuals and families where your religious and ethical values are respected and where your efforts to protect your health are appreciated and i'm here with good news. i want to announce that healthcare freedom is alive and well. the members of healthcare sharing ministries like the one i leave, liberty help share have engaged in their own personal healthcare reform. in the era of the aca, you have the freedom right now to join together with others of like-minded faith and values to share in your medical expenses and be exempt from both the fines and the mandates of the affordable care act area healthcare
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sharing existed before the aca. it will remain for years to come. we've already accomplished our own personal healthcare reform and we want you to know it's available for you now. this values-based approach to health care is premised on three fundamental principles. first of all, we exert the principles of individual responsibility for the care of our health. we are paying customers responsible for our care and the cost of that care. recently choose to share those costs in community with other like-minded individuals and families. it's our money at stake so we've learned to become cost-conscious consumers and because it's our money at stake, liberty help share doesn't share in costs associated with irresponsible behavior and high-risk lifestyles that also means we
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respect life by making sure our money doesn't pay for life ending procedures and medications that violate our closely held beliefs like abortion and abortive fashions. secondly, we live out the belief that we have the right and the responsibility to care for our bodies because they are a gift from god. we are a health conscious movement and we make those lifestyle choices that enhance health. third, we believe in the community or in the principle of community. giving generously and helping others in their time of need, liberty help share members believe we've been placed here on earth to assist others with our time and money and we simply turn that conviction into a solution for healthcare costs. when a fellow member has a bill that's unexpected and
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unaffordable, we systematically crowd fund them with our financial assistance and help pay that bill. that's energy. that's the glue that holds us together and fuels our movement. christine lloyd is a member i want to tell you about. a young mother in south florida. she is herself a healthcare professional, an accomplished pharmacist. this last summer she was emergency admitted to the icu after a virus left her with an acute life-threatening heart condition. immediately, physicians advised heart transplant as the only viable treatment option. it was a massive concern, as you can understand of fear and alarm for christine and her husband. the lloyd's made the decision to seek out a second opinion and found that a transplant
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was not christine's only option. she ultimately underwent a treatment at another facility and was eventually healthy enough to be discharged. today she's recovering, happy and content at home with her husband and children. the most important thing for you to understand about beloit family is that as members of liberty help share, they have the freedom to exert control over their healthcare choices. they believe they should and could make those decisions for themselves and their families. they were not subject to the confines of a network telling them which hospital or doctor they could access, nor where they subject to the dictates of medical technocrats directing christine's care. they have the freedom and the autonomy to make decisions that were in their best healthcare interests. what's more, every penny of
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their nearly $200,000 bill was shared by our reward sharing community of connected members. now, that's how we exercise our freedom in healthcare. healthcare sharing offers the rare opportunity to exercise not only your freedom with regard to health care but also your right to religious and economic expression as you see fit. if that resonates with you, please, seek out information about the work our ministry is doing. do the research. find out whether liberty help share makes sense for you and your family and if it does, join us. but let your voice be heard in your community and around the nation. live out your convictions in healthcare. exercise your right to direct
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and control the care of your health as god gives you the wisdom to do so. i want to thank you for your time and attention. [applause] and i leave you with this. i say may healthcare freedom ring. [applause] [music] >> you can be told to runor you can choose to run . both get you moving. yet one just goes through the motions. the other has purpose, meaning, freedom. what about your health care? are you being told, going
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through the motion? or are you choosing something better? liberty help share has a purpose. it unites people to share in the burden of healthcare. a true community that cares for you in your time of need. free from interference and restraint, it gives you back the power of freedom. it's time to exercise your purpose. time to exercise your meaning. it's time to exercise your freedom. liberty healthshare. >> the washington times is alive and well. conservative views will never
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be drawn back and if they are heard. >> like me you arrived in washington at the beginning of the most moment's decade of the century. together we rolled up our sleeves and got to work. and oh yes, we won the cold war. >> everything we do starts with an idea, to create movements, change in politics, you have to stand for what is right. the passion of our reporting and commentary changes the course of political conversation. our impact across media is real. from traditional in print publications to digital and mobile delivery and our readers agree about the power of our message. we are changing how politics is reported with the
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washington examiner.>> the washington examiner begins my day, the reporting. you will find stories you won't find anywhere else. >> we are the political wit and expert analysis at the weekly standard. >> if you want to be president to what is being talked about in washington, read the weekly standard. >> we are engaging the next generation of young conservatives and rattler politics. >> red alert politics occupies a space that other media outlets ought to be occupying. >> this is media dc. >> ladies and gentlemen, this is a conversation about the constitution. please welcome from the conservative review, mark levine and senator ted cruz. [applause]


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