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tv   [untitled]    May 7, 2017 6:20pm-6:31pm EDT

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a powerhouse in those days, something i had no idea. there was a multitude of textile factories, sugar refineries and dozenthe dozens of burglaries ad innovative entrepreneurs of the 19th and early 20th century invented checklists, benjamin and more to cite just a few and in 1849.
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the business is grew to accommodate them. the factories that have sustained so many americans started to leave of for china ad mexico as the case today. they were taken in the baseball team as they were referred to by locals to los angeles. in the veterans but it seemed to tell a stor sorry state. by the 1960s, the war front
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was becoming a sad empty shell of its former self. in 1966 the navy yard in world war ii would have been the largest deployer commission. by the time i moved about an a minute away from the navy yard, it was the home to a few operating warehouses but the buildings fell on the body that had been reportedly conducted by one of the legendary wiseguys. our next-door neighbor was an elderly irish couple who had one taken in the borders as for so many dead in the brownstone areas during the depression and the decades following. they were now being paid by the city of new york to house the
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elderly, and that was the musical accompaniment of my children's earlier years. brooklyn was actually losing population. years like later they would say about this time you heard it over and over in these days. the police gq magazine called the. they would protect their cashiers and now have windows nt
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things of their expansive and expensive selections. how could they be interested for those made in brooklyn or saving so. the place isn't even a city, it is a borough and it has 2,600,000 people a.
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over the past 30 or 40 years advanced economies like that of the united states have been shifting away from manufacturing or to put it very crudely making stuff towards knowledge and information or again thinking about stuff.
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most of the people who were white collar and they were predominantly men who were working downtown took the train just like rob petrie and the fictional husband of laura played by mary tyler moore, who i didn't want to mention today. they had gone into disrepair.
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a government was expanding and so our colleges and universities, and along with them the administrators and professors. it's a perfect illustration of the ship from boulder to the new knowledge to economy. it's really gentrification and the single round stone. i already mentioned that there was an elderly irish couple living there. the others had a civil service
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job and had been a postal worker while his wife had been in charge of the borders as i've mentioned before. fast forward 15 years. the house was sold, renovated and divided into condominiums, granite counters, recessed lighting. the first people to move in more people that you would never have met and the architect and his wife a furniture designer.
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