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tv   Sergey Lavrov No Compelling Evidence of Russian Interference in U.S....  CSPAN  May 10, 2017 8:03pm-8:29pm EDT

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tillerson. he was asked about russia's role in the election and about fbi director comey's firing. this is 20 minutes. [speaking in native tongue] >> today, we have had our meeting with rex tillerson and state department and we have been in talks with him. first of all, it is cooperation
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on the international arena and despite all known difficulties our countries can and should contribute jointly to the most urgent issue in international affairs. we discussed syria in the context of the ideas that have been put forth regarding the de-escalation areas and regarding the facts if that should be established that would contribute to violence throughout the country of syria to contribute to humanitarian problems and forms the framework to achieve political substance base and resolution 2224. we agree to work together where
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the u.s. is an observer and appreciate the constructive criticism of the u.s. this meeting will continue to accomplish the process which is supposed to resume next week according to secretary tillerson. we hope that all the participants of the talks will be constructive. we also discussed many other issues and challenges wooektd tu -- we could turn the ties on the israeli and afghanistan settlements regarding the ukrainian settlement. we agreed to continue our working coxplex to ensure the
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convergence of the positions of all parties involved. it is very encouraging. the reason for the duration is well known. it reviewed the case with the relations and it is suggested all the problems have felon out of the pace that is low.
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president trump clearly stated his interest to build diplomatic relationships with russia and help us with the issues which is extremely important that both president trump and putin are willing to attain complete results that would help removing problems from the international. that is what it wanted to talk with. any questions?
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>> please use the mic. >> have you discussed the issue with the french including the issue of restoring access to russian -- and my second question is if this isn't settled by the american side what is the retaliation from the russian side? it is not our problem which results of action taken regarding our property. well, indeed that is an issue that is a priority now. it considers our diplomatic property such by legal documents given to us that is our property and no one denies that.
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it is our property. it is clear that the outgoing obama administration undertook our diplomats and were ordered to get out of the country. president tru as of now, we decided not to follow the lead of those who are trying to poison our relation to
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the point of no return it is a position we know to retaliate and resiprocate and not decline the relationship further. >> thanks very much. in your discussions about syria, did you talk about the political way forward and what role assad would play in your view versus the u.s.' view? also, what progress would you say you made in these discussions since the last time you spoke just a month ago? here in the united states, right now, with so much focus on contact that trump campaign people may have had with russia, do you so that assessing the relationship much going forward? thank you.
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>> regarding the north about our contacts, the fake information is in control of the domestic property it is normal background for our relations. how can it be possible for the great power and country? i believe that politicians are damaging the system of the u.s. trying to control someone from america outside. regarding syria, we are focused on the ideas we discussed rex tillerson's visit to moscow.
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tillerson gave ideas about this in moscow and now the ideas are put in place with four de-escalation areas including in the south, which is a particular interest for stabilizing the border between syria and northern israel. today we have the pacific ways to jointly implement these agreements.
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we believe it should not take long and that is why the decision to renew the geneva talks in a few days and we hope that the fair works within this process we hope the political talk is going to involve details with the issues of governance, election and fight against terrorism, of course. >> question today. these areas in syria, however, recent pentagon state grounds on the fact the devil is in the detail sounds -- who is going to ensure the security of these areas? how is it going to work?
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is america doing enough in that direction? and one more question, since trump's inauguration a lot has taken place in international affairs. have you felt any changes in the metric? >> the first question had to do with -- we are going to agree who is going to control security
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areas and security zones around those dekes -- de-escalation areas. we are interested in that. particularly with respect to the sovereign area. we believe that regarding the south, they are going to inch closer. we hope regarding other territories they make contributions ensuring security, monitoring the compliance and that is one of the goals that is behind the discouragement. regarding the framework, at this point, i would say our dialogue, as of now, is free from a challenge that was very
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difficult for obama's instruction. secretary of state and trump's administration today are business like people and we want to reach agreement not were the sake of demonstrating achievements but as a logical assessment they are willing to negotiate and come to agreements in order to address and settle certain issues which are key for the developments of country, the process of their people, and are instrumental in settlements and parts of the world. >> mr. foreign minister, bloomberg news, in your meeting with president trump did he raise concerns about russiann interference with the united states' elections? >> i have answered that question repeatedly.
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we are watching everything which is going on here with respect to russia and russia's decisive role with foreign policy. together with mr. trump we expressed issues and questions. >> mr. minister, thank you very much. [speaking in foreign language] >> president trump has said he thinks this is a hoax. i am wondering if in your private meeting he gave any assurances he doesn't believe russia was involved in interfering with the campaign in any way? i know you found out fbi director comey was fired. giving his agency's accusations against him were you glad to hear this news? >> you seem to be all grown up.
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i never thought i would have to answer such questions particular taking into account your highly developed system. president trump publically stated on a number of occasions what he thinks about acquisitions and allegations regarding russia's meddling into your domestic affairs. this is why there is no need for him to tell us anything or to give assurance behind closed doors. there is not a single fact, no compelling evidence given to anyone regarding russia's involv involvi involvement in the election. if you are talking about international affairs try to find out the truth and get those facts.
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>> this is question that has nothing to do -- i can give lots of examples when in russia, in france, in great britain, people are pointing and dismissing this as an internal issue. there is certain conversations and presidents confirm they are going to meet on the sidelines of the g-20 summit in germany at the beginning of july. and today together with rex tillerson this cast the ways to inching toward progress on the international agenda including
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syria so we would be able to come up with tangible results by this meeting. any way they are going to see each other in july. >> could you just tell us a little bit more about the meeting and your relationship with president trump. what that was like? and why you think beyond the fact that president trump was a business man, your relationship might be better than that of the obama administration. did he give you any insurances about that? >> well, you know, i have received this question and while i believe every time when people are doing business instead of trying to put forward their preferences, and to practice propaganda, there is also much more useful and fruitful
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environment and that is where our expectations are. >> sir, what is russia's exit strategy from syria? and what about charges that russia is supporting the taliban in afghanistan? if so, why? >> well, once again with the issue of taliban, please give us just one fact. those working on afghanistan are fully aware of what is going on and they have the ability to question serious experts that could say we are transferring arms to the taliban. we are working with the taliban with the view to implement the decision adopted at the request of the acting government. the taliban should become the party to the political protest if this applies to the current institution if they give up
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violence and have nothing to do with terrorist. but it is the only call we are pursuing. the taliban is an important part of the afghan society. we can hardly imagine resettlements without their participation. they have stayed in afghanistan for many years and haven't settled. they haven't been able to address and the traffic has increased manifold. there are problems and we need to bring together all the afghans based on the criteria mentioned. what was your second question?
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with respect to iraq and libya, in iraq and that is why when we are talking about the sea settlements, why don't we learn from mistakes and focus on the settlements rather than ousting a certain person.
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why don't we focus on that instead. [speaking in foreign language] >> he couldn't trace the issue of involvement in the american election process here. have you discussed that? >> i just answered that. president trump says it is all fake news. give me one fact that would prove that and everyone keeps saying openly everybody knows
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everything but given no proof and the final question. >> barbara pusher from the bbc. you said you wanted american input to help with the security zones. can you tell us specifically what you are asking for and whether mr. tillerson or mr. trump suggested in any way they would be participating with you in these zones? >> first of all, the very idea of those areas was put forward by president trump and rex tillerson. we started implementing this and left to the experts on the ground and discuss the parameters and distribution and
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we will continue with this discussion. thank you very much. >> next on c-span2, a discussion on the results of this week's south korean presidential election and then north dakota senator heitkamp and senator mccain with a look on issues. >> coming up thursday morning,
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heather mckey will join us to talk about the progressive agenda and the trump presidency. and jonathan turly on the next steps after the firing of fbi director james comey. be sure to watch c-span's washington journal live at 7:00 a.m. eastern thursday morning. >> thursday, the senate armed service committee holds a hearing on cyber strategy and how the u.s. should defend against and respond to state sponsored hacking. witnesses include james clapper and former cia and nsa director michael hayden. live coverage at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span3, and the c-span radio app. thursday, the senate intelligence committee holds a hearing on world wide threat
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with cia director mike palm may and nsa director michael rogers and national intelligence director dan coats. former fbi director comey was expected to appear but deputy director andraw mccade will testify. live coverage begins at 10:00 a.m. eastern. c-span, where history unfolds daily. in 1979, c-span was created as a public service boy america's cable television companies and is brought to you today by your cable or satellite provider. next, the implications of the presidential election in south korea looking at how it will affect relationships with china, japan and the united states. this is an


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