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tv   Australian Parliament Question Time Wrap  CSPAN  June 9, 2017 8:12pm-8:48pm EDT

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>> the recently concluded session of the australian parliament, mps debate the paris climate agreement and a recent summit involve u.s. and australian military leaders. here's a recap from sky news australia. it's a half hour. >> hello, i'm tom connell and welcome to -- the 22nd of may until june 1st. will the terror attacks in manchester had an impact down here in australia. the prime minister asked about his thoughts, including keep egg australians safe. >> the member has the floor. >> my question is to the prime minister. will the prime minister update the house on the manchester terrorist attack and what the
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government is doing to keep australians safe, including -- >> prime minister has the -- >> thank you, mr. speaker. i thank the honorable member for his question. mr. speaker, spoke with the prime minister of the united united kingdom last night and conveyed to her the heartfelt simple simple sympathies of the people of australia and the victim's this shocking criminal attack and their families. i reaffirmed to her the resolute solidarity of australia with britain, partner nows as we always have been and always will, in freedom's cause. and prime minister may thanked me and thanked this parliament for the solidarity we showed.
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united in our solidarity, our sympathy for our friends in the united kingdom. this was a shocking criminal attack on innocents. at least 22 people have been murdered. 59 injured. many of them children as we know. this was a children's concert. this attack was designed to kill children. what could be more vial, more rep reap re pencible or criminal. it was what i coward and brave men and women, australians and brittons alike bit nothing be cowered by terrorism whenever it occurs. we will not change our way of
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life, and we will continue to fight together as the prime minister and i reaffirmed last night. to defeat this scourge of terrorism in our homes and around the world. now, the director general of security, mr. speaker, had advised me that australiays threat level remains at probable. do not appear to be district links between the attack in manchester and threats in australia. but we must remain vigilant at home always, where the threat remains very real. the threat level is probable. now, today the new south wales coroner hand down his report into the cafe siege. our sympathies go out once again to the families of katrina dawson and torre johnson, as well as all of the hostages, the brave hostages who survived. their lives were changed
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forever. the government will consider the recommendations carefully and continue to strengthen arrangements where needed. mr. speaker, our first priority is to keep australians safe. our agencies with whom i and my ministers are in constant touch, are constantly ungrading, reviewing, adjusting, our response measures. we must be more agile than those who seek to do us harm. we will always work tirelessly to keep australians safe, and we do that by destroying daesh in the field in the middle east and by destroying their networks here at home. we will keep australians safe. we have the best agencies, the best intelligence services, in the world. there are no guarantees, of course, but since september 14
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when the threat level was raise thread have been 603 arresteds for terrorism relate offenses. another one this week. 12 major plots have been disrupted and we continue to use every avenue available at our disposal providing additional resources whether they be financial or legal, whether it relates to signals intelligence or human intelligence, we will do all we can as we always have, to keep australians safe to defend the liberty that this parliament is established to preserve. >> hear, hear. >> the foreign minister also strongly condemned those attacks and mentioned there is an upgraded travel warning for any australians in the united kingdom. >> the member for north sydney. >> thank you, mr. speaker. my question is to the minister of foreign affairs. will the minister update the house on what the government is doing ensure the safety of
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australians at home and abroad. >> the minister for foreign affairs. >> mr. speaker, thank the member for his question. the australian government condemns in the strongest possible way the horrific attacks in manchester that was calculated to kill innocent young people. while we have no information to suggest that any australians were among those killed or injured, it will be some time before all the victims are identified. we should remember that around one million australians visit the united kingdom each year, and that at any time there are 130,000 australians who are resident in the united kingdom. mr. speak are i can confirm the australian government as jump dated our travel advice for the united kingdom and i will quote
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from that advice. this united kingdom government has raced the threat heavily to critical. the highest of the five domestic threat levels. uk prime minister may as announced armed soldiers will be delied in uk cities to assist police with security. continued to avoid the area surrounding the manchester arena and anticipate significant transplant delay -- transplant port delays in the manchester area. expect an increased security and police presence across united kingdom. in light of the united kingdom's increase to its threat level we now advise you to exercise a high degree of caution in the unite kingdom.
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and i can advise the house the threat assessment means not only is an attack considered highly likely but that a further attack may be imminent. mr. speaker, we are in contact with british authorities who have confirmed that a police investigation continues to find all the perpetrators who may have been involved in the attack for there is concern that this attack was the work of a wider terrorist cell with links outside of the united kingdom. the australian government will do all we took keep australians safe at home and abroad our security measures are under constant review. we have boosted our counterterrorism efforts to protect australians a home and a broad with an additional 550 million. we have cancelled of refuses to issue pants to 2035 sought strand citizens who seek to
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travel to middle east to support or work with terrorist organizations, including isis. mr. speaker there are 200 australians under active investigation for seeking to support terrorist organizations. we are unrelenting in our efforts to seek out those who wish to do us harm. >> amid this heightened security threat, this member wanted to know about the rest of the airports around the country. >> prime minister, the australian federal police were withdrawn from the airport in 2014. even though the 2007 glasgow airport attack forewarned us of the attack at second tier airports. the government can see that home-grown terrorist soft targets are pressing concerns right now. the risk isn't diminished for noninternational airports.
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now that you have increased the budget by over half a billion dollar will you remedy this situation or will your government continue to treat tasmania's as second-class citizens. >> i thank the honorable member for his question. mr. speaker, the office of transport security is responsible for the categorization of security at controlled airports, and it was determined as the honorable member said in 2014 that the -- the threat environment did not require the presence of ifp officers there. that risk assessment was based on the advice of the isp and the intelligence agencies. i have spoken today again to the
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deputy commissioner of national security, the australian federal police and he advised me the risk profile has not changed. the tasmania police provide community policing and crime prevention support at the airport in the same way they provide services at other australian airports. mr. speak, the afp has a presence in tasmania and works seamlessly with the tasmanian police and all of our law enforcement and national security agency. those men and women are in the front line, keeping us safe. they put their lives on the line. they are the best in the world. mr. speaker, on monday, we saw in queensland the tragic murder of senior constable brett ford. a police officer who lost his life in the line of duty. our condolences and our love go to his wife, his children, his
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family, and his colleagues. mr. speaker, the threat of islamist terrorism, the threat of this extremist violence, is here at home and it is right around the world. we saw last night a young 12-year-old australian girl killed by a terrorist attack, an isil attack in baghdad. she was visiting baghdad with her family during ramadan to see her grandfather. another innocent killed by this violent hen hen hen den si, that this is -- tendency that is seeking to blaspheme one of the great religions of the world. now, our police officers and our intelligence agencies are in the front line of keep us safe in
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that battle, and our allies, our best collaborators, our muslim leaders, both at home and abroad, like the president in indonesia, who remind us and say repeatedly and stand for, an islam that is moderate, tolerant and democratic. they're our best allies inch forefront there are police officers and intelligence agencies and we have given them and are giving them more support both in law, legislation, and resources, than ever before, and we will continue to do so to keep all australians and all tasmanians safe. >> there was also a focus on the tragic case of a young australian girl killed during a visit to iraq. visiting a relative in an ice cream parlor when an explosion win off. >> my question is to the minister for the defense industry, representing the
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minister for defense. will the minimum story outline for the house while the largest military buildup in our peace time history is vital to defeating enemies abroad so we can be safe at home. the minister for defense industry. >> thank you, mr. speaker. thank the member for his question. as members are aware there war two heinous attacks in baghdad overnight and we press our deepest sympathy to people of sprague the family of the australian girl who was mentioned before in question final, who was killed in one of the attacks. is has claimed responsibility for the attack win. condemn these attack inside strongest terms and reaffirm our commitment to defeat is in iraq and prepresent its pred throughout the world. defeat is broad with assure safety of australians at home. that's a reason for the commit tom the largest military buildup in the peacetime history. the government ill will ensure $200 billion investment in
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defense capability, but our aid here can continue to apply lethal force required to defeat terrorists abroad. australia continues to make one of largest contributions to the campaign in the middle east. up to 760adf members are currently deployed, including 3 machine members in the training of iraqi army troops, 120 members of the special operations task group providing advice and assistance to the iraqi counterterrorism service, 300 members of the air class group, conducting air strikes in iraq and australia, 55 members n positions in iraq. since october 2014 there have been more than 2,380 air strikes over iraq, delivering 1,900 weapons into iraq and syria. and let's not forget, mr. speaker, it was this prime minister who altered our approach to argentinaing enemy
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combatant in syria and iraq so that our forces are empowered to act against isis in iraq and syria no matter where they as long as they belong to group of terrorists we seek to eliminate. also in australia's national interest to ensure afghanistan is nor again a haven for terrorist. in spontaneity to request the australian government has agreed continue crease the special forces mission by 30 personnel to around 300. these additional personnel with develop a long-term camability of the afghan security forces ace part our advice and assist mission. they will not be in combat rolls and the chief of defense force is in discussion with the navy officials regarding the allocation for additional forces. increase in the support mission is part of australia not just
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bag supporter of the war on terror but being capable of taking part in it in an effective meaningful way and i thank the opposition and the defense for this continued bipartisan approach to these matters in support edf serving. >> despite labor committing, the coalition now that it's in government is keen to point out labor's failures when it was in power. >> will the minister update the house on the border protection policy and is the minister ware of any alternative approaches? ...
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now we do know all us trillions know that 50,000 people came and 1200 people drowned at sea and 8000 people went into detention that all australians know this figure. so far to date it costs the australian taxpayer $13.7 billion. but it doesn't stop there mr. speaker because the meter is still running. it is costing australia today
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$1.9 billion every year and it will take years to clean up. mr. speaker you would have thought they would have learned their lesson but the reality is they have not because when you consider those people on the front bench of the s. 000000000000 labour party today they are the people in government that presided over the decisions that resulted in this policy outrage. we now present when 83 votes arrived carried 6634 people and 11003 children. we no mr. speaker minister had 194 votes and the 2000 children who went into detention under his watch. the crescendo is this man who
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wants to be the treasure of this country presided over they would watch by his greatest watch as the minister as immigration minister, 25,000 people arrived out three and 98 votes. worse than that mr. speaker over 4000 children went into detention. the reality is mr. speaker we need bipartisanship on the issue of drug policy and stopping people coming into our country illegally. the fact is the labour party mr. speaker has not learned their lesson. there's not bipartisanship in this country when it comes to policy and labour has not learned their lesson and the leader of the opposition has filed the case. spirit there is a security scare in australia skies during the
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sprigg prettify taking off or melbourne having to return their a man on board said he had a bomb. this turned out not to be the case. >> thank you mr. speaker. my question is also to the prime minister. will the prime minister -- measures that the government takes to keep us takes to give australia safe in their transfer system secure. >> the prime minister has the floor. >> thank you mr. speaker and i think the honorable member for his question and knowledge the honorable members long experience in service in the police force. mr. speaker members of the aware that a man attempted to gain access to the pit malaysian airlines mh 128 shortly after takeoff last night. the packages on the flight -- passengers put themselves in
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harm's way to restrain the man and the incident is now resolved with all aboard say. the australian federal police are working with victoria police to determine the exact circumstances of the incident. i can confirm the matter is not currently being treated as terrorism related and i'm informed that the man has a criminal history and is previously been treated for mental health issues. now the government as it should takes aviation security very seriously indeed and we have a comprehensive and strong transport security system in place. it is constantly being reviewed to ensure it remains effective and proportionate to the risk environment. we do everything we can to ensure australians fly safely and securely. our transport security system is designed to keep australians safe prevent acts of unlawful interference includes a screening of passengers and baggage, training cabin crews so
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they can handle suspicious passenger behavior and respond to threats to security. it involves plainclothes in-flight security office -- officers and ensures items are not placed on board aircraft in april the government formulated security and passengers are randomly select a force close e-trace protection tests prior to boarding the aircraft. mr. speaker the number one priority for my government and every government must be to keep us trillions safe and protect our way of life and that is why we are in testing an additional three to $21 million to ensure the isp has the specialist capabilities it needs to address the criminal and terrorist threats in the future. it's the largest single hunting boost to the ifp domestic policing capabilities and over a decade. we recognize law enforcement
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must be equipped with resources to respond to emerging criminal threats and mr. speaker we have seen they ifc and its partners with regular shipments of cocaine, 1.4 tons in methamphetamine 903 kilograms. these have been intercepted because of the resources, training and professionalism that they have. our security agencies as honorable members have brought 12 major australian terror plots they are on the frontlines. we are supporting them and we bear keeping us safe. >> the world has rectitude donald trump on the paris climate accord. australia won't do so for some coalition members of the government were hoping that would be the action. malcolm temple.
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>> mr. speaker my question is to the prime minister. there reports of president trump is going to withdraw from paris the paris climate agreement. just before midnight last night the chair of the coalition involvement in energy committee come it's not concerned yet but have the champagne on ice. john howard -- signed kyoto when george w. bush rejected so how can anyone have confidence that this government wants to do except wait that with the paris agreement? >> the prime minister. >> thank you mr. speaker but i think the honorable member for his question and mr. speaker i repeat today what i said on the 16th of november when the treaty was ratified. when australia makes the commitment to a global agreement they follow through and that is exactly what we are doing. we are committed to the paris agreement and we are on track,
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we are on track to meet our target. we are committed to ensuring that australians have affordable and reliable energy and do so while meeting our global commitments for emissions reduction. that is our commitment and what we are doing is taking real and practical action to get that job done. the deputy prime minister talked about our commitment to 2.0. the largest commitment to storage, to support renewable energy in the southern hemisphere. the labour party is officially an honor member date. it can provide well over -- of electricity the next minute zero. no plan, the labour party -- to
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go through the roof on the east coast and we have to take the steps to bring them down. the decisive action that i took as prime minister to ensure that we would limit exports to be confident that demand was met on the east coast of australia as already seen the whole -- come down as it needs to do. mr. speaker that is our commitment. affordable reliable energy and meeting our emissions reduction target in accordance with our commitment to the paris treaty. because the honorable members from south australia and the members asked me that earlier, can i say our lady of -- will receive an extra $3.9 million
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over the next 10 years. the per student contribution on the government's estimator will grow $20,800,855 to $41,390 in 2027. once again the member set out to mislead the house and claimed the cuts that are simply not true. >> despite that the australian the u.s. don't necessarily see eye-to-eye on reactions to climate change. >> my question is to the minister of foreign affairs. will the minister update the house on the us trillions united states foreign affairs and defense ministers meeting next week? >> the minister for foreign affairs. >> thank you mr. speaker and i thank think the speaker for his
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interest in this very important meeting. next week the defense minister and i will host in sydney u.n. secretary of state rex tillerson secretary of defense general james mattis for the annual australian ministerial -- mr. speaker osman has been the principle forum for bilateral confrontations for the past 30 years and this minister will be the first former ministerial meeting in the trump administration. follows on from the successful visit to australia by vice president pence. the prime minister's meeting with president trump in new york and indeed there have been 13 ministerial leaders to the united states since the inauguration all high-level, all tied to matters that will benefit the australian people. mr. speaker osman builds on the very strong foundation of its
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long-standing bilateral relationship built up over 100 years and formalized in 1951 with the signing of the treaty by my distinguished predecessor foreign minister spender and u.s. secretary of state dean acheson. mr. speaker defense minister pyne and i've will discuss with their u.s. counterparts a wide range of matters of concern particularly security issues involving north korea and cooperation in afghanistan, iraq and syria while we worked together on counterterrorism, on defeating isis. our intelligence sharing for the benefit of our citizens and our region. mr. speaker australia and the united states are bonded in our commitment to defend the international rules-based order and we worked together exceedingly well and very closely in regional forms including ipac and i'm delighted
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to hear that president trump will be at the east asia summit in manila in november. mr. speaker view countries can claim to be as close as australia and the united states. few countries are more important to australia than the united states is strategic defense partner. also the greatest amount of foreign direct investment. together we work closely for the peace prosperity and stability of our nation and osman provides a very valuable opportunity for the defense minister and the foreign ministers of the united states in the defense ministry denied states to share insight not only for the benefit of this train people and the united states before a return goalie. >> that question time wrapped between the 22nd of may and the third of june.
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thanks for watching.
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>> what would strike me was we knew there was a world of states today if you think about north korea or iran or sometimes china and russia that world of state to state relations is still very very important and i think of it as a checkerboard world because it's the world of how do we essentially beat our adversaries and we think about a move and we tried to anticipate what moved they are going to make. that world is there and it's
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very important but equally important is what i call the world of the web, that world of criminal networks including terrace but also arms traffickers and drug traffickers, the world of business which is increasingly big network supply chains and global corporations and the world of nongovernmental organizations. i think of all those that are says web at theirs is increasingly important actors but we don't have strategies for how to bring them together. this week and the canadians house of commons chrystia freeland spoke about canadian foreign-policy and their relationship with the u.s.. this is 35 minutes. [applause]


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