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tv   Summer Reading with Representative Randy Hultgren  CSPAN  July 23, 2017 9:50am-9:56am EDT

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other things that he's doing, that's not normal. is the trappings of normalcy over something that's much more disturbing and dark. >> but we live in a system that reinvents itself all the time and the greatest genius of the united states is that we reinvent ourselves all the time and in economically, the united states is the best country in the world go bankrupt. >> there is no stigma. you can try something and you can fail and the system is designed to let you get back on your feet. and i think politically, because of the way our elections work and because of the way our system has excellent balances, i think that at the end of the day we will move on. >> we will end up stronger on the other side. >> thank you. [applause] >> book td recently visited
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capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading this summer. >> i love this time of year for so many reasons but one of them is having a summer reading list and things that i can focus on, things i wanted to read through. a couple things i finished, i highly recommend, just finished a lincoln by ron white. a biography of one of my favorite people, it's hard not to be a huge abraham lincoln fan but this is so much new information i didn't know about so i enjoyed a lincoln. growing up in chicago, huge cubs fan, just finished 's wavelike opportunity in a really fun story about the last hundred and 80 years of struggle for the cubs to finally win the world series last year and walking through literally game by game of the world series.
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it was a fun read, when i couldn't put down and i also finished the book recently by eric taxes call if you can keep it. really referencing that question benjamin franklin had walking out of independence hall of self-governance is all about and what do we have to do to protect our liberty and this great that we enjoy so those are three things i just finished. getting into a couple other books, i just started center mike lee's book written out of history which is a really interesting book a lot about many founders who we kind of forgotten about or have a little bit of misinformation about and i've enjoyed that even though i'm a few chapters into it. it's something i've enjoyed. another one that i'm reading is 30 but no importance, it's called called locust effect by gary hogan whose head of international justice mission, idm. they do a lot of human rights abuses, political persecution and also human trafficking and the locust effect talks about how those who are poor and in poverty situations have a much higher likelihood of violence being a part of
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their life, impacting their life. more powerful coming and taking them, their children, their belongings, their home, their property. very upsetting but so important for us to recognize this is going on today and time back to the book i started is a reminder that there's more people employed today and when abraham lincoln was president so we need to be engaged, informed, we need to be aware of what's happening and then we can make a difference by knowing that it's happening not just around the world but in our own backyard. i've got chicago, o'hare just outside my district and it's a half, unfortunately for human trafficking so we need to know what we can do to fight back against that. i'm also reading through the book of romans in the new testament and just amaze all the great information that's in there as well so a lot of different things i'm working on but these are some of the ones i'm excited. >> tv want to know what you're reading, send us your summer reading list by a twitter book td or instagram
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book ótv or posted to our facebook page, td. book td on c-span two. television for serious readers. >> tv takes hundreds of other programs through the country all year long. here's a look at some of the events we will be covering this week. >> on wednesday we will be at barnes and noble in new york city where bloomberg businessweek senior national correspondent joshua greene reports on the 2016 political partnership between steve bannon and donald trump. >> later that night we had to the next presidential library in yorba linda california for former u.s. navy seal robert neil will discuss some of the 400 missions he participated in including the killing of osama bin laden. the rescue of captain richard phillips and the attempted
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rescue of marcus luttrell. on thursday we will be at the historical society of boston massachusetts where mark schneider will recount the life of former massachusetts representative gary stein, the first openly gay member of congress. that's a look at some of the events book td will be covering this week. many of these events are open to the public. look for them to air in the near future on tv on c-span2. >>. >> author alan all the is our guest on book td, his latest book year it is, if i understood you, what i have this look on my face? my adventures in the art and science of relating and communicating , mister alda, i read your book. >> and i hope you can help me understand this, the couple of themes that run through your book. number one, it's the. why is that theme of your book. >>


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