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tv   Summer Reading with Representative Gregory Meeks  CSPAN  August 31, 2017 12:48am-12:54am EDT

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i'm not an advocate.but is there a follow-up to this? >> guest: possibly. wemight go will see. the author of the book dreamland and he epidemics we appreciate the time today. >> guest: my pleasure. thanks very much.
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>> booktv recently visited capitol hill to ask members of congress what they are reading this summer. >> i am a big history buff reading a portrait of a friendship that was written by john meacham into talks about the friendship but the former president and prime minister had during world war ii and how it evolved it was a. it reminds me of the close relationship that we had in the united kingdom and our european
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allies. one of the congressional series. i want to read about what the relationship was. if the beliefs and his relationship with slaves at the time so that was of particular interest to me.
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it has been some pioneers. i'm looking to do this book. finish one, get into to. i just want to ask you one more question is how we can move forward with our allies today. how does it allow you to do
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that? >> even though he carried it from different parties because we had the ability to compromise and figure it out and while i'm reading the book about churchill sometimes it looked gloomy weather we should worship and enter into the war and it became a greater nation so i tell folks they are not as good as they should be. they've been able to overcome it and now they were overcome because of the great institutions which we live.
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that's what these books remind me of. booktv wants to know what you are reading. you've mentioned that having says of monticello. that won the pulitzer prize in 2008 and we want to show you. >> i'm the director of the international center foreaker w jefferson studies. it's my pleasure to introduce the guest speaker annette gordon reed who is here on the occasion of the much-anticipated studyol


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