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tv   Summer Reading with Representative Rosa De Lauro  CSPAN  August 31, 2017 10:12pm-10:15pm EDT

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show you a book being read by representative rosa delauro when we asked for the summer reading list. something i take of great volume there are the three books about eleanor roosevelt in the early years in th and the middle yeard then about the prewar and
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postwar that is going to be my project for the summer to try to read all three of these volumes. i think that eleanor had an extraordinary influence on the public policy and her way in what she espoused and the differences between herself and franklin roosevelt. there's also another one i don't know that i did get to it but it's about the firebrand and first lady and so forth. so it is a big undertaking and i am excited to be able to do it and learn from a great role model.
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the third volume came out here is the historian blanche. and [inaudible conversations] there were lots of events going on but i absolutely could not not to be here because we were


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