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tv   British Prime Minister Theresa May at Party Conference  CSPAN  October 7, 2017 6:52am-8:01am EDT

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more women in work than ever before with over 11000 more doctors in our nhs and over 11000 more nurses in our hospitals, free childcare for three and 4-year old. 1.8 million more children in good or outstanding schools. 3 million more apprenticeship, crime down by more than a third. more young people from disadvantaged backgrounds going to university than at any time
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the history of our country, britain's leading the world in tackling climate change, eradicating global poverty and countering terrorism wherever it rears its head. same-sex marriage on the books so people can get married no matter what their agenda and a national living wage giving a pay rise to the lowest earners. introduced not by the labour party, but by as the conservative party. [applause]. so, let us never allow the left to pretend they have a monopoly on compassion. [applause]. >> this is the good conservative government and we should never
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let anyone forget it. but, it's easy when you have been in government for a while to fall into the trap of defending your record and is standing for the status quo. yes, we are proud of the progress we have made, but the world doesn't stand still. change is constant and inevitable and we must bend it to our will. that means staking out an agenda for britain and uniting behind it, also. the agenda that i made out on day one as prime minister still holds. it burns inside me just the same because at its core, it's about sweeping away injustice, the barriers that means for some the british dream is increasingly out of reach. about saying what matters is not where you are from or who your parents are, the color of your skin whether you are a man,
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woman, rich or poor, how far you go in life should depend on you and your hard work. [applause]. >> that's why i have always taken a vested interest when they work against the interest of the people, called out those who abuse their position of power and given a voice to those who have been ignored or silenced for too long. when people asked me why a put myself through it, long hours, pressure, criticism, and sold i tell them this, i do it to root out injustice and to give everyone in our country a voice and that's why when i reflect on my time in politics the things that make me proud are not the positions i have held, world
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leaders i have met, great global gatherings i've attended, but knowing i made a difference, that i helped those who couldn't be heard. [applause]. >> like the families of the 96 men, women and children who tragically lost their lives at hillsboro, for years they saw people in authority closing ranks and acting against them, but now they are on the way to seeking justice served it. that is what i'm in this for, like the victims and survivor of child sex abuse ignored for years by people of position of power now on the long road to the truth, that is what i'm in this for. like alex vanderpool, young man who came to this conference
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three years ago to tell his story, the story of a young black boy growing up in modern britain who without causing any trouble, without doing anything wrong that himself stocked and search by people of authority time and time and time again. alexander spoke so eloquently about this experience and how he came to mistrust those in positions of power as a result, so inspired by his example we took action. we shook up the system and in the number of black people stocked and search has fallen by over two thirds. [applause]. >> i'm sad to have to tell you that last year alexander, who inspired us all with his passion
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was diagnosed with brain cancer and in june of this year he tragically passed away. he was just 21. let us today for the courage he showed incoming tour conference to speak out against injustice. trait-- take private we gave him a platform and inspired by his example we doubled our efforts to give a voice to the voiceless at every opportunity. [applause]. >> that's what i'm in this for and in that same commitment is the reason why one of my first acts as prime minister was to
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establish the ground breaking racial disparate-- disparity order, investigating how a person's race affects their treatment by public services so we can take action in response. we already know, for example, that members of black and ethnic communities have a higher risk of illness such as high blood pressure that may lead to the need for organ transplant, but our ability to help people who need transplants is limited by the number of organ donors that come forward and that's why last year 500 people died because a suitable organ was not available and there are 6500 on the transplant list today. to address this challenge that affects all communities in our country we will change the system, shifting the balance of presumption in favor of organ donation, working on the half of the most vulnerable. [applause].
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>> and that is what i'm in this for and it's why after seeing the unimaginable tragedy unfold that i was determined that we should get to the truth because it should never have happened and it should never be allowed it to happen again, so we must learn the lesson, understanding not just what went wrong, but why the voice of the people had been ignored over so many years. that's what the public inquiry will do and where in the individual or organization is found to have acted negligently, and justice must be done. that's what i'm in this for. [applause]. and because in this as in other disasters before it the reasons grieving families don't get the
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support they need would introduce a independent advocate for major disasters come up and advocate to behalf of the families to support them as public inquest and require eight-- inquiry, strong independent voice the victims need. that's what i'm in this for. its white tackling the injustice and stigma associated with mental health is a particular priority for me, so we are building on our record of giving mental and physical health and investing more in mental health than ever before, but there is widespread concern that the existing mental health legislation is leading to shortfalls in services and open to misuse. detention rates of the mental health act are too high and its people from black and minority, ethnic populations who are affected the most. so, today i can announce that i
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have asked the professor to undertake an independent review of the mental health act, so we can tackle the long-standing injustices of discrimination in our mental health system once and for all. [applause]. >> that's what i'm in this for. [applause]. >> this is the conservatives of them i believe in, conservatism of fairness and justice and opportunity for all a conservatism that keeps the dream alive for a new generation. that's what i'm in this sport and that's what we must all be in this four and we must come together to fight for this mainstream conservative agenda, to win the battle of ideas in a new generation, all over again for those ideas are being tested and the steak of the very things
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we value, our precious union, for nations that are stronger as one threatened by those with their narrow nationalist agendas that seek to drive us apart appeared the strength of our society in which we understand the obligations and responsibilities we had to one another under attack from militant forces who breach animosity and hate. the free market economy for so long the bases of our prosperity and security, an idea lifted millions around the world out of poverty, called into question by those who would imperil our future by adopting the failed experiment of the past. of that idea of a free and open market operating under the right rules and regulation is precious to us.
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is a means by which we generate our prosperity as a nation and improve the living families of all of our people. it has helped to cement britain's influence as a force for good in the world. it is underpinned the rule space international system that helped rebuild postwar europe and the world beyond. it ushered in before the berlin wall, the end of communism and the dark days be on the curtain securing the advance of freedom across europe and across the world. it's inspired 17 years of prosperity, raising living standards for hundreds of millions of people right across the globe also don't try to tell me the free market are no longer fit the purpose that somehow there holding people back there don't try to tell me that the innovations saving courage, the advances that have brought, the mobile phone, the internet, pioneering medical treatment,
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the ability to travel freely across the world are worth nothing. of the free market and the values of freedom, equality, rights, responsibilities and the rule of law that lie at its heart remain greatest agents of collective human program ever created. [applause]. >> so, let us win in this argument for a new generation and defend free and open market with all of our might because there has rarely been a time when the choice of a futures for britain is so stark, the difference between the parties so clear.
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it's the conservative party that has a vision of a open, global self-confident britain while our opponent search for the foreign policy of neutrality and prepare for a r on the ground. some people say we have spent too much time talking about jeremy corbyn's past. you may not have heard me say that. some people say we have spent too much time talking about jeremy corbyn's past. [cheers and applause]
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>> get out the point. >> shall we-- [applause]. [applause]. >> i was about to talk to about someone that i would like to give-- [inaudible] [cheers and applause]
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>> we don't need to talk about corbin's past. we can talk about his present because this is a politician who want to pile taxes on business just when we needed them the most to invest in our country, a politician who wants to borrow hundreds of billions of a pounds to nationalize industry without the slightest idea of how much it will cost or how he will ever pay it back. this is a politician who wants to strip us of our deterrent without being honest with the voters about his plan. this is a politician who led anti-semitism, misogyny and hatred rent-free while he doesn't do anything to stop it. [applause]. >> this is a politician who
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thinks we should take the economic of venezuela as our role model. [laughter] >> no, jeremy corbyn. [applause]. >> by contrast, when i look around the cabinet table, i have confidence we have a team full of talent, drive and compassion, 18 determined that this party, this great conservative party will tackle the challenges of the future together, a team that is determined we will always do our duty by our country. [applause]. >> and our first and most important duty is to get blacks
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it right. the people have decided we have taken their instruction. britain is leaving the european union in march 2019. [applause]. >> i know some fund the negotiations frustrating, but if we approach them in the work-- right spirit in the spirit of cooperation and friendship with our site to set firmly on the future, i'm confident we will find a deal that works with britain and europe, also. let's be clear about the agreement we see. it's the agreement i set out earlier this year at lancaster house and negated my speech-- the speech i given florence 10 days ago. is a special partnership between the strong successful european union and the sovereign united kingdom, a partnership that allows us to continue to trade and cooperate with each other
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because we see shared challenges and opportunities ahead, but a partnership that ensures the united kingdom is a sovereign nation once again, a country in which of the british people are firmly in control. i believe-- [applause]. i believe is profoundly in all of our interests for the negotiations to succeed, but i know some are worried whether we are prepared in the event they do not. it's our responsibility as a government to prepare for every eventuality and it let me reassure everyone that that is exactly what we are doing, so a deep in special partnership is our ambition and our offer and i look forward to that offer receiving a positive response. [applause].
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>> let me say one more thing because it cannot be said often enough. if you are a citizen of the eat you who have made their life in this country, i know you will feel unsettled and nervous, but let me be clear that we value the contribution you make to the life of our country, you are welcome here and i urge-- [applause]. and i urge the negotiating team to reach agreement on this quickly because we want you to stay. whatever the outcome of our negotiation, britain's long-term
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future is bright. the british dream is still within reach and for as we look to that future we do so with the fundamentals of our country strong. 10 years later our economy is back on track. the deficit is back to precrisis levels. my voice is not on track. >> we are in course to get our national debt falling in business investment is growing. the work there to-- to get there has not been easy, medium big decisions that huge sacrifices. by now the public sector has had to carry a heavy burden. of the private sector has played its part, also, but with government, businesses and the public sector-- sector working together we have bounced back and created record numbers of jobs.
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[applause]. gentry. [coughing] [coughing] >> so why-- excuse me we will never hesitate to act where businesses aren't operating as they should. let this party celebrate the wealth created, the risk takers, innovators and business people. [coughing] [applause]. >> thank you. [applause].
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[applause]. [applause]. >> i hope you notice that, the chancellor, giving away something for free. [laughter] [applause]. >> it is correctly respond like that when i talk about the risk takers and innovators and businesspeople because it's a businesses, big and small to generate jobs and prosperity for our country and make british business the envy of the world.
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>> we understand it is the wealth creators, it's their success that funds of the things we want to do in the difference between us and neighbor is that we understand that to deliver the things we want, private enterprises crucial. [applause]. [coughing] >> you can't get something for nothing. [laughter] >> they will probably tell me there will be a price to pay in a minute. [coughing] >> prosperity is key and when politicians offer the earth with no means of delivering their promise, this dissolution went
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with politics, so over the years ahead the government will adopt a balanced approach for the economy, dealing with our dutch, keeping taxes low, but investing in our priorities, also. [applause]. [applause]. >> things like our vital public services, schools, housing and our great national achievements and let's not forget that it is this party that has invested in the national help service and upheld its founding principle through more years in government than any other. [applause].
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>> we understand, the nhs doesn't just bring us into the world and make as well if we fall ill and nurse our families, it doesn't just bear witness to moments of joy and two ties of intense sorrow. it's the very absence of solidarity in our united kingdom , an institution we value , a symbol of our commitment to each other between young and old, those who have and those who do not, the healthy and the sick and like most people, it's been there for me when i have needed it. i have a early childhood memories of visiting my family. more recently it was the nhs had diagnosed my diabetes and taught me how to manage it so i could get on with my life and in recent months i have seen it at
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its most of brilliance in the world-class response shown by the doctors, nurses and paramedics when terrorist struck london and manchester. to them all and indeed to the public servants everywhere who so often go on song, let me say this, for your service, your hard work and for your dedication, thank you. [applause]. [applause]. [applause].
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>> and because we believe that ensuring a world-class and hs will be there for generations to come we will increase funding for every year of the parliament we will oversee the biggest expansion in training the doctors and nurses and-- [coughing] [inaudible] [applause]. >> and we will always support the service for a safe high quality care for all free at the point of use. [applause].
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>> that is what our balanced approach to the economy will help us do. >> so, with our economic foundation strong and confidence restored the time is come to focus on britain's next big economic challenge to foster growth that works for everyone across our country. that means keeping taxes low, spreading prosperity for all corners of the uk and getting out into the world to trade, export and help our economy grow , so as the world leading advocates for free market and free trade we will pursue new free trade agreement with countries around the world and as we roll out-- [applause]. >> as we roll out our modern industrial product you'd, we
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will attract and invest in new high paid high skilled jobs spreading prosperity and opportunity to every part of this country. tackling our economies weaknesses like low level of productivity, backing our nation's strength and bringing investments, jobs and opportunities to communities that feel they have been forgotten for far too long. we will continue to reform education and skills training so that people growing up in britain today are ready and able to see the opportunities ahead. starting in our schools those great drivers of social mobility where our record is strong and legacy is proud because our reforms are working and after years of stagnation under the last labour government we are turning things around. [applause]. >> there is more to do and our
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reform problem-- program goes on because it is safely not good enough that if you live here in the-- you have less chance of attending a go to school then living in the south, so we would extend the free school program for a new generation of young people, building 100 new free schools in every year of this parliament, not because our ideology says so, not because preschools work and it's the right thing to do. [applause]. >> we need to bring that same energy to skills training, also, preparing our young people for the world of the future in setting them up to succeed, taking skills seriously with new levels of pro 16 education, a new generation of technology institute in every major city in england providing skills local
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employers need and more technical training must be given to 19 -year-olds, first-class technical education system for the first time in the history of a britain. [applause]. >> keeping the british dream alive and that's how we will prepare a britain for an open global future. i know some young people worried that brexit means we are turning our back on the world that britain will no longer be open, but close the. we reject both of the isolationism of the hard left and those who would have us turn inward and we choose a global britain instead. as asia booms in the world looks to the east we will reach beyond the board of the bureau to become a trusted friend to
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nations all around the world. we will meet our commitment to international security with the finest armed forces and intelligent services anywhere on the planet. [applause]. >> we will build an outward looking britain that cooperates with other nations to tackle the great challenges of our time like mass migration, modern slavery and climate change. [applause]. >> and we will provide a moral lead in the world and set an example for others, meeting our commitments on security, committing fully to the nato alliance and the spending 2% of our gdp on defense. [applause].
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>> remaining firmly committed to renewing our independence of a deterrent to help uphold the security of the world and leading the world in cracking down on modern slavery because if you are buying and selling another human being, you are undermining all that is right, the very basis of our humanity and we must bring this outrage to an end. [applause]. >> and under this government, we will continue to meet the international aid targets spending 7% of energy and i on national development. [applause].
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>> that's not just because it's good for britain, but because it's the right thing to do. today. [applause]. today uk aid is being used to bring food to starving children in zones in syria and iraq. uk aid is being used to bring water to parts of africa. uk aid is helping to educate women and girls in parts of asia where that's most basic of human rights has been denied to them for so long. yet charity may begin at home, but our compassion is not limited to those who carry the same passport. we should be proud. [applause]. >> we should be proud that under a conservative governments this country is one of the few that
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is meeting its duty to some of the poorest in the world and as prime minister, i would ensure that's-- that is something britain always continues to do, but let me also be clear, it's absurd that international organization says we can't use the money to help all of those who have been hit by the recent hurricanes in the british overseas territory. [applause]. many people on those islands have been left with nothing and if we must change the rules on international aid in order to recognize the particular needs of these communities when disaster strikes, then it that is what we will do. [applause]. >> so, this is the britain we choose, not a britain which
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retreats behind its borders, but a global britain that stands tall in the world, a beacon of hope i'm example to, a modern, compassionate britain that we can all be proud to call home and we must renew the british dream at home through a determined a program of economic and a social reform, a program that champions our belief of free market, by being prepared to reform them when they don't work that ensures our economy is -- and society works for everyone in every part of this country, not just the privileged few because the too many, the british dream is increasingly out of reach and the effects of the financial crisis nearly a decade of low growth is stagnating wages and payments lingering, the boom in the housing market means that while some have done well, for many the chance of getting onto the housing ladder has become a
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distant dream. it is that fact, perhaps more than any other that means were too many the british dream is increasingly out of reach. just over a decade ago 59% of 25 to 34 -year-olds of their own home or today, it's just 38%. it's always been a great sadness to me and philip that we were never blessed with children. some things in life are just never meant to be, but i believe in the dream that life should be better for the next generation as much as any mother, father, grandparent. the only difference is that i have the privileged position of being able to do most to bring that bring to life, so i will dedicate my premiership to fixing this problem. [applause]. >> thank you.
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thank you. [applause]. >> dedicate to restore hope, renewing the british dream for a new generation of a people and yes, that means fixing our broken housing market. for 30 or 40 years we simply have not built enough homes and as a result prices have risen so much that the average home now costs almost eight times average earnings and that is a disaster for young people, in particular. we have begun to put this right with the number of new homes delivered each year increasing significantly since 2010. our housing white paper set out plans to increase further
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ensuring counsel release more land for housing and giving them new power to ensure developers actually build homes once they are giving planning permission to do so. [applause]. >> and because it will take time for greater housebuilding to translate into more affordable house prices we have introduced schemes for people who are struggling right now. of the election results showed us it's not nearly enough. we have listened and learned, so this week the chancellor announced that we will help over 130,000 more families with the deposit they need to buy their own home by investing a further 10 billion pounds and help to buy. with announced measures to give increasing number of families who read from a private landlord more security and effective redress if there landlord
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doesn't maintain the property. and today, i can announce that we will invest an additional 2 billion pounds in affordable housing, taking the government's total affordable housing budget to almost 9 billion pounds. [applause]. >> we will encourage councils as well as housing associations to bid for the money and provide certainty over future rental levels. in those parts of the country where the need is greatest, allow homes to be built for social rent below-market level, getting government back into the business of building houses, a new generation of houses to fix our broken housing market. so, whether you try to buy your own home, rent privately and looking for more security or been waiting for years on a council list, help is on the way
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it won't be quick or easy, but as prime minister and going to make it my mission to solve this problem and i will take personal charge of the government's response and make the british dream a reality by reigniting homeownership in britain once again. [applause]. >> let me say one more thing. i want to send the clearest possible message to our housebuilder, we the government will make sure the land is available, we will make sure our young people have the skills you need. in return, you must do your duty to britain and a build the homes our country needs. and to renew the british dream for a new generation of young people we must also take action on student debt. we know education can be the key
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to unlocking the future. that's why for more than a century it's an conservative education that striven the reform for the widened access and standards. it's why we want everyone to have the opportunity to benefit from studying more after they leave school because it's good for them and good for the country, also. today, young people take on a huge amount of debt to do so and if we are honest some don't know what they get from it in return. we have listened and learned so we will undertake a major review of university funding of student financing and crap-- scrap the increase fee that was due next year and freeze the maximum rate while the review takes place and we will increase the amount graduate can earn before they start repaying their fees to 25000 pounds, putting money back into the pockets of graduates with high levels of debt. four, while we are-- [applause].
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while we are in favor of free market, we will always take action to fix them when they are broken. we will always take on monopolies vested interests when they are holding people back and one of the greatest examples in britain today is the broken energy markets. the energy market punishes loyalty with higher prices and the most loyal customers are often those with lower income, the elderly, people with lower qualifications and people who ran to their homes. those for whoever what ever reason are unable to find the time to shop around, that's why next week this government will publish a draft bill to put a price limit on energy bills, meeting our manifesto promise and bringing an end to rip off energy prices once and for all. [applause].
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>> so, we have a big task before us, an agenda to follow a duty to uphold to renew the british dream for a new generation and bring our country together again for a country that is divided can never make the most of its potential. we need to harness the potential if we are to compete and succeed in the years ahead. that's why where others seek to bring division, we must stand united, recognizing as it joe cox put it, that we have more in common than what divides us. [applause]. >> it's why i will always be proud to call myself a unionist and proud to be the leader of the conservative and unionist party, also.
7:46 am
because that word means something special to me. it stands for the great union of nations that has so much to offer the world and it stands for this great union of people, people from all over the world who have made their homes here and are proud to call themselves british, attracted by the strength of the british dream. we are an example to the world of how people of different colors and creed cannot live a side-by-side and we celebrate that. as a proud unionist i take comfort for the general election saw the stress of nationalism steadfast, the case for a second referendum in scotland denied. [applause].
7:47 am
wasn't it a brilliant result for the scottish is-- conservative. [applause]. >> together quite simply we are stronger, so we must unite the country around our conservative vision of a global prosperous britain in which the british dream is alive at. that means showing we are determined to make a difference to doing something, not seen someone. to doing our duty by britain again because people are fed up with the game playing, name-calling, the refusal to listen to the other point of view. we can look around the world and see where this approach to politics gets us, anger, recrimination and polarization, also.
7:48 am
we must, all of us look inside, consider how we conduct our politics in this country and find a better way. there is a big problem in our politics when an mp from one party refuses to be friends with those of another. [applause]. >> there is a big problem in our politics whether leading journalists from our national broadcaster has to hire bodyguards just to be able to do her job. [applause]. there is a problem when one of our two great political parties is so driven with the state of anti-semitism, but even one of its own council leaders question
7:49 am
if they will be welcome in his city again. let me be clear. [applause]. >> let me be clear, racism, intolerance and hatred has no place in british politics or british society. this party will never permit it and we will always stamp it out. [applause]. >> britain can do better than this, for this country is and always has been the home of tolerance, freedom and a beacon of democracy and this city of manchester knows it better than anyone. because, four months ago this city came under attack from those who hate our country and despise our values. the liberty of we extend to everyone whoever they are and wherever they are from the way
7:50 am
in which our society is open, accepting and tolerant of others took the fact that we celebrate diversity and champion difference the way we encourage people from all backgrounds and beliefs to live their life and freedom to be all they want to be and because of this hatred they chose to take out their rage on the defenseless and vulnerable, the innocent and beyond. let us be in no doubt that the responsibility to such an outrage lies with no another than those who planned it and those who saw it through and this party, which knows the terrible toll of terrorism all too well will never seek to justify or excuse such acts of terror. [applause].
7:51 am
>> we will stand a strong in the face of terrorism and ensure our values will prevail, but what we remember most is the cowardly attack on the manchester arena, is the response of the spirit of manchester. [applause]. [coughing] [applause]. >> we remember that spirit. people throwing up in their doors to strangers, giving them a place to shelter. [coughing] taxi drivers helping people get home safely, accepting welfare in return. ordinary people rushing to the scene of distraction, putting themselves in harms way.
7:52 am
the incredible men and women of the emergency services running towards the carnage while others dropped what they were doing and went back to work to help, but above all an image of a community coming together, men and women, young and old, black and white, muslim, christian, standing together as one and it was that image of this city, an image of a modern britain in all of its diversity, compassion and strength that was shared around the globe and it said something about us. it said that this is modern britain, a country of promise, potential, of hope and perhaps we can easily forget to that, but we must hold on to that essential truth. for we are a nation of dreamers
7:53 am
with the capacity to deliver those dreams come also. cities like manchester and the pioneers that fired the industrial revolution helping to make bird-- britain the workshop of the world and its this heritage that means today we export to and trade with nations in every corner of the globe. it was here in britain that we discovered the structure of dna, the biological code for life, all the technologies for sequencing, the human genome has been developed in this country and today we use the knowledge to improve human health. back in the 1970s, it was scientists in oxford who invented the lithium iron battery which powers all laptops and mobile phones and today we continue to be pioneers in this sector causing new battery technology for electric cars and renewable energy. technology will soon be exported around the world.
7:54 am
within a few hundred yards up here, you will find the worlds first passenger railway station and a few hundred yards beyond that a new research facility to develop the extraordinary material for which to scientists hearing manchester won the nobel prize. [applause]. 's let me say this, you are correct to back it as part of a northern powerhouse in this government will back it, also. [applause]. the future is bright and our potential is great and if we choose the right path the british dream can be renewed. so, let us do our duty by britain. let us shape up and give the country the government it needs for beyond this, beyond the
7:55 am
gossip pages of the newspapers and be on the streets and meeting rooms of westminster, life continues. the daily lives of working people go on. many pay little attention to conferences and gatherings like this. they get up early and go to work they wanted to know their job is going to last and that they will get paid a fair wage. they want to know the school their children go to is the best it can be, that they will be cared for well-made-- cared for when they fall ill and have security and safety in their advance towards old age and they want to believe in the british dream that their children will do better than themselves, that they will have the opportunity to lead happy, successful, secure lives and they will have the chance to be all they wanted to be. these are the priorities and it's our duty to respond.
7:56 am
the priorities of working people up and down this land and they must be our only focus. not worrying about our job security, but there's. not addressing our concern, but the issues, the problems, the challenges that concern of them. not focusing on our future, but on the future of their grandchildren and children doing everything we can to ensure that tomorrow will be better than our today. that is what i'm in politics for , to make a difference, to change things for the better, to hang on to the next generation a country that is stronger, fairer and more prosperous and treated the british dream for new generation again. none of this will be easy. there will be obstacles and barriers along the way, but it's
7:57 am
never been my style to hide from a challenge, to shrink from a task, to retreat in the face of difficulty, to give up and turn away. so, the test of a leader is how you respond when tough times come upon you. [cheers and applause] when faced with challenge you can emerge stronger and when confronted with adversity if you find the will to pull through and if when tested the most that we reach deep within ourselves and find that our capacity to rise to the challenge before us may well be limitless. that is the story of our party. that is the story of our country. and that is the result and determination that we need as we
7:58 am
turn to face the future today. so, let us go forward together, confident in our values, clearing our vision, sure in our purpose with a rich ambition agenda to follow, a bold exciting mission to the few. let us fulfill our duty to the british people. let us fulfill our duty to our country. let us fulfill our duty to britain and let us renew the british dream. thank you. [applause]. [cheers and applause] [applause].
7:59 am
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♪ >> you are watching the tv on c-span2 four top nonfiction books and authors every weekend, book tv, television for serious leaders. >> on this: the stay weekend, we have three days of the book tv. on afterwards, former radio host and msnbc contributor charles sykes look it's the conservative movement in america, interviewed by fox news contributor tammy bruce. tonight, authors on education and education reform. you will hear from former pbs news hour education correspondent john marrow author of "addicted to reform".


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