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tv   British Prime Minister Statement on Brexit Negotiations  CSPAN  October 24, 2017 2:07am-3:03am EDT

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party members. this is just under an hour. >> statements, the prime minister. >> hear, hear. >> thank you, mr. speaker and with permission i would like to
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make a statement on last week's european council. long after we have theft the european union the uk will be a strong and committed partner, standing on side our neighbors and working together advance our shared values and interests. this council provided a further opportunity to demonstrate that ongoing commitment, through discussions that include migration, the digital market, turkey, north korea and iran. and it may be important progress in moving towards the new deeps' special partnership with the european union we wanted to see. first on migration, the uk is playing its full part. the royal navy has intercepted 172 smuggling boats, and saved over 12,000 lives since operations in the year began. while our national crime agency is work with libyan law enforcement in helping if the cablable to tackle the people smuggling and tracking networks. at the couple we welcomed the reduction in migrant crossings,
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and for renewed prevention behind the bolivian political process and must also address the root causes crying home to the mediterranean so they're continuing to invest for the long time in education, jobs and services, both in countries of origin and transit. on the digital single market it is right to keep up the pleasure on completing the implementation by the owned of 2018. this will continue to be of benefit to us even after we leave the european union. at this council i also argued that the free flow of data is key to-under locking the potential of europe's digital trade and question secured conclusions which recognized this. as the government set out over the summer such arrangements will be an important part of the future relationship between the and you can the eu. turning to the discussions on turkey. we shared the concerns of the arrest of the nationals and others defending human rights. this is something i raised
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permanently with president erdogan and we are publicly calling on turkey to protect freedom of expression and release those defending human rights. at the same time, believe we must take a long-term view of the enduring importance of our relationship with turkey, vital partner in ensuring a sure and prosperous european neighborhood and we must also continue to recognize the challenges they are responding to, not least they face a military coup only 16 months ago. so we must continue to work with turkey as on ally and partner as we record to the shared challenges of terrorism, migration and unstable in the middle east. but in so doing, we must do all we can to convince turkey to demonstrate its commitment to human rights and the rule of law. to turn away from turkey now would undermine those who seek to security european future based on our shared values. on north korea, we welcomed the eu sanctions adopted last week and re-affirmed our clear
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condemnation of north korea's aggressive and illegal missile and nuclear tests. we urged all states, including china, to play their part in changing the course pyongyang is taking and on iran the council binnology the join statement bid chancellor merkel, president macron and myself last week, recommitting the commitment to the nuclear deal. this deal wall the culmination of 13 years of diplomacy and a major step toward ensuring iran's nuclear program is not diverted for military purposes. that is vitally important for shared security and are work closely with the french and german allies on this crucial issue. mr. speak, are on their, ours to leave the european union i shared -- for a creative and practicing mat tim trophy a new deep and special partnership between the united kingdom and the european union.
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also in free trade, rigorous and fair competition, strong consumer rights and high regulatory standards. i've also been clear that the u.k. can is unconditionally committed to maintaining europe's security. both side have approached these talks with professionalism and a constructive spirit. we should recognize what has been achieved to date. on citizen rights, both side share the same objective tough safe gordoning the right's eu nationals in the and you can uk nationals living in the eu. this is my first priority from the very beginning of negotiations and it remains so. negotiations are complicated and deeply technical but in the end they are about people and i'm determine that we will put people first. eu citizens make an extraordinary contribution to our national life and we want them to stay. >> hear hear. >> i know that eu member states value the u.k. can nationals into their countries. we are united on the key
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principles and while there are small number of issues that remain outstanding we are in touching distance of a deal. this agreement will provide certainty about residents, health care, pensions and other benefits. it will mean that eu is -- uk nationals who head into the system of eu207 country can benefit from what they put. it would enable families who built their lives together to stay together and will provide guarantees the rising those uk nationals liver neglect expo the eu citizens living in the uk, will not diverge over time. we will also ensure that the implementation of the grandma we reach does not create complicated and bureaucratic hurdle. i said apply for settled status will cost no more than that a uk passport and will will no longer have to prove sickness insurance and we will do everything possible to work with eu member
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states to make sure their processes are eannually extremelined for british nationals in their countries. we have also made significant progress on northern ireland where it is imperative that join work on the peace process is not affected. the there will not be in physical infrastructure at the border and we also developed joint principles to ensure the continuation of the common travel area. these prims will fully preserve at the rights of uk and irish nationals to live, work and study across the islands and protect rights to public service and social security. mr. speaker, this council provided an opportunity to assess and reflect on how to make further progress in the negotiations. my speech in florence made two importance extent. first i game two clear
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commitments hope to financial settlement that uk will honor commitments and up in of our partners should fear they will need to pay more or receive less over the remain at the of the current bug plan as a result of our decision to leave. as the house would expect, we are going through our potential commitments line by line as that detailed work continues. and second i propose a time limit implementation entered. the 27 members state responded by agreeing to start preparations for moving negotiations ton trade and future relationship we want to see. the council concludes call for work to continue with a view to being able to move to the second phase of the negotiations as soon as possible. and the president in his press conference was clear that the eu's internal work will take counterproposals presented in florence speech as indeed this agreement to start the discussions would not be
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possible but the new -- so, mr. speaker, i'm ambitious and positive about britain's future and these negotiations. if we're going to take a step forward together it must be on the basis joint effort and endeavor between the and you can the eu. but i believe that by approaching these negotiations in a constructive way, in a spirit of friendship and cooperation, we can and will deliver the best possible outcome that work for all our people and that belief was shared by other european leaders. mr. speaker we're going leave the european union in march 2019. delivering on the democratic will of the british people. >> hear, hear. >> of course, we are preparing for every even allity to make sure we leave in n a smith and orderly way but i'm confident we can negotiate a new, deep and special partnership win the sovereign united kingdom and the friend the european union. that's my mission and the government's statement and i
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commend this statement to the house. >> jeremy corbyn. >> thank you, mr. speaker i'm like to think the prime minister for advanced copy of this statement and i also underline the importance of respect for human rights and democracy in turkey. imprisoning journalists and lawyers is not part of that process and is not acceptable. and also, that we need to -- we also need to defend the iran nuclear deal which has been rightly defended the eu council last week and must do everything we took defend it and prevent proliferation of nuclear weapons. commend of the of the royal nave which the prime minister pointed out has already saved thousands of lives. but in relation to libya nothing is more pressing than securing a viable, long-term peaceful settlement to that country's problems. given the language used by her
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foreign secretary in miss matter the prime minister may need to talk a lead on this. just as she has had to take over the lead from their breckist secretary on negotiations with the eu. mr. speaker, i'm beginning to have a feel a very worrying sense of groundhog day here. every time -- [laughter] -- every time she gives us an update on the progress of the negotiations, only two weeks ago she told this house that her speech in florence had put moment into the article 50 negotiations, and that an grandma on phase one of these talks was within touching distance. here we are again. after another round of talks. and we're still no clearer as to when negotiations on britain's future will our largest trading partner will actually begin.
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until no clearer as to what exactly she has agreed to in phase one of these talks. mr. speaker, in what are the most crucial negotiations of our country's recent history, we're clearly stuck in an impasse. no real progress abroad and no progress at home. especially given the prime minister's withdrawal bill has been delayed 'opresumely allow the whip tuesday pull together the splits in her own party. maybe she shed some m lying on this confusion, confusion that is only escalated by members of her own government. for instance, the home secretary says no deal with the eu would be unthinkable. the brexit secretary still maintains no dole must be an option. while the secretary of state for international trade says that leaving without a deal would not
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be the armageddon that some people project. does the prime minister believe an outcome that is not armageddon might be settling the bar bit too low? mr. speaker, the prime minister will also be aware that leaders of every major business organization have written to her today, urging clarity and quickly. chaos the uk, businesses in every region and nation are clear that they need a transition deal with the eu to be put in place as soon as possible so that it tack investment decisions in order to protect jobs and investment in this country. i know the prime minister has talk about the need for an implementation period after we leave the eu, but she happen been clear about the terms and couches that. can she tell us now what she
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means by accepting the same basic conditions in an implementation period? surely this can only mean remaining win the single market and customs union for the transition period as labor has made clear. on eu citizens rights the prime minister says, again, an grandma is in reach. can she tell us when the detail of that grandma will be ready to bring to this house? more importantly to all those people in this country, and the eu, who desperate to know what their future holds for them. this could have been dealt with 16 months ago, and instead, families are suffering anxiety some european union citizens are deciding to leave, including nurses from our national health service. if that had been resolve, as it
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should have been, then hundreds of thousands of british nationals would also have the security they need. will the prime minister tell us what will happen to this specific agreement on citizens rights if her government fails to secure a final brexit deal with the eu? will the prime minister now do the right thing and guarantee the rights of citizens living in the uk, regardless of the outcome of article 50 negotiations. on the financial settlement, clearly some wasn't the european union need to stop briefing out astronomical and unacceptable numbers. but will the prime minister -- but will the prime minister -- will the prime minister confirm reports that she privately assured european leaders that
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brian would pay more than the offer she previously made in ore florence speech? if this is the case, is she confident this would past the red line set out by the foreign secretary other few weeks ago? mr. speaker, the prime minister hails the progress made so far in these negotiations. the biggest bat the prime minister faces isn't so much with the 27 european states described as the enemy of letter battle to bring together the warring factions of her own cabinet and party. and the prime minister is too weak to do anything about it. the outcome, a crashing out with no deal, to become a deregulated tax haven, to dream of a powerful faction of her back benches and her front benches would be a nightmare for people's jobs and living standards.
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labor's message is different and clear. only labor can negotiate a brexit and deliver an economy -- >> order, order, order. the prime minister's statement was heard with courtesy, and so will the response be. no further discussion no comment required. that is the situation. jeremy, corbyn. >> thank you, mr. supremer, laker's message is different and very clear indeed. only labor can negotiate a brexit and deliver an economy that puts jobs and living senators first and that's what we're ready to do. >> thank you. thank you, mr. speaker. first, can i welcome the comment the right honorable gentleman made on the iran nuclear deal. it's important that across this
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house we agree they we should continue to support that deal. also agree with him that what want would to in libways peaceful settlement that enables that counsel troy be stable and peaceful and i think it's important we all support the work that is being done by the u.n. session envoy in relation to this issue. he asked about the brexit bill. what it set athlete european council is what set out in any florence speech and just repeated in my statement. he talked about us making no real progress. well, we haven't reached a final agreement but it's going to happen. i have a degree of confidence -- i'd have a degree of confidence we will be able to get to the point of sufficient progress by december. there is a new familiar. the florence step was a step forward and should be a positive response to the willingness to work on at the interim period and the house being established, a momentum.
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as it happens those aren't my words. those are words of chancellor merkel, the -- the swedish prime minister, the italian prime minister, the polish prime minister, and danish prime minister. so i can assure the right honorable gentleman that progress was indeed made. the labor party talk about the need to modify ahead in the negotiations. if they can get someone to move ahead the negotiations while the labor nep vote against the negotiations? [shouting] >> and he talks about the withdrawal bill as if this was something that labor was eager to see. if they're sew eager about the bill why did they vote against it? and in doing so, vote against bringing workers rights and
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environmental standards into uk law. and then finally, he talk -- spends a long time in his response talking about no deal. i can only assume that the labor party wants to talk about no deal because day on the know what sort of deal they would want. they can't decide whether they want to be in the single market or not. they can't decide whether they want to be in the customs union or not. can't decide whether they want a second referendum or not. can't decide whether they agree with free movement continuing or not, and worst of all, they say they would take any deal whatever the price they are asked to pay. that is not the way to get a good deal for the uk. it's the way to get the worst possible deal for the uk. >> mr. ken clark.
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>> mr. speak, damming delay will be caused and main problem ice european leader can see a noisy -- on the back benchings have persuade emthem that no deal at all is completely desirable. and this causes them to doubt where l she is table produce a clear picture of where she wants to go and whether she is able to produce a majority here for any agreement they have with so. so has she considered she may have done already appoint something trusted minister to make approaches to leading members of the opposition party to see if they will live up to the -- some of the things the leader appears to say and perhaps do bet seater least we can have aen could census in this parliament in the nationals' on the outline of a transition gentlelady deal that would enable to us negotiate the final details and appearingments
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the majorout of the house would agree is in long-term interests of the united kingdom. >> i have to say to my right honorable and learned friends that sounds rather like a job application. can i just say to my right honorable friend, that was clear to my interaction i've you were yap leaders they recognize the prognosises in the northern speech nor special partnership for the future and also for the implementation period, did bring clarity into the thinking of the uk nationals united kingdom. it is now the 27 have agreed it's now for them to consider what they want to see from the future of that relationship that next stage of negotiations can continue. >> thank you, mr. speaker, and ick also thank the prime minister for advance copy of her
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statement. mr. speaker, i welcome some of the conclusions from the council summit, particularly on money gracious and the stronger economiment on resettlement. the sanctions again north korea. however, mr. speaker, it is a bit concerning that the ongoing crisis in catalonia was not covered. eu citizens were brutally thrown to the floor for exercising their right to vote. a parliament stripped of its constitutional status. can the prime minister tell the house what representation she made to address this devastating outcome? last week the eu27 voted unanimously to declare that had not been sufficient progress on leaving the eu. this is clear that the negotiations sticking opinion are the same as before. on the financial settlement, eu
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citizens rights and the irish border. john cobb made a position unanimous remark, nobody explained the in the first place to the british people what brexit actually meant. how true, and no wonder this government is in such a mess. today the uk's five biggest business lobby groups called for an urgent transition deal. time is run us out for the business community and financial institutions are giving notice of leaving london. ireland has clinch end deal width more than a dozen of london based banks to move to ireland and some have warned 83,000 city jobs to could be lost if the uk loses the claiming rights this we need to know the details of our future relationships and any transition deal before the end of the year. it is absolutely critical we stay in the single market and
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the customs union. the prime minister and government's catastrophic ideal flirtation with a no deal scenario, take this off the table and do it today. >> can i first of all say to right honorable gentleman i have spoke the prime minister on the issue of catalonia on a number of occasions including one i saw him the european union council of we're clear that at the referendum has no legal basis. we want to see people uphoedle the law the constitution. on the wider issue in term of the future relationship with the united kingdom with the european union, i set out the vision we have fort that. as i just said in answer to the leader of the official opposition, the eu27 will now be looking at their vision for this aim sour i have to repeat again to the right honorable gentleman because this issue erayed in past -- that full member home of she single mark and the customs
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union go with. >> dirks of the european court of justice and freedom of movement. these are issues which were voted against when people voted to leave the european union. they were mean we would remain in the europeine union and we are going to leave in march 2019. >> done tan-something i -- duncan-smith. >> mr. speaker, may i a to my right honorable friends she may wish to answer some of those who want certainty by reminding them you cannot have grandma on an implementation period until you have something to implement. and secondly could she explain that during the course of her discussions, the private ones she head, the ones that the acting president of the european union have not put into the papered but her private discussions, could she just say who she remind herd colleagued in european union that to reach
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a proper free trade arrangement they need have concluded the discussions before the summer of next year, otherwise it will be difficult to get those through in times both in the european union or here and did she get an answer about when the might like to start? >> well, can i say -- thank my right honorable friend. he is absolutely right. we have said on a number of occasion the point of the empolicemen addition period is to put in place the practical changes nose move to the forward partnership. he asked about dish have obviously in my discussions with other leaders raise the issue of the timetable we have and the up mat timetable to be set by the lisbon treaty and my friend talk beside knowing the detail odd the trade deal by next summer. they suggested october 2018 which might be the point another it bill be necessary to know that it any friend right there will need to be a period of time
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for ratification of any fewer arrangements by the various national parliaments and as we know, that can be more than one in some of the countries concern. >> mr. speaker, can the prime minister explain why it is frequently said by those with whom we are negotiating that they do not know what the uk wants when it koles to a long-term deal and does she think it has nothing do with the fact the cabinet appears not to have reached its own view yet about what the nature -- >> hear, hear. >> this a negotiation and different levels of detail at different stages of the negotiations. i have set out the vision for our future partnership and as i sneyd response to a number of remarks now, the -- what happened at this european council was that the ei27 agreed they will now start work preparing their vision of the partnership so when we come to
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open the trade negotiations both sides have got that agenda and clearly know what those negotiations will cover. >> given the wish of business to deal with uncertainties which is understandable, would the prime minister agree that the best course for a business trading with europe you woo be to prepare for a smooth transition to wto tray firm which this government will guarantee and to expect the prime minister to have good luck in bringing back something better? , in...
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>> the brexit secretary said last week that the transition phase would be triggered only once we have completed the deal itself. the spokesperson said today the implementation time is a bridgeway and they need to know where they're heading. could she clarify? is she saying that if we haven't got a long-term trade deal agreed by this time next year then there won't be any transition deal at all? britain will end up on wto to terms by march of 2019? >> is a just responded, and implementation time is about witches adjusting to the future relationship. that's the basis on which will
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be negotiating an agreement. >> in relation to any implementation time, is it a potential bare track that if there's an involvement in the european court whose case over parliament in court and include commitment to the fundamental rights and political integration? >> as my friend knows, i've been very clear that one of the intentions of people voting to leave the european union would ensure that in the future no longer cover in the united kingdom. we will have to negotiate the basis of that implementation time for going to ensure that we have the greatest possible certainty for business. then it will be necessary to see
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as little changes commensurate. one of the purposes of the bill is to bring the law and give that certainty to businesses and individuals here. >> the british government was late in the negotiations in europe to create a single mark market. can you explain how she expects to be taken seriously in the words of her statement with the completion of the single market by 2018 when she's in the process of trying to leave it? >> the united kingdom continues to be in the debate of the single market. we believe it's important for the u.k. in or out of the union.
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well encourage this time but i believe it's important once we leave the e.u. that the single market has been created and will forge a new relationship with it. >> can i commend the prime minister statements on the progress she has made. >> as we have heard representatives of businesses of all sizes from all sectors have written to the government warning that the consequences of no deal and relying on trade organization. they said the government should give certainty to business by immediately really this business out. we agreed to listen to british businesses and what they go so far as to rule out no deal.
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>> can i say to my friends that we have been engaging with business and listening. i was very clear that the implementation time was very key and having and ensuring they have a smooth and orderly process of withdraw. but we are in negotiation with that. it's important to remember that if we want a good deal for the united kingdom the best way to get a bad deal is to say that will accept anything regardless. we have to be clear what were working for is a good deal. i'm optimistic as we have made progress. the good deal that were seeking is of interest to both sides. >> isn't it the case the business community will be shocked to hear the words today
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the be no clarity on transition or implementation until we get a final deal and months ahead. it's the edge that the business community want to know that will not be there march 2019. will she not give a commitment now to attain the transitional arrangements separately? >> i said in my speech the transition time and we need to discuss that. but i'm confident we'll get a deal precisely because getting a good deal isn't just in our interest it's in the interest to remain in the european union as well. that's what were working for. >> man commend the prime minister's approach based on the speech which i think is entirely
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sensible, pragmatic and moderate. it may i encourage her, given that we are being entirely open about our tactics, namely that no you citizen should be worse off to be more transparent and open with parliament on the figures. i know it is a nuisance but what else is praxis about about reviving parliamentary democracy. we have no idea what we offer, think we could do with more information because ultimately they will be a vote and it will be a vote that counts. >> of course we have said there will be a vote on the deal we expect that to take place before the european parliament votes on the deal this house.
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when were able to make information available will make it available. as others may recall i said will not give a running commentary with the details. that's important because we must up at this country in a position where we set out publicly everything were looking for, because were not just gonna hand the cards to the other side. it's a negotiation in both sides will have to move. >> given the report for calling for transition and the last cliff edge perhaps you could introduce the fact, as she lifted a major economies in the world which trades it to the e.u. with no sector or other agreements in place?
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>> the premise of his question is false. he seems to suggest the purpose of the negotiation are to engineer no deal scenario. they're not. where working for a deal for future relationship for this country to cover both trade and security relationship. >> the negotiation last week and her statement is very much to sit created pragmatic approach. partnership is the key word. no partnership is possible with the european neighbors and fellow member states and in the cabinet. can you assure us that the talks will continue and you will not listen to those who want talks
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to stop. >> the negotiations are continuing. we want to ensure what were doing is working to get a good deal. my speech is to set out the vision for that special partnership is that partnership the government is working towa toward. >> will be much talk of the limits of implementation that the prime minister had in her speech can she tell us whether there has been any discussion about the legal basis of what such a piece would be. >> i can say to the honorable lady that the european union themselves actually raises similar concept in the april guideline. be on the article 50 process.
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>> on the matter of north korea, the defense recently took evidence from academics argued north korea may already have an ability to reach the united kingdom with a nuclear weapon. if that is true to the prime minister agree to be the utmost -- to abandon the nuclear -- >> i can absolutely agree it would be foolish. i think there are many reasons why it's important to maintain our independent nuclear attendance. it's important because it is also part of the collective defense of europe that we do provide. >> the prime minister moment ago one or to rule it out.
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the home secretary was saying it's unthinkable. why question is, what is this going to cost the british taxpayer? 50 million was already being spent on contingency planning. how much is being spent across government how many nurses, doctors, place could that pay for? >> i cannot tell and in fact i have already said the treasure has set aside 250 million pounds to be spent across government departments. >> may congratulate the prime minister on the great progress and change. may i take -- in the progress that's been made on the issue
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may ask her to give us more detail of the areas where agreement has been cemented. >> i can say there's a number of areas where agreement has been reached particularly in issues with healthcare arrangements. there is a small number of areas where we have yet to reach agreement. but i think it's clear from both sides from the u.k. that we can see the shape of that deal and we are in the distance of getting that. >> i welcome statement by the prime minister and look forward to progress been made. has the prime minister taken the opportunity to remind the republic that it's about time we started to prove his whip in the
2:50 am
republic of ireland rather than attempting to throw his whip around on issue of the border. all that was doing was damaging his economy. think of the prime minister also make an impression when they visit northern ireland and threatened that the peace process is in exchange for brexit, they're playing with fire and they ought not to encourage that. >> it is very important that all sides on this issue are very clear that the agreement we must ensure this put into place and recognized and respected through its entirety. it's also important to ensure the peace program that is
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possible can continue in the future. when it comes to the border and resolving issues it will be for us to work with the republic of ireland government and with the union more generally to find a solution which is no return to the border. >> can i reassure my friends that anyone who suggested that she is weak is seriously underestimating her. seriously underestimating this party, which supports or and underestimating the importance of the referenda mandate and the fact that she contained more conservative votes than any in the union will she stick to her
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guns and have confidence the only one under minding her as those going into the labor party. >> to thank my honorable friend in class essay that i'm sure all members want to get the best possible deal for the united kingdom i look forward to everyone on these benches supporting them. >> to the e.u. council discuss russia and in this context has the u.k. government or its agencies been asked to help with information with a special counsel robert mueller about
2:53 am
russian interference in the election? >> fact on this occasion russia was not one of the subjects on the agenda but we did discuss a number of foreign policy issues, north korea, turkey and dprk were all on the agenda, but russia was not. >> if her e.u. friends were to demand a sum of say a trillion pounds rather than 100 billion, the position of the opposition would have to be to accept that because they would not walk away under any circumstances. given that we would walk away, can the prime minister really reassure us that the necessary preparations will be made so we can walkway with a deal if we need to which will maximize the prospect of getting a good deal.
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>> indeed, we are ensuring that government is preparing for all contingencies and approach dramatic approach for any government to take. working for a deal but i also want to thank my friend for illustrating the provision that's been taken by the labor party. they would pay any price, no matter. >> the prime minister says she wants a deep and special partnership with the e.u., but some of her colleagues want a total and complete break. is it the truth that her failure to resolve this fundamental issues so install the negotiations but the future of our country at risk? >> the honorable lady failed to recognize the progress made at
2:55 am
the european union council of the provision that was taken. the year 27 will not be preparing for that of future partnership and implementation in the lead up to the partnership. they recognize that we set out a dark vision of what that partnership would look like. and to look at what they believe the partnership should look li like. >> last year the european union has 71.8 billion pounds. the report last week said if we moved to carry the german auto industry alone will use 29000 jobs. was there any realization at all on the impact of not discussing free trade agreements and do they understand they would lose
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far more if we are to lose them we were. >> i think it is clear across the european union it is recognized we need to look at what the relationship might be. it's not just about united kingdom future position,'s about jobs and the economy in the e.u. 27 as well. recognition and looking at what they think the partnership could be in the future. i'm sure my friend is aware there's a number of organizations on the continent now starting to talk about the importance of this relationship in the future. >> canasta question the brexit secretaries unable to answer last week. given the government envisions a two-year transition time with existing structures of rules and
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regulations apply, can she clarify if a pharmaceutical company wanting authorization to market a new drug in the u.k. during transition would do so by the european medicine vacancy or a new system as of yet undefin undefined. >> the intention of the implementation time is to ensure that people are able to operate on the same basis as they do on the moment as they put in place the changes leading up to the partnership. that which is not going to be looked at will be part of future negotiations. >> i agree with exiting the european union but is in the best interest of both sides if we can conduct this apparel with
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those with the relationship. does she agree further any flexibility on the payment must be linked to flexibility and other areas to be negotiated? >> we have been very clear the question of that financial settlement cannot be finally settled until we know what the future partnership will be. we will not sign up for a bill and then negotiate so it will be the case that once the negotiations have started will continue to be negotiation on issues. >> since the brexit vote there's been a 96% drop in e.u. nurses registering to work here.
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with vacancy of 86000 and rising, just how much bigger does it need to get before we stop using medics as a bargaining chip in to make sure that their doctors and nurses available. >> in my statement i've made a number of occasions that we value the contribution it have made we want them to stay. she talks about nurses and there's more nurses than there were in 2010 we've taken out the number of nurses who can be in training. the 52000 and training. >> degree the progress achieved at the council meeting demonstrates logic on both sides lends itself to deal being done. every ounce of effort will be marshaled across members of the
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government to achieve that a. >> i agree that this is in both our interest in government as a whole collectively is putting the effort necessary into this and looking at what legislation to bring forward in preparing for all eventualities. >> the prime minister raise expectation of the situation between northern ireland and the republic and no infrastructure must be welcomed by all parties. is it conceivable that that can be filled with real negotiations and is it really possible that we can talk about no deal in that scenario? >> it's not that expectations
3:01 am
are being raised. [inaudible] as i said earlier, of course ensuring we get the solution to that will require us to work not just with european commission and the e.u. 27, but work hard with the public government as well. >> your right not to roll out and no deal scenario. it would be utterly naïve. when it comes to implementation, what assurances can she give that it will be time-limited? >> the key issues it's about the time necessary to make the practical changes necessary to move to the future partnership.
3:02 am
no changes will have a time limit to them. then i said this would be around two years in terms of practicality,


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