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tv   Kellie Mejdrich  CSPAN  December 9, 2017 12:36am-12:46am EST

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[inaudible] >> the house and senate return on monday after passing another short-term spending measure. kelly joins us who's a budget reporter in addition to federal finalizing spending whatever key issues are on the must do list? >> when there's a must pass bill there's a number of adults that will try to find their way on especially since it's the last train leaving the station.
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we might be looking for temporary funding for the children's health insurance, may be a permit reauthorization. funding for veterans, the veterans trace but program. and where from 2 - 4000000000 that add-on to the cr. democrats are pushing for dreamers are given temporary work permits for illegal immigrants were brought here for children. the current expiration date of government funding now that lawmakers gave two more weeks of government funding and move on friday. >> so congress clears an aversive shutdown for now, your
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article just before that article passed on thursday the leadership met with president trump, what came out of that? >> that was a hard reset. a week earlier there had been an organized meeting between the white house and the big four, that is house minority leader nancy posey. and chuck schumer in the senate. they're supposed to have a meeting earlier. president trump tweeted that he didn't see a deal as a result they canceled the parents. the recent meeting and getting everybody to sit down was a step forward. there are talks about whether there are republican or democrat authors.
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there was fear, the budget year that were looking to fund and that's being funded on a stopgap basis. both republicans and democrats are too low. but there's a disagreement as to whether defense or non-defense deserve equal increases are fun takes priority over the other. pushes to increase defense without equal. >> will see something next week, conference committee meeting meeting on the republican tax reform plan next week. what are key issues they need to overcome to get it to president trump before christmas? >> this was a big priority, they
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haven't been able to get many wins. getting this tax package is a must for them. there's something sorrier now. the senate bill includes repeal of the individual mandate which would reduce people on the healthcare exchanges. issue of the state local texted action, this is a big issue for republicans in high tax district such as parts of california, new york and tennessee, there are some areas where republicans might have problems with their constituents. another thing is to see how moderate members vote. but the senate finance chairman, orin hatch and kevin brady, they will have to listen to all their
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members to round up the votes so you can pass both the house and senate. seen it happen is something rare these days. they'll been opportunity for the gop to show how they can govern or if they can't get it together it will have serious political consequences. thank you for the update. >> this weekend on american history tv on c-span three, saturday at 7:00 p.m. eastern yale university historian joann freeman and "alexander hamilton". >> when washington became president he made -- and in the post he structured a national
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financial system and push to strengthen and empower the national government. watching a fierce political battle against those who wanted a far less powerful government. >> sunday at 4:00 p.m. eastern unreal america. the training film on welcome affection about inappropriate behavior in the workplace. >> i make a lot of decisions, i do evaluation reports, sign passes and leaves and if you want to get a loan will be beneficial to to be a little nicer to me. >> and on eight on andrew jackson's efforts to challenge and cripple the bank of the united states during the 1830s.
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>> the president before said anything like this. of the president's had warned americans about entangling foreign alliances or against sectionalism and partisanship at home, jackson warned them against control their own government by the rich and powerful. >> american history tv, only on c-span three. this weekend, the city's tour takes you to saratoga springs, located in upstate new york. with the help of our partners will explore the history litter for the city. saturday at new dniester nonbook tv. >> this is where ulysses grant and his memoirs was dying of
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throat cancer. his family was facing serious financial problems. at this point he was a man trying to take care of his family. we get to tell a story that most don't know about. >> then andrew mckenna shares his book, sheer madness. >> growing up i thought the person addicted to heroin looked under a bridge was pushing a shopping cart around. that's not the case. one of the most abused drugs on wall street among traders, and the sorry of the professionals come our opiates. >> that will take a trip to the saratoga race course. will visit the saratoga national
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start park. >> they said the battles of saratoga were the most important ever fought in the entire world in the last 1000 years because they resulted in the general surrender. it's the first time ever that a british army surrendered. >> the c-span cities tour, working with our cable partners as we explore america. the first circuit court of appeals is considering a challenge to the travel ban which restricts travel to citizens of a country's. they heard oral argument. this is two hours


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