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tv   Prime Ministers Questions 12202017  CSPAN  December 20, 2017 6:59am-7:56am EST

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that is what is at stake in the fall of 2018. thanks a lot, everyone. [inaudible conversations]
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>> now live to london for british prime minister's question time. each week the house of commons is in session, we bring you prime minister teresa made taking questions from the house of commons live wednesday morning on c-span2 and we invite your participation via twitter, hashtag pmq. prior to question time members finishing up other business. now live to the floor of the british house of commons. >> final inquiry on this section today. >> question number 10. i have no current plans to propose any changes, this would be a matter of discussion between them and the uk parliament in accordance with the belfast agreement. >> given the failing of the executive and simply to exist at the moment is detrimental to northern ireland and given that it is only one party and northern ireland refusing to make its function, time to look
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at the agreement and see if we can evolve it so in the future the assembly will continue to serve the people of northern ireland. >> the chair of the select committee was not heard and reverential tones but we may have to wait until 2018. mister speaker, i agree with my right honorable friend has said to see government restored. the fact is where the focus needs to remain is why we need to do all we can and injecting further momentum into seeing the executive reestablished and government functioning for people of northern ireland. >> questions for the prime minister. >> question number one. >> the prime minister. may i start, mister speaker by wishing all members of staff a
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merry christmas and happy new year. my whole house will want to join me sending the warmest christmas messages to all our armed forces stationed overseas. we owe them a great debt of gratitude for the sacrifices they make on our behalf. i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to duties in the house, i should have further such meetings later today. >> doctor con. >> in 2009 the prime minister said it was a tragedy the number of children falling into the poverty cycle was continuing to rise. every child deserves to have a roof over their head and food on the table yet on her watch, the number of families forced to survive on food banks is continuing to rise, and 21/2,000 children will wake up homeless on christmas day.
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my question is simple. when will this austerity driven government say enough is enough and put an end to this tragedy? >> prime minister. >> in fact this government has lifted hundreds of thousands of children out of absolute poverty. but i think it is important for all those who have heard the question to be aware she talks of 2 and half thousand children in one breath waking up homeless on christmas day. anybody hearing that will assume means is to at half thousand children are sleeping on our streets. it does not. it does not mean that. [shouting]
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>> order, right honorable members are accustomed to these exchanges taking somewhat longer. so be it, questions will be heard and answers from the prime minister will be heard. i am in no hurry at all. >> it is important so we are clear about this for all those who hear those questions, we all know families with children who are accepted will be provided with accommodation and i would also point out, i would also point out to honorable members that homelessness is lower now than it was for most
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of the labor government. >> thank you, mister speaker. if i could draw my right honorable friend away from brexit i believe it is common knowledge the conservative party is the party that strives to protect our greenbelt, it was a shock to me and the vast number of my constituents from guilford council submitted their draft local band, seeking to build 57% of houses on greenbelt. will my honorable friend agree they should focus their imagination on developing buildings of sufficient height, density and imagination on greenbelt. >> right honorable friend is right to raise this issue on behalf of constituents and a local authority will order a greenbelt boundary in exceptional circumstances. we were clear this means when
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they examine all other reasonable options for identifying development needs that includes building on brownfield sites. in the case of guilford i understand the local plan is submitted for examination earlier this month and will be examined by an independent inspector, but i can assure my right honorable friend he is absolutely right that we want to ensure greenbelt is protected. >> jeremy corbin. >> thank you, mister speaker. could i take this opportunity to wish you, all members of the house, all our public servants and our armed forces a happy christmas and all the best wishes for 2018 and could i pay tribute, mister speaker, to our hard-working national health service staff, many of whom unlike us won't get a break this christmas.
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is the prime minister satisfied the national health service has the resources it needs this winter? >> prime minister. >> can i join the right honorable gentlemen? the nhs staff will be working hard this christmas and won't get a break for christmas, not only nhs staff that will be working hard this christmas, it is our emergency services and many others who go to work on christmas day so others can enjoy their christmas day as we think all of them. she asks about preparation for winter. i can say to him the health service has prepared more extensively for this winter than ever before. these plans are helping to ensure timely care for patients. as it happens, those are not my words but the words of the chief executive. >> jeremy corbin. >> mister speaker, simon stevens did say the nhs needs $4 billion just to stand still
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and the reality is government have given the nhs less and half of what he asked for. mister speaker, the prime minister talks about money the nhs needs but 50,000 people left waiting on trolleys in hospital core doors last month. last week, more ambulances were diverted to other hospitals because of a&e pressures, 12,000 patients were kept waiting in the back of an ambulance because there was no room at the a&e, i ask the prime minister again, has the nhs got the resources it needs this winter to deal with this crisis? >> prime minister. >> the right honorable gentlemen knows full well nhs funding is at record levels and in the autumn budget, we have
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extra funding into the nhs this winter in addition to the 6.3 billion pounds extra giving to the nhs over the coming years but time after time a right honorable gentlemen will come to this house and complain about what is happening in the health service. can i just say to him, can i just. [shouting] >> can i tell the house what is happening in this health service? 7 million more diagnostics, 2.2 billion more people getting operation and the rate for cancer at the highest ever level. what it means is getting the treatment they need, more elderly people getting their hip operations and that today
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there are nearly 6500 people alive who wouldn't have improved our cancer care. >> in the first three weeks of this winter, 30,000 patients were left waiting in the back of an ambulance for more than half an hour. these delays written live. of the nhs have the resources it needs you would expect it to be meeting its key treatment and waiting time targets. can the prime minister give us a cast-iron pledge that all those targets will be met in 2018? >> what we are looking to do in 2018 is improve the standard of care in our health service and ensure we can approve those, we do see more people being treated in our health service but we see better survival
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rates, that is why we have been putting extra money into the national health service, not just about putting extra money into the national health service but about ensuring we see proper integration of health and social care at a grassroots level. that is what the svp opposed by the labour party. it is why we listened to more nurse training places opposed by the labour party. this is about ensuring the ability of the nhs to deliver the first class service the nhs is. we should be proud of our nhs, we are and we are going to make it even better. >> jeremy corbin. >> andy waiting time targets haven't been met for 2 and half years. cancer treatment targets haven't been met for two years. are a&e departments are
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bursting at the seams because the government has failed to ensure that people can get a gp appointment when they need one. the government promised to recruit an extra 5000 gp by 2020. where are they? >> we are seeing more training places but if he wants to talk about targets, what is on target, he talks about a&e, let's talk about what has happened in wales. the standard on a&e in wales was last met in 2008. let me just think, which parties in government in wales, is it conservative? no. it is labour party of the government in wales, on cancer
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care, the standard was last met in june 2008 in wales, what the labour party is delivering before he comes to the house. >> jeremy corbin. >> the wells government relies on a block grant from england's cut by 5% by 2020 yet despite that in wales, 85.5% of cancer patients start treatment within 62 days, higher than it achieved in england. my question was about gps. the prime minister is perhaps not aware there are thousands less gps then there were the day she became prime minister. not only lack of gps, but another that is driving people are the 6 billion cuts made to social care budgets. 2.3 million older people have
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unmet care needs. does the prime minister regret, the chancellor is sitting next to her, that he didn't put one penny in his budget for social care. >> we have put 2 billion pounds extra money into social care. we did that in the spring but he started his question by referencing the record of the last labor government. the last labor government record on health, there nhs legacy was described as a mess. clearing that up, putting more money into the nhs. who was it who described, who was it who described labor's nhs legacy is a mess? it was the right honorable
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gentlemen. [shouting] >> when he was running for leader he denounces the labour party, now he is leader of the labour party and trying to praise it. >> jeremy corbin. >> speaker, can i -- give some -- mister speaker, i could quote the prime minister, something she might you familiar with. if the government wants to reduce pressures on the health service and key people out of hospital in the first place, needs to tackle the chronic underfunding of care and support services in the community which are a tipping point. who said that? conservative leader of county counsel. mister speaker. [shouting] >> the question was on social care but the question is about the nhs as a whole. it is there to provide care and
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dignity for all when they fall ill but our nhs goes into this winter in crisis. nurses and other workers, no pay raise for years. nhs targets not met for years. staff shortages, numbers falling. the reality is mental health budgets have been cut, social care budgets have been cut, cutting health budgets cut. the prime minister today has shown how out of touch she is. the truth is, mister speaker, our nhs is being recklessly recklessly put at risk by her government. that is the truth, mister speaker. >> prime minister! >> the right honorable gentlemen is wrong, nhs funding has gone up, wrong because social care funding has gone up but not that long ago the right honorable gentlemen was saying
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he would be prime minister by christmas. [shouting] >> he was wrong. i am and the conservatives are in government. not that long ago he said we wouldn't deliver on the brexit negotiations but he was wrong. we made progress and we are moving on to those negotiations and not that long ago he predicted the budget would be a failure. the budget was a success and is delivering more money for the national health service. wrong, wrong, wrong, conservatives in government delivering on brexit, a budget for homes in the health service, conservatives delivering britain fit for the
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future. >> mister speaker, thank you very much. gloucester college is building a new campus made possible by millions of pounds the government support. can i think the prime minister for that investments showing the government convicted with skills necessary to make this a country fit for the future. >> can i say to my right honorable friend i'm pleased to look at that and pleased to agree with him and i know he believes strongly in the importance of skills and training for the future and that is a good appointment of this government, more important than ever that people in this country develop skills they need to get the well-paid jobs of the future, that is what we
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are doing with technical education at the college in his constituency plays and abort and part of that. >> ian blackburn. >> can i take this opportunity to wish your self and members staff, armed forces personnel and emergency personnel a merry christmas and a good new year and wish for a peaceful election tomorrow in catalonia. in 2013 when deflecting the position, representing a majority by the royal bank of scotland on the departure of these in chief executive of the royal bank of scotland said my consent and approval was sought. was the government right to intervene in the departure of the chief executive of the royal bank of scotland. >> i say to the right honorable
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gentlemen that obviously decisions to the royal bank of scotland, the key decision was taken at a time of financial crisis in relation to support the government provided the royal bank of scotland. if he is going to raise branch closures i have to tell him he will get the same answer he got last week. government does inshore through the protocol in place, services available to people. >> mister speaker, it is mostly prime ministers question, could the prime minister try to answer the questions? for the chancellor of the exchequer to intervene on the departure of the chief executive officer, of course it is quite right the government take its responsibilities for the last 13 branches in town in scotland, prime minister, show some leadership, stand up for our communities. tell them you are going to stand up for the national
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interest and stop this. >> the right honorable gentlemen, the decision is an operational decision for the bank but he talks about standing up for communities and people across scotland, that is a bit rich from an smp which in government in scotland is going to increase taxes for 1.2 million. [shouting] >> the conservative government is reducing taxes for 2.4 million, there's only one clear message. >> order. i wish the honorable member and his honorable friend all the best for their wedding on
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friday of this week, which i look forward to attending. >> i look forward to seeing you there. the prime minister agrees with me the protection of the people is the first gt of government. any future government which fails to support our armed forces and abolish nuclear deterrence and emphasize for terrorists would endanger our security, and hundreds of thousands of jobs up and down the country as well as constituencies. >> may i join you in congratulating my honorable friends going outwards on the forthcoming wedding, and i will not be able to attend, wishing you the very best but a very
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important issue, i absolutely agree with him defense is the first duty of the government and i am committed to the nato pledge to spend 2% of gdp every year. we have 36 billion pound defense budget which will rise $40 billion by 2021. and he is absolutely right. and cut the armed forces, and strengthen our defense and would weaken them. >> the prime minister would be aware of the support for gibraltar across this. in light of the guidelines this morning, will she give a commitment not to enter into agreement with the european union that excludes gibraltar
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from the transitional implementation arrangements and periods. >> can i say to the honorable gentlemen we in the eu are sure it is covered by the withdrawal agreement and article 50 exit negotiations and to confirm what i said, negotiations as we negotiate is negotiating to ensure relationships of gibraltar as well. we are not going to exclude negotiations for implementation period or the future agreement. i give the honorable gentlemen that assurance. >> the prime minister, very important, as far as that goes, the sector is integral to british food and drink. as the chairman, will she support the campaign next year to rebrand to ask supermarkets about their meal deal selections as part of a healthy diet for drinking milk in schools. will she join me in raising a
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glass to dairy farmers? >> i'm happy to join the honorable friend in commending the work our dairy farmers do. he talked about the importance of dairy and is a great advocate for rural issues, it is one of the most efficient, innovative and high-quality dairy industries in the eu. on the particular point he raised, can i assure the environment secretary will be happy to discuss those points with but i join him in recognizing this. >> ronnie cowan. >> prime minister, in each european country, consumptions, reduction with hiv, reductions for hepatitis c, and in the uk,
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in supervised consumption, the united kingdom, involving relevant post, scottish parliament or scottish government. >> i am sure he is aware, the home office published the updated drug strategy. but i have to say i have a different opinion and some members of the house, very liberal in their approach to the way the drug should be treated. i am clear that we should recognize the damage drugs due to people's lives, our aim should be to ensure people don't do drugs in the first place and keep clear from drugs. that is what we should focus on. >> thank you, mister speaker. may i pay tribute to the prime minister, around issues for
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women's health particularly around pregnancy, issues raised by my constituents like my right honorable friends, they feel strongly about tackling female health issues and grateful to be heard. can the prime minister assure me she will continue to listen so the women do not feel they are left behind when it comes to health equality in this country? >> i was happy to meet my honorable friend to discuss these issues and to meet other honorable friends to talk about this. these are important issues, issues that have had a real impact on women's lives, issues where women want answers to what happened in relation to this and i can assure my honorable friend that we will continue to listen on this and continue to look to see what we can do to assure we don't see
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women suffering the way we have in the past on issues like this and keep the care focused on women's health. >> mister speaker, happy christmas. >> last year the prime minister told the radio times on christmas day she likes to cook her own goose. in the spirit of christmas can i suggest to her in order to extract maximum pleasure from the messy job of stuffing her goose that she names it either michael or robot?
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>> prime minister. >> i am sure the prime minister has better taste than that. >> can i say to the honorable gentlemen i have to resist the temptation to call the goose jeremy. >> on thursday last week there was an important local referendum in christchurch. the result was 84% of the people of christchurch as an independent -- against the abolition. >> order! order! order! i want to hear the views of the good burgers of christchurch. will my right honorable friend assure that the government
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respect the views of the people of christchurch and also ensure the government gets sufficient time, extra time for the council to have alternative proposals that reflect the wishes of the people in christchurch. >> i think my honorable friend as i am aware and he knows being close to this, this issue has been considered by local counsel over a significant period of time, it has been considered by communities and local government and sedentary position by my honorable friend it is also the case other councils in the area to support the change and looking carefully at the views of these 2 assure the best result of all the people of dorset.
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>> we have the best tools in northwest durham. >> it may -- it is disruptive. the honorable ladies entitled to be heard. as long as i'm in this chair the honorable lady will be heard. >> thank you, we have the very best schools but whatever the funding formula, dealing with deficits for real term cuts, the a corrosive effect of collaboration, working longer, please, don't let the prime minister tell me there's more money in the school, the fact remains a magnificent proportion of schools in northwest durham with reduction of that will have run out of ways to make it work, can the prime minister tell us what
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they should do next? >> the honorable lady asked me not to stand up and say more money, the reasonable money and reality of the funding for our schools arrived by $1.4 million next year, $1.2 billion a year after and we protected the premium worth 21/2 million pounds for those who need it most, education, if you look in the labor party, education is only about the amount of money you put in. parents are looking for quality of education provided and i noticed an increase of 12,000 children in the county durham local authority. >> fernandez.
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>> thank you, 2017 has been an excellent year, rated outstanding and shortlisted by the times educational supplement as college of the year and deliver civil engineering provision. will my right honorable friend join me in sending happy christmas to the principal and his staff congratulating them supporting young people into work and because it is christmas creating a britain fit for the future. >> can i say to my honorable friend i am happy not only to send christmas wishes to the principal but also the staff and students and congratulate them because of their hard work for excellent results and this is about ensuring young people have the skills, training and education they need for jobs of the future. >> many terminally ill people on universal credit, this christmas will be there last christmas, does the prime
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minister agree it can never be appropriate for terminally ill people to be forced to meet with work coaches in an arbitrary 6-month prognosis to claim support. will she listen finally to the experts at mcmillan and remove these conditions to lay some dignity with their families on the end of their life? >> the honorable gentlemen is right, where they do have a terminal illness with post sensitivity. these issues were raised before. the conditions, the principles applying claiming universal credit are the same as the support and remains the same success of government. a number of approaches can be taken and there are several options for how people progress
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but we should deal with people who are terminally ill with sensitivity. that is what the system intends to do. >> i met liam allen, the young student whose life was put on hold for two years and had to endure torture into the case collapsed last weekend in other cases collapsed because of lack of disclosure. does the prime minister agree with me that when allegations are made there should be a full investigation to both lawyers? >> prime minister. >> my right honorable friend raises an important question, disclosure has come to a focus of concern as a result of the case he has quoted and another case which is in the press today but i can tell him my right honorable for the attorney general had even
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before these cases came up initiated a review into disclosure. it is important we look at this again to make sure we are providing justice. >> thank you, according to her own commission social mobility in britain is stalling and for many getting worse, not better. does she agree with the former chief of staff the last week of social mobility action plan was full of jargon, short on meaningful policy. >> i say to the honorable lady, playing an important role in disadvantaged young people to get off in life, that is not what i said but what the trust has said of the southern trust have a fine record helping people get on the life and if she wants some other quotes, the association of colleges of the plan set out in a vicious agenda to tackle long-standing and deep-seated inequality the
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education system struggles to overcome. it is a good plan that will make a difference to young people's lives. >> in the 1980s -- >> the other people, alex. >> in the 1980s, if vietnam was so wonderful why were millions of people out to leave it. with that in mind in second place of brexit negotiations if it is so wonderful why are so many seeking trade agreements? >> can i say to my honorable friend, countries around the world can trade but what on terms they are trading and we went to see a free trade agreement negotiated with the european union and free trade agreement negotiated with countries around the rest of the world. the reason for that, we believe
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is in free trade, that brings growth, prosperity, jobs and a secure future. >> i want to wish the prime minister merry christmas, to christmas dinner, will she spare a thought for the 1 million youngsters are set to lose their school dinners because of the government's universal trade? and why doesn't she offered to fix it? >> prime minister? >> i wish the honorable gentlemen a merry christmas and happy new year but can i say to him the introduction of the arrangements on universal credit will lead to more children having access. >> i wish you and everybody else happy christmas. given the claim uk banks will
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lose their voting rights post brexit as opposed to the bank of england statement that eu banks will continue to operate here does it not vindicate my right honorable friend's strong stance in negotiating reciprocity for eu precedents. >> we honorable role not just as a financial center for europe but a financial center of the world and to retain that and maintain that. there have been a number of commentaries about the opening negotiating positions from the european union. we are very clear in the bank of england and the treasury have been setting out to reassure that banks will continue to operate and continue to ensure the city of london retains its global position but this will be part of the negotiations on brexit, very clear how important this
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is. >> graham jones. >> mister and mrs. walker, my constituents, with learning difficulty. knocked down by a driver who was over the limit, taking drugs, had no lights and was speeding. mister walker is 69 and his quadriplegic. he is not entitled to pit. cannot access affordability and he and mrs. walker are paying 400 pounds per calendar month. i wrote about this case on 21 november and have not heard a reply. isn't it shocking this country and this government call for the elderly and disabled? i ask the prime minister look into this case urgently. >> can i first of all give our best wishes to mister walker and his family and how sorry we are to hear what has befallen him.
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he references a letter that i will assure the cases investigated and he received a response. >> miss green. >> will my right honorable friend join me in providing domestic abuse support in 40 years. will she considered the current reforms the benefits of a new budding structure for domestic review refuges separate from support of the housing sector so they can continue to deliver specialist support. >> i think you for raising the issue of refugees but happy to join him in praising the work across the country. he mentions reforms we are putting in place because at the moment the system isn't responsive to the needs of vulnerable women in local areas which is why funding in the hands of local authorities, to make sure we are delivering support to the right people and
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focusing the support on those who needed and is more responsible to the needs of honorable women. >> the inappropriate treatment of smaller businesses by the royal bank of scotland destroyed businesses, rip families apart and thought people take their own lives. rbs is owned by the government. will the prime minister set up the full independent inquiry which is needed to deliver justice to the victims? >> my understanding is this issue is being looked into. i recognize the concerns expressed by the honorable gentlemen and other members of the house and the government is looking into that. >> mister speaker. >> let the prime minister share my dismay the s&p government is planning on taxes on hard-working scots when it could raise the same amount if
7:43 am
not more by getting its own house in order. >> prime minister. >> can i my honorable friend. with the scottish government is proposing is 1.2 million earnings over 26,000 pounds, paying more tax in england will be paid. i was interested because i wasn't aware of the fact, it is very important, the -- >> order! apologies for interrupting. can i ask the prime minister, some of us can't hear fully and i would like to hear fully. >> mister speaker, i was making the point my honorable friend made an important addition to the knowledge of this house which is the s&p government got its own house in order it could save the amount of money it is raising by raising taxes and not put the extra tax burden on people earning 26,000 pounds.
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>> mister speaker, in light of some of the very you loose and inaccurate -- from politicians who should know better outside northern ireland, take the opportunity to repeat to this house and the public in northern ireland, both sides of the community, the well-established approach to northern ireland which makes it clear the internal arrangements and decisions on northern ireland are a matter for the united kingdom government and parties in northern ireland. >> to make it clear to the right honorable gentlemen and to confer what he says and we are clear about the decisions about northern ireland. what we want to see is northern ireland executive restored so that we can see those decisions taken by the northern ireland executive and the right honorable gentlemen wants to
7:45 am
see that restored and we will work with his party and other parties across all communities in northern ireland to see that happen. >> one of the signatories to amendment 400 to the eu, may i seek an assurance from the prime minister that provisions to change the date of leaving the eu would be invoked only if at all under extremely exceptional circumstances and only for a very short period. >> that reassurance, we are clear we are leaving the eu on 29 march, 2019, at 11:00 p.m.. the bill that is going through does not determine the uk leave the eu. that is part of the article 15 process, part of international law and we have the same position legally as the
7:46 am
european union which is why we perfected the amendment. i can assure my honorable friend and the house we would only use this power in exceptional circumstances for the shortest possible time and affirmative motion would be brought to the house. >> the government, department of justice, nhs, foundation trust should be ashamed of their part in the national disgrace which is hmp liverpool. could the prime minister assure this whole house that those responsible for the deplorable conditions, lack of care and harm which led to suicide of prisoners and this harm which is caused to staff and visitors, those people will be held to account and proper disciplinary action taken and not allowed to move towards the jobs, we need accountability
7:47 am
for this tragedy. >> as i understand it, the justice secretary said yesterday he expects this report published earlier in the new year. a number of actions have been taken about prison management. overall increasing staff in our business by putting more money into that and increasing the support available during the thirst 24 hours of custody and also invested more mental health training for prison offices but of course my right honorable friend the justice secretary will look at this report when it is published. >> sorry if i was keeping the honorable gentlemen awake or he had some pressing business. i want to hear the fellow. >> a merry christmas to you. the prime minister given an assurance amendment 400 was
7:48 am
only used for a short period. can you be more specific? powers used at all, only used for a matter of weeks or months, there is a concern it could be extended in the eu. >> seeking further clarification on this point, can i start, we are going to leave on 29 march, 2019, that is what we are working to but also to ensure we have the same legal position is the european union which is why amendment 400 has been accepted but i can assure my honorable friend we are talking if it were the case that this would be used it
7:49 am
would only be in extremely exceptional circumstances for the shortest possible time. we are not talking about extensions. >> we would hear better. we would hear better if members didn't keep wintering from a sedentary position. new year's resolution and an end to sedentary hollering. the prime minister. >> i apologize for not facing the opposition on this. i was hoping to ensure that my honorable friend her the response i was giving and we are talking about the shortest possible time. on march 29, 2019. >> thank you, mister speaker. last friday, the honorable
7:50 am
member, the manifesto, will the prime minister join us to look out for neighbors, family and friends struggling with the pain of loneliness and will government play its part by publishing a strategy for loneliness and responding early in the new year to our recommendations. >> can i say to the honorable lady, she worked extremely hard on this issue with my honorable friend, this is -- important to get more awareness the impact on people of loneliness and we recognize socialized relations are of importance to government and looking at a number of things we can do to help reducing loneliness but not just what government can do, what neighbors can do and i am pleased that in my own
7:51 am
constituency the church is together on christmas day bringing elderly people who would otherwise be on their own for a community lunch. one small example of what we can all do to overcome. >> the prime minister is taking charge of building the home his country needs, such important social justice issue for the future of our country. to the prime minister see us doing this at the scale and speed necessary? >> we do need to build more homes and build them at scale. i am pleased that last year we saw 217,000 new homes built, we have seen a record level of housebuilding but apart from one year hasn't been seen over the last 30 years but we need to go further and we proposed a number of changes to support
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affordable housing, support for people helping get their foot on the housing ladder, working with local authorities to ensure we do see builders building out the planning commissions a half. >> thank you. that is not a seasonal response. from the honorable gentlemen from a sedentary position. i expect better of the honorable gentlemen. >> thank you. i wish a merry christmas to everyone especially the honorable member and the prime minister will be aware the nhs england extended their consultation on radiotherapy into the new year so will she take this opportunity to ensure the criteria is shortening travel distances people have to take with life-saving urgent treatment knowing travel time
7:53 am
has a massive impact on outcomes for people who live and access this treatment safely and quickly. >> of course we are aware of the need to ensure access for treatment, and able to access that in a way that is appropriate and recognize further distances to travel than other parts of the country and there's a consultation out there, looking closely at these issues and representations to them. >> we will come to the honorable gentlemen. [inaudible conversations]
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[inaudible conversations] >> here on c-span2 we leave the british house of commons as members move on to other business. you have in watching prime minister's question time aired live wednesday at 7:00 eastern when parliament is in session. you can see this week's session sunday night at 9:00 eastern and pacific on c-span. for more information go to and click on series to view every program we aired from the british house of commons since october of 1939. we invite your comments via twitter in hashtag pmqs. >> this morning, gary cohn, the president's director of the national economic council sits down with axios media company
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to discuss the tax reform bill and what is next. you can see this conversation live starting at 8:00 eastern on c-span2. the house rules committee is back at work this morning to take up a bill extending federal funding, in 2018. another allowing the slightly changed senate passed tax bill to come up in the house on wednesday morning. live coverage begins at 8:00 eastern on c-span3. you can follow live on and the c-span radio apps. senators ron wyden and rand paul on the reauthorization of section 702 of the foreign intelligence surveillance act. they call for the legislation that expires at the end of the month that brought up and debated on the senate floor. and innd


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