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tv   Sheila Nevins You Dont Look Your Age...and Other Fairy Tales  CSPAN  March 28, 2018 1:16am-2:17am EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> can you hear me? welcome and thank you for coming today we have a full house i would like to start
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off to think the cinema arts center for hosting this exciting event and also c-span booktv so we can watch this later. i am the founder of the long island with fast we are injury our fourth year and thank you. this years went fast will happen here and it is taking place april 29 with a full day of workshops and author readingser and in addition we produce special events like today to feature on outstanding author. sheila nevins is the author of the best-selling book you don't look your age and other
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fairytales and also the president of hbo documentary films. who oversaw more than 1000 documentaries. and as the executive producer sheila nevins had 32 prime time every one -- emmy awards and peabody awards. [applause] but during her ten year the documentary has gone on to win 25 academy awards. she had prestigious award including the academy of television and the emmy lifetime achievement award in the personal peabody with her ongoing commitment to excellence. also a recipient of a lifetime
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achievement award and a gotham award and made nyu honoree. let's watch some of her recent work. ♪
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[inaudible] ♪
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>> the word marriage has special meaning and why we are here today. to have that opportunity. [inaudible]
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[inaudible] [inaudible] ♪m,
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[inaudible] >> my goal was not to write and expose but to those people who are drawn into a belief system to act in ways they never thought theyse would.
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[inaudible] [inaudible] [inaudible]
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[inaudible] i remember the moment i finally realized what i was, i was an
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amputee from the war. i hope they will love me for who i am. i won't be able to pick up my son or daughter with two arms. i won't -- [inaudible] no one knows who he is but he's been around for quite some time.
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i have to say something, everything about it is appealing. [laughter] [inaudible] ♪
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♪ [applause] ♪
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♪ ♪ [applause] seventeen. [applause]
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what an honor it is for me to introduce woman behind these documentary films ladies and gentlemen, sheila nevins. [applause] >> there is so many of you. where am i? thank you claudia thank you for coming i did not do all of these by myself l i was lucky and devoted because i spent 35 years working on documentaries. i have come up for breath and here i am. and part of the sorrows so much of what we have worked on
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had an effect on me that i saw what you saw me be times 1000 with that sadness have been around a long time and i decided it was time to go so march 31 is my last day so i have three more paychecks. you never don't say thank you when you get paid so when you get your last check finally say thank you? so it is quite a gift but i a lot so here i am at the end of my career looking for another career. does anybody have any jobs left mac.
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[laughter] >> i cannot carry it to one -- tune. >> i don't know anything about sports. i hate sports does that do better on hbo. why do i want to talk to you? [inaudible] excuse me take him away please. [laughter] i wrote a book i'm here to sell the book. at two get away from the serious shows i did the cathouse and call girls and pimps i have been all over the place. but i have never been here before. [laughter] i never know what you read i know you're the bath the book
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i don't have to ask you to buy the book but i am so sorry. can you return them? can they get their money back? [laughter] so i thought i would do this then i would read two stories if you s don't mind my faceless story don't take it personal there are 48 stories. i am pretty honest i don't look 78 but if you got cut up the way i did you were denied either. the first story in the book doctor baker i look awful.
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he looked at me with a tragic smile and said we can do will lift you will be just fine. i am 56i think it is time and said don't you? it's time if anything less than basis than a facelift? don't worry you will look seven years younger. how long will that last? he set about seven years. he gave me a hand we are into the brightest full arrest of mites with a magnifier times a and i started to get dizzy clearly there was no way out. i saw a squashed face into
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whispermy to say without any doubt you are not the fairest ine the land you are not fair at all. it was quiet so the doctor would not hear that so i can do and i lift and you can tell that you're going on a vacation at work. okay i will do both eyes and face i wanted to get it over with. the hand we're said i had no choice. i made a date for the new me three months away. i looked awful why didn't anyone tell me? most of my age-appropriate friends that i looked pretty
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good i left his office and hailed a cab would i be brave enough? and to make matters worse i told the driver to slow down he said he hadn't had an accident in 20 years i gave my regular excuse i thought i thtmight be pregnant. [laughter] he looked inna the mere and the truth he said you don't look like you could be pregnant. okay doctor bakerak this is it he probably owned the taxi company. we laughed and i told him he was right and i said i was 48 lying was part of my everyday life i remember when i asked
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him to slow down because of my pregnancy and they would actually congratulate me asking me if it is a boy or girl now i have to lie even more and lie at work about going on a vacation. lies lies lies now or never. i had to eradicate the old me. i picked 51 and six months to be perpetual this age forever. i must be young at any price i work in media. my bosses wanted a young audience had it occurred to them an old woman could think smart for those who knew the true number they must be reversed to say you don't look your age to give me comfort.
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>> i told my husband and my son of my upcoming operation he issued me of my imminent death by surgery it's ridiculous my son said he will look like michael jackson. my husband said he looked just fine the way you are. okay i'm beautiful enough but not young enough for the rest of the world so meanwhile waiting for the miracle i openedi the door old ladies glared at me through thick classes i close the door quickly has to be the wrong room.
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contacts with advanced degrees? college was a place where brains was more important than beauty i thought that that was true but i never bought into that i briefly entered the room oh my god you look exactly the same as when we graduated i said you do to this already was me and we were lying to each other. after a sleepless night my superficial self showed up at 5:00 a.m. could this artificial manna can be mean what about this liberal could i be this deceptive liar line to taxi drivers keeping seven years at bay?
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annoying nurse gave me valium i had given my life to vanity here i was terrified the last thing i remember is being too drowsy to run away. what kind of a woman would do this to herself anyway? ten, nine, eight, seven and i woke several hours later with a helmet around my eyes i was given green apple juice and assaulting crackers and a mean nurse to take me home it was a package deal 24 hours all inclusive nurse ratchet eyed me with resentment and she was older than i was looking me like a frivolous female clearly she did not ever free -- approve of the rich bitches she would wash the
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blood from my eyes and has seen it all she was disdainful and knew how shallow i was we spoke little but then she left me alone this new face was black and blue the eyes were swollen and the punishment was severe i earned and spent a lot of money onnd it. i informed the office i was on vacation. where? i answered haiti. [laughter] so i came to pass the turbine was taken off the staples removed bloododst gone face refreshed at a price to dear to explain. did i look better? i guess so i returned with yellow and blue streaks they knew i was a workaholic so i made an announcement hey guys, i had a facelift. nobody seems surprised. i went public in and out of
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every office on my floor the responses came out predictable as follows. you didn't need it. you were and are so beautiful.ut you look ten years younger. you can count on these with a healing and extra seven years came the feeling of why not try more? please that eight times eight magnifying mirror and if i was falling apart every wrinkle of sesame have a look at myself ten times a day i would peek into a side view mirror of a stranger's car it seemed one side looked younger thanee the other until i finally understood to say this is my profile shot left side only. but the truth came on friday a temporary assistant who had purple punk hair to match her
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name and tattoos to show a revolutionary cause was assigned to me at the end of the day i noticed she had a gold ring inhe her lip like she was 20 years old which to me signifies something precious i said you did a great job today i'm sorry i worked you so hard what you usually do? she said in her last year college she hoped to devote her life to save species from extinction. fish were dying in amphibian and the streams were getting warm the planet was belly up at that i was part of the march on washington in 1963 oh shee said thinking possibly i was involved in lincoln's assassination. [laughter]ol we talked about birds and plants i told her fish were
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low in calories she was invested in the future i say you are honest how old do you think i am? she said he reminds me of my mother. i don't know.w. sixty? close enough i said devastated i was 57 that very week. the taxi driver knew i was not with child even the child knew i was like her mother i said would you ever have a facelift? she said by the time of that old there probably won't even be a planet. i say i feel badly for the world that have makes me feel good about myself. she was selfless. she was selfless and i was
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selfish i powdered my face with a little more passion did i feel better cold and numb? yes and no. yes the camouflage to lose make-believe time but know who was i fooling but yet disturbingly before i left the office i call my dermatologist i need some refreshment i said botox or whatever else you have a new crevice on the right side of my lip. i will see if he can take you he does have something new for you and she would like you to try again you come over right away? yes i can be there in 20 minutes if i can get a cab. so i jumped into a cab i didn't even pretend to the pregnancy i said i had a bad back they used asked me if i was an actress is that i
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thought you were an actress but it was worth it. look who i fooled madge all the people he thought it might have looked like he said i know you are you are judge judy. [laughter] i gulped. you really are judge judy aren't you? i swear i'm not i said i guess you are. no really i'm not making all right but i know the truth he smiled knowingly. i was fooling nobody that i feel better about myself? i was alive but i heard metronome ticking in my head that i never heard before. maybe doctor bakerba planted it maybe he wound it up or maybe i was crazy.
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time. i rush into the dermatologist office i would try the new fix about how much it cost or how much it hurt and i was fooling no one. _spee17 . okay okay i will not read anymore. any questions? the doctors number? [laughter] >> have you had further work done? b mike yes. how many? fifty-six and then seven years ago. i looked pretty good don't you think? don't clap for that if had a lot of botox.
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ima vain superficial princess who isn't? i don't know. some people good people may be. are you vain? you are very handsome. is the scarf to cover the wrinkles in your neck? you must be 20 i knew there was a reason. as a good question what would you like me to do? i could write another book i could relax i don't like roses it only to smell thesm roses i could be good to my friends all those things but i'm afraid i will get bored. what do you do? are you ever bored?
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facelift doctor? so the other side i see. i gett it. i don't know. it is a great question stay active? you think if you don't stay active something terribleth happens? yes? what? how do you know you are working. >> because i am 76 and i know. >> but if you didn't you would be depressed? >> okay why you coming towards me? i got scared. i am from new york. [laughter] when you would produce
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documentaries is there a genre that you like to work with or gravitate towards? >> that is a good question because i had a wounded mother and many amputations so i think i was going backwards and i was looking for other people who hurt is there a psychiatrist here? but i really do think that i really am into wounded and i am fine but i wounded because i am into fund. but i also did things like cathouse like real sex and g
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street divas and taxicab confessions and i wanted to laugh and sex and sexuality was a way to laugh if you look at it in a way that is not abusive but my heart was always in sorrow. >> do you have a favorite documentary? be my people always ask me that question so in my day i had a serious case of add that moved into tunnel vision i have very serious tunnel vision i am so obsessed what i'm doing at a particular time that i love it to death then when it is over i love the next one. so i don't know if i have very, very favorite. i really don't it's like asking if you have a favorite
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child. it is almost impossible to ask. >> you are going to sit over here aren't you glad i told you? [laughter] i didn't want to be your friend. >> i love you documentaries and it has been amazing. in the age currently are always trying to get to that level of profession you are at
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it must be a documentary of itself. you want me to tell in front of all these people? i was a child of the 60s i wasi complicit i knew my boss is long -- bosses could help me and i was attractive but with them or occasionally more sleeping with them would help and it could help and it did not star me but now is an older woman i don't have regret i'm just sad i did not know that i was using myself incorrectly. i have learned a lot from the me to movement although i'm not a part of it but i did what she told me i read her book to unbutton my blouse listen to details how his wife did not understand him go to
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the movies with him and i did it maybe i would not be here today if i did and i don't know i represent that time. i represent women in the workforce in the. i got out of college 1963 and was determined to succeed and the way you climbed the ladder than was to listen to helen brown. and then if i met women like gloria steinem working with feminist who demanded a certain separation and equality i felt justified in what i had been and done and i would say but never mortified but somehow in light about the next generation of what wouldn happen next.
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[applause] a man is asking a question. >> my name is james nevin. >> are you my father? we have the same name (so if we had met before and we got married would you call yourself sheila nevins nevins? [laughter] i have to think about this like women using their maiden name? what do you want? what you asking me? will you marry me? >> am already. >> i love ireland i read your biography b and it seems like her ancestors are from
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russia. >> yes my father was born in russia i am an'm immigrant what do you think of what is going on? >> she just asked me that question don't you listen to women? [laughter] didn't you just asked that question? you are so busy rehearsing your question? >> i like you. you bought my book but i have to say i just answer that asked me another question no i will not marry you and i would not call myself nevins nevin's. [laughter] [applause] >> when your project came your way how do you find which
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documentary? >> why couldn't you do both? if there was a budget or only a decision? >> always you have to give me the four projects and i would have to tell you everything was a fight you couldn't do everything but in the beginning there wasn't as many documentaries in the market as there was now so as they came in we could do more than we can now but how would i decide? you farm them out to out of four. you are angry at me. >> i rarely get red-faced you got me on that one. >> because your irish. >> as a documentary have you
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had anything negative happened to you? that you thank you should not have done that? or fear for your safety? >> scientology was tough. i was a little scared about that. and i had reason scared before the word was used tool in social media there is always somebody looking to see if you misrepresented or had not done justice to the subject close to their heart one man was going to throw acid inn my face because with taxicab confession and man with a turban left to people and they
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call him towel head so there was a whole social media this was in the beginning 15 years ago and said if you see her throw acid at her so that was scary but not really are not usually. so many people have love letters thank you for talking about tourette's or heart transplants thank you for showing what we go through in syria. it depends on the mood i'm in if it scares me it was not an easy job. people thought i should be doing sex programming or going to a cathouse in las vegas but i met some of the greatest women there and i have no problem with the legalization of prostitutionutt the abortion shows a lot of that stuff i
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thought i owed an opinion and i don't scare easily but this guy he scares me. [laughter] i really was scared i don't think he had ever driven here before he was a bartender clearly had worked late the night before. [laughter] but that's okay we got here. but these are my friends and they are with me. >> you're young. so with your peace with maureen dowd? you were brilliant. >> she was brilliant. >> i would marry her. [laughter] but you're so young.
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>> what you said so many amazing thing. >> that is so interesting to me because i think of my audience as older but with the taxicabs in real sex did you watch that? but you are older than a millennial who is your doctor? [laughter] we were meant to be friends. [laughter] who was your sister? nancy parker. >> i know her. did she marry somebody else? >> good for her. we need a private conversation.d [laughter] or not if you choose to. thank you.
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>> but it was maureen's article because because i did not know her before that and i was mortified of her interviewing me we spent four and a half hours together she never asked the question and i had rehearsed the night before with a pr person from hbo you did this you can see this you bought this i was so rehearsed and it wasn't like that at all. she is a terrific writer she is scary but she is terrific a lot of things that are scary are terrific like meeting you. [laughter]
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i thank you have to support the people and so for the first time i see a light in the tunnel there was no light before. yes that does me up at night because i wanted is like to send kids in the school in the morning you're wearing that it told you not to her that and then you never see your kid again. that keeps me up at night and we went to school the door was open that kept me up last night. >> is this a happy question?
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>> first there is a story about tourette's heavy read that yet? i will read it to you. >> is it a bad case? to have involuntary verbal sounds and tics that can go from one through town like a diagnosis of cancer depending on how severe it is now he is 29 but he was a child in constant motion and now? but tourette's is also an impulse disorder so now he
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works and even laughs about it. >> good. >> it is and portend that you all know the cochlea 5% of the kids say that but yet i have tourette's but it doesn't have me because i want people to understand that is very attractive to the media because you can say dirty words on television and you are not guilty but most of that is attention deficit and hyperactivity and winking and blinking but he has a job and he is good. he imitates and mimics? >> do you have other children?
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>> know but my question is. >> that wasn't the question. [laughter] >> then you didn't read the story yet. because you have seen so much darkness through your childhood you still consider yourself hopeful? >> no. >> no. i am positive i try to make the best at it but i don't think i am hopeful because i have been around for a while and i think things have gotten worse from 911 on i haven't really been a hopeful person and living in new york making a film about it. but i am positive and eager
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and i laugh and they tell jokes i'm good at standup. [laughter] and then just do standup? >> we have time for one more question. >> are there documentaries that you worked on there was a problem in that significantly changed the situation? >> that is a good one to end on i can never change the world but i can budget i don't mean i but us to show that it is hard for people and
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difficult to be gay especially with prop eight i love those people there a lot of them in their but it is hard i thank you nudged the world a little bit you see something you didn't see before you saw people who almost got asset in their face you see a kid and sammy died about a year after that film in both of his family -- parents were doctors you study the arteries and arthritis all these things he had at 15 years old he was so positive listen to the ted talk with sammy if you want to feel blue but he was an old
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man. did it change anything but it did get a big check from someone that we influence people not to look away from difference is something i can do do not be afraid of someone if it isn't just like you even if it is something like tourette's or gayness and i thank you very much 17. >> she will be signing her books in a few minutes so form a line and thanks for coming today she is fantastic so another round of applause be
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17. [applaus
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