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tv   Rupert Darwall Green Tyranny  CSPAN  March 28, 2018 9:03pm-9:44pm EDT

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[inaudible conversations] >> afternoon. welcome to the heritage foundation. we of course welcome is those joining us on our web site. for i guess in the house would ask that last courtesy to check your mobile devices are silent or turned off and of course for those watching on line you are
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welcome to send questions or comments at any time bite e-mailing speaker @heritage.or. hosting our guest is becky norton dunlop the ronald reagan distinguished fellow here at heritage. as a conservative movement leader she chairs a concert of action project advocates for heritage and advances energy and resources policy in general but she previously served as heritage's vice president for external relations and most recently in lead our restore america project. we are joining heritage in 1998 she turned to secretary of natural resources for the commonwealth of virginia under then governor george allen. she is also serve significant roles in the reagan administration and presidential personnel special assistant to the prison director of the cabinet office as well as senior special assistant to attorney
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general-- and deputy undersecretary at the department as well as assistant secretary for fish wildlife and parks. please join me in welcoming my colleague and friend becky norton dunlop. [applause] >> thank you john and let me add my words of welcome to you. we love having people come to the heritage foundation either personally or on line or on television so welcome, welcome, welcome. you know the heritage foundation is promoted the american conservation ethic called land of liberty stewardship of the american environment and the number one principle we outline is people are our most important unique and precious resource and their number eight principle is the most successful environmental policies flow from liberty.
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people and they are. when i read the opening sentence of chapter 1 of the book that i got i read this sentence. this book is about freedom and i was hooked. i knew i had to read the rest of this book. the author of the book is with us today and he has got the final copy of his book "green tyranny" and the author is rupert darwall. he has been in business finance. he has been an investment anchor. he has been in the public policy arena and has been in government he has seen this issue from a lot of various angles and he studied at cambridge where he studied economics and history as
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a great foundation for writing this very fine book. let me just tell you what a couple of our noted friends have said about this book "green tyranny." michael malone who is a friend of all of us here at heritage and well-known across our country said, rupert darwall has written a definitive in clear and history of global warming alarmism. his success at enlisting western elite and its cause. wow, very very important. for his judge says rupert darwall has told the story of frauds and fools thoroughly and well. his truth may be inconvenient to some. finally let me say that charles
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moore of the daily telegraph wrote, rupert darwall is a wonderfully lucid historian of intellectual and political movement which is just the job to explain what has been inflicted on us over the past 30 years or so in the name of saving the planet. many very fine people who have read this book are recommending it to all of us. we are very fortunate here at the heritage foundation to have the author come and talk to us a little bit about the book, what prompted him to write it and take your questions. so, welcome to the heritage foundation rupert darwall. [applause] >> thank you becky for those very kind words. almost exactly a year ago it's
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extraordinary how much has changed since then. nowhere has it changed in more profound and more consequential and more necessary than the environment and energy policy. the united states has withdrawn from the paris agreement. president obama didn't have the guts. no one should underestimate the historic importance of president trump's decision. this is the third time a republican president has said timetables for emission cuts. the first president bush in the second bush witch's repudiation of the kyoto protocol. president trump's decision i think is the most important. it is devastating for the u.s. climate presence, the whole architecture of the paris agreement has been designed on
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the senate's advice and consent. it enables epa administrator scott pruitt to roll back the claim powerplants. all of this is happening because of what happened on november 8, 2016 and it wouldn't have happened but for the tremendous work undertaken by conservative members and think tanks in the city and across the country in chicago and austin, texas. they took on the climate industrial complex. they prepared the intellectual grounds into why it needed to be done and what needed to be done. america owes it huge debt of gratitude to the scholars at the heritage of the bennett the forefront as july. the experts at heritage's have helped me in various ways with "green tyranny".
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and stephen now working in one building in washington is more powerful than this one. this is something bigger than energy policy. it's bigger than economics. the new jobs created by the oil and gas revolution bigger than the manufacturing jobs thanks to america's energy superabundance. this is about something more fundamental. ultimately this is a battle between the administrator to state and america's constitutional order. about how america is governed. in a word it's about freedom. i returned to the end of my remarks to tell you how we got here and the age of political warming turned out to be the age of-- global warming wasn't meant to be like this. the original idea was that nuclear power's going to be the
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solution. the politics of global warming began earlier than most people suppose. politicians talk about global warming in the late 1980s and june 1988 climate alarmist james hampton gave his -- to the natural resources committee. he had been obsessing about oval warning-- warming for a decade and a half in 1974 when he was to law school the swedish minister was saying climate change be the biggest issue of the 20 century. sweden, the country that progresses wants america to be social engineering a foreign-policy based on moral-- the laws of one-party rule in any western democracy the social democratic party claiming direct lineal consent of party bernie
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sanders once the democrats are to be. in 1971 huntsman the scandinavian correspondent wrote a book on sweden called-- he argued that the swedish nation of democrats were pioneering a new form of soft totalitarianism. the two centuries before napoleon sweden developed an administrative apparatus where the social democrats form their government in 1921. it gave them a fiscal system adapted to the intentions of the central bera chrissie. the legislature this week in the executive strong and the real powers late in the government mistreated machine. does that sound at all familiar? it sounds to me very much like what the state wants to become. the argument that the swedish state came the perfect
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instrument to carry up to 20 century's most prolonged and thorough experiment in social engineering in communist china who pioneered a cradle to grave welfare state to replace the family and abolish the patriarchy. the eugenics program championed by swedish economist alike. student protests in the late 1960s and 1970s used anti-americanism as a safety valve and align sweden with the vietcong and fidel castro. sweden as everyone knows had a policy of neutrality in the napoleonic wars. how many know throughout the cold war sweden had a secret military alliance with washington? he was in the pro cia wing of the swedish intelligence service sweden is not what it appears.
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in the late 1960s sweden launched a war on coal first with the active rain scare and then with global warming. it would anything be naïve to take this at face value and think he was motivated by genuine concern about local warming. the intersection came easily to the talented and sophisticated politician. the newspaper interview where he talks about opal warming explained a vision of utopia has the same function as a mirage in the desert. about the marauder she wouldn't get to the next. lows as global warming is a political mirage could sweden social democrats are about to embark the world's largest power but nuclear power wasn't popular with many of the swedish voters so the social democrats decided they had to frighten the suites by claiming the alternative to
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nuclear was far worse. sweden does not have any cool with its own so they hyped up acid rain. sweden is forced with thine is lakes will fill up with sulfuric acid. ours came in over warming. he wrote the first government report anywhere in the world on acid rain. he plays the word acid rain and climate change and it reads the prototype of an ipcc assessment report. indeed no single individual could claim credit for the intergovernmental panel on climate change and sweden more than any other country brought the pcc into being picked as you'll find in the pages of my book global warming was politicized right from the start and make no mistake local warming was first deployed for political reasons. yes sweden succeeded in putting
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the acid rain on the international agenda but a completely failed. given the sweden started the global warming scare to get the airpower had we end up with solar and wind? in my first book i touched on the darkest chapter of the earth's history. happens to be a historical facts the nazis were the first in the world to champion when power which they did in 1933. the swedes invaded the soviet union and he told-- is when powers the future. i suppose you might say in that regard did something right. for the three decades after the second world war west germany was a western democracy. one complained the german social democrats complain of class struggle with the american way of life. that began to change in the
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1970s. no other country had such a high proportion of far less students. the survey in 1969 found 30% of west german high schools and university students sympathize with marxism or communism. in the 1950s the school of marxist intellectuals had returned from the united states to frankfurt to protest against the vietnam war. in 1967 as dude and demonstrator was shot and killed west berlin. they put west germany on the course to progress to the progressive country. in fact the west berlin police and the fire the shot was an
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agent from the east german communist state. in the 1970s-- turn to take tears and culminating in the german order of 1977 but when a plane was hijacked the head of the west german association was kidnapped and killed and committed suicide. ordinary germans were appalled at the violence. the extreme left found itself washed up from the margins of west german society. they seemed on the way back. the german spd wanted to build a nuclear power station. the nuclear power program had laid dormant since the period. there were huge spontaneous demonstrations against nuclear power. the student radicals saw their chance. the green party was formed in the 1980s and radicals by then middle-aged radicals absorb the old ecological guard of the ex-nazis and neo-nazis and far right nationalists.
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to do this the aging student radicals didn't have to-- they just change color. they took the left-wing concept from the past and dress it up in ecological garb we see today. instead of a catastrophic vision of capitalism instead of the socialist utopia come instead of the factory, the cult of the forest. instead of the color red, the color green. i wish i had written that. in fact it was written by a liberal intellectual and a brilliant effort published in the new republic in 2001. the german student radicals of 1968 had been motivated by anti-nazism. looking for nazis hiding under every bed and every cupboard becoming so twisted they ended up doing the state of israel as a crypto state. as berman summarized the
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situation i have set out to fight nazis under democratic guys is only took ended up in a left-wing guys. "green tyranny" takes it one step further. not only do the new right chair the nationalism of the stand up and bracing for nazis green ideology, red and green makes brown. rory come to a non-pleasantry. the people who were on the wrong side of that war came out on top in the post-cold war era. the green helps the kremlin backed peace movement to prevent to try to prevent in countering the threat. as the president put it pacifism is in the west and the missiles are in the east.
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they advocated so-called equities not to work but loyal to ourselves. they argued for what they called nonviolent social defense of the sort norwegians had used in the at patient in the second world war and the czechs have done so successfully after praga was crushed by soviet tanks. other words object total premeditated surrender. the peace movement was in gift would be understating the matter. was heavily penetrated by the eastern bloc intelligence. the kremlin finances and if the greens had gotten their way the european half would have become detached as it would have effectively lost the protection of the american nuclear umbrella. in short the west would have lost the cold war. the german greens being on the wrong side of the cold war
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turned out to be a career that by 1997 there were nine and in 1998 the first red green coalition had been formed in berlin through to your site of the german parliament passed the renewable energy act. the renewable energy act put germany on staff to energy insanity. the renewable energy law had not been introduced in any manifesto or any election campaign. they didn't know what was in the bill. it's how germany ended up with more solar capacitor than any other country in the world and unleashed and manufactured boom in china. wherever germany that the rest of your paula. the european leaders agreed there were noble energy directed there by sending germany's policies to the rest of europe. as i put it in the book is the
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price the west paid for wedding the cold war. energy transformation awards germans used was in end to germany ruined. and more accurate term would be energy formation. it's the opposite of fate created destruction described by joseph trump and what he called the essential-- it's an example of distractive destruction at the hands of the states from overt and covert regulation. i devote quite a few pages to analyzing constructive economic renewable energy and pull apart the deceptions used by the obama administration to justify the nuclear power plant. for now i have to make a direct point. when you put green ideology and environment in charge of policy the outcome is that it will be a car crash.
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in 2004 the green energy minister said it would cost german equivalent of a scoop of ice cream on their monthly energy bill. nine years later the democratic successor said that amount to nearly $1.2 trillion. that's some ice cream. systematic defeat is a feature of the propaganda put out by the industrial complex. in the book of revealing speech made in 1986 by a top german bureaucrat said the official was disarming a candidate by use of empty phrases to push for the environmental agenda. equilibrium was for example afraid quite rightly. another was a claim that ecology and economy were not in conflict. i myself made this claim knowing
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it's less than truthful. just remember that whenever you come across claims about green growth or clean energy jobs finances. as a total contrast i would like to mention-- fred singer is a great scientist seeking scientific understanding and a great communicator of it. he was on a panel of scientists convened by the white house reviewing the science of acid rain. another example of the people being on the wrong side of the cold war in the cold war era. two individuals who signed up to the weekly winter scare subsequently became prominent supporters of the global warming consensus. now people who i referred to by
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governments around the world. i would like to quote with timmy is the exchange. in 1994 airtime is given to al gore and his allegation. before reminding viewers of the cosmologists carl seguin had predicted massive environmental damage from the climatic results of the war. fred-- as ted koppel told viewers quote the record show in this instance doctors seguin was wrong and dr. singer was right before going on to accuse al gore of quote resulting to political-- on a purely scientific basis which brings me to what the historian wrote on the enlightenment what he calls the
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science of freedom. the most important science for us that there is. the enlightened thought they knew better than the people that govern how they should be governed. the ruler must have at its disposal a perfectly obedient bureaucracy at all the knowledge possible together and unlimited authority to translate programs into law. do i need to say that this is what the climate industrial complex demands of the united states, a form of government americans reject did sing the troops were embodied in the declaration of independence. america's uniqueness lies not in its independence but it became independent to create something without a precedent dedicated to the proclivity. the demands of the common industrial complex and the preservation are in compatible.
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the government must act of global warming demands more. global warming harbors a strong impulse for the absolutists and the political culture of the totalitarian. at stake is what makes america unique. ultimately global warming is a battle for america's soul and that's why we are here today come to fight it. thank you. [applause] >> thank you so very much. we want to have plenty of time for questions so if you have a question please raise your hand and wait for the microphone to arrive and then asked the question. who has the first question? very good. i will go first in google as the
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audience. soon after the soviet union fell my name is mike. i live in fester and over the hill retired physicist interested in climate change and global warming and all that kind of stuff. when the soviet union felt they listed lots of confessionals and you made a good case that this was, the soviet union and the international communist conspiracy as always they have a role in this but it was absent in all of the bad things they admitted doing to us in the papers that were released at that point. is there any documentation that are turncoat spies who said they were in global warming in some of these other things that are
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in your look for left-wing conspiracy is? .. signed up to a u.s. pact it didn't mean they have to do anything tha but it was all abot demonstrating to people that the
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soviets were on the right side. the evidence is very clear that this was the kgb pill best achievement and there was a conference in washington to play up this threat it was to underline the reagan administration. the outcome would be very different. >> right here in the back and then we will go to you. the russians are involved currently in efforts to fund proposition for the same sort of long term purpose that you
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described. is there evidence that that is actually going on? >> it is certainly the case that they already have a huge interest in preventing the damage to their economy in terms of the collapsing in the natural gas prices without turning into an exporter. i didn't review the evidence of that in this book. a. you've got and economic civil war with the cases against the
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middle. >> introduced yourself, please speak to [inaudible] from what was said here to get the issues to reject whether they are real or not.
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the question is is global warming happening or not, and if it is not happening does it have anything to do with whether it was done by the soviet union. is global warming actually happening or not? >> i have a paper that is digging produced and published today what do they say about the lack of certainty and about of e global warming hypothesis that the case on why this issue was
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put on the agenda is an important thing to understand, but it is acid rain and bear it is very clear that it turned out to be wrong. the national academies in canada, sweden, they said it's more certain than it is on global warming. and they turned out to be wrong. when the truth emerged, what was very interesting. they suppressed the finding and demonized the name of the principal scientist involved discovering the consensus was completely wrong and to this day
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none of them have retracted or admitted that they got the science wrong so i would put a big? on the credibility of the organization's because there is a previous analogue where they said that either they got it wrong. >> what you also say one of the issues we are dealing with here is the fear mongering that is going on and going to this gentleman's question, the global warming crisis became global warming and then it became climate change. in other words, they seem to be admitting to themselves that they don't have a crisis whatever the change. don't you think that it is a tactic they are using to try to affect the government's policies? >> not only do i think that, but
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i demonstrate in the book that that was absolutely embedded so there were two conferences just as it was being formed in austria and italy. they have to reverse engineer the catastrophe that you have to assume there was going to be a great big catastrophe down the road and that enables you to justify and they reversed it to get the policy response they wanted. >> any other questions here?
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as we bring this to a close, we have copies of the book available. exposing the utilitarian roots of the climate industrial complex. one of the things that is important for us to keep in mind in the united states of america is we want to encourage people to seek truth. that is what we are all about. when you get to page 267, there are notes that reference other research material and that goes on to page 314. in other words, if you want to seek truth, the first thing you do is get a copy of this book. and then read it, and then go to
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the footnotes indicate those materials and read them. don't be suckered in by the fear mongering fear tactics of the politicians. let's all think rupert for being here today. [applause]
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>> is that i get a
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on the natural and man-made crisis of earthquakes and their future earthquakes are likely to occur. this event took place at the café bookshop in baltimore. thank you very much for coming out tonight i appreciate it. at the end of 2017 not so long ago, we were celebrating and that is probably a bad word, we were commemorating the anniversary of superstore and sandy that affected a large part of the eastern seaboard easterni was reporting on the storm as it struck and my research for that became what was my favor


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