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tv   Chinese President Xi Jinping Address  CSPAN  April 10, 2018 9:00pm-9:46pm EDT

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>> c-span washington journal live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. ... the
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more open economy by lowering tariffs for automobiles and other products and enforcing the legal intellectual property. his remarks come after the u.s. and china announced punitive trade measures against each other. the chinese president's remarks come courtesy of the china global television network. >> [speaking chinese] >> translator: the board of directors the distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen, friends. the gentle breeze and form
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beautiful season [inaudible] here i want to quote the lyrics of the song. it's been a long time and i hope it will be a long time before we have to depart. [applause] such a gathering today with old and new is always a pleasant occasion and i am truly delighted. but we begin by expanding on behalf of the chinese government and offer a sincere welcome to all of the guests and also
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congratulations to the opening of the conference. since its inception with a focus on asia and a global perspecti perspective, it's gone a long way to encourage cooperation from economic globalization and announced the building of a community where they share a community of mankind with many valuable proposals it has made a great contribution. it had a major change in the board of directors. i wish to take this opportunity to express our heartfelt thanks to the outgoing members and i
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extend congratulations. [applause] the theme of the conference is an open and innovative asia. it is in line with the trend of the times and reflects the expectation that all parties tom sure that you're engaging discussions here will produce many insightful views. ladies and gentlemen, friends.
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for the foreign this marks the 30th anniversary of the establishment of the province and a special economic czar of china. they foraged in the process. it is that reform that is opening up and giving life to prosperity that has turned its the ones backward into one of the most often and dynamic that enable them to achieve phenomenal social and economic progress. just like the radiance reflected by a drop of water, the development of the country may be visualized.
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as a historical witness opening up over the past four decades in 1978, thanks to the initiative come o,the third plenary sessioe 11th marks the beginning of the historic journey of reforming and opening up. our endeavor to start in the nationwide products and from account restructuring to the comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up for decades that's brought tremendous benefits to the chinese people with united and
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determined efforts, people have added a glorious chapter to the development of the country as a nation. people have significantly unleashed and enhanced productivity in china through hard work with an unyielding spirit. having rewards those that work for us and followed in spring. the endeavor international development is the unwavering commitment to implement opening up a tremendous changes.
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the largest producer, the largest trader of growth, and at the holder of the largest foreign exchange reserves. over the past 40 years, china has averaged an annual growth rate of around 9.5% and comparable prices, and therefore in trade in u.s. dollars has registered an annual growth of 14.5%. the chinese people have emerged from a life of shortages and now enjoyed abundant supplies.
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according to the current standards more than 700 million have elected to be out of poverty accounting for more than 70% of the total over the same period. over the last four decades. they've determined the exploration of a pioneering source and a path with chinese characteristics. the people have both a keen awareness of national realities of the global fishing. we champion independence and self-reliance while embracing openness and cooperation. leopold of the socialist system
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while sticking to the direction of reform to develop the socialist market economy. we've addressed the problems as they have emerged and some of the experience accordingly. the. with unremitting efforts all roads will take us to rome.
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over the last decades the chinese people have been forging ahead and demonstrated the strength of the nation keeping strength with progress. hours as a truth seeking nation with an open line and efforts to open up our mind have advanced side-by-side without the endeavor of reform. the new ideas and experiments would reinforce that it's the greatest strength of a guiding vision. in the reform it may be for the system of socialism with chinese characteristics and kept overcoming the obstacles to development. such is the great strength of
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institutional guarantees. ours is an enterprising and pioneering nation with the unprecedented motivation and initiative and creativity. such is the great strength of people driving history forward and masters of their nation. over the last four decades, the chinese people have always embraced the world with open arms and contributed or shared to the world. opening up is a great process that has seen china an into the world achieve progress together. the chinese people have made
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opening of the fundamental policy and we've pursued the development to accomplish a great transition to all openness to. in this process, china has lived up to its responsibility as a major country from bringing in the two going global from the wto accession to the initiative china has made a significant contribution for the crisis. in recent years in the global growth it's become the key
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anchor and driver for the world economy and for the cause of global peace and development. opening up the second revolution has not only changed the country but also influenced the world as a whole. those who embrace it will prosper. the reform and opening up feeds the innovation and a better li
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life. as such the reform and opening up can and will be a great success. it's given many inspirations. the most important one is for any country or any nation to achieve the rejuvenation and they must follow the logic as the trend of the time and the pursuit of progress and development. ladies and gentlemen, the world is undergoing in a major development, greater change and profound readjustments.
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mankind still faces many instabilities and insurgencies. a new round of technological and industrial revolutions brings fresh opportunities and also presents unprecedented challenges. in some countries and regions, people are still living in the shadow of the war and conflict. too many people including the women and children are still suffering from hunger and poverty. climate change and nature communicable diseases remain formidable challenges.
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openness versus isolation and progress and retch rogu veteran, humanity has a huge choice to make. in this complex and changing world, where are we headed, and where is the future of asia. to answer these fundamental questions of our time, we must not let the vision be blocked by floating clouds. instead to have a grasp of the trend of the time. there's an overwhelming trend towards peace and cooperation in a world aspiring for peace and development committee mentality
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looks even more out of place. putting oneself on a pedestal from adverse development will get nowhere. only peace with development and cooperation can bring win-win results. we are at the time of an overwhelming trend towards openness and connectivity. openness leads to progress. the world has already become a global village without inference with social progress interconnected.
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to promote common prosperity and development in today's world, we have no choice but to pursue greater connectivity and development. we also live in a time with an overwhelming trend towards reform and innovation. a chinese philosopher recognized 2,500 years ago that one doesn't have to follow a beaten path if he wishes to benefit the people and one doesn't have to observe old conventions if one wishes to get things done. done. reform and innovation are the foundation of progress those that reject will be assigned to the dustbin of history. to follow the trend of the time
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and the well-being of all peop people, i proposed the initiative to build a community with a shared future for mankind, and i have these discussions with various parti parties. i'm glad to see [inaudible] it's also been written into the important documents. i hope that people around the world will work together towards this community with a shared future.
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with this in mind, we need to treat each other with respect and as equals. we respect each other's core interests and major concerns and follow the new approach for the state to state relations featuring dialogue rather than concentration and cognition instead of reliance. we must refrain from seeking dominance and objective in the zero-sum game. we must refrain and reject the
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politics. instead we must manage the differences and work together for peace. but the future in mind, we need a dialogue initiative responsibility. we should ask in addition that the cooperative and sustainable security and dissembling the order and system by the principles of the charter with an integrated approach to counter traditional and nontraditional security challenges and coordination o. we must ensure there is security to coordinate with each other in an inclusive manner.
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this will lead to universal and common security. we should stay committed to openness, conductivity and reinforce other multilateral frameworks which will promote trade and investment anticipation to support the training system and to foster new technologies, new industries and new forms and models of business. this way we will make it more
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open, balanced and beneficial to all. with the future in mind, we need an inclusiveness and to seek harmony. as it will help us renew the bridges of progress. with a future in mind we treat with respect and the treasure.
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it's important for the sustainable development and also respect and accommodate. we need to increase exchanges and share experiences in the conservation. pursue further progress on the development to increase the production and standards and healthy ecosystems [inaudible] ladies and gentlemen, friends
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reassure socialism into a new era and drew a blueprint into a great socialist country and all respects. the characteristics mark a new chapter in the rejuvenation of any shared prosperity to the rest of the world. it has to overcome challenges in its way ahead. we will stay committed to the
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reform in all respects and prevail whatever challenges. we will tackle problems and break the impotence of the invested interest in seeing the reform through. the chinese people will continue to take those steps to the development and the development initiative will modernize the economic system and deepen supply-side structural reform. we will continue to work on target of poverty deviation and
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mode equity and justice to give people a greater sense of happiness and security. the chinese people will continue to increase and expand cooperation. we will stay committed to the a strategy of opening up for results. we will pay attention and break new ground. to explore the opening of free trade with chinese characteristics.
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they will continue to work together and make a greater contribution and stick to the development. in the community for mankind no matter how much progress they've made in the development history china will not attempt to overturn the existing international system. china wilchina will stay as dets ever to.
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ladies and gentlemen, friends, a comprehensive study of the trajectory shows the economic globalization is an irreversible trend. in line with this conclusion we will continue to a national policy of opening up with the door wide open. it will not be closed to the world open even wider. [applause]
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bottles up and was key to the chinese economic growth and high quality development can only be achieved with greater openness. opening up as a strategic decision made by china in the need for development as an action taken by china to move forward in a way that benefits people across the world. [applause] china will adopt the measures for the continuing opening. we will significantly broaden the market access.
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a number of landmark measures are to be launched this year. including excavating the opening up of the easing of restrictions on the establishment of the institution in china.
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manufacturing. as soon as possible for the equity research and automobiles in particular. second, we will create a more attractive in the investment. investment and the environment is only fresh air attract more investment from the outside. china relies on these but now we have to rely more on improving
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the investment environment. we will enhance alignments with the economic war and increase transparency, strengthen property rights protection, upholds the rule of law, encourage collaboration and encourage monopoly. this year we established a host of new agencies for the market regulation as a part of an adjusted institution. the purpose is for the systematic and obstacles that prevent them from playing a decisive role and enable the government to. in the first six months of this
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year, we will finish the investment. it is the system of improving the protections and will provide the biggest boost the competitiveness. to strengthen the ranks of the office.
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we encourage the normal technological exchanges and those owned by the enterprises in china and at the same time we hope that they will also improve the protection. fourth, we will take the initiative to expand. it is the fundamental guiding force for the development and it is a requirement to meet a better life. they do not seek a trade surpl
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surplus. this year we will significantly lower the tariff for vehicles and for some of their products we will work hard to input more that are competitive and that are needed by our people. we will seek progress towards procurement agreement to end with a developed countries.
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this november, the first international import export from china and this is a native platform. it's not just another export a major policy initiative and commitment taken to open up the chinese market. from around the world they welcome to participate. [applause] i wish to emphasize the all of thosthose that have just annound we have every intention to translate them into a reality sooner rather than later. [applause] we want the outcomes to be
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delivered as soon as possible in china and around the world. i am confident with these efforts the financial sector will be more competitive and have healthy developments in the system and the intellectual property rights will enter a new phase of opening up. [applause] and the initiative they have
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agreements with china. it may be china's idea but it's going to benefit growth. china has no duplicate of calculations. there are no business deals on others. [applause] >> we must point out that it's perfectly lateral as long as both parties embrace the principles for the shared benefits we can surely enhance cooperation and resolve
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differences with and make the broad platform keeping with the trend and to the greater benefit of all of our people. [applause] ladies and gentlemen, trend, a mountainous formed by the accumulation of earth and the notion either regulation that will not appear automatically to the only favor those with coverage of. [applause] we must educate ourselves to the outcomes and the new ground for the community with a shared future for asia and the world.
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[applause] in closing, i wish this whole conference a complete success. thank you. [applause]
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it's their sense of powerlessness. if you think about the events of 2016 just as an example not many members of the government planned that britain would vote to leave the european union. donald trump is definitely not somebody that gets invited to
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the meetings. so then for example take the financial crisis, the event of 20 of eight and 2009. i think what we need is a massive financial crisis. >> sunday night at eight eastern on c-span.
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>> state environmental regulators testified about the relationship between the epa and theiother states in implementine clean air act and other initiatives. west virginia senator shelley moore capito chairs this hearing. >> i apologize for getting started a couple minutes late. this hearing on the subcommittee is called to order. i will begin by recognizing my


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