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tv   Ella Reid Collection Tyler Public Library  CSPAN  May 6, 2018 12:34am-12:46am EDT

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best-selling fiction writers for monthly program in-depth edition, join us live sunday at noon eastern with thriller fiction author with david, his most recent book is the fallen which is number wasn't in the washington post best-seller national fiction list, other novels end game, the fix, absolute power which became motion picture please over 30 novels. during the program we will be taking your phone calls, tweets and facebook messages, our special series in-depth fiction edition with author david sunday on book tv on c-span2. >> our look at tyler's literary community continues as we speak with librarian cony greer to hear about first african american public library.
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>> in 1945 correspondence happened between margaret gower and the carnige foundation requesting access for african american who is represented a third of our population. it was denied in that it was a local request that needed to be made and i believe the request, of course, was not met and so collaborating with the city trying to get fundraising started happening immediately for books and which location would take place, the negro public library opened in the basement of the bethlehem baptist church. for years it operated under the city, the city, of course, brought it under its wing and funds were allocated for the city to have the library open for several years. about 90% of the books in the
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library were donated by the white population in tyler and it moved locations, just one more time, the board of the negro public library requested a location on its own instead of basement and that was granted and in 1961 the library changed names to the ella reid public library, she was a well-known respected member of the community who was a mid-wife and that's the name of the library was, at the end of segregation, of course, everyone was allowed into the carnige public library, much larger library and the ella reid public library closed. every month we like to display things that not only showcase or shed light on something special
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from our history or current events and black history month, i was immediately starting to pull black artists in the library on display and i found myself in local history genealogy room looking at old books that are behind locked cabinets and noticed the ella reid public library collection, about a 100 books and they're beautiful books and i thought, first, i thought shock, first i was in shock that we had something like that but then i thought what a wonderful way to show our history and past here in tyler. for the month of february i slayed the books and got quite a lot of showing. so this book is the hawk of egypt, and if you open it up, you will see the stamp of a negro public library which tells me that this book is from the
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late 1940's and you can see the change in library names. this is the library, the inside of the library and the main change, of course, happens over here which is the ella reid public library. this is a copy of the city of tyler, texas' budget summary for the ella reid public library. it shows salaries, supplies, maintenance, and just looking at the amounts let's you know the time frame of -- that we were in. this is actual board minutes from the 1940's from the negro public library board, march 26th
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1947 library board meeting and i thought this was an interesting bookmark where it shows how much books cost and magazines cost the library, books, magazines totaled $33 and right here we have the word paper and that says 32.50 and then we have quite a lot of shakespeare. we have king leer and fellow and the books are just precious, the tutor, if you open it up you see the red stamp. these are called pocketbooks, very common at the time and there are several that we have. this lovely little pocketbooks that were lended out in the library and it's wonderful that the library had these.
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this book that we have right here is titled camille, this is a lovely book from the library and it has some interesting library stamp, but upside side it's property of smith county rural library. library that i have never heard of and so that is interesting showing how this book has traveled and been renamed and once again, it's on the inside. lovely book that is in pretty great conditions considering how old it is. next we have old testament selections, this is a great book in that when you open it up it still has the card inside and,
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let's see what this says, old testament copy, old testament selection volumes in the library. that is what i was remembering, the dates in the back, most of these dates say 1922. it makes you wonder where was the book before the library which, of course, opened in the 40's. >> this is autobiography that has gold leaves and lovely color to it just lovely the bookplates inside.
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books are not made this way anymore and it is charming to see and, of course, if you would like to hold this book in your hand and any others in the collection just come to the tyler public library third floor local history room and you can do so. to be able to house the works of history that not only people have held and, you know, held dear to their heart, i think, a lot of the books in the libraries in tyler, to be able to house these today and still show these to the public and enjoyed again, i think it's just wonderful. it's emotional in a sense in that how many people have held these books, what were they going through in their lives when they were reading these books and that is libraries in a nutshell, is that there's so many lives and stories to tell in each building and this room, the local history room in the library we want to preserve tyler's past and i think we are
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doing a really good job in speaking about it today just goes to show you that it is continuing. >> twice a month c-span city's tour take book tv and american history tv on the road to explore literary life with city, working with partners we visit historic sites as we interview historians and authors and civic leaders, you can watch by going on and selecting c-span city tour from the series drop down at the top of the page or visiting tours, you can also follow the city's tour on twitter for behind the scene images and video from visits, c-span at cities. >> connect with c-span to personalize the information go
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to upcoming live coverage. worry for word gives you the most interesting daily video highlight in their own words with no commentary, the book tv news letter sent weekly is an insider's look at upcoming authors and book festivals and the american history tv weekly news letter gives you the upcoming programming exploring our nation's past, visit and sign up today. >> there's a look on upcoming book fairs and festivals in the country. has been held on city hall grounds since 2010, later look for us in new york city public city, bookexpo where we talk with publishers and authors about their forthcoming books, we are live in chicago, the next
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weekend, the fdr presidential library and museum host the reading festival a day of author program on the life and tenure of america's 32nd president, from june 21st to the 26th, it's the american library association annual conference held this year in new orleans, for more information about upcoming book fairs and festivals and to watch press festival coverage click the book fair's tab on the website, >> and now on book tv we bring recently held unbound book festival, held of event in colombia missouri includes author discussions on the first amendment and writing historical fiction. but, first, talk about the me too women's movement in america over the past year. [applause]


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