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tv   U.S. Senate Sens. Schumer Markey on Net Neutrality  CSPAN  June 11, 2018 6:49pm-7:08pm EDT

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to think is possie to legislate this issue? >> well, david, it's fascinating that the republican position was this was something that congress ought to decide in now when congress has an opportunity to decide with the congressional review act that has passed the senate in a bipartisan way and is now pending in the house that the republicans in the house and industry are saying no, congress should be separate. look, if the chairman of the fcc has the courage of his convictions that what he has done is right to for america and will stand up to a vote in the congress hehto pick up the phone, call speaker ryan and say schedule it for a vote in the house and let's see what the representatives of the american people say. >> watched "the communicators" tonight at 8:00 p.m. eastern on c-span2.
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>> today the obama era fcc rule on that neutrality came to an end. after a trump administration decision to repeal it. on the senate floor majority leader mitch mcconnell celebrated the rollback of the obama arrow rule. later,huck schum edward markey spoke out against it. >> on another matter today marks another important milestone in our efforts to come back the forest of red tape, the obama administration left behind. effective today thanks to the leadership of chairman by the fcc has back meddlesome and unnecessary regulations that democrats impose on the internet back in 2015. let's put this whole effort into perspective. the federal registry is the government legal newspaper and it prints, among other documents, the regulation the federal agencies enforce and the proposed rules on deck.
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in 2016 under president obama it had to print nearly 39000, 39000 pages of rules -- an all-time high and anoer 21000 pages in proposed rules. 39000 pages of rules and another 21000 pages of proposed rules in 2016. it is hard to wp your mind around that. 60000 pages of rules and proposed rules to pile on american workers and job, creators. we/those numbers in 2017 and in that first year of our republican government the total number of federal registry pages voted for rules and proposed rules plummeted by more than 50%. 50% less an in 2017 then 2016.
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this is a significant slowdown of the federal government red tape just in our first year. this is part of what we were elected to do and yet washington dc has put on the brakes and let hard-working americans and small businesses spend less andnd less time and energy hurtling obstacles put up by the federal government. the republican -- >> the repeal of net neutrality goes into effect today. the rules enacted by the obama administration to bar large internet service prode charging more for certain content are gone. the rules to bar large internet service providers from slowing down certain websites are gone. rules ensuring open and free internet with a levelor playing field for small businesses, public schools, rural americans, people without a lot of money,
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are gone. democrats tried to forestall the state by writing and passing a cra act through the senate, bipartisan. republicans held us but we cannot have passed it without them. then as a unified senate caucus democrats sent a letter last week urging speaker ryan to schedule a vote which i believe would have passed had it been put on the floor of house of representatives. ryan refused to bring up the companion legislation to restore net neutrality. once again, as the republican friends and are senate and house and the a ministration has said over and over again siding with the big powerful specialso interests and in this case internet service providers over the average person r who is powerless. how many of us rail against our cable bills? how many of us feel helpless when it comes to getting that cable bill?
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it increases the power to the same people and a lot of republican friends want to do that, i guess so. let me put it this way. by refusing to bring up senate passed resolution to restore net neutrality house republicans leaders gave a green light to the big internet service providers to charge middle-class americans and small business owners, schools, rural americans, poor people in communities of color more than they did before. with the exception of three brave republicans in the senate it should be crystal clear to the american people the republicans in congress to protect special interests. >> madam president. >> senator from massachusetts. >> thank you. i want to follow up on what the democratic leader was just making reference to with net neutrality. today is the day when the neutrality rules are gone. even though there is a way in which we, the congress, can put
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them right back on the books. that is what happens in the senate just three weeks ago we voted by 52-47 to put the net neutrality protections back on the books. to ensure that they would be thereor every american and now as senator schumer was just pointing out the ball is in the courts of the house of representatives. republican-controlled house of representatives. we have passed net neutrality here in the senate on a bipartisan basis and senator murkowski and senator collins and senator kennedy of louisiana, they voted for net neutrality. we know as senator schumer just said that if the vote was taken right now on net neutrality in the house ofnt representatives t would win. we would be able to put those
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protections back on the books. millions of people rose up throughout all the last six months and 22 million of them contacting the fcc, chama pai of the sec ignored those 22 million peoplend a by a three-to vote on the federal on they took net neutrality off the books. in other words, they officially strapped consumers of the projections that have allowed economy in our democracy to flourish. now americans will have to blindly trust their cable companies and their broadband companies and theirer internet providers to protect them
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againstai discrimination. it is a big cable strea dream ce true. they have already won at the fcc and now the c counterrevolutions underway. here in the senate it is already happened. what we need to do now is to have the same level of energy. those millions of americans targeting the house of representatives and telling them that they want net neutrality and they want nondiscrimination principles and they want equalhe protection for the smallest of voicndt companies to be the law of the land. net neutrality. we need entrepreneurs and job creators and small businesses which are the lifeblood of the american economyeroct
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against the natural tendency of the biggest corporations to pump up profits at the expense of the little guys. you don't have to take my word for it, just looking back over recent history before net neutrality protections were codified we saw in 2007 and associat press investigation found that comcast was blocking a severely slowing down bit torrent, a website that allowed consumers to share video, mic and video game files and in 2007 and 2009 at&t forced apple to block skype and other competing services from using at&t's wireless to encourage users to purchase more voice u minutes ad 2011 verizon locked google
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wallet to protect the competing service it had a financial stake in in developing and promoting. we all know it is a matter of time before these big companies exercise their unfettered rights to begin discriminating. these powerful corporations historically protectct themselvs and they neglect consumer issues. they prioritize profits and disregard of service and pocket their profits and everyday americans lose. there will be no unity for net neutrality here on the floor of the senate today. the fcc will not have the last word when it comes to net neutrality. the american people will. we will have a tsunami of contact their members of the house of representatives
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to demand a vote on neutrality same way we hadhe about here on the senate floor. we know that when the vote takes place the american people will win and this net neutrality will win. the principles of nondescript nation are going to win. too many people think today that this whole idea of this commission is back in vogue and let's stop talking about it in a way that has not been a part of our culture for a generation but it is back and in a lot of ways net neutrality is part of that whole discussion of whether or not theca american people get protected against this termination. e we now have enhanced urgency because the rules of the fcc are not final and that neutrality is
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no longer the law of the land and that is what happened today and the chairman of the federal medications commission, chairman pai, is taking his victory lap and he is so proud of what has not happened that net neutrality is taking off the books and despite 22 million americans saying they wanted them to stay on the books. here's what we know. consumers don't trust their cable and internet companies to do the right things unless strict rules are in place to protect everyone in our country. we know that when you take a democratized platform with endless opportunity for mitigation and you add american ingenuity you get growth and innovation. you get democracy online and that is what the site is about and despite -- we are going to
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intensify our efforts to ensure that there is going to be a vote on the floor of the house of representatives. lee hsie... loor to reinstitute net neutrality three weeks ago and they are underestimating dramatically the response of americans all across our country descending electronically on the house of representatives, on the congress that yet -- has yet -- the part of congress that has yet to vote on these >> so we're going to see millions of teachers students entrepreneurs small business owners activists mobilize to protect the internet. they demonstrated on the streets. they wrote letters. they made calls. they signed petitions. they posted on social media.
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this is what we are going to continue to see. already 170 members of the house of repreatives have signed on to the discharge petition which is the technical term for saying calls for a vote on the senate floor -- excuse me, on the floor of the house of representatives to vote on net neutrality. the momentum is building. they need 218. they are at 170 right now. they're 48 members of the house of representatives short of winning over there. so the pressure is going to intensify every single day, especially since net neutrality is now as of this moment taken off the books. and by the way, this fight's being waged at the state level as well. in california, the state senate voted 25 to 12 to reinstitute
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net neutrality just two weeks ago. and in new york, in massachusetts, in oregon, in washington, state after state, theorizing -- they are rising up. they are saying if the federal government won't protect us, then we will protect our ourselves. so we know that influential loyists aren't going to go away, but the american people aren't going away either. this is their government. this is the place where they expect their will to be respected. and when net neutrality is taken off the books, 86% of all americans, the will of the american people is not being respected. there's nothing more powerful than the collective voices of millions of americans working together with a common mission. and that is to restore net neutrality to the books.
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so today the campaign to restore the internet, to save the internet enters a new phase. the urgency has never been higher. t the intensity level across this country has never been higher. so today is not a day for a eulogy for net neutrality. the fight has just begun. and we thank every senator who has already voted for net neutrality. we thank every american who has worked towards that goal. and now let us redouble our efforts because we have to turn this into a campaign issue in 2018 that matches all of the other issues that are driving the agenda of our country. madame president, i thank you and i -- i yield back to you and to the chair. >> tonight on the communicators,
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former fcc chair tom wheeler talks about the end of net neutrality. he's interviewed by david mccabe, technology reporter for axias. >> the conversation on net neutrality has shifted to legislation, there's some on the hill who would like it to shift to legislation. do you think it is possible to legislate this issue? >> it is fascinating that the republican position all along during my term was this is something that congress ought to decide and now when congress has an opportunity to decide, with the congressional review act that's passed the senate in a bipartisan way and is now pending in the house, that the republicans in the house and the industry will say oh, no, congress shouldn't -- look, if the chairman of the fcc has the courage of his convictions, that what he has done is right for america, and will stand up to a vote in the congress, he ought
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to pick up the phone, call speaker ryan and say schedule it for a vote in the house, and let's see what the representatives, the american people say. >> watch the communicators, tonight at 8:00 eastern on c-span 2. here's what's live for tuesday, the house is back at noon eastern following member speeches, they debate a number of bills related to opioid addiction and treatment programs. that's on c-span. on c-span 2 republican house majority whip steve scalise sits down with politico to talk about his party's policy priorities. after that the senate continues work on a 716 billion dollars defense programs measure for 2019. on c-span 3 health and human services secretary testifies on the administration's prescription drug pricing plan before the senate health education labor and pensions committee. that starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern.
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>> watch c-span tonight starting at 8:00 eastern for live coverage of the u.s. north korea summit between president donald trump and north korean leader kim jong-un and in the overnight at 4:00 a.m. eastern, live coverage of president trump's post summit press conference. tuesday morning join us for washington journal at 7:00 eastern for analysis and your comments on the u.s. north korea summit. watch live on c-span and or listen live using the free c-span radio app. president trump traveled to singapore after the g-7 meeting in canada. british prime minister teresa may reported back to the house of commons on the summit. she talked about the main focus of her talks with the leaders, then took questions from members. many of them focused on president trump's recent imposition of tariffs on aluminium and steel as well as his suggestion that russia be invited back to the group of natis


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