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tv   Sens. Roberts Stabenow News Conference on 2018 Farm Bill  CSPAN  June 13, 2018 11:34pm-11:47pm EDT

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you've got both bills in bot se to chang it. [inaudible] [inaudible conversations] [inaudible conversations] >> thank you for your interest. i want to thank the senator
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and her staff are working so hard with my staff to produce what is obviously a bipartisa bill. i go back to013n have the same opportunity, our first success was talking harry reid into even considering a farm bill when we were in a lockdown situation. she worked on one side and i worked on the other. we reporhat bill out just before the 12:00 o'clock time frame and we had just missed it by nine minutes. i was just thinking if i had been a little more curse we could've made it under the same deadline. he gets rather remarkable given the concern of a lot of folks that we need to work in bipartisan way and produce legislation. if we had done just that, and
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i want to thank the senator in her staff. the 20 - 1 vote is a good vote. we will address senator grassley situation. he was the only no vote. it's a goobill. we worked very hard on it. i think we have the support of both leaders to bring it to the floor before the fourth of july break and we will then provide our farmers and ranchers and growers and everyone connected certainty and predictability. i know your farmers are tired of hearing me say certainty and predictability y jus saw this morning was exactly that and that is precisely what our farme and ranchers and growers need. >> thank you chairman roberts. it really is a pleasure to work with chairman roberts, and as you can tell, we have a true partnership and this is a
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committee that represents all parts of the country in terms of states and interests and we have 12 different titles which is essentially 12 different billsn all kinds ofics from commodities and conservation to bioenergy and nutrition and trade and so on. it's a very important set of issues that really go to hang a rural economynd role economic development, a food economy for everyone and focusing on the 16 million jobs and counting that come from agriculture. i want to thank senator roberts for being a great partner a our staff has worked very closely together on this. i think it's significant that while we haven't changed our increased overall dollars that we've been able to set some priorities and strength in reas,o some things in the commodity and make sure we have a strong crop insurance
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title and be able to address issues to streamline and make programs more effective and be able to strengthen some areas and conservation, bring some integrity while creating more opportunities for states to be able to establish jobs programs and job training program to be able to show what works, and then overall, i would say given a time when agriculture has a lot of uncertainty, we have strengthen the trade title, bringing together mandatory, ongoing funding for trade promotion which is important and as the chairman said, our farmers and ranchers need predictability and certyng ve hard to do our part to make that happen. >> what y think about the limits, do they need to be
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tightened? >> we will be happy to work with him, senator grassley has always been able to get the vote in past farm bills, and i think that's when happen again. >> you agree. >> he was modifying the proposal. i need to see t final bill, or the final modification. >> mr. chairman, you made a reference to senator grassley about considering some amendments on the floor. i'm wondering what nversations you've had with leadership about the amendment process once the bill gets to the floor. to our situaonust exactly like we did today. both of us will be making decisions on amendments and we
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have an agreement that we will consider both of our, will just work as a team and as we tried to handle the mm and said. you can see today, as we went do title and title and title, the only reason we went back is when people had other business outside the committee. we will work together in the same fashion on this bill. >> i would just add to that, i'm in total agreement with chairman. i think an example of that is how we handle the amendments in the committee. we started out with 190 amendments. as of last night we were able to come together with the committee to haveanags package of 66 amendments that were supported by everyone and then people felt their issues and concerns have been
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addressed and were willing to move forward with the balance package that we have. i think weillperate in the same way on the floor and hopefully be able to move this quickly. >> can you give us any guidance? it's already june 13 in your leaving july 29 for the july 4 eak. that doesn't give you much time. are any other bills interfering with bringing it up or how do you see this moving forward? >> at this point i don't know of any other bills. i know senator mcconnell has said repeatedly that he wants to farm bill before the fourth of july break and i take him at his word. i think the 20 - 1 vote certainly indicates we have a solidartisan majority and we will just move when he says there's an opportunity to move. i would expect it after the current legislation is on the
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floor. >> , time you think will take on the floor? >> an hour. [laughter] >> it will take as much time as we need to take. however you can see, with what happened here today, we just have a lot of common agreement that we need to get this bill done. if we don't, we don't need amendments that are contrary to the product that we've already passed. we always have self-declared secretaries of agriculture on the floor of the senate and i suspect we will have those same amendments that we've had before. we will deal them and ithk wils bill quickly. >> as early as next week? >> could be. i hope so. >> there's a lot of optimism
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from what happened today and going forward. how much concern is there on how the house will react to the bill? >> the houses considering the legislation, as the house always does and i know they are working hard to produce something. that bill is different. it will be a totally partisan bill. i think that's unfortunate but that's for the house wants to go and so we will just have t see. hopefully some version of the farm bill will pass. [inaudible] >> you could go back and remember all of the considerations on bills from the past.
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i know harry reid back in 2013 said it's possible this would take two weeks. it took two days. >> twoong days, but two days. hank>> tou. >> thank you so much. [inaudible conversations] "washington journal" live every day with news and policy issues that impact you. coming up thursday morning michigan republican congressman fred upton discusses combating tpi epidemic and then north carolina democratic congressman david price will join us to talk about the state of the affordable care act. american foundation for
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suicide prevention vice president will discuss rising suicide in the u.s. we should watch c-span "washington journal" live at 70's and thursday morning. join the discussion. >> here's what's live on the c-span network thursday following member speeches the house continues work on a number of opioid -related bills. house coverage on c-span. on c-span2, more debate on the senate on the 2019 defense program measure. on c-span three, president trump picked to be u.s. ambassador to south korea harry harris testifies along with other state dtm and ton hearin that foreign relations committee hearing starts at 10:00 a.m. eastern. in the evening, house democrats and republicans face each other in the annual congressional basall game at 7 a.m. eastern. >> sunday, they discussed
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their documentary, hit and stay, a history of faith and resistance about the actions of other catholic activists who protested the vietnam war. >> as we understand that the antiwar movement w ought of scruffy haired college-age busters. here was middle-aged clergy. it made the public think about reconsiderg it and thaas a turning point for the anti- movement. >> their action didn't and the vietnam war, but i don't see how you could argue it didn't help and the draft. the head of the selective service said publicly they felt they were under attack. i think it clearly, you can draw a line from what they d to the draft ending in 73. >> sunday at eight eastern on c-span q&a.
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>> next, a hearing on some of the advantages ofnd challenges of charter schools. education advocates testified before the house workforce committee on the value of charter schools. best practices for teachers, parental involvement and concerns over asor dreamers. this is one hour 40 minutes. >> the morning. the quorum being present, the committee on education workforce will come to order. welcome to today's hearing. i want to thank our panel of witnessend


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