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tv   Call-in with Brian Kilmeade Andrew Jackson and the Miracle of New Orleans  CSPAN  September 2, 2018 1:34am-2:02am EDT

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ways it was a successful presidency with the african-american community. with that revisionist vents so people accepted the portraits i'm happy for that but surprised. jean. translator: _spee17 speemac we are are joined by our fox and friends .
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the british ever got over the loss of the revolutionary war. to get out america america's you are definitely in so to push to have a quick end to it. those around then you will not
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fight them there but after the hear me for some but those battles did not have to happen to see old victory for america. i'm a member going to the white house is where the british were the white house that has ever to the ground and in but that even with
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those documents that we have. instead you will be separated so i thought how did we do this?ho what do we do that actually failed? then the more i research so to go from the american revolution to the civil war. >> then more of 1812. >> but to celebrate so we
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could afford this. within two and every fighter it is really cap we are on the ground in the world and the
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fact that in all military to quantify me with proof how do you know that they will go for the old victory? i was to meet bill jackson's journey. >> do you have a question? what the mountain and specific -- pacific time zone. >> here is a man from the revolutionary war. and then to be taken as prisoner in the revolutionary war.
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at 14 or 15 years old. and with those british officers that know i will not do that i'm a prisoner of four. to say that never fully become one friend friend i put that the bond dies trying to earn money. and then who? the british. within to raise him but with
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that leadership ability he trained them. madison finally said monroe was secretary of war. >> now this is your third history book george washington by now the war of 1812. we just had ron sure now on. i wasn't one of those people that said i could do ad better swipe believe not getting enough attention that proves what the founding fathers if
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you pick up thomas jefferson you will learn to learn about a farmer and then -- a bartender and the british journalist who is a printer and then with the people in this room. then they do those things patriotic. >> the subtitle and from your book to overshadow the dark humiliation with a blurred memory.
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and would center on andrew jackson. that was the second biggest holiday. but was the brother-in-law. but instead to say we will stop them from growing it with that threat not that eventual ally. the rest of the world would know america is not an experience but then what jefferson said and vice versa
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and with the rest of the world america is not going anywhere. in fact what we write about this is a humble superpower. we play it ahead with the midwestin expansion but it would not happen without new orleans then to fight the war and with that 75 year mark in with my hodgepodge army then you will t understand, history those were the exact words. and believe it or not even
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know america -- side it was a good move but they would do that and take it back. >>host: now let's take some calls. you are on booktv. >> caller: thank you. i have read all three of his books high school algebra teacher i was taking college history that is so relevant to what is going on today. what is the next project? and i thank you you made my day.
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i'm working on project but i will say october 19 i will be doing this so the next but i am working i will talk about is the alamo. sam houston by andrew jeff some of those things i try to unwind. >> is your co-op working on that civic yes. i'm working on that now kept great records even back. >> hello there. comment into question.
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but talk about that slb jackson like it or not he has nothing to do withli slavery. but he was ever tough. i have a lot of static here but i hope you can hear me. but he was shocked but that little rascal was tough. >>host: let's get a risk. >> he never filled his life. but then we found out as the assistant secretary in the final battle.
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so with those miles and then those steps staring them in the face. to say this is necessary. and then with the bullet that was never removed. so even with adams and john quincy adams is one with the jackson. >> that slavery is therefore native american? make that is what is doing this time voted for donald trump that jackson get upset
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that he used him? it is a controversy but the fact is he had plans that were implemented also the implemented the trail of tears. >> but the choctaw indian and one of the battle that he is a man of the times and in paperback. >> it is coming out. >> and how can i do this? so if you think about it to say here is where we go. and this is andrew jackson initial and without them he
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would not have been a profitable business. i think he would have left the union first before the civil war. but in 1818 the battle with
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the massacre was told by monroe to go get him and he did. and so had time to quickly serve those statues that's why you take out of this. i will and ronald reagan abrahamm truth and i will pay thought they knew about how to live in times in times of trouble. i want our country donead walking steps so i hope we all agree that will come out in that paperback met milton colorado go ahead and back i
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love c-span. do you talk much in her book? >> yes actually talking about andrew jackson was a critic of the others were benefiting but the british need you on our side and to be with the governor then i will fight with the americans.
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and you say you're a pirate you are a lobster i not deal with you but the more he talked the more he said i need these guys and the pirates could fight and they had a lot of money in the knowledge of the area so they made a formidable. flies in the weapons in them. it is just a conglomeration of people and you have the regular army. i hope you like it. >>host: a couple more calls carolina go-ahead 40 to my for youu like your my understanding
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is that cherokee biggest attraction to betray them with the trail of tears do you have a response to that? >> think that happened i'm not an expert so a lot of people feel they are betrayed but ultimately expunging them from the area. but yesterday than to that people come illegally we are attracting people so we stop on expansion. the issue why not?
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i am not so that was in oklahoma for example people to carry around the 2080 went the jackof presidency for them to be located to all. please go ahead last chance. how did the war of 1812 and up ending? >> so god knows your out from the battle of your to say we
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didn't have satellite television but those to be represented in this conference so with the battle of new orleans the word comes back about the treaty as a national celebration but jackson didn't buy it he thought if they were going to come back again or she would never have shot because everything they they were together just before a major battle takes place then it was over and they left. but for the treaty it wasn't signed but it wasn't relayed back to austin. but there was a major battle stop. >> january 8.
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but what jackson did he showed up at the inaugural and talks about america coming together but in four more years on coming back. jackson went to virginia and washington to campaign. heor would speak to the people outside of the beltway where we are today. it was a real-world victory for him. so actually behindeo closed
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doors but i thank you can learn like al gore did losing my 500 votes i think we can all learn from jackson is controversialrs and heart wrenching but important for us to have a c succession even with kennedy i decided to learn a lesson from that to. >> andrew jackson the miracle of new orleans is the name of the book.k. brianne killed mead third history book. so what about them the mccain funeral the last couple days inin america and to be at the national cathedral today a couple miles up the street.
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what we be talking about monday morning? >> no. i will be off on monday. we will talk about it but he is such a great man. he never got along with donald trump.e i never met him but ever since john said that then mccain never got over it. president trump understands the war on terror. but aretha franklin that happens megan mccain said
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something like america has always been great. so they are going back and forth. mccain dish heard meghan mckay something to the effect of america has always been great. which is very different from governor cuomo who said america was never that great. so, we're going back and forth. my hope is that dish said this before -- the president doesn't tweet about it, my hope is it's a funeral that is a solemn moment, it was a great moment to see both presidents but two thing is can't figure out. i can't figure out where senator mccain win out of his way to bring people together, when it came to sarah palin, and president trump two things he wouldn't do. i don't judge him. i note that he has been my favorite interview because he is so candid, when i was -- before i got a job at fox and looking for an interview, stale give me the time of day. one of this guys you-protect. a lot of time you don't have a
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prestigious tag and they walk past you and he never did. the first time i had a conflict with hmm him d him, i hosted the ufc. and i have to talk to him? he let me know. thought it was too brutal, no rules and which is true, and when i get my radio show by myself, brian kilmeade, he was my first guest. i would replay that interview and he said, because -- said some good things. so i just think you can learn this from john mccain. be consequential. when you take a position, people will be mad at you but when you go out and experience it, he didn't say syria would be a mess. he went to syria. he didn't say the russians -- he met vladimir putin and says i see nothing but evil in this guy. he's kgb. when he thought afghanistan was


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