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tv   Prime Ministers Questions British Prime Minister Theresa May Answers...  CSPAN  September 13, 2018 6:47pm-7:07pm EDT

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>> prime minister. >> thank you, mr. speaker. i'm sure members across the house would join me in this congratulating alastair cook as england's highest ever score in class men. his incredible career had many highlights including the magnificent 147 in his last against india a newish and the very best for his future. mr. speaker, this morning i had meetings with ministerial colleagues and others in addition to my duties in the process will have further such meetings later today. >> thank you, mr. speaker. the prime minister appreciate that not least my answers shouldn't say. and look at ways in other
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businesses reliant on the sector. i recognize the importance of the other constituencies represented in this house. i like to secure the possible fishing industry double reed -- support future generations of u.k. fishermen. what we can do when they leave the e.u. is taking back control of our waters and exclusively terminate fishes in our cities. it's the priority of the government also to have a productive food supply chain will consider the long-term future of all funding programs currently managed by the e.u. under way. >> jeremy corbyn. [roll call] >> thank you, mr. speaker. i too joined the prime minister and for graduating cook and both teams him with an absolutely brilliant series, which i really enjoyed. mr. speaker, the national
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farmers union, the federation of small businesses, the national audit office, the national housing federation, gingerbread and the royal society of arts. does the prime minister know what these organizations have in common? [laughter] >> i can tell the right honorable gentleman that what those organizations all have in common is across a variety of areas of activity, they give excellent service, they promote the interests of those they represent and with which this government interacts and lessons. [shouting]
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>> jeremy corbyn. >> i'm truly grateful for that answer, the first part of which agree.y but what they also -- it's all right. it's all right. but they also have in common, mr. speaker, if they are telling this government its flagship and defense policy universal credit is flawed and killing hundreds of thousands of people both in work and out of work. in 2010 the government declared the universal credit would lift 350,000 children out of poverty. does the prime minister stand by that figure? >> can i say to the right honorable gentleman, we introduced universal budget because they need a system of welfare in this country, which encouraged people to work rather than discourage. which made sure that work always pays and that there was a system
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that we were left by the labour party. remember the legacy system of the labour party. it meant that we even had individuals being paid 100,000 pounds a year on benefits are paid for by hard-working taxpayers 79 >> jeremy corbyn. >> the child poverty action group says far from taking children out of poverty come universal credit will now increase the number of children. since 2010, half a million more children have gone into poverty relative to that time. the government knows this policy is flawed and failing. their own survey and universal credit said many were in debt, his third rant, have fallen behind with their bills. does the prime minister dispute her own government survey were dispute the experiment of the
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claimants? >> roberto who said my work i'll turn my life around and thanks to him i found my dream job. i'm happy with the new universal credit. i didn't expect to have a job so soon. [shouting] >> universal credit gave me the flexibility to take on additional hours without the stress of thinking this might solve my benefits straight away. we have gone from a situation under the labour party where 1.4 million people spent most of a decade on benefits. we are hoping get people in to work in a fight earlier this week we fight unemployment yet
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again. [shouting] >> mr. speaker, we are all constituent and i think most of us are well aware of the pain that universal credit is causing when people calmed in. 60% of families facing cut are in work. the universal credit is avakian workday. it's taking money away from families have put in more children into poverty. the national report found the universal credit is creating hardship, forcing people to use food tanks and could actually end up costing the system even more. does the prime minister dispute the national order of his findings? >> the right honorable gentleman talked about constituency cases. i remember -- i remember
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>> we had a fairly early stage of the proceedings with a long way to go. the questions must be heard and the answers must be heard and as usual it want to get through. >> the right honorable gentleman started his question by talking about constituency cases. i remember the single mother who came to see me as a member of parliament when they were in government, who told me that she wanted to get into the work place and provide a good example to her child. but the job center had told her she'd been set up. [inaudible] >> mr. speaker, my question was about -- [inaudible] they say usage in areas where universal credit as it rolled out its four times higher than in areas where it's not been
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introduced. but without resolving any of those feelings in the next year, the government proposes to evict us on another 2 million people. as part of that transfer 100,000 people with disabilities on esa, will receive a letter telling them support will be stopped. they'll have to make an application for universal t credit. does the prime minister think it the responsibility of the government which is changing the system to ensure people retain what they need or if it thedi individual, many of whom are actually very vulnerable people who need help and support? >> with the government is doing is delivering a system that does give support to vulnerable people, but encourages people to get into the work base because we know [shouting] but if the right honorable gentleman believes the universal credit needed some change, then why would we make changes like
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ensuring we reduce the waiting days for payment, that we hope that, why was it labor against those states? >> mr. speaker, it's labor -- [inaudible] within our society. this government is incapable of delivering. >> mr. spencer, i always thought you were a good-natured laid-back w farmer. he seemed to be really over excitableit today. calm yourself, man. jeremy corbyn. >> the mental health chaired as the real possibility, and echo, many people with mental health problems could see benefits stopped entirely. it is outrageous to vulnerable people risk losing out because of these spots changes. their abject failure and i can
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see that by the faces behind her. there's a whole lot of them. but everywhere you look, mr. speaker, the government is failing. 1 million families using food banks. a million workers on zero hours complex. 4 million children in poverty which is lower today than 10 years ago. and on top of that, there's a feeling universal credit. disabled people risk losing their homes and vital support. and the prime minister wants to put 2 million more people onto this. mr. speaker, the prime minister is not challenging the injustices in our society. when will they stop inflict
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misery on the people? [shouting] >> the right honorable gentleman -- the right honorable gentleman talked about challenging -- [inaudible] that's about setting up the racial disparity audits and how -- [inaudible] but nobody in this country have been on our streets because of the color of their skin. the labour party -- [inaudible] what we are doing is 3 million people and jobs -- [inaudible] and over the past two days,
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iranians state tv, broadcasting members of parliament. investigating anonymous and threatening about the de-selection of labor [inaudible] the labour party is institutionally party. [shouting] just think what he is doing to this country. [shouting] ..
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>> behave in a statement like better. >> let's hear theio questions. and the answers. we quite rightly spent time in this place talking about crime and criminals and prisons but perhaps we don't spend enough time talking aboutut the victims of crime. i warmly welcomed the government announcement this week of a victim statute and the crime t - it will not be a dry document but a genuine effort to boost support for the victims. >> my honorable friend, we know nothing can take away the trauma and distresses of being a victim of crime but we need to ensure equal support to rebuild their lives.
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it's our duty to keep it safe but to ensure the victims are properly protected and listen to. that's why we're taking to enshrine and to strengthen the code and its first ever cross my merit one at every stage of their interaction and i like to commend my right honorable friend but also my honorable friend for the work they put in. >> thank you. from the financial crisis and were bailed out and many people [inaudible] [shouting] >> it's an indictment of the us uk government of leadership. why have you abandoned me and
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the families, those just about managing. >> what we've done is create an economic environment where 3.3 million people are in work we now take the job [inaudible] we now also see what we have done is increased the national living wage and insured that taking 4 million people out of income tax altogether and 39 people have received a tax cut for that is what this government has been able to do a balanced approach to the economy and keeping taxes low putting money into public services and reducing debt. >> and simply ignore the reality that it's been the worst decade for wage growth in over 200 years. they know brexit supported to increase the annual cost of living for more encompassesiv by
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500 pounds. yet this prime minister still wants to walk off the brexit slippage in the prime minister is unfit to govern. she's incapable of leadership and -- [shouting] ten years after the economic crash and were still bearing the brunt. mr. speaker, it's as simple as is. by minister should end her prosperity program or admit that her party is unfit for government. >> can i say that he mentioned the question of brexit. of course, we are working to get a good brexit deal for the whole united kingdom. may i suggest that he might listen to the views of the scottish and nephew. who said this week to plan the government has put forward something that certainly the agriculture and food can work with and that politicians from all sorts of parliament should
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actually get behind. >> there's a mere 69 miles from london as i insure my right honorable runner members from her visit a few years ago. you're lucky to cover that tiny journey in an hour and 40 minutes and that is if you avoid the network rail works.40 a lot are offered and a lot remains on fact and we could attract new homeowners and stuck in visitors so can my right honorable friend tell me what my government isn't doing to speed up the journeys. >> by minister. >> can i say to my right honorable friend this in 2014 but actually there i was pleased to meet with caroline on anti- knife crime [inaudible] great
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will be indeed inducing a whole new train and they will be available in the middle of next year and with much improved my revolt please [inaudible] we will engage with network rails to renew the emperor structure as we can see improvement on the [inaudible] [shouting] >> by minister has just done work in bringing people out of poverty. now, now. >> you can watch the questions on c-span and i'm p.m. eastern sundays. we take alive to the national building museum in washington dc for mark's former british foreign secretary boris johnson. he will be receiving the 2018


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