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tv   Public Affairs Events  CSPAN  September 27, 2018 6:55pm-7:42pm EDT

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[inaudible] >> the comments of senator chris coons, member of the senate judiciary committee and just outside 226 of the senate office building. again, just tuning in to hearing has concluded for theju day. the senate judiciary committee back tomorrow morning. senate republicans meeting in about 25 minutes on capitol hill. t.j. is joining us dover, delaware. your thoughts on today's hearing. >> hi, thank you for taking my, call. i want to telephone watching this as a watershed moment for all of america for what it represents and i'm calling on two connected but distinct issues. one is thek allegations resultg and resulting hearing. it's not an investigation that and the second one is the increasing by financing of our
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courts through partisan appointments. the supreme court is the purpose of providing the nation with another approachable check on the interaction of the state and our rates as citizens like that of privacy, the outburst by graham and other republicans who might i add were too scared to talk themselves in spite of providing nothing but support, int the hypocrisy in the first of the last two appointees. the last two appointees were and will be the most narrow partisan lines will be decided in the most narrow partisan lines. in the lowest permissible majority vote. a vote that was reconstructed by a 51% majority to allow for them to appoint nominees on purely partisan basis. >> i want to ask you something because you been following this closely. from senator pat leahy of vermont who brought up merrick garland. do you think that's a factor for democrats in this nomination?
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>> i'm sorry. i don't think that should matter at this point in time. that was -- that is a part of the weapon as he never courts. >> thanks for the call. what it's like on capitol hill you can be reporters outside 226 of the dirksen senate building. we heard from senator chris coons been surrounded by other reporters trying to get a sense of where this all goes next. of course the key issue will be where senates republicans go. julie from just outside of cleveland, ohio. go ahead,o. please. >> i didn't prepare a statement. i'm not going to be reading anything. i am talking fromea my heart. after watching this whole proceeding, i feel very badly for dr. ford. there is no doubt in my mind
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that something didn't happen to her at some time, some place in her life. the fact that she really couldn't pull all of those things together leads me to believe it's a bad memory or something could have gone wrong with her. i look at judge kavanaugh and he has people with dates and times in games. i was a registered democrat, but i'm embarrassed and i'm ashamed of the way they treated judge kavanaugh. >> if you had a vote tonight, would you vote for or against the nomination? >> i've changed my mind completely and i would vote for this gentleman. >> thank you for the call. did you watch the entire hearing? >> what did you think? >> at the party of morals,
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family and god. it iss just a shame that the republican party works to be over an immense and continues to shame the big guns. this party needs to do better. how so? >> they need to stop shaming victims. they need the listing. they need to see if these people didn't come forward with those allegationsey years ago is becae they were scared and they were traumatized. >> did you find here and respectful towards dr. ford? >> ind did. >> thank you for the call. wear will go to share in eugene, oregon. >> caller: hi, beating a path to pick them, i do believe dr. ford. i do believe that something did happen to her and her past. but in this case, this has gone
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past victim. the democrat in this case and i used to be one and i have become so ashamed of thecr democratic party. i don't know where i live, so i guess i'm an independent now. i believe that somewhere along the line i do believe that there was a leak. but the democrats and i don't actually understand why, how they made, non-and president
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trump and to this demon. they have doneness since all of this started. ..
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>> she is speaking her truth and brett kavanaugh has no place on the supreme court. >> host: was there a moment that resonated with you today with the testimony and questionss from attorney rachel mitchell quick. >> yes sir. when they asked her what resonated with her most and she spoke that it was a very personal choice. and i will never ever forget
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that. thank you for letting me speak. >> host: thank you. from new york. there were a couple of moments during the hearing we want to share with you. the initial plan was for attorney general mitchell to ask questions to both doctor ford and judge kavanaugh but during the course of the hearing they decided to ask their own including from the south carolina republican. >> senator graham.ud >> on july 9th the day you were nominated to the supreme court by president trum trump, secretary schumer said 23 minutes after the nomination i will approach his nomination with everything i have. i hope a bipartisan majority will do the same the stakes
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are simply too high. did you meet with senator feinstein on august 20th quick. >> i did meet with her. >> did you know her staff had already recommended a lawyer to doctor ford quick. >> her and her staff already had that allegation for over 20 days quick. >> not at the time. >> if you wanted an fbi investigation you could have come to us you have destroyed his life pulled the seat open hope to win in 2020 you said that. not me. you have nothing to apologize for. when you see justice kagan say i would never do to them what you have done to this guy. this is the most unethical sham i have been involved in
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with politics and if you really want to know the truth look at what you have done to this gate long - - this guy. are you a gang rape is quick. >> no. >> i cannot imagine what you and your family have gone through. i hope the american people can see through the sham that you knew about it and had no intention. none. she is as much of a victim as you are. these have been my friends but i will tell you when it comes to this, you are looking for a fair process, you came to the wrong town at the wrong time, my friend. do you consider this a job interview? do you consider that you have been through a job interview? >> i had been through process of advise and consent.
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>> would you say you havero been through hell? >> i have been through hell and then some. >> this is not a job interview. this is how long - - hell destroying the ability of good people to come forward because of this crap. high school you have interacted with professional women all your life. not one accusation. you are supposed to be bill cosby as a junior and senior in high school now all of a sudden? if you would drug them and rape them for two years in high school you probably don't stop. here is my understanding. if you live a good life people will recognize it. like the american bar ,association. his integrity is absolutely unquestioned and very
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circumspect to harbor no bias or prejudices as a decent person he is warm and brilliant and unassuming in the nicest person. one thing i can say you should be proud of actually, you should be proud of this. you raised a daughter who has the good character to praise doctor ford. to my colleagues, republican colleagues if you vote no this is the most despicable thing i have seen in my time in politics. you want this seat? i hope you tng never get it. i hope you are on the supreme court. that is exactly where you should be. i hope the americanve people will see through this charade. and i wish you well and i intend to vote for you and i hope everybody who was
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fair-minded will. >> host: at that moment from the senate judiciary committee from the state newspaper the criticism the most despicablet h thing kavanaugh indignantly denies the accusation from the cincinnati inquirer as the teetwelve said i did not want it to be believable. in the san francisco chronicle both have been dragged through the mud. those are the headlines and feinstein said heard staff did not leak the allegation regarding judge kavanaugh from
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teetwelve we are back with your phone calls. littleton colorado good evening. >>caller: thank you for taking my call. i am a frustrated survivor. i will not say a victim because this is something you have to survive. i have been shocked to see women refer to a new target of attack as people who are motivated long - - motivated. then this should be about getting the information and not partisan politics. victim shaming has gone on far too long on the republican side. and to be weak and lacking in substance.
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and talking about his children are not answering direct ouquestions that could have been answered with a simple yes or non no. >> host: was doctor ford believable in your mind? >> absolutely. absolutely. she came across as credible. it is very common for survivors not to remember exact details. that because the neuro- cortex loop. >> host: why do you call yourself a survivor? >>caller: i have survivedba numerous attacks. i was raped and sexually assaulted as a child, and as a teenageras and i never let it stop me. i had to pick myself up and carry myself so when women
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carry the birder long - - the burden of what happens to them it is an issue. it was even a phrase and through - - until 87? and then to say this happened to me. when there wasn't even a word for it. >> host: thank you for calling in from colorado. now from florida your reaction to the hearings beginning just after 10:00 a.m. this morning wrapping up half an hour ago. >>caller: a couple of things toto bring up they are not going to hassles graduates to come work for the government they will look at the first five years and say no.
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i will not. probably losing the best people of the best graduates not going into the government. and our president just happened to be one of the best wwe wrestlers. also what is brought up judge thomas and anita hill were probably both working for the government at the same time of the sexual harassment charges that is a federal employee in that must be investigated by the fbi. whereas right now with judge kavanaugh that is something that is investigated by the local sheriff or police officer. >> host: somebody mentioned the hearings in 1991 we aired
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that last evening it is on her website at now from california you are next. >>caller: i want to say i find it very ironic that brett coffin on one - - kavanaugh i would swear to god but not to the fbi or a polygraph test. what i so appreciate with the editors senator harris would not let it go about this did not happen with justice course such. not at purely political move this didn't happen with gorsuch. they could not get a yes or no question out of him it was deer in the headlights just like he was when she was
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asking him at the other hearing a couple of weeks ago. will your pal worked at that law firm but yet you are asking those questions why just want to say that i appreciate what she had to say but this whole thing has been so crazy. i was a republican for 30 years 1982 right after the 2012 elections and this is one of the reasons i left the party because i saw itt sliding into this quagmire. and then to roll over in his grave and personal and conservative and this idea that is the party of family values they want to win at all cost. >> thank you for waiting.
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>> this is a different take. i do know there has been a lot of discussion about brett kavanaugh's actions and how that affects his credibility right it is no secret people are crazy or drink in college legal age are not i totally understand were somebody like him would drink so i think there is a red line he crosses with a sexual assault alec - - allegations so the whole breakdown, i am inclined to believe they put the women through hell also.
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>> the earlier caller made reference as a critic to brett kavanaugh he is a member of the senate judiciary committee. >>. >> starting off an impassioned statement in the beginning i can only imagine what you have been through. or close to it. >> you wouldn't. >> i'm sure. it was passionate. you said i welcome any kind of investigation. i welcome any kind of investigation. i have a suggestion for you. right now. turn to your left in the front row. counsel and president to donald trump, don mcgahn ask him to suspend the hearing until the fbi completes its investigation of the charges made by doctor ford and others
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to bring the witnesses forward to provide that information to this hearing.ce i am sure the chairman at that point will understand that is a reasonable request to prove them if they are false or not you spent two years in the white house office to approve judicial nominees. so now turn to don mcgahn that the fbi investigation is the only way to answer these questions. >> stop the clock. this committee is running the hearing. not to the white house not you as the nominee or not don mcgahn. we are here today because doctor ford asked for an opportunity.
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i know you did as well in fact maybe before she did. we are here because people wanteded to be heard from charges they thought or activities like sexual assault was unfair. i went to assure senator durbin regardless of what you say to senator don mcgahn we are not stopping this hearing.en >> i will just say this. if you judge kavanaugh turned to don mcgahn and say for the sake of my reputation and my family name to get to the bottom of this i will not be an obstacle to the fbi investigation i hope all members would join me to say we abide by your wishes and have the investigation. >> whatever the committee wants to do i'm telling the truth. >> i want to know what you want tod do. >> i am innocent of this
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charge. >> and you are prepared. >> they don't reach the conclusion. >> they do investigate question questions. >> you cannot have it both ways you cannot say at the beginning that you welcome any kind of investigation. >> this was wrong on the last minute after being held by staf staff. i called for a hearing immediately. >> if there is no truth to the charges the fbi investigation will show that. are you afraid they might not? mimic the fbi doesa not reach conclusions you know that is a false question the fbi does not reach conclusions they provide 302's to explain who don't kno know, they do is you are doing to ask questions then type up a report. >> i asked doctor ford when she ran into mark judge at safeway.
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some of the washington post looked at his file and can look at what he wrote about his addiction and alcoholism. they have narrow down the period of time six or eight weeks after the event and he would have been working at the safeway at that time. so the point i'm getting to at least can we connect some dots why would you resist that kind of investigation? >> i wanted the hearing last week. >> let me ask you about the fbi. >> i have been on the phone multiple times of committee counsel. >> you support an fbi investigation? >> i will do whatever the committee. >> personally is that the best thing for us tos wi do? you won't answer? >> senator.
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i have said i wanted a hearing i am innocent. this information was held when it could have been presented in an ordinary way and in confidential as i understand it were her wishes but not destroying my family like this effort has. >> i think an fbi investigation will help with both sides. >> senator dick durbin earlier we will now will continue with your questions. >> teetwelve asked that her information be kept confidential and it was a only referred to her letter to the fbi basically republicans are blaming the messenger also making reference to anita hill telling the republicans not to
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blame the victim but tonight they are blaming the messenger. elizabeth from pensacola florida republican line. >>caller:t. >> first of all i feel for kavanaugh and his family and also doctor ford and her family. but on the other hand, all i saw was a continuous attack on judge kavanaugh. i did not see fair questioning. talk about fbi investigation. fbi investigation. but then the next person would do it again even after saying there would not be one.
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basically they were badgering him. i can see being frustrated i woulde also. but as far as i can see, i don't think judge kavanaugh he comes off as a very good man i'm not saying that doctor ford did not have something happen to her i am sure something had but i am not sure what and my final point is this information should have been brought forward a long time ago and the democrats were just stalling to buy time that is my belief of what's going on. >> host: now from san marino california go ahead.
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>> i just heard that feinstein released a statement saying that she gave the letter to the fbi but there is enough evidence that they acted on their own starting the investigation. >> what she said i only referred her letter to the fbi after it was leaked to reporters and reporters were knocking on her door that was five or seven days ago if there was enough in that letter then you would have been proactive to do something if durbin or feinstein or the committee ordered the investigation are they afraid to order the investigation because that would be seen to block the nomination? why you asking the defendant?
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i think kavanaugh is a victim just as much as doctor ford are you asking him? he doesn't want to delay the confirmation. he said i will do whatever the committee wants i'm sure he would has talk to whoever they want him to talk to m-letter booker said something whether kavanaughh thought doctor ford wasin upon i do think she started off as upon but i think feinstein and her colleagues hijacked what she was trying to do and using her as upon to achieve their own objectives to delay the confirmation i think doctor ford had something good to say and that is an allegation but the way they handled it, feinsteinn said that you sat on that for months but now you bring it up? something is wrong they are. they saw an opportunity to slow this down and took advantage of it and now doctor ford may not be inoperative
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that she is a upon used by the democrats on the judiciary committee. >> host: thanks for thed call. >> there is something about doctor ford's testimony that struck a chord with me talking about how when they wanted to remodel her house she wanted a second front door and i feel that detail is so important because you don't't think that is something you know about unless you have experienced something like that. i had the same issues myself because of what i have experienced i have a u-shaped kitchen there is nowhere to escape because it is a galley kitchen now ten years later if my husband comes up to me i feel fear and panic even though it is my husband but
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that detailr, that imposed physicality of space you cannot understand that and understand that knowledge without being through it. so as someone not what she has been through but something similar that spoke to me and what she said was the truth. >> host: what do you think about judge kavanaugh's response this afternoon. >>translator: >>caller: he was reaction and emotional if he was a female reacting the same way they, media would act differently he did not answer questions i felt he was to filibuster the time for critical questions and dad is part and with doctor ford but
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then you don't forget that clear as a lightbulb in my mind and do have a kitchen and have a panic attack. it is what it is. that is how i knew what she was saying was the truth. >> host: think you for your call. salt lake city utah republican line. how much of the hearing did you watch today jeff? >>caller: quite a bit.
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first of all i would like to tell senator graham, thank you. he set the tone for the other republicans to voice their opinion and what neededg to happen which i thought was well done but not from what has been described. i have to go with what others have said the fbi has done their investigation. it is known on these types of allegations it is local law enforcement that takes the lead. >> host: thank you for the call a couple of references the letter from senator feinstein and want to share that moment.
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>> judge kavanaugh it is my understanding that you have denied the allegations by doctor ford, ms. ramirez is that correct? >> yes. and doesn't want the fbi to investigate their claims. your concern is evident and if you are confident of your position then why aren't you asking the fbi to investigate? >> senator i will do whatever the committee i wanted to be here that day but instead with all of this nonsense with gangs and boats on rhode island and to be
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cited all over the place and these are run by cable news. i wanted a hearing the next day. my family has been destroyed by this. and whatever the committee decides i am all in immediately. >> we are not in a position to prove or disprove we have to rely on some outside authority. it seems to me when those allegations come forward you would want the fbi to investigate thoseme claims. >> that committee investigates
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is not for me to say how to do it. just so you know the fbi doesn't reach a conclusion. they give you a couple 302 that tell you what we said. i wanted to be here the next day. i'm here. but i was not allowed to come to immediately defend my name to say i didn't do this and give you this evidence. i'm not even in dc in the weekends summer of 1982. i am working out i am at a movi movie, i wanted to be here right away. >> but this is set by the majority but i'm talking about getting the evidence and having the evidence and we
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hear the witnesses that the fbi is not interviewing them or giving them facts. >> you are interviewing me. you are interviewing me. you are doing it. there is no conclusions reached. >> that what you are saying is the allegations reached by doctor ford and mrs. ramirez are wrong. >> that is emphatically what i am saying. emphatically. the last one is a joke and it is a farce. >> would you like to say more about it? >> no. >> with senator feinstein on the judiciary committee and
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maria is next. >> i don't know how the people can retell the story and the story can change. but they told the story about being shot in the helicopter. when they shared higher than their psychologist. telling yourself over andye over again who those characters were and who they were. it was completely fictitious i
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do not doubt she was assaulted by someone. >> she did sayva 100 percent certain it was brett kavanaugh and those were his words. >> so was brian williams when he was shot at at the helicopter. he was telling what his brain had10 remembered. it is a psychological fact. but they can retell themselves a story. because it is re- told and retold but they actually believe it. >> good evening in south carolina. >>caller.
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i don't have any doubt that something happened to her but nobody can say they were there i do think what has happened to kavanaugh is absolutely disgraceful and not only on the supreme court it is horrible that they are placing this all on him. that is just one person and he
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is guilty. and to be sexually harassed. >> i don't know where she thought she was going i don't know if she knew where she was , but they should not have had her.ould not >>. >>. >> thank youk so much rachel
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from south carolina. >> there is a meeting going on right now with four key senators. a private meeting with the moderate senators. joe mansion is the one democrat for reelection. with the full membership of the republican senate. with the independent line. >> mister kavanaugh is not mister spock. and once he gets on the court. that he will not remember what has taken place.
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there is a clear partisan situation. and the second thing that something did happen no doubt about that. they both come across very credible. judge kavanaugh's credit to keepe a diary lens to his technical side if he said he was not there. and we are in a very dangerous time but now to his credit over 35 years in public service to have any of these things never came up.
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yearsu saying now 35 later and then to be looked upon as they are now. >> yes they will confirm him 51 /-slash 49. >> so we provide live coverage with the c-span platforms the hearing will begin at 8:00 p.m. eastern in 20 minutes on c-span two. and even more of your phone calls throughout the night.
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and as a reminder all of these online any time at a background check instead of investigation. thank you. >> appreciate that. >> senator hatch. >> thank you, judge. welcome. we're happy to have you here. my friend from -- i would just like to say a >> we have two human beings we deserve to be traded fairly and respectfully we try to do that earlier and we succeeded. and that remains how to be


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