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tv   U.S. Senate Sen. Cornyn on Kavanaugh Supreme Court Nomination  CSPAN  October 3, 2018 1:14am-1:33am EDT

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so it was a step in the right direction. i hopet my colleagues how they vote on the kavanaugh nomination that they review their findings with a very basic question is brett kavanaugh the right person at this moment in history to begin a lifetime appointment to the highest court in thema land? thank you madame president and i yield the floor. >> i have set on more than one occasion this is a dark day, a dark. for the united states senate. we have never seen a nominee to the supreme court treated so badly although we do know that starting with the robert bork confirmation hearing and the confirmation process
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became all too ugly. but as we know now, the supplemental background investigation by the fbi with allegations sprung on judge kavanaugh on the eve of his confirmation. never a whiff of these on the previous six investigations are by the judiciary committee and i think it's telling with the last-minute ambush with those political operatives masquerading to have the best wishes at heart. hearing from rachel mitchell the council from arizona interviewing doctor ford and , i appreciateh the professionalism which how
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she approached the job not many one would have sought because she knew she would be thrust into the vortex of this huge national debate and the circus atmosphere the judiciary had become and to do a public service and was not pressured in any way to prevent -an - present her own analysis but chose to do so. so what she said based on her experience with the sex crimes prosecutor to routinely deal with sexual abuse andvi sexual assault and she has developed a lot of expertise and wisdom when it comes to approaching these kinds of cases to be the beneficiary of the expertise and knowledge the way she has her careful interrogation of doctor ford. and with those crucial points
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with that background investigation but first this he said / sheof said but it was she said / they said in other words every witness alleged to be present at the time that doctor ford and physically assaulted her those that they identified that they have no memory with no knowledge of such an event and in one case doctor ford's lists - - close friend says she doesn't even remember ev similarly patrick smith that doctor ford name says the event never happened this is it just the case this is an allegation with no corroboration but the
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allegation and negative corroboration. i mentioned doctors ford's lawyers earlier some of their actions suggest they are more interested in using doctor ford for those purposes to ensure the story was properly considered with the standard committee process. we all remember when doctor ford's hearing was delayed that the trauma prevented her from flying because she experience claustrophobia but then during the testimony watched by 20 million people in this country doctor ford said she flies frequently for hobbies that work so why was this delay orchestrated? was a distant concocted to buy
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more time? but you have to wonder but the truth is her lawyers were involved long before that point when the ranking member of the judiciary committee with a colleague from california met with judge kavanaugh she already knew about the allegations dated july 30th so august 20th she met with judge kavanaugh to have in her hand that nobody was shared with and did not discuss it with judge kavanaugh with her private instead the ranking member said that doctor ford engaged in highly partisan operatives to represent her instead of referring those allegations to the fbi. why would you take an allegation of sexual assault and keep it in your file to
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recommend the complaint and contact politically active democratic lawyers? wouldn't that make sense to provide that allegation to the fbi right away so he could conduct whatever investigation then? she didn't do that and presented to the fbi at that time what did she give judge kavanaugh a chance to repute that when she had opportunities to do so? the lawyers representing those who play an active role since early august were already engaged when judge kavanaugh sat through the weeklong confirmation hearing by that point assisted they take a polygraph although
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they will not share with themi judiciary committee the underlying questions. all they share is the conclusion. none of this is shared with the senate judiciary committee that is the responsibility to vet the nominee and through those 1200 written questions from the record and hours upon hours of hearings that everybody could witness none of this came up not even behind closed doors which is the procedure by which sensitive personal matters are presented to the nominee but what we tried to do is not embarrass or harass or
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terrorize the nominee or the witnesses to have information relevant to the confirmation a careful respectful and confidential process by which that information is the judiciary committee behind closed doors that should have been the process used in this case. where she shared her story to the best of her ability. i'm glad she testified that she did not have to be put through the ringer of the senate judiciary committee put her through. but that isn't our fault as much as the fault of the orchestrated effort. it's not fair to judge kavanaugh to string this matter along or to the many women who stood with him every
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step of the way. this process has taken a toll on all of us. now the fbi doing the supplemental background investigation which will conclude hopefully in the next few days. the allegation has b been that this shows judicial temperament wouldn't you be angry to? when you want to clear your good name? this is exactly what judge kavanaugh did. and i think it was moving and emotional defense of his good name and character and to
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demonstrate the lack of judicial temperament to ignore the dc circuit court of appeals the standing committee to reduce theseas nominations to be well-qualified and unanimous. so this is a red herring. you cannot accuse somebody of a crime and accept them and expect them to sit there and take it. that is illogical and unreasonable. and now of course the argument is we have got the judge now. we caught him in a discrepancy. based on what? his high school yearbook.
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man, quite an investigation going back to somebody's high school yearbook asking them to decipher things like the judge said was cringe worthy of what adolescent boys and adolescents do in their high school yearbook guess this should be a lesson for all the pages who are still in high school that if you have the opportunity to ascend to the highest court in the land or otherta responsibilities to go schoold scour the high yearbook and ask about entries in the yearbook this has become a national embarrassment and the senator wisconsin who was riding
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high on the concerns american people have about communist and government. and then left the senate and resigned from the senate i cannot remembern' which and with a young man who was interrogated and senator mccarthy said i had yet to gauge the depth of your cruelty and recklessness at long last have you know decency? so indeed this whole process has been unfair to doctor ford, to judge kavanaugh, it's been cruel but it is reckless
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to the extreme. to the embarrassment it is a stain on the revocation and with the united states senate. so as that wraps up and from that supplemental background the senior senator from minnesota give them one week. and to indicate her support to say we are in a better spot now than before. i hope that is still her position our colleagues across the aisle look at this last step in the confirmation to
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call for the same amount of time, just one more week and in the television interview to say seven days is enough time to get to the bottom of these allegationse, so i hope our colleagues will remember their own statements even though we all know no supplementale. information this is the irony of where we find ourselves. judge kavanaugh said a fair process starts with an open mind and then listening to both sides but judge kavanaugh does not have a judge or jury in the confirmation process that has an open mind. all the senate democrats on the judiciary committee say
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they unanimously oppose the confirmation so what could persuade them they were wrong? is not a search for the truth. this is a search and destroy. this is the thing that i hate most about washington dc the political environment we find ourselves in is not just about winning an argument or winning a vote in the congress. it is the politics of personal destruction. that is what we are seeing with the orchestrated effort from start to finish. that's why this is such an embarrassment to the senate
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and if we decide that people can be convicted of a crime with no evidence the what does that say about our commitment to the presumption of guilt or due process? i know our colleagues will say this is a job j interview. this is not just a job interviewh not even about judge kavanaugh in the confirmation process but our national commitment to the constitution to guarantee your liberty unless the government can prove a case againsthe you when you have a chance to confront the witnesses as you enjoy a presumption of innocence. this is no longer a job interview or even just about judge kavanaugh.
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a vote against judge kavanaugh implies he is guilty not only of misconduct but perjury. now, that is what a vote against judge kavanaugh implies a vote against judge kavanaugh is a yes vote for more search and destroy efforts against those judicial nominees and ambushing of the nominees after crucial information is withheld weeks at a time.ll people know how the senate operates on the basis of precedent. want something has been done , it is precedent for things that will be done in the future and if this is the new precedent for the united states senate then a vote against kavanaugh is a yes vote love these despicable tactics time and time again in the future.
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coathanger sent to the offices of some o colleagues fundraising bribes being offered mobs attacking senators and their families at restaurants. the american people deserve final and definitive resolution to this t process. judge kavanaugh deserves the same thing as does the supreme court. this week after the investigation wasckgr supplemenl investigation from the fbi there will be a vote and i trust that judge kavanaugh will then finally be confirmed. and then hopefully the senate will come to its senses to realize how wrong or how embarrassing how disgraceful this process has been


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