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tv   Campaign 2018 West Virginia Senate Debate  CSPAN  November 2, 2018 12:05pm-1:00pm EDT

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coverage at 12:30 eastern on c-span. former president barack obama will be campaigning in miami for bill nelson and andrew gillam who is running for governor. this is live at 2:30 eastern. on c-span, your primary source for campaign 2018. west virginia's incumbent senator joe mannchin faced patrick morrisey, the debate by west virginia broadcasters association in morgantown, west virginia. >> welcome to the west virginia broadcasters association senatorial debate between joe -- joe manchin and patrick morrisey. i your moderator for this evening. west virginia broadcasters association combines television and radio stations across the state, proud to bring this debate to west virginia tonight. we thank at&t for sponsoring
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the event. we will try to explore issues important to west virginia while providing you a clear picture of where each candidate stand. now is the time for details and specifics, the positions they have taken and in some cases not taken, there designed to elicit these answers. joe manchin receive the first question and have 90 seconds to respond and patrick morrisey will have 30 seconds rebuttal and we will alternate questions and proceed to closing statement by the candidate, attorney general patrick morrisey closing last. by agreement of the candidates, to see clarification from them, and to have latitude to allow a response to the rebuttal. how do you move things along tonight, senator joe manchin and patrick morrisey, welcome. a horrible tragedy last week in
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the book -- in pittsburgh, the week before, a man sent pipe bombs to leading democrats, the tenants political rhetoric of this country. >> this campaign is an acrimonious. each call the other a liar at times. on behalf of each of you you said some vicious things. rabbi jeffrey myers in pittsburgh last week called on politicians talked about how to avoid hateful rhetoric. do you believe the overall tone of public debate contributes to violence, and would you be willing to tone it down in the final days of the campaign and call on your supporters to be more respectful? manchin: my present condolences to those who lost loved one and the people targeted in the bombing. it is awful. who are we as a people? who are we as west virginia and and americans?
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it doesn't set a good example. the tone needs to be ramped down from the leader of the free country and the leaders of the free world, donald trump down to each of us as elected officials. we can have civil debate. i hope it is an informative educational civil debate and that is what we should be doing but we set an example. you set an example in your house when children are watching who do what you do or think it is okay to condone it. with that being said people think it is okay, i hope the president wilson until the rhetoric and the tens and the president is our president with you voted for him or not, he is the president of the united states. i will help him do that and i stand up, and i stand up to him. he leaves that by example and we will do the same. morrisey: a great question and i want to thank you for hosting
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a debate and the broadcasters. finally we have a chance to debate and i welcome that. we always as candidate for office have to reject violence in all forms, i have to reject anti-semitism and when i see finger-pointing that went on that is crass and has to come to a end. that is not a republican or democratic position but there are clear differences, i'm very appreciative of the opportunity to talk about this tonight. i think donald trump has been doing very positive things for america and the state of west virginia. he's making west virginia great again and west virginia great again. if you look at what he has been doing he has been standing up for conservative values. the united states is being better respected around the world, he is going to talk about all those things at the
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rally for me tomorrow. donald trump has supported my candidacy in contrast to senator joe manchin because joe manchin supported hillary clinton when it mattered most and all of blame for the viole said after the pittsburgh shooting the fake news is doing everything in their power to blame republicans, conservatives and me for the division that has been going on for too long in this country, he called the caravan of central americans heading through mexico and invasion, that is his word. shepard smith of fox news said there is no invasion. you support the president's use of this kind of language and you believe as the president does that the media are the real problem in this country? morrisey: the president has been doing the right thing to call out the politically
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incorrect things that have been going on for long periods of time specifically with respect to immigration. one of the things the president will talk about tomorrow at the rally are the clear differences between my campaign which is focusing on closing open borders, ending amnesty, building the wall versus joe manchin who supported hillary clinton for president and in his world we would have open borders, amnesty, sanctuary cities. those are critical things we have to talk about. that is why the president knows this west virginia race -- >> moderator: do you support the language used by the president at times which joe manchin says inflammatory? morrisey: no one is an ideological twin who stays the same words is someone else but this president is right the we have to close our borders and is diametrically opposed to hillary clinton and joe manchin is a dishonest washington liberal because all you are seeing on the issues that
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matter -- separately -- >> moderator: let's get the rebuttal from joe manchin. manchin: i have voted every time to support the borders as far as securing the borders. i voted every time and will continue to vote every time. the president use every means possible to him and i also said we have to tone down the rhetoric. democrats and republicans. quit acting like you belong to a tribe and start acting like you belong to the american tribe. we worked things out when i was governor, we came together without differences, never blamed anybody, addressed our problems and worked together for the betterment of west virginia. now we are saying it is okay to divide. instead of the united states it is the divided states. >> moderator: west virginia voters are deciding whether to amend the state constitution to nullify the 1993 west virginia to bring court decision that allowed state funding, taxpayer dollars to be used to pay for elective abortions for women who qualify for medicaid.
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patrick morrisey support the amendment. you support or oppose the amendment? morrisey: i was raised pro-life and always voted pro-life my entire public career with the exception of the life of the mother, rape and incest. i've been very clear about that. the republican legislature had a chance to fix this and make it right. they had a chance to fix it and put in case the life of the mother, rape or incest. they decided to make it political with the help of patrick morrisey. the only thing i said, if those exclusions are not in their it is not something we should be voted on. it is something we should be working so pro-life democrats, pro-life republicans who believe as i do that it is reasonable to have exceptions for the life of the mother, incest and rape. >> moderator: is an amendment to vote on. manchin: if it doesn't have that no. >> moderator: as the amendment stands.
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manchin: it does not have the exceptions for rape, incest or the life of the mother which most pro-life west virginia's agree. this is another example of what you get when you have a dishonest washington liberal. i'm clearly for amendment one but i can state that clearly. i post taxpayer funding of abortion. if you look at the amendment and go to the underlying details and those details matter there are exceptions that are provided for. i think joe manchin is not correct in terms of reading the law and this emphasizes his position on abortion. he's still on both sides of pro-life issues, supported planned parenthood funding and supported hillary clinton, the most radical pro-abortion candidate in america. that is a big difference between the two candidates. of
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communication and opioid manufacturers. the judge ordered you to begin supplying that information and the judge said the fact that those records a year after they had been sought still have not been fully responded to his evidence and proof of the blatant disregard of the attorney general of his obligations and duties. why have you not complied and why shouldn't your reluctance raise questions about your connections to the pharmaceutical industry? morrisey: we have complied. if you look at the requests that came in from the democrat senate committee, millions of dollars for joe manchin, they did one of these unbelievable fishing expedition requests asking for over 100,000 documents, we fulfill, we were
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working diligently to get back to them but we got everything back to them. we have gotten all the information required under the law, we are doing everything right. what this does is shows the politicization of the opioid issue and unfortunately joe manchin has failed on that issue. when he was governor opioid death doubled and separately, joe manchin has not been a very effective leader with respect to tackling opioids. my record is very strong. we have taken on that problem, record-breaking settlements, we have gone after the root cause of the epidemic. i sued the dea, forced a massive change in the system responsible for spending hundreds of millions of access pills into west virginia. what did joe manchin do? he voted for a weakening amendment to the dea enforcement policies and even said, quote people can look at, it would make the opioid epidemic worse. my actions are fighting to protect people from this opioid epidemic.
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joe manchin is aligned with hillary clinton, barack obama didn't do much on the opioid epidemic either. i think there's a big difference on this issue. manchin: only one person made money from this, and that is patrick morrisey. he made hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars to the patrick morrisey lobbying firm. he continues to reap benefits from that, sending bills, millions of pills, the types of deals he made, record-breaking, we have $1.8 billion for tobacco settlement. he thinks $20 million. he thinks basically he wants to make a deal, the state of west virginia -- the state pays $77 million a year for incarceration, $291 million a year to take care of -- $368
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million and he wants to settle for $20 million. >> moderator: my next question is about that but i want to start with this question. last week at a news conference you alleged patrick morrisey negotiated a settlement of $35 million for medical supply company for flooding the state with reception opioids. patrick morrisey recused himself and has not been involved in negotiations. did you make a false statement and $35 million settlement would be the largest of any drug company settlement? why wouldn't that be a victory for the state? morrisey: i was able to stop patrick morrisey from making horrible deal for west virginia. i just said $368 million a year just for the pill to come in, the cost of people of west virginia to incarcerate and take people's business disruption. he wants to make a 1-time deal, $1.8 billion, 1.8 for tobacco
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and he wants to make it look as if this is a great deal and i said before, pills coming to west virginia, he is going to recuse myself after he was removed from the case and he knows, by bringing that up and stopping it, there was a board meeting thursday. in that board meeting, told shareholders $34 million would be taken from earnings because of setting aside settlements. he knows it, i know it -- >> moderator: rebuttal. manchin: part of the reason donald trump has cut back to rally for my campaign is he knows everything you just heard is part of that whole hillary clinton lie, say anything you want, it is documented that joe manchin is lying about this issue but it is different than we used to see from hillary clinton, the radical democrat, all the people you saw in full display, obstruct, resist,
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impeach team he is pushing information out to hide his bed record, the largest recipient of pharmaceutical cash and a large maker of opioids, epipens and joe manchin defend them. >> moderator: epipen's coming up. the federal government is prohibited by law from negotiating drug prices to bring down the cost of billions of dollars of drugs purchased every year in medicare part the. you are credited with helping to write medicare modernization act of 2003. you drafted medicare and medicaid more often. you are credited with drafting that law that included that prohibition and cost medicare billions of dollars. what was your rationale for that? why shouldn't the government negotiate those drug prices? morrisey: i want to make sure west virginians have the lowest drug prices possible. the best way to do that is to have competition. not to allow the government to decide which drugs are on the formulary and which ones are not. in that law and everything i do
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i going to make sure this rigorous competition will move to generics quicker and quicker and that is what that did. west virginians benefit tremendously. they did under that law. that is in dramatic contrast to what joe manchin has done because when he allied with mylar taking hundreds of thousands of their cash he defended them when epipen went up 100% to 600% and his daughter is the ceo of epipen. that is outrageous, if anyone should be worried about the high price of restriction drugs it is joe manchin. defending the system. i try to change it. >> moderator: the government should not be able to negotiate with the drug companies on drug prices. morrisey: they should get the best possible price and you do that most effectively through robust competition. >> moderator: not by changing the law. morrisey: excel rating competition and making sure generics come on earlier.
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with every model, we don't want the government in our data. >> moderator: we went over because ice additional question. rebuttal. manchin: you are talking to the person right here that you said is responsible for the law medicare part d. it prohibits medicare from negotiating. he has profited by that. he also wants to have competition, i voted to allow drugs to be purchased from canada. it is much cheaper. i don't think he has done that and i don't think his lobbying firm lobbies against that. everything it takes to reduce drug prices, to keep pills out of west virginia he has profited by. >> moderator: hang on. the next question continues on this theme. you can rebut here. 2016 mylan pharmaceuticals became embroiled in a controversy as to the cost of the epipen that shot up 500% a
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few years. your daughter was grilled on capitol hill. you defended her and said the attacks on her salary of $19 million were, quote, sensational. records show mylan employees and executives contributed $180,000 to your campaign. use of the real problem was the convoluted system that drove up the price. why was mylan justified in charging $600 for a two pack of life-saving drugs the cost $20-$30 to make? morrisey: the system is broken. it has been broken. patrick morrisey helped break it because there is more trouble fixing it. i can tell you want a publicly traded company, how they operate, how they bring products to market. i have no idea on that. what i can say is when it is time to get lower prices and competition he talked about which he won't support, being able to buy drugs from canada, able to basically negotiate medicare pricing through
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gouging people on medicare and paying high pharmaceutical prices and benefits by that, he will not say he supports that. the only person who has made money from the pharmaceutical industry, not from campaign donations because it goes into campaigns but money you put in your pocket, to buy things and do things, is patrick morrisey. the patrick morrisey family firm has made millions of dollars doing exactly what we are talking about is destroying west virginia and he won't own up to it. morrisey: give me a little more time if you can. i think this is another example when you have a dishonest washington liberal in joe manchin, he says one thing but the fact are opposite. is operating in hillary clinton's universe making fact that. everything he said is provably false. let's look at the real record. joe manchin said he was open-minded to the single-payer
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idea of bernie sanders, you know what that would do for west virginia? this is a $32 trillion healthcare package, that is the direction he wants to go on healthcare and drug prices. know what that would mean? double your taxes, less competition, government taking every aspect of healthcare. we don't need that, donald trump -- >> moderator: this is a hot issue and i will give each of your comments to resolve this. manchin: there is no way are supporting a payer system. look at everything and make sure people have adequate access to healthcare. all he wants to do is 800 w. virginians, life or death, he has a suit and doubling down on that and basically he wants to repeal the affordable care act which 80% of the people, his buddy mitch mcconnell --
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>> moderator: we are going to move on. morrisey: donald trump supports affordable healthcare options, high-quality. joe manchin is in the opposite position. that sanders approach he is open to is very much the direction of not only doubling your taxes but in terms of allowing government to run roughshod over every aspect of your life. joe manchin not only has directly benefited but has and working to defend the family interests. he says the patrick morrisey firm, he knows that's not true. he has people making money for his family. >> moderator: we will continue on this theme because this is important. joe manchin criticized you for signing onto a lawsuit by 20 republican state attorneys general that calls for what is left of the affordable care act to be overturned as unconstitutional. the senator says that will lead to the loss of protections for people with preexisting conditions and threaten expanded medicaid coverage.
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would you concede that if the lawsuit is successful, immediately those protections for people with preexisting conditions would be lost at that moment and also those with expanded medicare are lost as well. what you can see that point? morrisey: know, we refiled the suits to get rid of obamacare but determine what the remedies are. this is another example of the misinformation you see from the hillary clinton, nancy pelosi and schumer team because they have a problem. people know. i wants to look everyone in the eye tonight and tell them i support protecting people with preexisting conditions. that is could. what joe manchin is doing is trying to disguise his support for obamacare. he won't change it. premiums are skyrocketing 160% over four years in the real goal is to get to hillarycare which joe manchin supports. that open-mindedness which would bankrupt the country is the wrong direction. a big difference on healthcare
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between us but we are not ever going to allow people with preexisting conditions, you don't need obamacare to prevent people with preexisting conditions. manchin: what his friend and republicans put on the bill after we tried to intervene to stop him from throwing 800,000 w. virginians off, make no mistake about it, they would be out, they would be out in the street, a life and death matter. their remedy to this is we're going to protect you from preexisting conditions except we won't protect the disease you have. if you have cancer we will take care of the rest of your body but if cancer comes back we are not taking care of it. that is how cynical this is what they want to do. just drop your lawsuits. if you drop your lawsuits we are good. if you can. >> moderator: next question on the same lines. manchin: bit him first. >> moderator: you will have rebuttal. parts of the a formal care act and part you don't like, you're not in the senate and the bill was passed in 2009, you had
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eight years to think about it. if you have a vote would you have voted for or against obamacare? manchin: it is not a yes or no. i would have voted no is let me explain. when max bacchus called me, i said you tell me, you have to force them to buy one type of product. that won't work in west virginia. give us product mix. you have to take care of people with preexisting conditions. he could careless about that. he wants to throw them off. he votes over again to repeal and throw them off. when john mccain walked out and did this, true patriot, he said the process is not working, we can fix it. mitch mcconnell sat on his desk a bill modeled after alaska, reducing policy, reduce people's premiums 20% to 40% overnight. it has been there since july when we worked on it, democrats
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and republicans, 24 signed the bill. it sits on mitch mcconnell's desk, the person -- he pledge of allegiance 2, basically they don't want to fix anything because you can't blame anybody. 80% of west virginia's benefit for the first time, seniors are getting care, for the first time you have an opioid issue, the first time in treatment and people with mental illness. this has never happened in west virginia and we don't try to teach anybody to be preventive and using their healthcare. we can educate them and teach them. he doesn't want to do that. every time he professes repeal repeal repeal and then basically a lawsuit, 800,000. >> moderator: let's get a rebuttal. morrisey: everything he said is false and the reason why is he is in this mindset, hillary clinton and what senator joe manchin did is he went to washington and became a dishonest washington liberal. he thinks like hillary did you
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can make up things as you go along. the fact is on healthcare like every issue joe manchin is on all sides of every issue, for obama care, then against obama care, for planned parenthood, against planned parenthood, for the second amendment, against the second amendment. he said he was open to donald trump but with a key judgment came in 2016 he said no to donald trump. i am a conservative fighter for donald trump. he made his bed with hillary clinton and that is better west virginia. >> hillary clinton is on the ballot. morrisey: every issue imaginable. we wouldn't have judges, we wouldn't have trump tax cuts, we wouldn't have open borders. >> moderator: we will get to that. patrick morrisey your home county is jefferson county, there's a huge fight over the rockwell plant that is under construction, supporters say
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the $150 million investment is a bit into the economy. opponent say the plant will hurt the environment and is not the type of developer and people want. you told me you would have an announcement prior to the election on your position. it is almost election day. please tell us now whether you as someone who has a home their support or oppose the plant. morrisey: i was clear on your show when i said we would keep looking to get to the bottom of it and we are still doing that because we still need to have meetings with the state department environmental protection. i will not use this issue to ride both sides of the fence like joe manchin does, that is what a dishonest washington liberal does. you know what they do, they take a position like joe manchin did which means he went to the groundbreaking and now he is backing away and on the other side of the issue. when i give you an answer i will be straightforward and still get to the bottom of it because we still need to consult with the dep. i will tell everyone this much. when you look at the rockwell
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issue you have to make sure they are dotting the is and crossing the ts, jefferson county is a pharma community. it is a special place, we can't allow things to come in which will ruin the character of the committee. .. flip-flops on every issue when i see something i mean it. that's why people know president trump is committed to helping tomorrow for the rally. he knows i'm a conservative fighter when i say something like i'm pro-life come secondment, i mean it. >> moderator: let me get a response. manchin: in west virginia as west virginia's we don't attack people call them liars and dishonest. i don't think i said patrick as long. i don't think exists on us. he's confusing doesn't understand because he his opinn that long. we can be simple without calling
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people names. on the rock will situation i went to the opening. i go to any opening i'm a fighter to because there be new jobs and opportunities. it was not one word of dissent. when we went to the groundbreaking then we started hearing about this since people had picked it was concerning. what i did immediately, try to get everybody together and i said, ring all sites together, let's get to the -- >> moderator: do you support or oppose? manchin: let me tell you what i'm doing. i have sent two letters to the epa. you got to get the epa there. all people supported. if it's going to be harmful to the children and harmful to -- >> moderator: you can't say whether you support or oppose? manchin: you don't know why they gave them all the permits. >> moderator: neither one of you is prepares to say . morrisey: senator manchin go to the groundbreaking expressing . manchin: were you invited? morrisey: i'm not aware i was
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invited. when senator manchin, if i can finish, when he gets inside, he shows up and support something and then he turns red and does the other thing. that's exactly what -- >> moderator: move on. senator manchin, you and republican senator susan collins for the last two senators to announce your vote whether to confirm brett kavanaugh. senator collins announced at exactly 3:50 p.m. she would vote to confirm, become the 50th vote. your vote was announced on twitter at 3:54 p.m., four, four minutes later after confirmation was assured he goes vice president and could invoke the type required to do wait to announce your support and why shouldn't the people of west virginia believe you did that out of political expediency? manchin: on the only democrat voted for judge kavanaugh. people were announcing immediately such as attorney general patrick morrisey year was announcing me to within ten
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minutes. the job we do as senator is basically advice and consent. we went through every one of his cases, 300. he had basically repertoire as far as his whole resume was great, as far as his education. his den in the community compare the things look good. he came in for a qr confrontation with me. we went through all the cases after that we wait for the judicial hearing. how can your notes in the first ten minutes for the first day that a person is nominated without doing your job? what we did is that announcement came out, accusations came out. i was a first ask for an fbi investigation. i went through every word of the at the investigation. went up and basically voted. the vote is the vote. nothing is going to change. >> moderator: why were you the very last vote? manchin: i think i was 45 or 50, 51. not the last vote. u-boat in order of your seat. morrisey: another example of how
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he says one thing, west virginia that's another. the fact is he took powder in a bathroom and left and then he allowed the state to decide west virginia's though. there's a bigger issue at stake. i support president trump and i support gorsuch, capital and the digital pics he's made. if senator manchin had his way senator manchin without hillary clinton as president. we would have no capital. we would have no gorsuch. senator manchin supported barack obama's judicial picks 95% of the time. that's being a dishonest liberal. manchin: i have supported president trump's nominations more than anybody as far as -- >> moderator: you support hillary clinton in the 2016 -- argue to that. despite promises to the contrary the republican tax plan you supported has sent the deficit skyrocketing for the past fiscal year with return of one true in dollars in deficit on the
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horizon. the national debt is $22 trillion. president trump is proposing another round of tax cuts which would balloon that number more. how is any of this fiscally responsible? morrisey: of which assessed on the support the child tax cuts because they're good for west virginia. doubling the standard deduction, lowering the rate. these opportunity zones will attract capital, help the most impoverished people. president trump is dead right and you see our economy soaring through the tax cuts and regulatory relief. not of that would happen if senator manchin had his way and hillary clinton were president. that's a huge difference between the two of us. hillary clinton's of you would've been hiking our taxes, more war on call, more regulations kick west virginia wouldn't have this come back senator manchin had his way and hillary clinton were an office. my position is different. we need to stimulate our economy, grow jobs in west virginia and you do that to trump's pro-growth policies. i'm a big backer get one of the
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reasons why trump is coming back tomorrow is he's made it clear i would've voted for the child tax cuts. senator manchin said no to that and that's because he's part of the schumer, pelosi, hillary clinton, washington liberal team that does a look at for west virginia. we will do better when i'm in the u.s. senate because we jobs policies to help with our economy of further. manchin: i said no because i tried to protect west virginia. when the repeal the mandate thae destined for the 800,000 west virginia's with pre-existing conditions. he seems to be pleased about now. also it's the first time in history of the united states we've ever talked about taxes, tax reforms of any type of tax adjustment pick at the end that they we assume we have more debt. $1.5 trillion. trillion dollars. never happened before. we have spiraling debt quicker than ever before. inflation will be going up. interest rates going up and will be a cost to the citizens. what we're doing to her children, we've written checks that are chill never cash.
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we gave him for plans, the president, that we have 15 democrats to make it bipartisan. mitch mcconnell was intended to make -- >> moderator: let's continue on taxes. you said one reason to vote against it because those tax cuts were not permit for the middle class families. houston repugnance of pushing for legislation to make those permanent. if you get a chance would you vote for that middle-class tax cut and wouldn't that add to the debt as will? manchin: absolutely i would vote for it. they need to adjust the corporate tax in 21 to 25. it needs go back to 25 and take all the exemptions off from all his wealthy friends. all his wealthy friends from the lobbying industry that is benefited from this. we try to close the loopholes. carried interest is one of the most egregious things ever done to the wealthiest people on wall street. they won't remove any that. he would never vote for that. and we have to make sure children are treated through. there should've been a tax cut for the middle class, a
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permanent tax cut. when mitch mcconnell got done with it and paul ryan got done with it, basically the middle class the average working person got very little, if nothing except a big debt. >> moderator: a clear difference between you so much of the rebuttal. morrisey: senator manchin knows he's saying it now because it's an election season but trump when he comes into more for the rally will be talking about the trump tax cut, what is doing for west virginia. it's good policy. the fact remains senator manchin always votes against west virginia when his vote is needed. he would have to wait, he has to get chuck schumer is permission before he votes. that's not the leadership we need from west virginia. the fact is senator manchin offered to work with the president. he didn't follow through because you can't trust him. no one in west virginia regardless of political parties and because of the issue, we saw it in capital because he not only disowned west virginians, he actually didn't live up to his word. >> moderator: attorney general, republican leaders in
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congress are talking again about changes to entitlement programs and also social security as a way to get the debt under control. that would include tough decisions such as possibly raising the retirement age, raising the cap on the amount that is texas social security. do you agree social security and medicare need to be reformed and if so can you give me at least one specific concrete thing that would be done that could be done to get these entitlements under control? morrisey: i want to say and to all the seniors that are out there that the social security program and the medicare program, these are promises that are made when a senior and rolls. we have to make sure we fulfill the trust of the people that are paid into these programs. we are absolutely not going to touch and hit anyone who is on these programs. we have to protect those people. i've been very clear about that. we have to make sure that we go after the waste, fraud, and abuse that's in the program. i have taken on this disability fraud issue in west virginia.
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i can remember no one before they came attorney general was going to do. senator manchin said no. other people and office said no. they wouldn't go after disability fraud. i want to make sure we protect the resources for those who need it most. and you crack down on disability fraud, on medicare fraud, you can preserve the benefit for future generations. >> moderator: are you suggesting that dealing with fraud is enough to bring social security and medicare into fiscal climate? morrisey: i am saying we are not going to harm seniors and want to be very clear about that. we had to get control of our reckless budget situation. that's part of the big spending ways of washington. senator manchin repeatedly vote for one once the needle after another. big part of the problem, the mess washington and schumer and hillary were a big part of that is that they want to spend money we don't have. we have to be more responsible with the dollars that we're spending to protect west virginia. manchin: first of all he saying he wants to protect social
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security when he was running for congress, got 9% of the vote in the primary for congress in new jersey. one of his key things was privatize social security. privatizing social security and 70 years of age and people . the market is russian roulette. he knows that doesn't work and is putting them in danger. this is what refighting against, patrick morrisey one to limit peoples income and lifeblood. the other thing is i've worked with james lankford, republican from oklahoma and basically disability, total disability. anybody that has total disability in west virginia that basically is younger than retirement age of 62, every three years should be reviewed. >> moderator: let me go to senator manchin, a question for you. you campaign to some giblet west virginia to know and trust. you supported and campaign for hillary clinton who famous is it and only candidate who has a policy about an economic opportunities and clean renewable energy as the key to coal country because we're going to put a lot of coal miners and
12:45 pm
coal companies out of business. after she said that why did you continue to support her? manchin: i called and said i'm not going to -- she said i need to explain. the whole intent of what i said. i said i think that's another mistake common to west virginia. she went out into the coal fields. i went out also. she looked inadequate and said i did know this bad. i said i was wholly how bad it was. you try to explain people are not going to accept it because it hurt. she said what i do? i can tell you exactly what can be done, king coal highway has to be built. coalfield especially has rebuilt. broadband high-speed connectivity and so service and the funny thing is when deb hydroelectric dam in the areas in southern west virginia to diversify the economy and take the revenue from hydroelectric dam and share it with the counties down south. that will help them stabilize because they've been hurt. she looked to me and said if i become president i'm sending my
12:46 pm
husband bill, you to make that happen. i could've said sorry, nice offer but i can't take it. it might hurt me politically. and either for me or am i the for helping west virginians especially southern west virginia which was devastated? i made a decision to do my job and help my state. morrisey: this shows one of the big differences between my campaign and senator manchin. he did double down in the support for hillary even after she made clear she is going to put a lot of coal miners out of work. she was bad for west virginia. we suffered for use eight years under the barack obama administration. senator manchin song supported barack obama when he was running for president. i chose a different path. i support president trump and i've worked with them to begin to see that come back in the coalfields. i stood up and fought for coal miners, took the case although it up to be a supreme court and beat barack obama. meanwhile he's aiding and abetting hillary. that's what he's a dishonest washington liberal because he tries to protect and safeguard to protect coal but his policy
12:47 pm
say otherwise. >> moderator: there are at least 12 many people in this country illegally. do you support or oppose a pathway to legal status or citizenship for them, number one? number two, do you support the proposal to send up to 15,000 troops to the border in anticipation of that microturbine? do you support the 15,000 troop movement to the border and do you have a view on a pathway to citizenship? morrisey: first of all i think the president is right to not only send the troops but you clicked on an open borders policy. what you're seeing with this caravan is a direct product of all the radical proposals by his teammate, nor chuck schumer confines i can hillary clinton, all the radicals because the encourage open borders leading to amnesty, sanctuary cities. senator manchin supported providing free healthcare to illegal immigrants. it's unbelievable. and he talks about doing that and actually what we need to do
12:48 pm
instead we need to clamp down the borders. trump has been right on this. i think we need real reforms in our immigration system. we need to end of this chain migration the people are talking about and that is merit-based immigration. no amnesty, hoppe. i don't think we should reward people with citizenship if they come into the country illegally. >> moderator: a point on that. what to do with the 12 main people who are here illegally now? morrisey: we are compassionate society. no one is talking up the way people out of the country. we are talking about having a system does not going to be throwing people out on the street but i will say this. the policies of senator manchin along with dianne feinstein computer with the did this past year? they literally try to put the catch and release proposal in place. do you know what that would do? that would prohibit albaugh forth an officer from actually arresting someone for human trafficking, drug trafficking within 100 miles of the border or port of entry. >> moderator: senator manchin,
12:49 pm
rebuttal. manchin: give me some time because i'm trying to be nice. i'm going to get west virginia and be civil and not call him a liar or dishonest, okay? these things are so far from reality it's unbelievable. i've been against sanctuary city. i have clamped down. i don't think illegals should be able to come here and set up shop. i would do. we should do a video against zika borders. we had a 2013 piece of legislation by a partisan witch and a patrick morrisey would have hard to understand bipartisanship working with both sides, people with knowledge a live on the border. john mccain leading the charge. what we ended up with is a piece of legislation that spent $46 billion almost twice as much as the presidents and nothing could be done to a pathway unless the boers were secured. >> moderator: that's my next question. this is relevant because your talk about the senate immigration bill 2013. that bill said it get 700 miles this data, 38,000 boarded the
12:50 pm
boys and e-verify system that undocking to people in this country illegally could apply to become permanent residents. why do you believe people have entered this country illegally should be allowed to stay with essentially all the rights and privileges of a citizen up to 4 million immigrants who follow the rules that are trying to come it illegally hates cats a long waits? manchin: that legislation did one thing and one thing importantly first. it secured the borders. $46 billion before you did anything had to secure the border. that was written by bob corker and john hogan, to back republicans and it's just tough as it's ever been. the thing that says if you're an illegal, you go to the courthouse. you sign in. you commit a crime, you pay a fine. you get in the back of the line. if you're committed any crimes while you're here you are deported. orders will be secure so you can come back. also it took 13 years. you in the back of the line. 13 years you had to learn english, basically have a job and pay taxes. if you committed any crime while
12:51 pm
you hear during that 13 years, you are deported out of here. it was the toughest piece of legislation. i respected the republicans and the democrats who know best. john mccain leading the charge, an american patriot, arizona being right at the ground zero, knew exactly what to do. we have to have walls at least 700 or 900 miles. we have used the technology and secure the port. we have two zika basically the mail coming in with all the scamming. so much needs to be done. that build it and they basically said that was amnesty. morrisey: there's clear differences on the issue of immigration and the borders that i stem with president trump turkeys come into more. he's going to talk a immigration issues. i thought that the senator manchin what you just heard is all this dishonest washington liberal doubletalk. senator manchin supports healthcare for illegal immigrants. that's outrageous with all the budget problems that we have. number two, we know that he supported open borders and we
12:52 pm
know that he's been on both sides of the border wall. he's quoted as saying that. senator manchin policy will exacerbate the drug epidemic and drug trafficking. >> moderator: is what we're going to do. we are short on time, we have to get to closing statements. i'm going to break format a bit and ask each of you the same question, give you one minute to respond. after, president trump is called for an end to birthright citizenship. kindly both, no preference, okay? president trump is call point end to birthright citizenship which a stroke has been guaranteed by the 14th amendment. do you believe the 14th amendment means if you're bored in this country your automatically a citizen or do delete as president trump said that's not so and it can be changed with an executive order or an act of congress? morrisey: i want to be clear. the president is right to look at the birthright lottery that's been going on. this is something that could be of use. we have seen the president
12:53 pm
executive order. i want to look at that and i want to study to make sure that we're handing handled that they weather requires the constitution amendment or not. i'm going to do that but let's be clear about this. senator manchin, we know has supported all these open borders policies and you look at that caravan and was going on, that's a direct result of the policies of anti-pelosi, hillary clinton, senator manchin. >> moderator: deeply the 14th 14th amendment believes you are automatically guaranteed . manchin: he's the legal officer for west virginia not understanding that the constitution basically can only be changed by the legislature putting it on an amendment for the people to ratify. i think it's worthy look at. i think the president needs to say what it takes to do, ask the legislature to put the built up, see if they get the vote to go on. i think there's a lot to be done and a lot can be controlled but he cannot do it by an executive order. >> moderator: the time is gone by very quickly pick let's get to the closing. senator manchin can you go first and just two minutes.
12:54 pm
manchin: i think this is been a very good dialogue. i think you've seen the difference is that we have between us. i just wanted to say that i think filed the people are able to see the differences between patrick morrisey and myself. and who they want to represent industry. the difference is very clear. here's a person a person who is made a living lobbying in the swap in west, in washington and basically made a living sending pills and represent people that made us sick. he got rich and west virginia got sick. he's also, pre-existing condition, can't even believe it. you can't be a west virginia understanding the 800,000 people are going to be affected in a life or death manner. and then then on top of that unwavering support to mitch mcconnell. ten mitch mcconnell basically was fought the minors a skinny pension health care for three years. we finally got the healthcare and now the pensions. he fighting as again. on top of that he wants to cut
12:55 pm
social security and medicare which is what he has intended to do with legislation he's done and worked on when he ran for congress. i was raised and born of karmic and west virginia may get all my life. people know me. talk about trust. i have been in many offices because of the trust of the people. i've done everything i can't operate under that trust. and when i was governor we basically put our state in better shape than ever before. my grandma raised him from it and she took of everybody. she was a one-woman social worker that my grandfather taught me fiscal responsibility. i find that when i became governor. i have done everything i can to make sure every decision i make is going to west virginia. every problem we have. i haven't looked and republicans as a try. i looked at them as people who can get together and bring different ideas and fix our problems. right now it has become triable. he's been a yes man. he will continue to. i trust the people of west virginia. i believe in you more than you believe in yourself. i would love to have the opportunity to be able to
12:56 pm
continue to represent you to the best of my ability. i only work for you and nobody else. morrisey: first of all thank you very much for having the format tonight. finally people get a chance to see the major differences between the candidates. i want to look at the photo tonight and make sure that people know those differences. it's critical that our to do the ways we can go. senator manchin when he had a choice in 2016 decided decided that he is going to support hillary clinton for president. unfortunately senator manchin over the last number of years has grown accustomed to the ways of washington. being a dishonest washington liberal. when you look at all the policy positions that senator manchin says he supports, the fact is that if hillary clinton were president none of those would be possible. we couldn't have judge gorsuch. we couldn't have judge kavanaugh. we would have abortion on demand because we would have the most radical pro-abortion president in history. second amendment would would be
12:57 pm
under vicious assault. you look at our coal minors. i fought very hard for our coal minors. senator manchin abandoned him. when he supported hillary, double down on his support. that's not the approach. those are not west virginia conservative values. in patrick morrisey you get someone different. i love the state of west virginia and i don't have new jersey values like senator manchin. he votes like a senator from new jersey and from washington. that's very different from a conservative fighter for president trump it on going to work with this president to cut taxes, to reduce regulations on the hard-working job creators of our state. we're going to tackle this goal. epidemic, we will have affordable high-quality healthcare that actually protects people with pre-existing conditions and we will make sure we drain that swap. i support term limits and want to make sure that west virginia gets the conservative leadership it deserves. the reality is when you hear from the you can count on what i say.
12:58 pm
unfortunately, senator manchin, you can't trust anything he says. >> moderator: thank you both. we've had a spirited discussion here tonight and i certainly appreciate you both being here and having this debate. thanks for allowing me to interrupt at times. let's all just shake hands, shelby? thank you both. so thank you, attorney general morrissey and thank you, senator manchin and be safe on the campaign trail. good luck as this election approaches on november 6. i want to think all west virginia for tune in and think the west virginia broadcasters association and bank at&t for their for the sponsorship of this ethic of producer for putting together this broadcast this evening. take as much. good night, everybody. more campaign 2018 coverage to come. former president barack obama will be campaigning in miami for florida senator bill nelson and andrew gillam is running for governor. live coverage starts at 2:30
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p.m. eastern on c-span. your primary source for campaign 2018. also coming up former white house chief strategist steve bannon and atlantic senior editor david david frum debatee rise of populism watch live from toronto at 7 p.m. eastern c-span2. >> make independent senator angus king debated republican eric brakey and democrat zak ringelstein this week. this comes to 30 of name public broadcasting network. ♪ >> hello and welcome to maine public your vote 2018 u.s. senate debate. i am jennifer with maine public political reporters. we're coming to you from the recital hall on the campus of the college in brunswick.
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